[BREAKING] COVID-19: 15 Chinese doctors arrive Nigeria

4/8/2020 7:55:00 PM

[BREAKING] COVID-19: 15 Chinese doctors arrive Nigeria

Adelani Adepegba, AbujaA 15-member medical team from China has arrived at the Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport, Abuja,The PUNCHreports.The team was flown on an aircraft operated by Air Peace.The medical personnel, who landed around 5:15 pm were received by the Chinese Ambassador to Nigeria, Dr Zhou Pingjian; Executive Director, China Civil Engineering Construction Corporation, Mr Jacques Liao as well as senior officials of the Ministries of Foreign Affairs, Health amongst others.

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Stone them Jesusssssssssssss Christtttttt!! Our we sensible in this country? For what if i may ask ? Nigeria your stupidity is too much. I hope the country's index rate won't increase after this With COVID -20 Drone Sprays...🤖 Next time people should never choose an illiterate over a well read person nor a quota system certificate over merit. Buhari and co are thieves looking for avenue to steal the remaining depleted funds.

It is official. We don’t have a Govt worthy of being called one. In their rabid bid to loot at the expense of an impoverished people besieged by the pandemic they went along to import ChineseDoctors while Nigerians are being humiliated in China. Our Govt is worse than a plague!🦠 So what makes these 15 Chinese doctors so special.besides are the cases in Nigeria beyond our control already.why am I a Nigerian ni Tori olorun

Why is the Nigerian govt so insensitive? I don't understand this country ooo..We are doing lockdown for ourselves..Why the people that caused this virus upon every Nation are walking freely in our country..Upon the money invested into Health and Technology in this country..NIGERIA GOVERNMENT..YOU A BIG SHAME..

On whose account? What does this say about the Nigerian government? Them no go hear. Even if u scream. Each country this people go to has a massive increase in affected people, saying they came to cure their staffs is a big fat lie from gov. Pls from the people who have d virus how many of them are Chinese staffs.

Nigeria government is like a wayward child. His or her parents always cry in their closet. All of you crying foul will soon change your voice and words. That's Nigerian factor. One way traffic The Chinese Doctors are here to indirectly infect Nigerians with the most suitable virus that marches our gene. One capable of killng us in high numbers as currently withnessed in the U.S, Italy and Spain.

Nobody to slap for them? CORONAVIROS NIGERIA ARMY SHOOT 10 PEOPLES 2 DIES FOR CORONA THAT IS WHY I SAID NIGERIA IS MORE WORST THAN CORONA Greek gift. Oh well... We gave the demons the access to our country. NGRPresident MBuhari jidesanwoolu NCDCgov you have failed your people. Ghenghen!! If Nigerian doctors and surgeon are one of the best in the world and Chinese are not among,if they are Cuban doctors accepted, Nigeria leadership need total overhaul, so that the right thing can always be done

Stupidity The real Covid19 has emerged 15 virus have arived nigeria to fight virus😂😂😂 To do what? PoliceNG dabiodunMFR should come to our rescue at IFO LGA of ogun state. Armed robbers are terrorizing the communities both day and night Nonsense Note the death record in Nigeria today. Take another note in 7 days time. Welcome 15ChineseDoctors.

And am sure, they are here, to sell their face mask, nothing more Why are you scared of these Chinese doctors (mere technicians)? Let them come and die here. Just like Mungo Park died inside River Niger. But they lied to us that Mungo Park discovered river Niger. If they don't have business here then they're destined to come & die here .

Realoilsheikh what is your view? At this moment, I don't trust anything, Chinese, they are so heartless Its well Ah! But I thought they locked down everywhere! Is this a country sef 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ That means pastor chris is right If this Chinese doctors are here to treat the staffs of CCECC, why did our health minister not mention this in his press conference? What are they covering up?

The Chinese be like. Gentlemen, shall we... Lord have mercy. This is not good My country Nigeria, I still don't understand the purpose of these people here in nigeria I tell you, anyone who believes this govt is a BIG FOOL. There's more the govt is not saying. What're these 15chinese 'doctors' coming to do that the NigerianDoctors nmanigeria are not doing? Pple that've not finished curing their own people Have they gone to Spain or Italy?

Back to sender To do what exactly Abeg U.S and Italy need them pass. Make dem go there If want to ask if they check all does Chinese Medical Team Arrives In Nigeria. Make our case no go Dey rise up like gari oo pls check dem well ooo I can’t help but wonder what they are here to do? Do we have overfilled medical beds or understaffed medics that require extra medical help? Now that they are here though, they should help facilitate this lockdown to be lifted.

Nigerians be ready to witness a mass death. Is a pity! Am so sure they flew in with an advance corona virus to effect the common man on the street in order to prove or effect their mission. Be wise dont take or accept any anti coronavirus vaccine that might be publicized in the next coming weeks by FG.

Why all these mediocrity by our health system? NCDCgov Fmohnigeria allowed Chinese doctors into Nigeria at such a time Just tell us you have plans to spread this virus. Why didn't they go to UK, US, Spain or Italy What checks have been conducted on them?..A big JOKE! I think I now inderstand the reason while the other country are moving their citizen out of Nigeria.

If death rate increase beyond measure and also the pple tested positive are multiple as they are expecting (39,000 cases). Then we should hold our govt responsible for it. For what reason please? The yeye president should send those antichrist to the north Nigeria, dey are not needed in the south. I fill very sad, not because of me rather on born generations

The originator of the global woe. Hope they didn't arrive with the improved version of the coronavirus, hantaviruschina? Aso Villa landlord should afford them presidential handshakes before common Nigerians are left to suffer from unknown sins of the dummy leadership. They should be carefully and closely monitored. Every steps should be watched. And they shouldn't do more than observation and render their advice as well as share what they hv wt our Doctors, while our Doctors do d treatment. Any over trust can be a catastrophe. God forbid

QuotedReplies The same China that didn't allow USA access at the onset of the Pandemic in Wuhan. APC.....hmmm The story says it's for a Chinese company ccecc....Hopefully they don't touch Nigerian citizens, plus 14 days of quarantine for them🤔🤔🤔 Hmmmmmm the government is gradually fulfilling their agenda utilizing the opportunities of covid-19 pandemic

If the mountain cannot go to Elijah, Elijah will go to the mountain. Think about it This is an insult to our doctors...we have qualified doctors in Nigeria. Why bring 15 China Virus to Nigeria? Is Buhari making all these decisions or someone else? Please give them a free flight back to China The best way FG wanted to get away with the donated funds. The Covid-19 (in Nigeria) is technically SCAM by the Fucking government. All scripted, but the beloved watcher do checkmate. Apparently no social distancing observed by the fucking Chinese doctors.

God pass them this is what happens in a country where the minister of health is an accountant...this country is a joke!!!🙂🙂🙂 Will they be isolated before allowing them move freely? I swear I don't trust this Chinese at all They landed in Abuja, why not Lagos where we have more cases? To think that these 15 Chinese came for the masses is misleading, they surely came for one or two person’s in the covik cult, I didn’t mention names o

To me there is no use for any Chinese doctor and I don't know y our Government never believe in our doctors here. Isn't that international flight? This country is a joke They are welcome The real coro v arrive 😂 God help children You got to be kidding... I am as uspset against them as I am against the nigerians politics... Nigeria

First Nigeria medical association were not consulted they have registered their disaffection with the move but govt still went ahead to bring these Chinese , would they be able to do the job if the Nigerian doctors decide to down tools, who advises this government They are humiliating Nigerians in their own country and here we are welcoming them. I tire for this country

Government of the people by the people and for the people or... These people have come to eliminate our politicians Why? I just pray this is not a case of from frying pan to fire... What are the figures currently.. Let's note the figures. If there arise a surge in infected persons then we will hold them responsible

Some persons are lamenting the Chinese Doctor might be positive to COVID-19 Why must dey force dis tin on us....? Nigerians are being evicted at China Let the looting continues....we are on for it in Nigeria Breaking. FG announce extra 7-Days Extension to the lockdown. I wish they will do they job well They are sending our people out of their apartments and hotels in China and claim to want to help us here? What’s all this nAh? Who curse us with clueless leaders God?

I'm having mixed feelings about this. Let's not forget, they went to Italy too. Trouble dey sleep inyanga don go wake am... no be me una go kill wen my Time never even near What in the flying fuck? Honestly I truly do not understand our people. No other country invited ANYBODY in during this crisis to do anything. Skype them let them share what they want and call it a day. Smdh.

The next 14 days or so will be very vital, let's just hope and pray for The Best. Nigerians run for your dear life Chinese are here. Run🏃‍♂️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♂️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♂️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♂️🏃‍♀️ They should be quarantined for 14days and tested for COVIK19 With the guise that they are coming to tend CCECC staff abi. Maybe we can as well import some German doctors for Julius Berger and every other company with expatriates doing the same. I know we will come out of these.

Why? For God's sake! The killer squads finally arrived Nigeria. The death rate will now explode. MBuhari brought the killers 💣 woye! What is happening in my country? In one word Worthless County E don happen👺👺 Clueless govt.. Instead of you to commend Nigeria doctors for work done so far by providing more protectives and stimulants to them, you are bringing in Chinese doctors which earlier recorded massive death n ur citizens are treated like animals... Hmm l reserve my comment

There might be an atom of truth They probably just came to chill coz b4 their 14days quarantine is over we will be done with shit 💪 What difference are they going to make? What will they do differently🤔 Maybe you guys should listen to this info. Chinese doctors arrive and our citizens are on the street locked out from their homes in China. This govt is a failure, has no political or economic leverage in any affairs outside its borders.

And it's someone's father the Chinese doctors will use as practical. Chinekemeh!!! I hope they will be paid Hazard allowance of 5k per month We will be alright las las in this country. Lagosians should watch out... ☠☠ There’s nothing medical about these guys They just here to fix 5G during this lockdown

Don't we believe in the capacity of our own doctors? Are we equipping our hospitals to contain the coronavirus pandemic and other medical challenges? Hope this is not another drain pipe for some interest? Asin don't Nigerian government listen to simple instructions? Nigeria Medical team already wrote against this, they still went ahead to invite them. For Christsake, how many patient can 15doctors attend to in a country of over 200m with 36 states🙆

For what?😳 We have been having Lassa fever outbreaks since 1969, yet we never see them. They didn't come when we had Ebola outbreak. So, why are they here now? Besides, our doctors said they are handling the Covid19 cases well, so why bring them in? Our govt shouldn't trust the Chinese! You are not welcome by the good people of Nigeria. Pray that nothing unexpected happens to the poor masses. Or else, it will backfire.

Is it that there are no enough doctors in Nigeria? Haa. All our lizard and frogs are in trouble now🙆🙆 They are here to try their vaccines on Nigerians, the government are covering it up. Nigeria has less than 300 cases of Coronavirus. Why can't they go to South Africa that has 2000 cases. They are in Nigeria to test their vaccines. Fmohnigeria nmanigeria NCDCgov RealSeunKuti

Donated funds is about to disappear, from there we start looking for another international loan..this country don finish We all die here 😂 That's like importing the Covid-19 straight from the factory... WakeUpNigeria It has happened Our people are crazy. There's suspicion that China has not been very truthful about this Pandemic. Why bring their so-called medical experts into the country?

They should first treat the Family of those that invited them... Why Nigeria bikonu 😕, just for the record we're fine before their arrival. This people no dey hear word Who sent for them? They should have landed in Lagos where the active cases are more. Or they just brought them to concentrate in Abuja only

Let's see how this will pan out Lord have mercy Even when Nigerians do not want them Shame to everyone involved in this national disgrace, United States as a power house of both North & South continents of America is devastated with Covid.19 scourge. Italy, France & Spain -the power reservoirs for European Continent, wallow in mystery of Covid. Nigeria, the Giant of Africa Continent has also received China's focus.

They are welcome. It's all over 😭😭😭 Let the drama begin🤣🤣 I think the Chinese Doctors are here to indirectly effect Nigerians with the most suitable virus that marchs our genes. One that can kill us in high numbers like what is currently withnessed in the U.S, Italy and Spain. God we are looking up to you, this strangers are not trusted

Quarantine them for 14days oo African government are disgrace This people don't rate us While Chinese government are presently as we speaks dealing with some Nigerians in their land for the reasons we don't know yet abikedabiri YemieFash We don’t need them,it’s so sad this country is a joke,this pandemic makes it to obvious that we have bad leaders... With what they are doing to blacks and Nigerian in China rite now,they should go back to their gadem China...Rubish

This is the right time to take covid 19 serious.. This Chinese health workers are more deadly than the virus itself... Let us hope and pray the virus does not spread in the coming days like Italy or Spain. This is what you get when you elect a dummy as your leader👎👎 God will disappoint them . The only country in Africa to import chinko doctors under the guise of getting medical experts help in dealing with CoronaVirus. Shame to the Buhari government and the medical profession ii Nigeria.

Don't worry... when about 1k death is recorded our eyes go open Against all odds, these people brought in Chinese. Maybe as Kyari and Bubu couldn't fly out, hence special arrangement to come and treat them. This is the time NMA, AMLSNNational and other health team should unite and fight the govt cos they are our trouble MLS4COVID

They finally brought them in😁 they should quarantine all of them including the materials they brought 😷 We have told them we don't need them. They have face their, they show allow us too to do the same also. I honestly don’t know what they would be doing differently from what our stellar medical professionals are doing.

The Trojan is here....we are f*kd God punish who so ever have hand to bring disaster to Nigeria as if we don't have enough pandemic managers in the persons of Nigeria Doctors, and the governors, especially governor Babajide sanwoolu of Lagos state. This is what happens in a nation without govt of the people that is for the people. People’s voice can never be heard.

I believe it a joke anyway cuz our own doctors the government have not paid them for their works and these people are risking their lives for patient now you will say you spent 30billion bring them to Nigeria abeg who send you... Are our doctors not competent enough Corona is about to be unleashed We are done. . . . . .e done happen

To do what exactly?. They brought them because of the president chief of staff. Basic. If you people kill your citizen finish is like you will be okay Tell them say 'owo ti jona' 🤣 We can't afford them, may dem no vex 😅 I hope they first try the vaccine on our leaders with the virus Who brought these people?

Why ? Do we really need them ? Think twice With all the warnings from within 💔 Nigerians are currently being treated like trash in China according to different videos we've seen. Yet, we've not heard anything from the government but some top govt. officials are at the airport welcoming doctors from the country as if everything is perfectly fine. Pathetic!

If nma has an iota of self respect, I still insist now will be the right time to strike and let dere 15 chinese doctors take over the 36 states. My country has lost it.. Omo see gbege! This government tire, there country is still under fire why Nigeria. Dumb ass government just trying to molest the health giver in Naija.

God pls protect ur people iamSwaga01 iamSwaga01 arnoldlafs FG be careful na Express una dey cross like this o.. May all those how invited them be swallowed up the same way they did with Iran politicians, MPs, 🙏🙏 To do what So our govt still went ahead to bring this pple.Ok o How is it possible that there's not one person in this government that is capable of thinking

Please someone should tell me is not true. Yeeee China aaaaaaaa Nigerians, why nowww, why, you people use your hand invited founder of corolla. Hmmmmm I pray Niger will not become like Italy with this devil you call down to your country oooo. they should go to Kano, Katsina and Sokoto States Please what was the number before they arrived? Somebody should remind me

Let's be optimistic that the Chinese doctors are here for Good. Despite all our plead and rage... this govt really don't care about us To do what now !!!!! Okay now. E don finally set... Let the game begin Is this illiteracy or what? 🤧 But we're doing good, and managing the situation well. Their assistance is well needed at Italy and/or America etcetera. Unless they came with a sinister mission. I just hope we'll be fine...

Aaaaaaaah..........but why❓...they have a bad mission 😭😭😭😭 Nice... 👍👍👍 This world is not my home 😭😭😭 Now we are about to boost our Cases.. !! Nice Government Abi!!! I hope they will as well quarantine all the Chinese doctor and as well rest them before they start attending to the victims Mtchew that should not be the breaking news again. What happened to all the money for lock down relief and why is the treasury burnt down?

Ahhh! Who allow Dem enter?😲😧😧 Zubaiirrr3 we don't need them oo Coming to scam us. God pass them It would make absolutely no sense for them to get paid before our gallant health workers who are not only underpaid but are being owed millions by the govt for many years now 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡 🙉🙉🙉🙉🙉 They should better drop them in Chinatown for 14days, then they should go back. Because we don't understand what 15doctors want to do for 200million people

Ehmelia e don happen. For what? To come find the missing money or the covid that was never real, what matter now is how we get our funds and save our citizens. I knew it. I knew China would wanna deal with the giants of Africa. They can’t exempt Nigeria! Okay😂 Great. The real doom is about to begin

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BREAKING: Seven COVID-19 Patients Discharged In Abuja | Sahara ReportersBREAKING: Seven COVID19 Patients Discharged In Abuja | Sahara Reporters Seven patients receiving treatment for COVID-19 have tested negative and discharged in Abuja. READ MORE: Are all these people being released scheduled for follow up testing let say 14 days from now. Testing, blood, talking tears, nasal, and fecal swabs. If possible semen just to make sure. News like this makes me happy. Scam