[BREAKING] Coronavirus: Presidency begins fumigation of Buhari’s offices, others


[BREAKING] Coronavirus: Presidency begins fumigation of Buhari’s offices, others

Intensive fumigation of the State House has begun, The PUNCH can report. Fumigation experts arrived at the Villa about 9.30 am to commence the exercise, which a source said would cover all the offices at the Presidential Villa. Findings indicated that as of 11.15 am, the experts were already in the main building housing the office of the President, Major General Muhammadu Buhari (retd.), the floors, corridors, and major pathways. Details later… DOWNLOAD THE PUNCH NEWS APP NOW ON Receive Alerts on: Read more: The Punch Newspapers

I wonder if they still have that rat problem. corona so u there are Fumigating u and u are running away my friend go back there Is it fumigation or disinfection? Coronavirus is a virus not an insect. That is wrong, Ghana is spraying every big places in the country They don't want to touch those looted money they stark in foreign countries... Stupid and senseless politicians in Nigeria.

kunlekay2002 That ascertain our curiosity that MBuhari has corona It is well You have started with the office of the President, tomorrow you will tell citizens that YOUR CHANGE begins with them....! How beautiful would it be if the fumigation would also affect evil spirits 🤔 Selfish people, what happens to the remaining Nigerians

Dear All, Are you aware that buhari n his chief security are no longer in the country. They flew them out of the country yesterday night. Stay tune. They will not return safe ijn

Coronavirus: Presidency shuts FEC venue as Buhari performs normal presidential dutiesThe Federal Executive Council (FEC).meeting is held every Wednesday. Seriously? Is this really happening? Which Buhari?

You see life? Lagos had the first confirm case and now they are fumigating Abuja.... there's God Baba is infected I guess Spending is coming with fumigation corporation of Nigeria to fumigate Sizus house For goodness sake, why fumigate the office of a man that tested negative to Coronadivideus?, why do we have penchant to look for the dead among the living?.

What about fumigating the whole FCT Really! What about the Airports and other critical areas like national hospital etc Even as a die hard Buhari supporter, I no just want hear anything about the man again. He has failed and disappointed me. I am angry. How can he leave the country rudderless like this at such a trying point. Where is Osinbajo?

Please, keep all news related to the presidency... We've had enough... They can't start with the people, Lagos started from parks not Sanwolu's office. What's wrong with Nigeria? The presidency? Stupid leaders we have in Nigeria. Why Fumigate only Aso rock, the president has not seen any need to address the nation on the issue at hand. See what other presidents of nations are doing. Shame on AsiwajuTinubu and APCNigeria who forced this evil on us.

In other climes ...you hear FG begins fumigation of the streets of major cities but in Nigeria? We hear GovNigeria is fumigating MBuhari office ? Are we cursed with Evil SELFISH leaders?

COVID-19: Presidency confirms Buhari took coronavirus test, Aso Rock on partial lockdown - Daily Post NigeriaPresident Muhammadu Buhari's Special Adviser on Media and Publicity, Femi Adesina, has said the Presidential Villa in Abuja is on partial lockdown. We is the real result. Result pls They should re-run the test

Dem dey craze ni !! But I taught the presidency said he has resumed work. Is he working from the house? Is he leaving the office to the house for this fumigation? Una de confuse us ooo. Where is GMB? If they are fumigating then it means buhari can't be in office at all Stupid and selfish interest leaders, the rest can die right?

How many offices is our president dey use for aso Villa? Do we have pests in these offices? It should be disinfection sha GarShehu BashirAhmaad FemAdesina does this fumigation mean that Buhari has left the villa as claimed? Nigerians demand an answer. LMFAO Tani presidency 😂 They cant fumigate the whole country..... Spirit of corona virus oya go to aso rock.... House of assembly

WhereIsOurPresident MBuhari

Buhari’s Chief Of Staff, Abba Kyari, Reportedly Tests Positive For CoronavirusBuhari’s Chief Of Staff, Abba Kyari, Reportedly Tests Positive For Coronavirus Game Over Fcvkers... Oya travel out for treatment let us see. The Aso Rock without Paracetamol will be your dwelling place. Nemesis has finally caught up with you Fcvkers. You people just confirmed since morning abi 😥😥

So it's only his o office that needs furmigation abi eedreez505 It is not fumigation. It is disinfection. Fumigation is carried out to control pests while disinfection is performed in order to destroy micro-organisms such as bacteria (Ref. I hope the entire country and not just Buhari's offices will get fumigated too.

In other words, Nigerians you're on your own. E be like this Ask Rock fine o The same office they claim he was yesterday abi? 😅😅😅😅🧐 Kai!!! iRuntown How is this a breaking news; no they should not fumigate!!!wicked people only concern about them selfs Someone is scared What happens to the office of the citizens.

Breaking: VP Osinbajo Tests Negative For CoronavirusBreaking: VP Osinbajo Tests Negative For Coronavirus I cover osinbajo with the blood of Jesus🙏 😂😂😂 Great things might be coming ur way Sir🤔 He is too defended to be a victim, Vice President of this great nation and son of the most high God all in one, God must protect him.

Is it only Buhari that likes life? Wtf. What a wicked world ? Y must be his office 1st ? Isn't done that way the cityzens are very important , he can seat at home and eats whatever he likes while , he is more than comfort Fumigate Nigeria as a whole Maybe you should use mosquito spray 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄 I hope millions wont be spent on that. Oh sorry.....millions down the drain already 😠

Covid 19 is an eye opener for our selfish leaders, it brings shame on their looted money. Assuming it's another ailments, they'll have travel to UK, US, China and India for solution. But not, they can't go anywhere. God is great. It should be disinfecting What are they fumigation? Other countries are fumigating the whole country,they are busy fumigating only there offices. Baba God please don't let this coronavirus leave them. COVID19NIGERIA

If you like, fumigate Nigeria. It won't save those demons in Aso Rock ijmn. Amen

Coronavirus: Presidency reduces number of journalists covering State HouseThey believe the decision would taint the transparency needed for the reportage of the (Coronavirus) COVID-19 disease currently ravaging the land. I talk am Whatever happens, let thy will be done oh lord. What are they hiding?

Dem dey craze. Useless administration. He was busy rushing to the UK, not knowing that a day will come for them to sit and reap the evil they sowed in 9ja. Convid 1-9 is following Buhari like: 😂😂😂 The money that they release now that is what they want to steal now and tell us it was used for fumigation of the virus.

All they care about is themselves. Which airport have they fumigated since their closure? Wicked government So u can't fumigate the entire country. Thunder fire u Leave my president alone. We should all have positive thinking. If you know you know. Where is our president PMB's office represents the whole of Nigeria I guess? So once the place is fumigated, Nigeria is fumigated? Yet their relatives and associates still flying into the country to contaminated the place yet again.

So where is Buhari?

Coronavirus: Presidency restricts Villa coverage to 13 media housesObanikoro 😎 So the facts in there can be filtered ba? I wonder what buhari is afraid of. After all he is old na

Extend the to the public spaces too Since the wide spread of the deadly disease, Nigeria has not taken serious measures to manage the convid19nigeria in the country. It's a shame that, we have start at this point. Am shading 😭😭😭😭😭 Selfish people on the loose, hit road and disinfect all public places and not your offices

Now they are seeing the urgency to secure the White House, while the citizens are suffering and in tension, who Nigeria offend na? bunmifasae 😂 Come and hear ọ. Ọga is working inside fumigation Which office did he now resume uesterday_virus infested office Again?😉 How about you use 'decontamination'...maybe

For how much? I’m sure it’s in dollars! woodfetcher look up!!!☝☝☝

Imagine so other Nigerians should die abi? The virus has been in Nigeria since no fumigation was done just bcos COS tested positive buhari's office is being fumigated .. hmmm They said he resume office 😃😃😃 I thought they said 'He has resumed' That means he has been affected What about our bus stops? Or citizens don't matter

By the time they finish the will rule themselves since they don't want to start from the street😣😑😐 E for Energy If ur networth is less than 200m, Keep calm,u are safe from corona 🗻 ⛽......Corona in the villa. LordLugard001 Fumigation can't cure coronavirus I say we die here 🤪

it should be done all over the streets and markets of states where the corvid 19 exists. its what is done out there. Our people still throw sputum all over without recourse to the times we are in. So lets sanitize everywhere not only Aso Rock. So how many billions are we looking at? 🤡🤡 Let the government do the same to the entire country. At least this virus is imported to the country by the people in the authority.

Hmmm what can I say, but Corona virus has no respect of all places they found Aso rock has a play ground. UncleAnass What were they doing since Pa Abba Kyari was declared positive? Waiting for more contractions? 🤔 This will actually cost billions of dollars Ok na He can formigate for all i care...they will still share it to him

And where's president MBuhari taken to?

This is what i suggested to the Nigerian government yesterday 👇🏿 Where is Buhari I thought he has resumed office He can’t escape the Virus even if dem bath am with Gallons of Disinfectants What about our homes? Lol When lagos is fumigating bus stop already That's good but what about his citizens? They should fumigate baba himself

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