Lagos Covıd-19, Lagos: Mosque-Church

Lagos Covıd-19, Lagos: Mosque-Church

BREAKING: Churches, mosques remain closed in Lagos – Govt

6/2/2020 7:27:00 PM

BREAKING: Churches, mosques remain closed in Lagos – Govt

Lagos State Governor, Babajide Sanwo-Olu (Photo: LASG)The Lagos State Government has ruled out the immediate reopening of churches and mosques in the state.The Commissioner for Home Affairs, Prince Anofiu Elegushi, said on Tuesday that Lagos being the epicentre of the coronavirus would only reopen worship centres until there is a “clear coast for the state to do so”.

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He said this on the sideline of the 2020 Ministerial Press Briefing commemorating the first year in office of Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu.The PUNCHreports that the Federal Government had on Monday, June 1, lifted the ban on mosques and churches in the country, based on guidelines and protocols agreed with state governments.

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When the leaders at the apex fail , it’s up to a few selected well- thinking subordinate leaders to oppose absurd and selfish directives. We all shall not perish, kudos jidesanwoolu Mad governor, you have nothing to offer for this four years.... Johndfocus Very good decision. We all return to church now and start hugging one another, speaking tongues into each other's faces and singing and dancing like God was on holiday all along. Worship him everyday wherever you find yourself!

Thank you Mr. governor! Coronavirus is still out there and the numbers is increasing by the day, yet some hypocritical and deluded people wants religious houses to be opened. Fiyin____ Nawa o😭😭 Good call. It won't last forever. Hmmn it is well TRADE YOUR DEAD,CONDEMNED SOLAR INVERTER BATTERY FOR COOL CASH FOR ENQUIRY CALL📞08107105177.. 09090839033.PLS HELP US RETWEET🙏dannywalter

We have two FG in Nigeria. One in Abuja and another in Lagos. Where can social distancing be really practised; religion houses or market places? Which entrance door is wider: BRT buses or religion houses? Which has bigger space to maintain social distancing; public buses or religion house? Even restaurant is spacious to maintain social dist

JUST REMEMBER, GOD WILL JUDGE BY YOUR WORDS It shows how religion has eaten deep into our system and brain in Nigeria after seeing people condemning the governor for keeping churches and mosques closed whilst, leaving the market open.Una no kuku die when churches and mosques no open for like 3months now.Misplaced priority

If reopen. Lagos will be big wahala Some turns there place of worship to something else,I believe Almighty is everywhere, anytime u called upon him he definitely answered ur hearts matters Better Sanwo, it's good to challenge ur maker, just wait for d result soon. U open Ladipo market where u make so much money abi, just wait.

jidesanwoolu , closing the churches and mosques is not the right way . the market etc are open with no social distance, why church and mosque? You can give a good guidelines like 2hrs service and not more than 100 per service . it is well cos this pandemic will end soon. God is angry with the wicked. End time is near

God bless you jidesanwoolu You're fast becoming my favorite Governor. Follow for follow back Follow for follow back Follow for follow back Follow for follow back Follow for follow back Follow for follow back Covid-19: why the assume the best for 'undisciplined' work places and markets, they keep assuming the worst for solemn worship centres. Life

Sensible decision from a smart and proactive governor. Mr governor I hail o. Let's grow together ✅ Hit the follow button I follow back asap 🙏 🙏🙏 ♥️ If Sanwo Oli didn't do any other meaningful thing as a Governor, his approach throughout this pandemic would've been enough. Exactly Mr. Governor, he be like say you want God to teach you better lesson.

But they should close hotels, club and jolliment places too The most painful thing is dat no one is talkin abt school to re open.I can remember whn I was young .teacher teaches us smthin today thn the next day remind me of wht I said.most of us had forgotten until we go bck to our note.not to talk of kids out of school for months.

When are you people going to leave us alone you open markets and closed churches and mosques between those places where do you think people can practice social distancing. I knew it from the beginning that everything is scam Good really good Oga what of inter-state movement..... Because am tired i want to go back Home😭😭😭

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But market are open Market places can't be compare with church Good one Sir. This was a mistake in the first place Why why why Mr Governor, we want to worship and fellowship together. I concur No sense making in this decision Hi everyone, please kindly FOLLOW us and help for a RETWEET our customers might be on your TL. We are into top quality Custom paint Manufacturing, top quality Home Painting Designs..Top Quality Electrical Networking/Installation, Electrical Maintenance, Home Automation .. Thanks

After buying new coat for sunday service ... 😂🙃😂🙃 As they should be! josephoyedeleo1 Fbb Kay__lion dabiodunMFR pls do the same sir. ogun state has the largest assembly of various churches. 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 Oga, did you asked police to be killing people because of curfew, I know Lagos government will never do that please it's better you speak louder so that Nigerian police can hear your instructions. They should stop killing people o.

In this part of the World/Continent (Nigeria/Africa), we've been religiously brainwashed to the extent that we cannot even have the mind of ours. For now, your Church/Mosque should be your conscience/mind, not those locked buildings. God is everywhere biko!!! Confirm ✊🏽 In this part of the World and Continent, we've been religiously brainwashed to the extent that we cannot even have the mind of ours. Let's stop this hypocrisies!!! For now your Church/Mosque should be your conscience/mind, not those locked buildings. God is everywhere!!!

Vivianchichiluv no church o Nice one! Medina is CLOSED!!! Vatican is CLOSED!!! I support Sanwoolu’s stand that Mosques and Churches should remain CLOSED!!!!! Anyone who doesn’t like it can go to the police station to complain. Nonsense and Covidiots Well, I believed dat we don't have Governor in Lagos state only CLASS CAPTAIN is what we have. U open market place, like mail 12, Oshodi arena market, Adeniji Adele, Adekunle where open. U give D most highly populated places pamision to function, can't we see there's a problem

That they already calling to prayers 🙄😫😫 One minute u want them open Next min u want them close Please worship from ur house,it's safer People are more interested in churches and mosques.What of Schools? Shey dem send this man to Lagos nii Na him tin dey always dey different for this life Ogbeni, your wahala too much jere

Can someone tell me what the church is doing opened this period?.. After my dance and celebration when FG announced church to open, now Baba has this to say😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 Last week was 13th Sunday at home still isolating 😭😭😭 We have been fool for so long, If you don't go to church you will not day but if you don't eat you will day church are not adding anything to the society.people now rape girls in church let's go back to our African religion which serve justice immediately...

Good Nice one Mr governor 🙏 Tell dad o _ihunanya_ Big__Chuks Seen this? babajizzle kobofun layemz D3BAYOR Bucktrice229 Let me find u something, u 'v done well BOS DrZobo Good one governor..hold ur service online! God is everywhere. tushnikki1 should I still sew the cloth for 1st Sunday 🚶‍♀️🚶‍♀️🚶‍♀️🚶‍♀️🚶‍♀️🚶‍♀️🚶‍♀️

Awon pastors rn; Surryshow Why? Loveet safety first🥳tears of thy pastors and clerics will be flowing rn . Ginger tea please! No cream , no sugar . DrZobo Good jhusstinna Looking for ways to task religious houses b4 opening up. Yes church is not a building but I miss the gathering of brethrens Haaaa, and i'v been happy I'll go and lead Thanksgiving praise and worship....chai

This is GTB ....but you don't want church to open Am short of words seriously. I don't just know where to picking my point, like seriously d country is in a state of dilemma from FG to S. Lagos Pastors be like Safety first Munachi_ As it should!! I love this man 👏 ThisIsDotun Very good move sir.. 🙆🏽🙆🏽🙆🏽🙆🏽

ZaAlgedonicOne_ this tweet is making me laugh 😂😂 God bless you uncle Sanwo. Wisdom and knowledge is yours. Someone who is at the forefront understand better unlike someone getting reported speech. You all need to understand Church is not the building. And stop why-ing in here True God ans prayers from the heart no matter where you prayed from. Truth be told, some people's bread and butter come from the church, continuously locking it up,..... I can only imagine

Hypocrite!! This same man was bullied by the operators of PrimeroTSL BRT and now they increased bus fares and even pack 42 people inside their buses...Social distancing? Keep massaging his ego.... Transportation in Lagos state is a major concern for Us. BOGbadamosi Fantastic decision. God is everywhere. Churches and mosques are just mere building. As long as schools are closed churches and mosques too should remain close.

Sanwo!!! SanSense!!! Of Lagos!!! jidesanwoolu Gbayii baami!!!!! When the time comes for you to answer questions from God make sure you have this your nose mask on ...... iam_bamidele1 hi What do you expect? When the governor claimed a test cost 50,000. You all will be surprised soon that cases recorded daily in Lagos would soon skyrocket for them to earmark their target amount of embezzlement.

Give this man a chilled beer. A real leader I Stan Better open churches now or pastor Chris and Pastor oyedepo would come up with another conspiracy theories that would blow our heads off.. Chai..who do you.. seriously... locking up churches and mosques even schools till when...over a man-made pandemic...oya let's be watching

Small power wey u get u Don dey do pass urself Thank God winners chapel is in ogun state If this is true, Sanwo Olu is a coward! Well done sir.Nice one God would punish you. For closing the churches it seems now have two president in Nigeria 1, President Buhari 2, President Sanwolu this two super powers will be delegating different law with each other.... and now it seems President Sanwolu is the oga kpata kpata of them all, anything he says it final.

The faculty of reasoning of some people no dey function well for dis Twitter....... Ur governor pronounce ban on religious houses & una gt d effrontery to support such ideal Thank Goodness cause some churches and mosque in my street have started service already Hana ...Mr man why did u change your main have the bribe u also..

The true worshippers God knows them and they know God . No be by church closure Oh shit! I want to go to Church iamAbiodunAA I passed thru KETU market today n I keep asking if there’s Covid-19 in this country... free us abeg. Oga stop! Allow people to go for their activities Correct guy👏🏾 Person with sense... to avoid a Patient31 case scenario of South Korea

Okay Oga pastors go protest for u oo Good one for now Hmmm Abeg make dem no open again. The peace has been lit. Don’t ruin peace for noisemakers! bholarbillz Correct OloriAd25162715 Tinny_emmy balzayo_ Aahhh oga sanwo y nah? do you want hunger to kill all our pastors and imams especially the jobless ones haba imagine how they will be swearing for you now for saying this chai chai there's Godooooo

This one is a fool sha. You closed churches, lockdown everywhere and still were recording cases like water everyday. How long will we stay like this. So when we churches now be allowed When Corona varnishes shay. 🤡 Nice one SANWO OLU IS JUST A BASTARD 🤣 I miss my church girlfriend E sure for them Thank you for this sir!

What about hotels sir? Why!!!! Me hmmm Pastors job don knock 🤣🤣 some where already pressing calculator...300 people times 100 naira each = breaking news 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Retiredsars tombo_fc Lol - i wish twitter has VN option 😂🤣 The comments under this post lasan. agbojedionline2 👆 Sanwo was the first to close down churches and Mosques Still infections are growing out of control. Not slowing still God has given you another opportunity to have sense Still forming proactive. Kano relaxed religious restrictions peep the drastic drop. Antichrist Governor.

since we've been home.. Ain't d numbers increasing? So Mr governor , let places of worship OPEN.... Haba fa, you guys can agree to open the international and local airport but can't open worship centres? Really? Are you guys kidding me right now? 🤦‍♀ End time people love darkness more than light bcos their deed are evil, Note:- The gate of hell cannot prevail against the church.

Very good move. A wise man once said..... Thank you o another sensible call Seriously very good Mr_JAGss is this news real? I hardly believe stories...I couldn't find something related on your TL. We are the representative and representation of God. To think I’ve invited a newly found catch to church this Sunday 😭😫 I only wanted to win his soul😕

Very good decision Mr Governor. We dey your back. I saw it coming You are the man of the moment. Kindly guide the FG, it seems they are lost. Correct Governor. A leader who is walking the walk. Serving his people. Doesn't matter, church is just a mere building but the real church is your heart Your own don dey too much ooo Egbon🙄🙄🙄

Awwww,and I was looking forward to going to church again,it is well tho. All things worketh together for our good. Good Those that were prepared for show off are so mad about this. 🤣🤣🤣 🙆🙆🙆🙆 I'm so happy. I'm already used to this home-service thing Your Excellency sir, I think you r missing it here Sir. People can go to market where their is no social distance at all and we are comfortable about it, now we can go to place of worship where we can join our voices together and combat this virus together. Sir let us be care ful

Ban4Life 🔊🔊🔊 Good... It is the best decision for now God bless u sir.. na me happy pass Oga governor sanwolu.... Pls till nxt Yr to reopen dem Dont really see this as a bad thing tho But offices shaa don open fully,, Guys stay in your hus and pray to God God knows all our heart ,, Very smart move assuming the churches and mosques were allowed to reopen The credibility and transparency of this Lagos State government would have been questioned , nice order of priorities If you want to reopen anything next let it be schools Eko o ni baje oooo

Bro olu did not try oo😔😔 People's saying not to open church or mosques are not workers or instrumentalist, they are just chair warmer in there various churches , bcos i believe if you are ones of the instrumentalist and you enjoy using ur talent to praise God , u will nt be happy with the decision Better o

Very good decision As it should be... Very good decision Case closed Meanwhile the church is more organised than the market place... Ignorance! Great!!!! IF THE TEMPORARY CLOSURE OF CHURCHES OR MOSQUES AFFECTS YOUR FAITH OR STAND WITH GOD, THEN YOU NEED TO RETHINK ABOUT YOUR CONVICTION IN THE FIRST PLACE.

Good That's my Governor talking. You are such a good leader Use this opportunity to raise alter for God in ur home and u will never regrets it NASO_E_BI We move. Sounds interesting Iberiberism of the highest order. That's the problem with Nigeria, once they join the bandwagon of Negativity, the madness no dey end: (1) Corruption, inconclusive; (2) Jos Crisis, inconclusive; (3) Boko Haram, inconclusive; (4) Fulani Terrorism, inconclusive; (5) COVID-19 Lockdown, inconclusive.

Somebody should tell BOS, jidesanwoolu that BRT buses are no longer complying with the state regulations on passengers social distance spacing in thier buses. Meanwhile tickets are now 200% hiked. Over two weeks now. Good one my governor may God continue to bless you Some people were already jubilating that they will cash out by Sunday. Mr. Governor why now🙄

Egbekegbe leadership,people can go to malls and markets without social distance and precautions but people can't go to church with moderate population, how best can you describe hypocrisy,cluelessness and confusion.Suffering people with fake Covid-19 figures exposes ur wickedness Opened or closed, Jesus still remains my LORD and SAVIOUR!!!

Choir Master. Pls endure a little while ok. Make I go collect my Agbada back from the dry cleaner. On point 👍 Nice one. Religion has been our problem in Nigeria so need for them to operate. Well done Sanwó Olú Very good decision. The numbers are spiking in Lagos yet people want to die on the altar of religion. Religion is not a necessity like business or commerce. Pray at home

ogundamisi Double standards Good decision. Soundsicario Now that's a man with a clue! Now that churches and mosque will not be opening in Lagos I just hope the woke twitter won’t continue dragging GOD on twitter. As they should Wise decision 👏 Nice one. We must do what's best to Flatten the curve! jidesanwoolu nice move. Ignore stories if truly the numbers are sincere

abdulazeeztuyor Ooin. You're doing well sir. Beautiful. As a matter of fact, when FG give a green light to economic and other activities to reopening, Lagos should be excluded. The state is not slowing down at all. Exifam Smart move sir. Why You can open balogun market and computer village but can’t open churches , these people don’t know what they are doing!!, The most clueless government.

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ObumMic 👆👆👆👆 FAM .please follow me Holayinka123 What I don’t understand is can’t you worship in your house? Are you people mad? Can’t God answer your prayers at home? If it is worship song can’t you download on YouTube? Preaching? Can’t you steam online? Pls don’t let me come for people who object this.,

After I have suffered and find my Bible ur now lockdown again?😲😲..... wahala God bless you my governor. Wowu! phemmy_L iamdmc_omai i no know where una see una news Sanwo olu just cracked a table Omo thank God oo😂😂😂😂 Very good. You won't die if you pray in your house Governor Babajide Sanwo-olu and his covid19 task force have always proven to be efficient & effective. Worship in your homes people!

The right man for the right job Oh really? QuotedReplies His Excellency, why now? Follow me up PhilipsPhotogr1, i follow back real quick jidesanwoolu showing leadership. See who BabajideOtitoju should be singing with, not those that place terrorists on salaries but slash the pay of their medical personnel inside a pandemic. adeyanjudeji AbdulMahmud01 ChidiOdinkalu

Para mood Way to go jidesanwoolu Wahala Great decision Gov. Sanwo-Olu. Ogun State need to toe same path given the close proximity between both States and the presence of several churches/campgrounds in Ogun State with majority of attendees being Lagos residents. Wagbayi👍👍👍 Mr Governor if you can’t open church and mosque but you open other sectors like Banks, even market that social distancing is not observed then I feel something is wrong somewhere..jidesanwoolu

Why Perfecto I am not surprised at all. They're working for their father against the church. Over 100k Americans have died so far, but Trump opened the church, and Lagos has become something else. Let's watch Lagos turn into whatever they so wish. shey_drogo Thank you sir 🤝 mister_vaughan_ See me getting hyped for Sunday service already 😭😭😭

MoniOsibodu God bless you Governor Sanwolu May God protect us from VIRUS that can spread in the church & MOSQUE but not in banks, markets, supermarket etc. All thru the period in view I never heard of a place where the people tackled the govt to lift the ban on religious activities, only in Nigeria... people were rather thinking of how to go back to work. But here no work, only places of worship. Madness!

What's wrong with these man? This is one of d Best Decisions d Governor of Lagos State has taken! In fact, declare a State wide Curfew least for 15 Working Days 2 enable Health Workers Combat this Useless, but Killer Virus COVID-19 4rm China, as well as Mitigate its spread! Abbah! Let us flatten the Curve!

🤕🤕🙊 Good one, everything we can do to stop the spread is welcomed. Good decision. thatpoetclem Yes yes yes. They should remain closed..they've done more harm than good! A governor that prioritizes the lives of people. Good job. My guys were already happy, cause they are in media section LMAO This is reasonable because Lagos has the highest number of cases. However, I heard they are preparing to open the economy, that would be dangerous I think...

🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 how them day take spell elaaa I want to go to kogi or Ogun state.. what is wrong with sonwo olu.. Med oh! Thank you. Man like sanwo olu 🙌🙌🙌 Nice one followlasg If religious organizations are not ready to comply with CODVID regulations. Good one sanwo eko..... LagosIsWorking T_WAYNE100 Correct man

Ogbenimiide This is just funny though No platform plays the latest local & foreign music like 234Radio. For local, foreign, sports & entertainment news, 234Radio is your best bet. Listen live on Download 234Radio Mobile App: On Android: On iOS: My question is, isn't same people going to market, work and walking on the street that will be attending churches and mosque?

A sensible decision Eko lowo wa...eko lonti ri owo..eko loti ma ko ogbon If U see this, EPP me RT my hustle pls🙏🏻 I INSTALL GPS CAR TRACKER FEATURES: Shut down engine via SMS See car exact location from Google Map, See Speed Limit, Engine & battery status, Listen to conversations goin on in the car from ur 📳 ☎08069591473

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LMAO😅😅😅 Lagos boys that want to beat drums and play keyboards will cry 🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 Me don back slide already God help Man weh sabi. I applaud him for this.👏👏👏👏👏 Bless up! Whatever PTF smoked didn't get to BOS Not again now Good call Mr Governor! Wise choice Oga Sanwo Why why why why 🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️ And market places are still functioning God will judge you people o 🤦🤦

Wow. But of course Ouch! Till when again 😭😭😭

Lagos Churches, Mosques to Remain Shut, Says Govt - THISDAYLIVEBy Segun James Following disagreement over modalities and protocols for the reopening of places of worship between the state government and religious leaders, the Lagos state government has said that churches and mosques are to remain closed until further notice. The Commissioner for Home Affairs, Prince Anofiu Elegushi, who said this while fielding questions from … The Lagos State Governor just broke some Pastor and Iman ❤️. Well, it's will be a gradual process. Good This is a very good one.

Buhari govt under attack for reopening Churches, Mosques, while schools remain shutA cross-section of Nigerians has reacted to the reopening of Churches and Mosques by Nigerian government. DAILY POST had reported that Buhari on Monday lifted the ban on religious gathering across the country but announced that schools should remain closed. Chairman of the Task Force, Boss Mustapha, made the announcement during the briefing of the He's leading backwards as always If the president closes they shout If he opens they shout wetin happen sef!!!!! Lol. Perfect photo for the story 🤣

COVID-19: Shehu Sani reacts as Nigerian govt reopens Churches, MosquesShehu Sani, former Kaduna State lawmaker has reacted to the reopening of Churches and Mosques by Nigerian government. Nigerian Government finally lifted the ban on religious gathering across the country on Monday. Chairman of the Task Force, Boss Mustapha, made the announcement during the briefing of the presidential task force (PTF) on COVID-19 on Monday, This is not twitter

Nigeria reopens mosques, churches but schools remain shut – Daily TrustThe federal government on Monday reopened mosques and churches two months after they were shut down in a bid to halt the spread of corona... Can we do night vigil?🤔 schools will open soon I had expected our leaders realise that lockdown is not effective tool for controlling the spread of COVID19 in Nigeria. Better tools are to provide adequate sanitizers, facemasks and regular decontamination of places where peoples socialize including our homes!

BREAKING: COVID-19: Buhari finally reopens churches, mosquesThe Nigerian Government has finally lifted the ban on religious gathering across the country. The ban on religious gatherings had lasted for two months, a move taken to check the spread of Coronavirus. However, at the briefing of the presidential task force (PTF) on COVID-19 on Monday, Chairman of the task force, Boss Mustapha, announced Last last.... Amid the increase? Who are we deceiving 🤔🤔🤔

BREAKING: FG relaxes restriction on churches, mosquesSchools next pls...... And night clubs Good but what are doing about the cases that are doubling daily What the hell, the should allow the interstates traveling too 🙄🙄🙄 Do they even know what's their nonchalant attitude is causing us at all ?