Buhari, Fresh Loan

Buhari, Fresh Loan

BREAKING: Buhari writes Reps, seeks fresh $5.513bn loan

5/28/2020 2:06:00 PM

BREAKING: Buhari writes Reps, seeks fresh $5.513bn loan

Kindly Share This StoryLeke Baiyewu, AbujaThe President, Major General Muhammadu Buhari (retd.), has written to the House of Representatives to request for the approval of fresh external borrowings totalling $5.513bn.Buhari, in the letter read by Speaker of the House of Representatives, Femi Gbajabiamila, at the plenary on Thursday, said the funds were for 2020 budget deficit, financing of critical projects, and some states of the federation.

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The President also presented a revised 2020 Appropriation Bill and 2020-2022 Medium Term Expenditure Framework and Fiscal Strategy Paper.The National Assembly had recently approved a loan of N850bn for the Federal Government, while another of $22.79bn, which the Senate has already approved, is pending before the House.

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Why is he announcing it self? Oga do away with the money asual after all me and my family is not feeding from government pocket and I don't pray for such to happen even in my next generation. Mr. Borrower. What is he borrowing money for now To do wetin again President Buhari is trying to sale Nigeria before he leaves office

For what now? Are you sure baba has not sold us on low key, using us as collateral No more loanooooooooo, we didn't vote you to mortgage our future. nija never see anything am 100% sure that if this man comes down from power he will say he is not aware of any loan 😂😂😂😂 For what? Oga go home if you're tired. Stop selling our future for our children.

Calling for debt cancellation at the same time requesting for more loans, NIGERIAN and NIGERIANS would soon realise the problem ahead Onigbese! Buhari which way for tomorrow? There is great problem in the land Again!!! Its only loan Handsome man kuku sell dis country. No hope in dis administration 😭😭😭🤗🤗🤗

May God help nigeria Last night I became a victim of covid-19 curfew/police funding raising brouhaha.... I was detained for hours at the central police station. so am glad to state that I have done my GIVEAWAY TO THE POLICE. during this lockdown Police have collected 50k from me due to covid-19 laws Loan for what again

Nawah ooh borrower borrower government. Dis man too daft! Don't know how I campaigned for him. Brown cow This man is a loan ranger! “Men make history and not the other way around. In periods where there is no leadership, society stands still. Progress occurs when courageous, skillful leaders seize the opportunity to change things for the better.” ― Harry S. Truman

They want to acquire enough to their republic because they know Nigeria is at the verge of breaking. They that borrowed will pay even if Nigeria divide Sinzu baba. Foregn debt everywhere Abacha money don finish ? I don't think ds country shall remains d same again after pmb tenure of massive debt When you appoints a hyena to take care of your goats, and your goats are been consumed, U wonder why?

Money borrowed is above the total budget . Still in the month of May. Which of the Buhari? God have mercy on us 🙆‍♂️🙆‍♂️🙆‍♂️🙆‍♂️🙆‍♂️🙆‍♂️🙆‍♂️🙆‍♂️🙆‍♂️🙆‍♂️🙆‍♂️🙆‍♂️🙆‍♂️ This every day loan of a thing tells me something is wronged somewhere This govt is nothing other than Yahoo-yahoo ProMax. He want to put Nigeria in abject poverty before he will leave office and yet his supporters are everywhere singing his praise while he's busy borrowing their future away. I 😭😭 for this country...

They've borrowed the money meant for three generations Borrow until we become slaves to foreign countries. Loan I don't even know how it's been used , tomorrow somebody will tell me to pay for it . What a government This Corona virus should teach us a lesson on how much you need locally manufactured goods

Why is Nigeria govt borrowing so much,are they the only country with the issue of covid19, today borrow tomorrow borrow,what are the money for,or is it for the 2023 election?Becos I don't see what the money is be use for. We all need to stand together as one to fight this govt. You can pass the IELTS exam in flying colours and get a permanent residency to Canada. Dm to get the link to the high score formula for passing the IELTS exam

Abeg dey should sell this Country and give me by share. They have borrowed the future of the next 3 generations already. I won't be surprised if slave trade returns as Nigerians of the future might be sold as slaves to repay these loans. Buhari should stop embarrassing Nigeria, let him contact me I will borrow him the money.

Very unfortunate Buhari selling away and bringing down this country one loan at a time. Weldon OGA Borrower Hmm Baba borrow borrow 🙄🙄🙄🙄 Buhari is destroying both the present and future of Nigeria. For what again? Our generation are in trouble. So we elected this one to go and be borrowing money? Which kind president be this? Na to borrow money any body no fit do? No ingenuity, nothing!

To be honest Nigeria have been sold.they are collecting money in installments You are all mad, loans that go-to your pockets, why don't you look at what your mates in than are doing. You might getaway with this on earth but when God comes - you are finished. Repent and turn from your wicked ways. What a useless president ever

Our Oga buhari e never do? Is Nigerian judiciary working at all?. China take over, loading... Is this man building another country 🤔 All this money what is he using it for ? Your matter don too much oga MBuhari TheMATTER Wetin you wan use the money do? It seems your sick in your brain ? Keep selling the country

More cash out sinzu money People become president to uplift their countries, buhari came to borrow. Bros, just tell us say na sale u want sale this country so President Buhari no longer has anything to lose. No legacy whatsoever to leave behind meanwhile the wellbeing of close to 200m Nigerians is at stake

Oloshi I hope this is not true. Lord please nah! Let this not be true! This is your continuous criminal against Christians in Nigeria. He is just keeping to his promise Sinzu Money needs to do a Masterclass on getting loans. Have you ever thought of crypto currency as your next line of business kindly join this whatsapp group to learn more and invest Follow this link to join my WhatsApp group:

On a journey of wrecking future administrations Are Nigerians sealing mouths and watching what will soon become the outcome of Nigeria?...Nigeria will soon be seized as a colateral for all this unnecessary borrowing from the World bodies.. Let's laugh the laugh... Hahaha Another loan Gham When you people are going to stop this borrow borrow. Giant of Africa is almost number one borrowing country. Why?

Hahahahaha... Is this what you call breaking news... I even predicted these... He will borrow again after these, on till my village oil block belongs to a Chinese... Sylvaluciano Loan for what again wetin de occur?🤦🏻‍♂️ Approved 😄😄😄 Unbelievable.. 5 billion usd? This country has been sold since! Loan again

GBESE RE OOÒOÓ When you gave a man who can not increase 150 cows 🐄 in 45 years to manage a national economy, what do you expect. Clown 🤡 Zoo Republic Nigeria is finished Which buhari are you talking about Chai matters plenty to settle for this nija...... Now see new one. Jugde done vex. Sinzu money 🔥🔥🔥

It seems at the end of Buhari administration, our future will be chained for life. This man wants to leave Nigeria beyond bankruptcy! Na so we go dey.....we must hold this man to account for all the Dollars. Give it to him already! He's needs to feed Soon they will put de so called Nigeria (zoo) for sale.nonsence

F*cking looters like them We are entering modern slavery gradually with our two legs & eyes open. What hope do my children have in dis country. Which of these Buharis are the zoo contraption called Nigeria media talking about, because 2 have already died. Mohammadu Buhari from Daura Kastina and Muhamadu Buhari the impostor Jubril Al Sudani from Sudan.

Were all the money una the collect say abachas loot 🤣🤣🤣 O.m.G🙄 Just sell the country to China and make it public. Nigerians are keeping quiet watching this idiots without a single plan for our country reaping us to shred MBuhari you and your useless government have borrowed more than $16b without no proof yet you’re applying for more. It won’t end well for you and your cohorts!!!

This man ehn! You don finish this country o E no go better for all of una.. Stupid ads holes There are millions of zombies in every region of this country that will still vote this man in even for a 4th term based on political party affiliation, ethnicity, religion & to spite another ethnic group, with no recourse to performance, capability or even a better life 4 them.

Who the advice this man self... If you ask them about the disbursed fund... They will tell you that the fund still dey... But them the borrow money... Those worst president ever Ohh my God Everyday new loan. Okay noted!!!!! Are we sure he is aware... That's another angu... There is no President in Aso Rock; no genuine president of a nation keeps accumulating debt in this manner. Is Nigeria about to be sold?

Borrow our future away He is a complete Devil , MBuhari you don't have human conscience Hmmm na wa 4 dis government oooo Buhari the loan president This administration will mortgage the future of this country before they finish their 8 years in office. They will borrow and be using it for school feeding while student are on covit19 forced holidays . China is gradually buying Nigeria.

Please, where are the ROCOVERED looted funds? What the hell are they doing with all this money. Loans upon loans yet nothing to show for it. The worst thing is after all of your complaining. No level for us. Nigerians youth see TheMATTER wey una suppose to settle......apply that energy here and find out what this loan is all about and why He needs to take another loan.

With this you will know that this man is not from Nigeria We no go fit settle this kind matter! It's time to tell this people that enough is a enough of all these borrowing, because the previous borrowed Nigerian didn't see the impacts what the money use for We kano Doe's not achieved anything progressively in this administration

As usual Mr Loan. Kuku sell the country. Nzuzu Buhari and his people have borrowed and looted the 100th generation of Nigerians future.. And all this money to pay back is coming from One region.. Biafra will get its independence one day, and that day Nigeria will die.. May the deadly hidden agenda of the FG be cursed to the root. You people are done with vision 2020, na to enslave Nigerians right?

Why? Didn't we just get bail out from Abacha? Can't we channel money from school feeding? Can somebody assist me with just a token to feed..pls..let me buy little foodstuffs plss..am begging you all.God will bless you love you show.this pandemic has hit us badly.pls don't ignore me pls .you will save a generation if you do this. 3115801777 first bank

Stop borrowing $ or China will own 🇳🇬 No go borrow the one way them go use this country settle oooo. Where is Abacha loots money.?.Why can't you people just let this country be..? anyway any talk here e bi like noise,,,Dem go even loan more only for their pockets. Hope say bad rulers go end one day, cause we nor get leaders for Nigeria.

SweetShantel This is coming from a man seeking loan cancellation for countries in africa. 2023 I pity who will be the next President of Nigeria🤔🤔🤔 For what again oooo Jesus ALOOTING CONTINUA A country that so much depend on oil as its economy's mainstay will always face this Marathon borrowing from those overseas money lenders that dishes out stifling economic conditions wonder4ulworld

The same Buhari that we haven’t seen in public for 3 months. From where biko Kilode nah Buhari Just continue to collect loans but remember that you can't use our life to collect loans.....mtcheeeeeew This one get brain to spend money He doesn't see any other way of doing things. This is the very definition of madness:Doing things the same way over and over and expecting different result. Sadly,an entire country's destiny is in his hands.But some people here are ok with this. Next best thing is relocation.

Pls what's the conversion when converted to naira, bcos my calculator wan explode ooo🔥🔥😳 See as our president dy fresh day by day... Wel done sir $5.513bn loan 👏👏👏izzorite Na wa for this country o,I dey vex right now Oga o 🚶🏽‍♂️ This country has gone for good This people don sell this country......

Are these loans not getting too much now ? Sir in God we trust Kuku sell us.... Hum, a borrowing freak . I hope we will not begin to beg for debt forgiveness. Legend Of The Seeker 😂 Do we really need this loan? What thses leaders need is sense and not loan. Baba don settle TheMATTER I hope this guy is not destroying the future of the already bleak future of the nation

Loans and lonely President of federal republic of Nigeria. I hope Buhari will be held accountable for all these loans upon loans in the tune of billions upon billions dollars. The annoying thing is this clueless thieves still have 3 years in the office. Nigerians should never take election lightly again. In fact we need a revolution

Bubu ti cash out I laugh this country 😡 Mr Buhari, what did you want to use this money for? And who is going to loan you this money? Hmmm.....pls always remember God oo this is too much. This man will use debt kill us, meanwhile we don't see the reason why he keep borrowing money and why we Nigerians re suffering, Bad road, Bad electricity, No jobs, This government is a freaking thieves

Yahoo boy, still cashing out 😀😅😆 A courtry we just come from no where one day and take over Nigeria bcos of our debt. What is this government knows is how to collect loans and it is their hobby TheMATTER You dey mad ni? 😂 Kuku sell us join, blocked ear We are in serouse problem and need a serouse help Who go settle this matter like this

Diz one go wreck diz country. I am sha waiting when the country will be sold so I can buy. I am saving seriously to buy my parts. Soon them go sell here Jacuzzi spending!!! _tormewah Need 2 Get/Buy anything frm Dubai *CARGO frm DUBAI *DUBAI Visa *DUBAI Tour Guide ...Without Stress +971551158793💬☎️ Ibzyunggmail.com Pls kindly Retweet, Support my hustle.

Honestly I think MBuhari lacks good adviser. Taking another loan Must you pay the people Their are private individual not benefiting at this time. Stop payment. We are in lock down for Godsake. We are mad in this country, stupid and mad. How the leaders of tomorrow wan take settle this borrow borrow matter so nahin we Dey think.

Since he will not travel he will now collect loan This man God will judge you Sinzu 💰, Abuja landlord, Flying officer Sinai is moving mad fam! admtheartistt His Excellency 🤝 loans Stream Superwozzy Ft Barryjhay Gratitude. Shey una don see TheMATTER Shey e go reach like this? Last month, $3.4billion loan, this month $5.5billion loan. Meanwhile, there's still 72 months left till end of tenure. Kukuma ask for $72billion or $144 billion loan once for all and spare us the monthly request.

Na China go buy this country Las las The Caption be like: 'I zink I should change da jet and paint aso Villa fa? I will transfer za rest to my offshore akant in Switzerland'. This is impossible. Where is Femi Falana, Deji Adeyanju, Omoyele Sowore, Shally Boy and the rest? Please, call for protect and we will follow immediately. This cannot happen. This old man wants to sell our future.

Please And please, look into the Kaduna killings in fact northern Nigeria as a whole. These are innocents children’s been slaughtered like goat. May God have mercy on our Land. Sinzu money 💰 Chai, see country. This matter go thick oh...because I never person wey go settle oh They want to finish Nigeria by mortgaging all our natural resources. Tufiakwa

He will loan Nigeria before his tenure runs out that time TheMATTER no go let us settle again How can we settle this matter? Just look at he's face In fact 9ja don't hv president Now we hv seen that we can't rule our self. is better for another country to rule us for some time. all we no is just to borrow Money.. the money there borrow n you're not even using it for anything that will benefit the 9ja.

At least Abacha didn't put us in such dark debt as he would just print the amount he wants & take it overseas & dump it there. This one that is borrowing everyday like this...will we survive ni? He only knows how to borrow money so he and he's senators can share it What kind of old man is this This man doesn't think

Please where are we now on the borrowing list We have lost it the moment we voted for him baba is clueless Make them kukuma sell Nigeria E weak me 😩 I sorry for Nigeria! Fela sang it way back, this fool is busy asking for loans and embezzling it. We as a people gotta wake up and protest this madness. This shit has to stop !! stopbuhari likeyesterday sorryformycountry

Baba BORROW BORROW, wetin you wan turn Nigeria into. You must dey alive to repay all money yourself, make you no hang debts on generations yet unborn. Nigeria is in deep trouble. Chronic debtor!! Next level manifestation. Change mantra 2.0. Mandate that read but hidden was borrow, borrow and borrow again and again and again and restart borrowing again on another plane.

Under this lockdown but the man is still seeking loan. I guess he won’t rest until he destroys the country completely. May Allah save our dear nation Nigeria.👏 Upon all the Abacha money. We still dey borrow borrow. Who are these creditors sef. Chai Spending my G Chai.......who will pay this loans. Is the President Joking with us, by this time. A new loan, what a no idea Lead.

Are u sure this man is Buhari or someone trying to defraud us and put us in debt forever and run? A man who love’s his country won’t do this. He is motivating the next generation to work hard. We dey owe die . Don't you just love this government? Make I kuku chose which province for China I go kuku dey farm sugar cane....

Are u sure this pipo r not mortgaging Nigeria to build another country of their own? MBuhari Please your excellency, do not eat our future today. All the borrowed money, watin una use am do? If gbese can’t kill this man, nothing will.. don’t disturb yourself 🤦🏼‍♂️ I’m sorry but I believe this is quite alarming to Nigeria as a whole.

The only president weh sabi borrowing money for the benefit of his cabals. Allah ya kyauta Pls can somebody tell this man to stop what he is trying to do We are going down, down... I will soon leave this country and go to my village. What's the issue with Buhari and his rubber stamped National Assembly always borrowing and we as citizens are yet to see why

At this stage, I need to shout HELP!!! Again Another matters arising 😥 Na serious matter be this o, we can’t settle this one joor This stock fish should just leave that office because person will wake up in another planet one day. There's a massacre in south Kaduna There's a massacre in south Kaduna There's a massacre in south Kaduna There's a massacre in south Kaduna There's a massacre in south Kaduna!!

I just dey believe say no be hin real face be this. Someone dey use hin name to borrow money upandan please when they finally finish borrowing the money, let us know Aisha wants her share, now that she is in power. Hence all the loans! This people has no regards for money.. they squander it at whim. No matter how much they get, it’s never enough. Typical ........ man!

Cash out kings Aaaaahhhhhhhh!!! It is finished!!!! Am solidly behind you on this one, since we dont have sense in this country... We still have plenty case to settle in future The collapsing of an already collapsed economy. Loan again!!! Kilode gan? Loan with no improvement on masses daily lives. You borrow second tenure from supreme court Borrowed health from UK So am not surprised

No sham at all, Haaba NGRPresident, OfficialAPCNg, MBuhari, NGRSenate What is the future of Nigeria as nation? Kukuma sell Nigeria 🇳🇬😂😂😂😂 Nigeria might be the first African coumtry to go back to Slave Trade. Eeii aden🤣🤣🤣🤣 Again. Nigeria is living above her means, this is not proper. Our budget is far above our income, yet we are not improving income outside oil. Most of our solid mineral resources are left for illegal miners to enjoy.

God Sinzu Fe cash out We're in trouble in this country. It's only a matter of time before the landlords become tennant's. I'm not sure bubu wrote dat letter o..i mean d man is not stable enough to do dat. Anyway sha, soon china will take over Nigeria 🤣🤣 Ole With all these loans taken already without noticable effect on the economy, is this man not building another country for his family and friends like this?

All these loans that government is always looking for, Nigeria would pay back these loans the hard way, you think the lenders don't know what they're doing A deep breath . That's all ooooooh NIGERIA 😢 Sinzu!!!!! Haba professor of Borrownology. Calm down na, u won borrow the future of this country? When Lucifer was chased down from heaven, I believe he is settled in Nigeria, Nigerian Government precisely....

I'm just tired of this kind of caption. Why can't the administration say/do something that will inspire and give hope to the masses. Can't wait for 2023. Which Buhari, biko kwanu? 🤔🤷🙆 Where is he? I hope they don't sell us one day. 😘 Please patronise and retweet Dm/Whatsapp: 08066874126 Handmade shoes available in all sizes

Shey Buhari will not destroy Nigeria like this? Mr President, fire down. Borrow on. Na we dey here. Na we get am. Na our own. 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 Nigeria will never be Good Dear MBuhari on the TheMATTER of borrowing another $5.5billion. You are pushing the citizen. “The proletarians have nothing to lose but their chains. They have a world to win. Workers of the world, unite!” or my word 'oppressed of the Nigeria unite!.

Key word FRESH When one Nigeria is done for, they everybody can now go their separate ways I guess that's their plan, Hope you see their children showing off with latest rides that their fathers can't tell us how they got it's money? Steady loan Jubrin writes Reps, seek fresh $5.5b. I dare them to approve it.

This one just they empty Nigeria chai pheyvourh This man is a moron. I swear I don't think Mr Buhari is cross checkn the paper before sign, on any documents that passes his desk ,he just sign it.. I miss Goodluck Jonathan man, now understand this. You don’t appreciate what you have until you loose it 😟

Hmmm I have not seen this kind of government b4 oooh 😯 since I was born just collecting from the country collecting nothing to show for it I am really feeling for our unborn kids to come if Nigeria 🇳🇬 will still remain. Viewing from china 🇨🇳 Operation finish Nigeria money,PDP must not have anything left before 2023

Please, please please, is borrowing our President's new found love? They seem to be an inseparable pair now.... Am not an analyst but the things are happening am very afraid It will never be well with this people Wait ooo, why did my mind race to Okonkwo's father, Unoka, in Chinua Achebe's ''Things Fall Apart''?

wetin e wan use am doooo😳 jesus christ Government of loan Oh my world!! This man must be joking. How on earth can he keep borrowing to eat. Feed Almajiri children that they refused to educate. No viable project. God please deliver us HouseNGR More Loans to your elbow. Sinzu money💵💳💰💸 This has to be stopped by all means possible. They're borrowing for consumption.

Scam government This one weak me o... Anyways we wish you More loans to seek Baba, hope you're aware of over 40% NPower beneficiaries unpaid two months stipends? Please kindly save your disaster woman ass by cleaning up the mess. Weh Don Sir! Las las na gbese go divide this country. 🚶🏿‍♂️🚶🏿‍♀️ Since Sinzu begin de cash out..him come de do guy for Allah!

This clueless man doesn't mean well for this country. Sinzu money 💵 My money remain N100 to complete make I travel commot for Nigeria For what again😱 Start choosing your Chinese names It’s high time to give Aso Rock for loan instead of borrowing nerdy_dami Chai.....if Buhari die..na loan kill am We are in trouble?

Nigeria have not seen anything. Why are you complaining. where you not the same people that says Jonathan is not good and that he's a thief and that you have seen Mr integrity. We should continue enjoying the fruit our vote if Nigeria didn't married two wife we can't know the def Why? Change they wanted, it has come

Sinzu money Ohh dear Lord save our country from these people who seek only to destroy it. MBuhari you have done enough please! Stop. North is rebuilding.. See matter Fulani's are not good administrators rather first class thieves those of you who prefered someone who stays in the bush ( buhari) to JONATHAN as your president and you expect your economy to grow and somehow becomes the best economy in Africa fools

Lobatan By borrowing, You are exchanging our political sovereinty for money which may affect our abilty to achieve foreign policies. It's irrational to keep on borrowing while the masses are getting poorer To Learn More About StocksToBuy, Investment & Financial Market. Use The Link To Join Our Free Mobile Training Center on Telegram 👇

MOSY FX BOSS ON FREE LESSON ON HIS FOREX TRADING GRP THIS MONTH. 🤗 KINDLY JOIN AND HAVE FOREVER LESSON THAT WILL HELP YOU THROUGHOUT YOUR LIFE TIME. *KICK OFF DATE: 1ST JUNE 2020* What is wrong with bubu and loan? God pls ansa my pray ma comot for this God Damn country so I can stop seeing or hearing this nonsense baba I dey beg 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 one word for Nigeria clueless

Please is this current news? Can't keep taps of 'Buhari writes Reps, seek for soso loan' In public service, being in debt can be termed gross misconduct, tantamunt to dismisal. What will be his legacy? Something is wrong somewhere. This is not ordinary but time we will get to know it. This man sha don finish this country Chai, this kind matter na only God fit settle am😄

That letter shouldn't be approved Hmmm we don enter one chance $5.513bn loan Failures everywhere You are evil . Where will the imposter JubrilAlSudani go for this loan now?realDonaldTrump MaziNnamdiKanu SaharaReporters realFFK dino_melaye simon_ekpa Amaka_Ekwo BorisJohnson AloyEjimakor okafo_uche _AfricanUnion UN EU_Commission netanyahu EmekaGif

Change Nigerians sold out This man must be mad MBuhari What is he doing with the money. HouseNGR should not approve that loan, this is caging the lives of our unborn children. Ogun kill mbuhari Haa😩😩🙆🙆🤦 Ogun kill buahri there Just for those that need this, our president wants to borrow N2.2 quadrillion naira. 😅😅

Biafrans hustle to acquire wealth Oduduwas read to acquire wealth Arewas hmmm!! They do nothing but acquire all the wealth Is this a hobby? Which way my people, this people are ruining the future of this country Let's just sell the country. This regime only know how to borrow nothing more. How did the zoo get here? It's quite unfortunate

Who go settle this matter ? Make e flex abeg That money can settle alot of matters in this country Ridiculously terrifying. Ninanlowo 😀😀 Does it ever end? Sinzu money! I sincerely respect the institution PresidentNGR but this our old man MBuhari want to ensure he squander us dry, wipe our future away and make life absolutely unbearable for unborn generations before he dies. This is shameless and absolutely unacceptable.

Buhari is dead. Stop decieving the 200million people. He must be lonely Omg Buhari should just sell Nigeria abeg. Tired of all these stealing and borrowing The last Heist Na Oguń go judge you!! For what Cant we just sell Nigeria, share the money rather than borrowing every month You will soon borrow away the usefulness of your 10th generation ....

I think this fedral government are going mad Mr President wants another loan 😂😂😂😂 The Biggest joke ever. That's how they will just be sharing Money amongst themselves Ours is just to spectate this country sef SHM He knows how to write whenever he wants to borrow money but can write and address Nigerians when necessary.

Any country wey borrow Nigeria money without using buhari as collateral Na mumu Sinzu want deh on a steady cash out,e no go better for him o mrdope__ Already approved share to NE BW You are finished Seriously speaking..... We r in real trouble for dis Country This president and so called house of rep are joke.

What for 😳 Ahaaa! Another one? Okay 👌 Another borrowing. Hmmmm. I wish I could turn the clock to 2023. All they care about is the dollar. There refuse to cut their allowance and budget. To all the Genuine Nigerians who do not hav another country apart from this, let embrace d slavery that our fathers hav sold us to

This man has a mandate to ruin Nigeria for real This baba what is all about this borrowing ..? If you had been enterprising and allow private sectors to thrive , all these senseless borrowings would not come to fore. The senate should decline the loan . Do you want to wreck nigeria and Nigerians ? What sort of man are you

Na wah oooh. Lets pray for liberation for thorns has taken over our vegetations. Let's cryb2 God 2 send us a Moses. $33trillion when wil we finish servicing this. Our future and that of our children has been trampled upon. Come 2 our aid because at this point d grass is more than d vegetable The man no sabi at all

Is dis man normal atal.. Sadly Reps too r nt normal cos they will approve it. This should be the last time Nigeria will make an illiterate President. They want to borrow more money to buy more Ross Royce! We are in deep shit...67 years of selling God's natural gift to Nigeria...yet we keep borrowing They’ll soon start selling some states to improve the others

... Them take loan do Buhari ni Is this man planning to sell Nigeria with all this loans already taken? Think well NA before endorsing such thing. Holy Ghost Fire Future presidents go hear am. Punch say “fresh” 😂😂😂 Alaye kuku sell this country to the government of Dubai What kind of country is this? Can't we do anything in this country without borrowing from other nation and yet the more we borrow the more doom Nigeria is. I know one day Ghana will just come and request for Nigerians to work as maintenance

Please just show us our present total debt figure so we know if we have to leave Nigeria sooner than later. This man is a parasites. They'll still approve it for him whether they like it or not. If they feel skeptical about it he'll dangle their financial misdemeanor before them and they'll comply. Follow me, I follow back immediately joor.

Where did all these money going to? where is all this money going to We still get like 3 years to suffer oo oh God come save us from this wicked leaders Am wondering why the judiciary has not unmasked this stupid fool manning that affairs of Nigeria, anyways, now that they have financial autonomy let's see what they can make of it

What have they used the money they got from the Abacha loot, corrupt politicians, donors, corporate organisations and from the US for? 😕 Can they use Abacha repatriated funds? Abi where do they put the money? Buhari want to be certified platinum Kuku sell the whole country Sinzu money putting future generation into slavery debt

God! This country na Cruise 😂🤣 Make dem kuku auction Nigeria instead of mortgaging the future of unborn generations. If PMB auction Nigeria aleast highest bidder will buy her. What are you doing with all these money sir The new sets of cabals about to have their own allocations, and what can Nigerians do about it? Tweet, Facebook, Whatsapp etc.

Sinzu on this There's a massacre in Kaduna There's a massacre in Kaduna There's a massacre in Kaduna There's a massacre in Kaduna There's a massacre in Kaduna!! Please copy and paste to make this go round 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Get yourself a Chinese name...my name is Lee sun Adebajo Here we go again Ahhh BUHARI IS THE DEFINITION OF FAILURE

This APC govt led by Buhari arent even giving us details on how d previous one he borrowed was spent? Now he is asking d puppet, rubber stamp house to approve another loan which they r gona do without a flinch. And who is gonna pay for this money? Already improvished Nigerians. This present government will go down as the most clueless government in d history of Nigeria. No one knows the whereabouts of Abacha's loots, COVID-19 'billion' donations have disappeared witout a trace, VAT increase yet masses are hungry.

What's so difficult about fixing this country? At least concentrate on a particular thing and make it work, after all the borrowing we still can't see an obvious thing done. We borrowing and not investing Stop borrowing please This guy sha want to beat abacha record Agba! MBuhari 🙌🏾 Slimblackme see the gist here. 😂😂😂

Hmmm Why... For wetin nau uncle buh-bhu. Don't enslave and sell off the youths' future. APC has practically sold this country This one wicked o Let him sell Nigeria. Demanding for loan won't help us, the best thing for him to do is to sell the country as a whole. When you look at this picture you think somebody is thinking, not knowing that there is nothing up there.

Sigh* The man has tested the legislature and found them spineless. After this it will be another loan of $10b and they won't raise a finger. Thief, have u finished embezzling the last one? We are doomed Ah😟 This man wants to finish this country. Sinzu promised Nigerians CHANGE and still you never realized that he's a bus conductor, we're all going to drop at China bus stop.

The man should just place this country for sale naa. The borrowing is too many. Have mercy on us na What does he need the loan for? Soon this country will be sold out The one IMF gave them? Wiarizzit? ? 🤦‍♀️ Pathetic!! Is it until they sell this country before we start talking 😂😂😂😂😂😂 I know man is confused from the onset of his government!

Just sell Nigeria,,, simple Sinzu money!!! Who have we offended ? Sinzu money!!!!!!! Ruin them completely!! QuotedReplies God will judge aishambuhari and her cabal Don't they have economist at the federal level. This borrowing is getting out of hand. Bambiala government.... Am not sure this is buhari this is really jubril... I'm dreaming buhari wey they fight corruption now i can believe this is jubril

It will b better for Mr President to sell d whole nation, instead, of using us to borrow money from international community This ghost president want to sell Nigeria pls youth let stand to against this.. Our nation is in huge debts under the administration of GMB,nigeria is finished. Not again plssss,enough of the loan biko

Sinzu money at it again . Our children we pay these debts as all of them go soon go. Which way Nigeria 🇳🇬? Must we continuously borrowing till when? The one ☝️ we borrowed how far have we utilized them? Mr. Integrity, God is still God. Your interest is to ruin this country to zero level. And for our rubber stamp National Assembly, there's always a day of reckonin

Please 🙏 sinzu should just sell this country And give my own share, that's if e go reach me..🏃🏃🏃 dat_igbo_nigga But where all this money dey enter Noo!!! I don't want to see this but it's reality, it will not be well with those that foisted this man on us directly or indirectly. Buhari want to run this country down before 2023. Can someone stop him... he is on loan rampage.. YahooGovt

Shizu calm down na... u don't want us to have future in this country? Which loan again.who is going to repay all this loans cos me and family won't BashirAhmaad is this true ? Nawa ooo! Absolute madness everywhere. This people just want to kill Nigerians for nothing, all the ones you guys have been were did u keep it

This man like loan.. Jesus Buhari do i hear you say 5.5billion dollas I pity the next Nigerian President. See joke This idiot go scatter this country for us ooo Which govt will pay these loans? What have they achieved with the previous loans? Let them account for the loans collected. Preside loan Please let's always have our radio set close to us, so we can prepare ourselves because this people can choose to auction NIGERIA overnight .

With the billions that was returned from Abacha's loot are we still supposed to be talking about loans? Misplaced priorities In DJ Khaled's voice, 'another one' ONIGBESE NI BUBU YI OOO They should just announce to us that naija has been sold! America or some forward thinking countries should just take over.

better we sell the country than enslave the citizens. E be things. 😂 Who’s going to stop this man ffs. 😭😭😭😭 This man can't sell me into slave trade 😡😡😡 See y'all need to caution this dude on how he borrows money... Abi this man don sale Nigeria now taking the money in form of loan Jesus Uncle Jibril will die in seveaah pains

There's a massacre in Kaduna There's a massacre in Kaduna There's a massacre in Kaduna There's a massacre in Kaduna There's a massacre in Kaduna!! Kinging.... Every week you take a new loan. Just kuku kill us with debt Only if we are all ready to put away tribalism, ethnicity & religion, come united to vote for a vibrant, intelligent young person who knows what governance is all about, then we are heading for a journey without return

But Arewa community gats buy sports cars na, why una dey vex What kind of demonic borrowing spree is all this😭😭😭 What’s really happening MBuhari?! Nothing’s to show for d previous ones collected! Do u want to sell off d nation? Yet Nigerians AsiwajuTinubu, ProfOsinbajo obyezeks T_Bakare OfficialPDPNig atiku ‘r silent what with d abused hate speech & rubber stamp National Assembly!!!

Thank you... Keep borrowing... Well... Borrrow and borrow until we sell Nigeria to the highest bidder to repay the loans... Ogar presido we the the feel the impact of all the laon collected so fat. Where does it reflex What have they done with the ones borrowed previously? All 200million people have all decided to be dumb for goodness sake

This loan is now a daily thingy. Finished! Pls borrow more. Just sell our future. Sinzu money.... More loans for what? There is problem in this country, WTF is going on really. Not another one😭😭 Be like this guy dey compete with abacha Haaaaaaaabaaaaaaa!!! Kilode? SinZu Money kilode naw... u just dy cashout steady!!! Abeg do giveaway naw😂

E no dey tire una to borrow! Sinzuuuu Kilode haaaaaa🤯 Is obvious that Nigeria is already in an auction market List of countries in A general Bazaar sales China Britain Ghana Saudi UAE Sudan Kenyan Keep borrowing.. U're doing so well!! Ewo 😭 Kuku sell this country. Sinzu 😊 More wins sir Please tell Buhari to just sell this country instead of borrowing to put us in slavery

They will kuku approve it, shey bi na to borrow and share am together What are they using the money for This country is full of madness This nonsense should stop immediately Mmmmmmmm...... Buhari ti taa nigeria We are borrowing the future of our kids away; using the money to feed them while they are at home so tomorrow, they won't query the decision to put them in depths. After all, dem follow chop the money.

A dying nation at the mercy of rubber stamp legislature We will just wake up one day and hear that the new NNPC boss is one Chu Lee! Another borrowing? Sinzu money ..... I kuku don't care anymore oo U see this country ? 'If we perish , we perish ' That's the way forward God must purnish this man oo Wetin dey sup na

My oh my!!!.By 2023 this country must be an eldorado or else ........ How much am I owing China? I don't want to be colonised by the Chinese. I want to pay my portion of naija's debt - now that I can afford it. How can I make transfer to the FGN? I have an answer to the current problem of the continent of Africa in my hand's , God showed it to me Who should I tell it to? Please this is serious if you don't know don't say awful words just ignore.

What exactly are all these billions of $$ loans for? Our health sector is nothing to write home about, no improved power supply, death traps we call roads, unemployment rates keeps increasing, Nigerians are dying of hunger daily....I really can't deal🤦‍♂️ Wawwwu....anoda loan...ati wo gbese Oh what a poor country !!! She's bleeding. I pray God come to your aid

To do what again? What exactly are you guys doing with this money, no improvements whatsoever Every day loan every day billion. One day FG will sell Nigeria EyitayoOginni DeboyeIfaturoti What the actual fuck It's not buhari that wants loan, it's the men holding the strings. Nigeria is in trouble We know you have sold the country already! By the time Nigerians will wake up, chains of indebtedness would be binding all over them in a state of hopelessness!

Kill and chop NIGERIA.COW!!! SMH 🧐🧐🧐 Kuku sell Nigeria na Hope, when someone Nationalize to another country , the debt of the former country cease to exit.. This man only knows how to borrow. No idea to create wealth without borrowing. What did we get ourselves into nitori olorun 🙄? Mr loan government

Y’all think Jonathan was corrupt abi?🤣😂🤣 When you're done selling Nigeria,you go rest MBuhari officialEFCC Buhari na OG This shld be rumour What is Buhari and his cohorts are doing with all these borrowing We have not seen any new developments from the ones they borrowed and now he want to borrow money.

See this That's the only thing you are good at... Set awon loan applicant! renoomokri already mentioned dat MBuhari has a beggarly nature. I didn't disbelieve. I also learnt dat it cost about 200k or more 2 publish any readable on papers (Newspapers). What delight does punch v in wastage; time effort n people's money. Can't u reject such content?

Sinzu at it again Baba ma pawa nau ☠️ This man won drained us dry Ha daddy was!!! So freaky a president I don’t think this man knows what he’s doing,... someone is behind this! I’m worried for my country Who is going to pay off all these debt What a pity' FG are still founding our budget on borrowing, who did this to us 😭😭

What kinda senseless borrowing is this, N850bn approved, $5.513bn in play, $22.79bn also pending approval........in a space of 2months. Crazy abeg Come Buhari and loan are like 5&6 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 This Man want to finish us Patapata☹️☹️☹️ The rate at which this guy is taking loans, hope we dont have to sell Nigeria before we will be able to pay back

MBuhari only active when he wants to borrow money. Ogun and loan will kill this country Sinzumoney oppor 🙌 Jesus Christ! Pls daddy buari A.K.A jubril Sudan small dey borrow the money na shey won tell us the ones wre yu borrow before no go round in btwn una haha wetin happen did u knw u r using ur generation future borrow money that will affect them later in the day haha wetin hapiiiiiin.

Sinzu money! A spending manager as President 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Buhari can borrow sha !!! All his regime is based on loan from everyone Willing to drop .... Even with all the recovered loot, he will still borrow 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 SouthernKadunaMassacre SouthernKadunaGenocide SouthernKaduna We are indeed lucky to have you as our President. Just kuku sell Nigeria off to the highest bidder.

God will punish you for this country... John 10 : 10 (KJV) - The *thief* cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy Cashout King Again? I wonder what will be left of this country at the end of his tenure! The looted funds recovered, n the billions raised on this pandemic which was not used, wot re dey staying in the treasury for,y the borrowing again.

If this vicinity we call country don tire you we are heading for new Nigeria tomorrow, don't worry about crossing the pacific ocean I have moses staff, 20 more persons to go. F for fb Copied! The president is sick of money. I guess that is why he is hell bent on borrowing money from left and right. How will Nigerians get out of this debt crisis

MBuhari ......chief Where are all these money going? Which format be this now, not fourth of fifth i guess. Zinzu format i believe. Twale to Sinzu FC. Alooter Continue. It is unfortunate that this Buhari administration will be taking loans to finance budget after wasteful spending public funds through their alleged school feedings program.

Do you need quality and affordable bags? Search no more, let me be your plug. I tell you,they will kill this country will debt!...Nigeria is heading towards second stance of slave trade. Cash out More funds MBuhari just put the country on sale so that we will all know u are the true legend Why is that this regime like collecting loan, there are many business you can do in Nigeria to generate more money instead of collecting loan..

Sinzu Money bebe... I didn't know borrowing is a hobby until I met Pa Sinzu 🙌. This man MBuhari should just become minister of loan affairs....it seems to be the only thing he is a major at... I cannot help but cry cry cry cry cry. MBuhari sir, how did we offend you? Please tell us so that we can ask for forgiveness nah... did we do wrong to be Nigerians at this time?😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

They recover loots From chief Daddy Abacha, from those EFCC have been arresting. They've never thought of cutting the crazily excess pay of political office holders. Their thought is always on borrowing. Because when old man enter debt, no be him go pay na, na the pikin go suffer Wtf is going on The country has finally been sold

Woooow!!!!! Reps, please approve ASAP. 'Good' works must be completed. Where are we borrowing? Where’s all the money recovered by anti-corrupt buhari regime? Nda ji anyi egwu-egwu ffs... I thought America just donated some cash to us last week.why is this administration busy borrowing to sustain the government?What are the plans of repaying this loans and what are the loan terms? These are questions needed to be asked by our Reps so they don't mortgage our future

Jacuzzziiii opor🤣🤣🤣🤣 Doing everything and ignoring the killings .💔 Loan for watin again This is the reason why God said it as finished What is the problem with you na, every time Loan Loan 🙆🙆 Meant perhaps for 'aso rock meals', can we really get any better? Soon they will auction this country. This is no longer a joke😠

An impostor is definitely a bastard in a foreign land. The most looted regime is APC come rain come sunshine... Nigerian are have been multigated. MBuhari Daddy, they are killing people in Sokoto, Katsina and Kaduna Better for him. But come to think of it , to do what ? On power supple or health care OK maybe education. Nonesense pls if want to borrow the whole world let him do. You people shourld stop telling us

Gaskiya dai Toh shikenan I hope you guys won't say Abba kyari is the one compelling him to request for loan this time!!! Kyari no dey ooh. The only letter he knows how to write is request for loan. This one obviously has no love of this country at heart. He already looted the Treasury finish, yet won't stop until borrow till Nigeria becomes a slavery land for creditors

This man go kill us one day Oh Lord I hope this man's successor will be smart and intelligent if not we go die well Uhuru's cousin He wants to be doing give away like abacha after his death 😁 You no dey tire? God Pls help Nigeria because this leaders of today want nothing goof for the generation to come because they already have enough for their on generation.

This man self,God is watching him.Very soon fowl yatch go open To be honest, what has buhari done for Nigerian? Sinzu 🙌 He cannot turn 1 to 2, rather prefers to borrow the future away. I just pity the next generation cos since I was born, Na so so borrow but I never hear Dem say Dem return am so up next: Na to sell the country as refund Ni 🙄

😂😂😂 Nigerians must have sense by force. They should just kill us in these country. Definitly he is not alright. We go still settle the matter sha This nation is sold! This man wants to kill us with loan o Nigerians need to protest this oooo, monies that were borrowed before, what was it used for, what is the plan to repay.. Nawa ooo, do this leaders have plans at all

vikiing_ For christ sake this loan shit has devalued our national currency we are not up to the 50 countries in Africa when it comes to currencies value LocusBendi Inspired by the pursuit of always finding the better version of me, i decided to create H.U.S.T.L.E.R. which is an acronym for How U Survive This Life Everyday Resourcefully.

Ok na Sinzu sharply needs a few new things for the upcoming Post Corona party. Mayb a new jet, new watch, shit like dat. That 5Billion dollz na smalls for Sinzu Money! More funds boss!! Opoor🙌🙌 This country I am giving up. Borrowing without endless limits. Spending wasteful. Nothing is being improved.

All this people are madi oooooooo Why is our President hell bent on ruining what’s left of the country before he’s called to glory? This one na One chance! sinzu money is that you again! PMB don't sell our Country oooo. No achievement and agenda since u resume office. Can someone tell us why Nigeria will not disintegrate who can I dead man asking for loan

What exactly is the loan for ? Any explanation?🥺🥺 Another PayPal or Cheque this time sir ? Agba CPA tuale This is no longer serious, its now funny. If you’re hungry for dreams, leaving should be eminent Sinzu want to enjoy his life to the fullest leave him oh For what? These people are moving mad Shameless 🐖, everyone associated with this APC government's evil will surely get their own share of wickedness.

Chai why is this man selling us out in our own country No No No 'The National Assembly had recently approved a loan of N850bn for the Federal Government, while another of $22.79bn, which the Senate has already approved, is pending before the House.' Lol Lmao🤣🤣 Make this man kuku sell Nigeria and it citizens join

Everytime they want to take loan, no brain on how yo generate our own. If buhari is a ceo of a company, it is loan that he will use to kill that company. This is the height of incompetence,for example if the biafrain agitation works who would repay all this loans Shama je gbese lo. Werey oni werey What have we done to deserve this.....

I pray we don't wake up to read that this country has been sold one day😥 What is he doing with all these loans? Thos ones he has borrowed, has he paid it? Agbawo Sinzu 1 🙌🏻 This Wan is just borrowing up and down.. Ha it's enough ooo Bubu have borrowed the money our next 20th generation suppose you develop Nigeria. The most painful thing about all these is that, in the end there will be nothing to shoe for it. Everything will still remain the same. We are living in a failed state.

Please just get Mint and Print company to print Money for this purpose the loan and future needs. It's faster and cheaper. Nigeria keeps getting worse per president but Nigeria has gotten worst than bad under Buhari. When illetrates rule, this is the result. I personal target people from Oyo state, the loan our governor talked of, is through the federal government we will borrow. So think before you critics pmb

Gambari on his Looting Stage Our president should just catch virus abeg We have not felt the impact of previous loans or budgets all the increases and taxations are yet to return dividends. If the government has run short of ideas they can honorably resign Tori oloun How true is this? NASS should please scrutinize these request for loans very very carefully else they will be responsible for joining hands with the executive to drag this country into irredeemable debt. What have they really achieved with previous loans and all recovered loots?

Time to cash out😋 This guy....... Loan for what again? God help us in this country one day we will be in this country and we see people tell us to move out Bcos they have use the country to borrow money Again 🙆‍♂️ Very soon we may be order to leave Nigeria because our creditors will soon demand and overtake the whole country as we continue to experience consistent increase in National Dept and borrowing equilibrium.

Where's the contribution they collected during this pandemic These people are selling our future but we are making jokes... Another loan? We have been shouting of too much loan from the Buhari led government without anything to show for but it seems the more we shout, the more loan he is seeking for, but wait o, them do this man with loan?

TF!! God will not forgive all those Person's who brought Buhari to power!! Is NIGERIA still a country OPay_NG if am the one that apply for 50,000 Loan'you will reply declined. My Oga at the top is about to cash out $5.513 billion with just one letter. God of BABA BUHARI please Favour me this 2020 Loool destroy Nigeria sinzu spending!!

I don't understand anymore. Where are these money going Hmm sinzu on this one again After 2023 Niger Delta Oil will be owned by China, and no more agitation for Biafra. Buhari want the South to be like the North Kikikikikiki So the only language Apc government knows is to borrow money every now and then. Naija don tire for una government ooo

Do we need this information or how does this matter to us? Nairaland is not for the mentally weak😂😂 Abi is this man doing the right thing the opposite way? He should just use Nigeria as loan collateral then RadioPaparazi Nigeria is just like the fig tree, big ,due for fruits but never bear fruit. Even Ghana of yesterday is far more better now ☹️. Cursed pple ruling, why won't the country be cursed?

We are coming for the government soon SouthernKadunaGenocide 🤬 My God😭😭😭 Oga just print more money. Abi paper finish!! RadioPaparazi Worthless pile of crap Buhari For what abeg E wan do pass abacha Pity us oga I have dibs on the name Jackie Chan, Incase China come for us. Buhari is no more in Aso rock,the cabals and Aisha are just looting the nation dry

Sinzu money cashing out, all day every day 🙌 The day Buhari will leave office will be the happiest day in my life! Government of the loan. All this borrowing up and down As traveling is cancelled now is borrowing. Scammer of the year!!! Now I know he is sick Last last..... president buhari will borrow Nigeria.......

Its okayyyy. Rep oya approve ooh He don keep head like say he sabi wetin he Dey do When they approve the loan tell bubu do giveaway for us ooooo We keep borrowing money with nothing to show for. Meanwhile Boko Haram and bandits keep getting reimbursed and strengthened. Hope the borrowed monies aren't going to wrong channels?

Borrow borrow Innanillahi wa innanillahi rajiun it proved that buhari is fully clueless about his duty. Arewa twitter needs new Buggati’s for Salah tension ... let’s go there Baba ti pa mi ooo 😭... I can now believe say no be baba dey dat sit... Humans can't be trusted... Kaimana... Ko werey lo... Chaii, make he share this money reach my side naa. I dey find money o!

This is serious!!!! Nigeria has missed road sorry for this country This man is running mad oh Hahaha.. Buhari the ganja smoker. Please can they lift lockdown so he can resume his travels? It seems the more he sits around doing nothing, the more the devil whispers to him to further bury our future! Again Kuku sell the country

I weep! What the heck for?!!!! This present government will go down as the most insensitive govt in the history of Nigeria. No one knows the whereabouts of Abacha's loots, COVID-19 'billion' donations have disappeared without a trace, VAT increase and the clueless govt has resolved to further dwindle the

We need to cast out this borrowing demon outa za president fa.. Nigeria i don sell am to highest vidder.. China i wan take over za nation fa..shegeya!😠 Mtchew As long as the loan is for vital infrastructure development like electricity,carry go. American borrow money to fund their infrastructure,that is why every one pay for light,you can't go & call one Kabiru or James to connect electricity for you illegally,you for it what you use.

Sinzu call me 🤙 Ko de ni da fun eh bo shey fa baye wa je Hope this man will not mortgage this country before his regime ends tooshtpain1 sinzu money 🙌🏼 CASH-OUT MASTER. Emphasis on FRESH Good one Don't believe everything you read In here. Kili Us With Loan. M forced to ask “is Sinzu actually doing these borrowings or the cabals” 🤔

Nigerians are proud of Mr integrity 😂😂😂😂😂. Those who are still recieving heart break from this govt are those who supported them in 2015 n maybe 2019. Ppl like us don't expect anything good from them nor do we expect things to remain same,u think say Abacha sabi?kp watching This loan should not be granted!

Sinzu 😂⚡⚡⚡ More Bentleys and Rolls-Royce for the Arewa youths Sinzu money Hey God 😫 As long as Nigerians are ethnically or religiously motivated to vote, there will never be any development in this country. Nigerians shall learn by force!!!! Our Next president go inherit Gbese He go consider selling Nigeria and continue rulling as Head of Slave

With the way this man is borrowing...am sure Nigeria will be on eBay soon & for sale too My grand children don enter gbese because of an old fool. If i hear pim 😂😂😂😂😂 We all knew what Femi did to become speaker. The man even went to Mecca with Buhari... What is approving a loan for the umpteenth time.

SINZU MONEY...cash out always certain . i still de find your connect bami imagine having a President that actually gets excited to ask for loan without any means of paying it back.. Sinzu Agba awo 🙌🏽 Anaeme it's funny how Buhari might not even know about the loan.....who knows who's presiding Nigeria anyway

Baba wants to double the aforementioned promises he made 2015 with all the loan collected😢 To use do wetin again🤦‍♂️ Can we just borrow the world bank for 10 years. Lol, we go learn. If you are the president and you noticed that the country will be divided any moment from now, what will you do? You can now see will all this loans are being approved.

Freshlammy Buhari where are we going? This is becoming abnormal Mohammed Loan Buhari.This man like loan shaaaaaa. This man wan finish this country oh 😂 Finish the country you hear...👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 wehdon Buhari heist What happened to the recovered Abacha's loot and the IMF loan? We are really in a deep shit in this country

They already know this is all we can do, come on twitter and rant about it. They will still go ahead and collect another one after sharing this one, they no send Una Hmmmmm Sinzu baba 👐... Kaare Where’s all the abachas loots Sinzu money just de cashout JahmalUsen When will Nigeria be able to clear all these debt?

Las las, this country will be sold to repay all our debts Since they said presido can't read and write, how does he know he needs to borrow to finance their budget. Bad government My people abeg make una reason am,nigeria can never and will Neva move forward...let everybody fight for there own independence OduduwaExit BiafraExit....Nigeria is a destiny destroyer.

What is this? 😂😂😂 With the way buhari is going, I hope Nigerians don’t start paying for money they didn’t borrow, sometimes in the future, cos I don’t understand why they keep borrowing and borrowing and we’re not seeing the usefulness of all the borrowed funds.... Hahahahahahah No impact of d recovered fund from abacha loot...Still borrowing...What a useless country..Zoo indeed!

I weep for my country MBuhari you might as well borrow off our future without being able to pinpoint what you did with the money. All these money you've borrowed what were they used for Bubu. If you are thinking of PDP or APC in 3 years time. You don't deserve and want a better Nigeria. Ahh Bubu wants to cash out again ..

MBuhari is acting like who is on a mission to destroy Nigeria beyond repair and some unpatriotic elements from the south are aiding him on this mission. BreakItUpNow RevolutionNow This also rock people should be stopped.....😃😃😃this is the sole reason they fought saraki out if the office....😁😁 Must u Fulani borrow all d money in d world b4 dividing this useless country...See how Fulani janjaweed as kept d country grasping for air..

I can’t even get mad anymore. All I can do now is smile cos I never supported this for once. Maybe he’s trying to build INTEGRITY FC and sign some players...transfer window go soon open, remember. FemAdesina guy show, how much una want sell this country self? Make una share am then give us our share.

Like the APC in Oyo state would say 'there's no harm in borrowing but we need to see what money borrowed are being used for' Giving the white man power to control your affairs, no wonder why they think killing us is okay Has the returned Abacha loot finished already ? Wow...what a country! 😂😂😂 Sinzu rora.

This man will be the end of us. Omg, the original owners of this countries will soon come and claim it. Sinzu money easy oooo. You still have 3yrs to go ooo, small small borrow this money biko Baba why? What of Abacha loot Buhari Arewa is on a league of his own This guy is too smart be using a whole country to catch cruise ....Legendary 🙌🏽

Sell this country. Make we share the money, make everyone find em bearing All this loan is for what saf? This country government is a joke. All the fund they have received what have they use it for. Calling $5billion like it small change Continue sir, the world will never forget your borrowed skils Kinzuah nice isn’t it? The country is undergoing infrastructural development at an alarming rate abi (just that our GDP will disagree)

You people can’t do anything Why baba God when? When will all these borrowing end? When will we begin to lend unto others? When will we stop importing but creating? When will we start having good & wise politicians? When? Sylvaluciano Loan for what again....Haaaaaaaaaaa 😂😂😂😂 Sai Baba. After this loan, only God knows the next bill that will emerge. Kukuma sell Nigeria, MBuhari NGRPresident aishambuhari

Guess we should change Nigeria to Loan🤓 Borrow borrow syndrome Really A stylish means of selling Nigeria and Nigerians President Ako-tile-ta Keep gathering money for APC. 2023 is coming 👏👏 Dead man talking Sinzu want to cash out again Baba if u must sell d country coz d way U're going U're heading to dah direction plz sell us to a better country dah has human compassion plzzz

Nigeria is in bugger trouble under this incompetent man 👩‍⚖️👩‍⚖️ I'm trekking to Spain tomorrow. Who wants to join me? Nigeria 🇳🇬 my country!! GOD will deliver us one day the picture on the tweets looks like a person with so much expectations. Like he about to win a lottery Am fed up with this kind of change.

You all Should be ready to go work in Chinese factories for loan repayment in the nearest future. Where is Abacha's fresh money By the time Buhari and his government are done with nigeria Lol, OK Sinzu on borrowing spree. Life is short looking at this money elsewhere lying down doing nothing. Who are these future set of people that are going to pay back since 1914. Laughed. Think out of the box. Spend it well my concerned

Jeez it’s all over ... Father Lord relocate back to my original country not this one I’m typing from...🙆🏾‍♂️😞 Who will pay back all this loan? God forbid ! Having leaders with wicked mindset😭😭 😃😃😃 very soon the country will not be loan worthy Ha! 😳 The next president of Nigeria should just arrest every carbinet member of this regime and all the appointees then Gbajamilla and Lawani

Under this pandemic President Buhari has borrowed more than twice irrespective of the repatriated Abacha loot..it seems they are looting all this borrowed funds..nothing to show the amount been borrowed, No good health facilities, No road. I love the picture used here. 😂😂😂😂 How is this country ever going to pay off all these loans? One old man's shenanigans will leave generations unborn economically enslaved. Walahi, e no go beta for Thiefnubu and every other person who championed the cause of bringing this historical disaster upon us.

NIGERIA will cease to exist as a Nation in a couple of years, it's all man for himself. The rich will flee leaving the poor behind to face whatever comes their way. We're finished🚶🚶🚶 Thunder will kill this man Wahala dey o🙆‍♂️🙆‍♂️🙆‍♂️ In this time, that you are still looking for loan ba! Nonsense femigbaja, we DISAGREE with this request. It is tantamount to selling the unborn generations into hard servitude. WE CANNOT RUN OUR ECONOMY borrowing this way. This will lead to perpetual indebtedness. 1. N850 Billion 2. $3.2 Billion 3. Now $5.5 Billion Within 2 months.

The way these country dey go so eh, it will get to a time our govt will start using people for trade by barter.🤔 Those of you Niger deltans and igbos seeing nothing wrong with these people and the influx of Fulanis in the south, your children will beg to join Islam just to get meaningful jobs 50 years from now. Its not a curse.

Loans every now and then but no visible achievements to show for it. I pray we still have a country after this regime. 😏 I don't even know what to say, I'm lost of words😭 What's going on. Lmao The only thing people say is 'Na Aboki now', ' Mr Sinzu do giveaway now' 'Aboki sha'. If it is an igbo man, everybody will tag all igbos to be fraudulent and be prosecuted. 50 years from now your children will live to tell your stupidity today.

SINZU at it again. Shylock mentality. Some people will still say it is not a loan. It is our money that we kept there that we are collecting. Abacha still dey learn work. Nothing BuBu sabi I'm 18years the next 3 generations after me no fit pay Nigeria debt Sinzu Money... Lol this my presdo sef Anyways watch and retweet this video for a happy day 😍😊❤🙏

You are doing well! They shouldn’t give him shit This loan no dey finish? Back to back I don't understand are they building another country elsewhere with all this money they are borrowing bcus when the creditors come for back for their money would dey collect piece of paper 😕😕 What did we do with the one we borrowed?

thony_yhl What is sinzu This money is going somewhere we don't know Am sorry to say Nigeria has no future. Buhari and Loan Loan again It's officially finished for this country.... Nà so we are am o😂😂 onìgbèsè oshì Are u sure they are not selling dis country My question is what is FG NGRPresident using all this loan to do at this Pandemic. Nothing is working, No stable Light, No palliatives, U can't find Clean water, Poor Security,No Workers salary & Name it. I think We should sell this Country & Let everybody find their way.

Always getting loan with nothing to show for it. Where are those recovery lootes and Abacha loots also. They're going to borrow this Nation dry. Follow me, I follow back How far BUBU😂 Y'all must be joking What is all this rubbish sef Ha! Haba !! Baba !!! I’m not surprised this is happening. Nigerians called for this and here he is. Una go hear am. Baba I’d gladly vote you in come 2023 if you contest.

The way the fgn fast track the loan of all this billion dollars hnnn! You will think you watching the 'deadline transfer window' Ahhh!!! .... Oga presido, show us mercy na, it have do This man wants to finish us before he can go right? If it's true we have money in our foreign reserve account why will he be collecting loan all the time ? I'm so sorry for the next president 😢

OMG😲 is this man for real? for crying out loud, who is giving us all this loans? Am becoming too scared of the future of this country ooo. Sometime ago, it made wave that we obtained loan from China with documents written in Chinese, we the citizens don't even have the slightest idea what these men gave out in exchange for the unproductive loans. This is evil

🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Spending money What for? Nawah oo. All these loan we are collecting, are you sure we can repay them in this lifetime? See these joking bastards o!!!!!! You guys should just sell the country too and give us our share.. Buhari la'kpa (go kill) Nigeria aswear! Loan shark ni baba yi sha😒 Sinzu money

Abi babu is mad ni... cut the budget and cut the bogus expenses of the political office holder.. why borrow loan to enrich someone that’s well to do.. Wtf is going self Loan for what na, omo this man wants to scrape Nigeria out.every one should tite dere belt very well cos we dunt know what is going to happen soon

What's going on?borrowing everywhere I know someone who will still argue with me on this as if he was in the room with his mentor when they were drafting the paperwork for this.... O maa se ooo A govt that only knows how to run on debt they don't even have plans to repay. I pity the next president of this country

Swittiwa PMB Enough of the borrowing, u better sell Nigeria and its inhabitants so dat u can ve enough to stop ✋ borrowing... So Sad 😭 Nigeria always on the front page of borrowing... iyam tired 😴 Sai Babaaaaaa! By the time this administration is done with Nigeria, we won't be able to have anything for our future!! Imagine borrowing without any plan!! We are in big soup!!

Kukuma sell the country.. 😡 Sinzuuu Tomorrow they will be flexing muscle with obasanjo as if they are mate in leadership, obasanjo came to power with so many debts on his table, this man cleared all the debts before leaving power,tell me the best president we ever had if not obasanjo. Na baba dey hot now o, cash out non stop.. The main African prince

I thought Abacha did give away plus what's the cash for? Awon Weyrey! Dem go loot and devour all d money like vultures. These APC government is cursed with looting. There is Lootocracy in their DNA U go kill us wt borrowing I won't talk.. Wtf The National Assembly had recently approved a loan of N850bn for the Federal Government. What’s up with this one again

Government are busy looking for a way to steel, some churches are crying for government to reopen churches so that business continues. Nobody cares about the ordinary man anymore. Please God answer our secret prayers even in our secret places I pity the next president This is actually a very serious issue. This man is going to leave us with huge debts hanging on our necks for generations. Sadly, the loans aren't being used for anything but to be looted. But then their kids will post Bentleys & Rolls Royce & we'll be doing 'hustle o.'

Sinzu money Last month I shout scam, please has any country negotiate yet? If not please let's loan this country to any white N18 trillion already borrowed by buhari tenure so far.. Hmm please who's thinking what am thinking 🤔.. Nigeria is sold already what happened to abasha's money? By the time he finally sells nigeria, the sense you people did not have in 2015 and 2019 you will eventually have it by force!

We really do not have a president! What we have is someone who wants to bankrupt, cripple Nigerian Economy and maybe sell the country to China! It appears d only R/ship btw sen_ahmedlawal and MBuhari is transactional. They write each other as soon as a new loaner is identified more like a Yahoo boy relationship and his picker. We av had it worst already,may dis duo never raise again in our polity

What a useless attitude that can't benefits the death talk more of the living better change buhari. What did you guys take us for, is it because we are quite that doesn't mean we are fools. Better you know we don't need any loan in this country. And the rubber stamp National Assembly would gladly second the request 😔😔

Can u imagine For what?! Didn’t we just receive some Abacha loot. All this money and no evident development in the country. Sigh! Is this country a joke? Sinzu😂😂 Another loan......!!! Akotileta APA. Omo oninakuna EvansOruore Baba about to cashout again ...! EFCC Kuku can’t probe him ...! Tuale baba ... Carry on the youth are sleeping ... last last na we go still pay for all the loans ....

criminal.. animal in human skin.. as fela said. What are they doing with all the money?! Instead of borrow, borrow. Just sell the country and give me my share I know Razak will still argue with me on this as if he was in the room with his mentor when they were drafting the paperwork for this.... O maa se ooo A govt that only knows how to run on debt they don't even have plans to repay. I pity the next president of this country

R I P N I G E R I A Buhari to wailer FC 👇 I can't stop laughing, This man again ? Mr. Integrity go back to Kastina cos you know nothing and you have nothing to offer Nigerians. Lawal and Gbajabiamila are the major problem cos they will still help him to secure the loan, rubber stamp Senate. For what exactly?

What else do they know how to do if not embezzlement? Nothing to show for the ones they borrowed earlier. MBuhari is worst than the devil. 𝕵𝖊𝖘𝖚𝖘😲 𝖙𝖍𝖎𝖘 𝖒𝖆𝖓 𝖉𝖔𝖓 𝖈𝖗𝖎𝖕𝖕𝖑𝖊 𝕹𝖎𝖌𝖊𝖗𝖎𝖆 𝖋𝖎𝖓𝖎𝖘𝖍 Even when Sinzu is gone, Spending Still remain. Which Buhari Buhari died a long time ago this is the Cabal at work. Nigerians are sleeping. He can’t address you on live tv but keeps requesting for loans. Keep snoring 😴!!!

He should just put the Nation up for sale already!!! Nigeria is falling into China debt trap. Sinzu Money! Agba Owo!!! Spending sire Sinzu💪💪💪 Is Mr President not tired of Borrowing? The government should rather seek alternative source of income locally by cutting down the cost of governance, encourage local production and invest in mechanizm Agricultural development.

Ati rep, ati buhari, ati ibiti loan ti ma jade, ati eyin teh publish e. Eti ya were papo How productive has he used the previous loans for? I love this man 🤣🤣🤣🤣 and u guys said Johnathan was the worst? our eye never clear..... Me to buhari: 👇 if Reps approve this loan that means they also have something in common with MBuhari failure

itz_laolao MBuhari he who laughs last laughs best and the best laugh is the one in ETERNITY. You guys continue your foolishness, Jesus is greater and very soon you all will pay for it and your generations can’t escape it He should continue loaning .... When e comot for seat, na kirikiri or kuje he go find himself.

The way MBuhari is going very soon he will write Ighalo for loan when he will hear the amount the Chinese club is ready to offer him. Why not just sell Nigeria Nafeesah_Akin BadgirlAfrican Shey we no fit borrow loan japa ni The Loan Seeker The way MBuhari is going very soon he will write Ighalo for loan when he will hear the amount the Chinese club is ready to pay him.

itz_laolao The arewa Twitter you all frolick this is where they get their money from. Looting all this money to fund next election. Jesus is greater than all the forces behind Nigeria’s backwardness and we shall succeed. MBuhari you and your cabals we shall see on the day of RAPTURE What for Mr president? What happened to those looted money that was returned from looters?

Oil price is falling, naira is tumbling, GDP is nothing to write home about, inflation is rising, Naira is tending towards 500/$1. This how Greece started. How long before we start defaulting on repayments? EU bailed out Greece, who will bail out Naija? Broke AU? cc MrBayKay It's better to just sell Nigeria as a whole, instead of these loans, afterall Nigeria was initially bought by the UK government for about 800k pounds in 1914 😂😂😂

Are we going to survive these loans! Is like government doesn't have any creative ideas anymore. Mr. Loan man, Keep on taking loans till you are able to successfully loan out this country. Keep on 'We know you've gaat more tricks under your sleeve That's why we want you to leave' It became official that our president is a loan merchant the last time he wrote to borrow.... Mine is what is the essence of this borrowing now....and must it be in Billions and in dollars too? Guess our currency is that useless

Gradually selling out Nigeria. Nigerians be prepared. Kuku sell us This man will borrow us back into slavery!!! itz_laolao Nigerians all they know how to do is loot and loot and collect bribe and frolick evil and vile people, then they travel abroad and never want to come back after orchestrating damage in their land and go to a foreigner’s land to act all patriotic.

This man will soon loan out this country Nigeria. Shameless Haaaa... itz_laolao APC APC APC APC..........Buhari and Osibanjo na the change we dey want. A very famous lyric from Olamide. 2020 look at us. How you all let a party full of retards enter power thinking they would change the country is beyond me.

Jesu... Bubu came to end us. O ma ga o😭 It's unfortunate. I hope our unborn children would be able to survive in this country. 🤣🤣🤣 spending!!!! D3BAYOR Na wa this government can borrow . This is too much Nigeria is a sham This one should just mortgage us all 😂😂😂😂😂 This government is hell-bent on heartlessly mortgaging our future....what did Nigerians ever do to deserve this?😔

What the actual fuck Sinzu money! Buhari spending!!🙌🏽Agba Shey if you want to collect loan, you must use something as collateral.....what has be been using nah....eleda nija ma ma lo sun ke....won ti Fe fi e gba pa ro. Abacha RT 😡😡😡 I don’t even have the words 😡💆🏽‍♀️💆🏽‍♀️ This has got be a lie. It can’t be lol

Ahh ... Sinzu has just sold the last 2% shares left 9ja bye bye borrow borrow Ayoolafelix Not again!! Tsk tsk What happened to our abacha loots? ...they gave recently Like play like play sinzu money wan cash out all the money from one client. Have mercy naa🥴🥴🥴🥴. I don't know why people are complaining about this government. You can't put a crown on a clown and expect a King.

TroubleMan01 Na WA ohh The Headline should also have carried 'General Buhari'. At a point I thought you're referring to another Buhari. Useless toilet paper. By the time Buhari is done with Nigeria, we would know what Abacha stole was coins. I don't think that man called buhari in aso Rock is de one collectingdoing this loan !!! Before senate approve dat money let's have an AIT media chat with him!!! impostor

Sinzu money wants to cashout again!🙌🏿 Opoorrr🧢 Can't we cut our coats according to our clothes? I figured he that goes borrowing should prepare for sorrow. Hello, Sinzu money...we need another loan o Sigh......... Nice one Mr president, finish them, Please borrow more, don't forget we need to rehabilitate & educate boko haram & almajiri so try and borrow all u can. Our childrens children will suffer for the foolish mistake of voting you as president. Nigerians must reap what they sow.

This man will finish Nigeria before leaving office. Only him one don collect wetin 3 presidents no collect. Wetin ? When he's done in office, we'll be resolving more debts than ever before Baba loan The level of ignorance on this thread is mind boggling. This appears to be a generation that knows nothing beyond singing, dancing and fashion parades. Many who went to school just read to pass for grades. They are hardly different from when they gained admission.

Baba make he reach here this time ooo make e for no cause fight Watin them they use this money do guy.. The next generation is sold out. 😔 🤣🤣🤣 Nija sold WTF!!! This what lack of planning looks like. AishaLander But one idiot here will ask me if I have sense, But truly what do I know ?🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️ Where is the recently returned abacha loot? Mr. Integrity keep borrowing money. God save us

If u are among people who beliefs atiku will sell nigeria ... Gather here I have a word for you $Inzu what This guy! 0 Nigeria has been bought . They have sold this country, na receipt we never see I'll blame all the reps and senators who will approve this loan again after a recent one that was just approved and we don't know where it all went..Any reps and senators that would vote for this loan to be approved should knw it would not be well with their generations..Nonsense

Sinzu wan sell dis Country finally. Tf another Loan. Wait ooo Dem wan sell d country ni APC you can come and defend as usual... May this man not LOAD Nigerians back to slavery, just wtf! They should just sell Nigeria to Jeff bezoz Haaaa...won fi se yin ni I pity the next president of Nigeria, Instead of him focusing on fixing the country, he'll be busy settling loans

Amazing!!!! Isn't it? Jesu! MBuhari just sell Nigeria and collect the money once instead of all these borrow today borrow tomorrow. Buhari The Real Man In Power 'Professional YahooProMax' When you enter more than one chance, it’s called ‘two chance’. Oga o The only thing this government know how I to so better is to write for loan every month, but when it comes to this duty they are no where to be find

Is he cursed ? ehigymetor HouseNGR please don't approve that fund, this borrowing is to incessant and its on the high side.... MBuhari is selling our future gradually. We concernef citizens of this great nation please with you not to approve of it. Let's utilize the funds we have. SERAPNigeria atiku

You will never see buhari respond or act swiftly in cases like what is going on in southern kaduna Hmmmm. May I never say ,what's on my mind 🙏🙏 Mr President are we washing our hands with this money or what? Do you want us to go back to colonial era or what, this very stupid You say our Able President never catch Loan-20virus....

Loan For what ? The lack of accountability in this country hmmm.What happened to all the recovered loots, several donations and numerous taxes paid by the citizens of this country?We knew this would happen but people went ahead to do as they wished during the last polls. We are in for a show😁🤡 New Sheriff, new loan request. Coincidence? I think not. All man must wack him own 😎

This is insane... Lol Lol fresh $5.513bn Sinzu agba 🙌🙌🙌 Is this man mad? When this administration is done with Nigeria, it is letter A that will be left and the letter A will be A for auction Shey ama boo ninu oko gbese ti Buhari Fe Soo wasi bayi? Tori koyemi ? D abacha's money what is it for? All d Donations for covid-19 what is dat for as well?

Which way Nigeria? MBuhari bubu 🤣🤣🤣 the cashing out master. We don turn ur maga. Very soon una president go change em name to loan 🤣🤣🤣 New abacha in making.. Southeast should be part of this 'Arise, O Compatriots' This clueless man need to be sent out of aso rock. This APC fake government is really crazy

What does he need that long chin for? 🙆‍♀️ God no go let una sell this country use our people as collateral 🙄 Borrow borrow … smh 🤦🏽‍♂️ Lol wetin dy shele toby_oloo This present government will go down as the most insensitive government in the history of Nigeria. No one knows the whereabouts of Abacha's loots, COVID-19 'billion' donations have disappeared without a trace......

R.I.P Nigeria‼️😡 Spending I think this Man called President has sold this country before he got to power just trying to collect his own share or maybe he is trying to get back what he lost in 1984/1985 God saves Nigeria voices Cashing out full time Can we just find the C of O of Nigeria and use it to borrow money and share among ourselves guys

This man want to kill Nigerians before their time biko..! Horrible death awaits this man and his family members. His wickedness pass ritual killers. Oloni FC For what again? Sinzu on the roll.... Tuale bayajida 😎 I am speechless oh. Bubu Buhari and his goons are no doubt trying to sell this country through loads of loans that will be difficult to pay back in future.

saadeeq77 Instead of borrow, borrow. Just sell the country 🤣🤣🤣 Man. The debts. Will like an education on how we have spent them, in the last five years. Everytime loan, hian What is the next project, una wan build bridge in space? This prodigal government wants to put us in perpetual bondage. Lol. Saw the state commander of one of our paramilitary outfits moving out in a 3-vehicle convoy today. Reduce cost of governance una no go hear. Broke country.

Sinzu money ...give us format Compare MBuhari to motorcycle that is smoking already no matter oil you put it will dry and ask for another one, is better you repair it or you allowed the engine to knock, change APCNigeria before they destroy Nigeria totally. “Fresh $5.5b”🤣🤣🤣 It's better we call for revolution. The present day youth should not be a mediocre, what goes around comes around!!

Omo..... Retiredsars Presidency job na huge cashout o. 'Every time wire me money' 🎶 We are finished. What sort of man is this, how can this man be exploiting us like this. There really was a country 😥😥 And the other day Adesina said Nigerians are lucky to have Buhari. Indeed we are UNLUCKILY lucky Hmmm for what?

That is the only thing Buhari is good at and when the loan is received, he and his kinsmen will loot it and burn down the evidence. Criminals everywhere There appears to be a rat race of some sort among the president and his inner circle. It is as if they want to take and take and store it somewhere in preparation for the inevitable. It doesn't look like they believe there is a future.

His face looks like someone that is thinking on how to abandon us Mini man yi fi owo Nigeria shé nitori Olorun🤔🙄😏 Olorun GBA wa lowo apani ma yo daa ooo😓😓🤒🤕 One on one I fit use catapult on this man chin. Kmt Wha do these people need money for really? Wha do they use the money generators from taxes for? This government will run this country down

This government is damn wasteful Mr Sinzu will soon get alert of $5.513bn. E be like say I go become a politician so that I go follow APC, boohari and his kinsmen rape Nigeria. Lmaoo Las las dem go enter this country one day give us receipt wey sinzu give dem when he sell this country ... those their blind supporters no go see this one

Another cash out Is Buhari not stupid? Baba na need for speed, o For what Is this government trying to ruin the country for the younger generation? This loans are meant to b for what? Pity the country please, you living us in so much debt and yet the country sinks in poverty. Thank you APC. Buhari will send Nigeria to eternal rnal damnation

Up mygad How much is the entire country sef?....he should kuku just sell it off. ahhh E dey well now We on a long thing DontStressMe1 The question is HOW ARE THEY GOING TO PAY BACK?....... Let him just sell Nigeria abeg Mo ku ooooooo, gbese wa di e lo? Fela Anikulapo Kuti said it all. smh Loan again? Again 🤦🏽‍♂️

This loan na for month of May na ,June loan is coming.there was a country 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 spender Scam! What did they use the previous money being borrowed for.. It's not even close to 3months they borrowed last and now they are borrowing again... Chia there is God ohhb 😂😂😂😂😂😂 What? Abeg him want buy Arsenal ?

We are borrowing our way out..... 🤣🤣🤣 In abundance of water a fool is tasty... I wouldn't be surprised by 2023 if Nigeria is annexed to China or any Western country. Sell out I just hope they have a good repayment method for all this accumulated loans if not hmmm.... What will happen to Nigerians after they have sell Nigeria finish ☹️

Yahoo boy The presidency needs to account for the previous loans collected. Moreso, there are no structures in place to pay back these loans even in 50years. Bara govt It’s like anytime this man comes up for air, it’s to seek for loan. Abi Ogun fe pa Buhari ni Loan loan loan, how do we know that even the sperm that birthed Sinzu was not obtained on LOAN?

This is pure evil Loan loan loan. Who and when will all these loans be repaid? Leaders of tomorrow get ready to repay these loans cos this old people won't be won't be alive to repay o This is a joke right? I have a feeling Buhari is trying to run away with the North after 2023 but first has to take all he can from the Lugard Contraption at the moment. 😅

Me : trying to calculate how much loan Buhari has borrowed from 2015 till date Ajala When will this glueless man ever get tired of loaning Nigeria's future away? Ha !!!😧😧 Again? Spending!!! Agba! This tweet has been seen by Fmr. Pres. Sani Abacha, he is working on sending us $5.513bn soon. All the money wen dem recover 😒 abi discover wer e dey. Snake or monkey don move am again. Una Telemundo don tire me to watch🙄

As I've said before, they will soon sell this country. why, what is it for. na wa oooh Punch tag am 'fresh'. Sinzu spending You're doing well sir 😂... Ooin 😂 Someone is seriously milking this country Yahoo boy 🙌 Eleribu ni boboyi oo Sinzu wanna cash out again, nothing do you sai Baba. This man or whoever his handle is will eat our future and we all will continue kikiki.... Suffering and smiling lots.

Na una wey this man go finish no be me 🙆‍♀️🙆‍♀️🙆‍♀️ God no go shame us ooo. Lol Loan to do what again Who will buy Nigeria oo This man go kill Naija with loans oo. Revolution is the solution if we must save our country from these heartless leaders CHISUS! Where did all the money received go during the lockdown? I didn't get any palliatives from the federal government and our healthcare infrastructure is still sub par. Did you get palliatives?

😂😂😂 It's not new. More grace What the fuck Again by Wande coal Se ofi se yin ni Oga!!! Wtf now?🤔 This man want to kill Nigeria He's might be planing to bring C Ronaldo ND Messi 😁 Which hand him dey take write sef, na only when buhari need money we dey sight am for news. Spending aiye! Una never see anything... The terms behind this loans will hurt us later...

God forbid Pls Mr President, let me send my Account number send me my Share. Even $1m 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣Change is here, Sai baba, messiah has come, next level 😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Are we still going to have anything left for our future kids bayi.... Dem don borrow on their head Another loan? For what?

General MBuhari is nothing but the worst looter on the phase of this planet. A common criminal, whose intentions are worse than a goddamn serial rapist and killer. Isn’t this awesome 😎. Nice one, Bubu. But really another S5.5B for what spending!!!!! .... omo ope... 😎😎😎 Are you sure MBuhari is aware of all these letters?

What's really happening please? Is this govt really mean well for this country with the level of loan from time to time? But whyyy ? Nigeria is in serious debt already ! Not again MBuhari Nawaooo, this govt, na so so borrow Loan all the time, don't you get tired? Does this man ever stop? He has a massive appetite for loans.

Pls I don't know what this man has done with d money he has been collecting Please leave Nigeria the way you found it and go home in 2023 Oh no! Them go soon give Nigeria as collateral Sign the document!!! Spending dey here for you 😄🤣 Disaster President! Calamitous Reps What do we call this? Another MF loan

Ah ah Nice one 👍 Nawa o What is he gonna do with that if i may ask? Mad APC led govt. They have curse this one ooi D3BAYOR More wins bruhh 🔥 Buhari seeks fresh loan? hahaha buhari buhari There's just nothing to show for all these numerous loans. Power supply, health, education, unemployment lurking everywhere bla, bla, Nigeria is a pathetic State.

SINZU money you Don sell us for Ali baba ni? Is there no law or any way to stop this man from plundering Nigeria future generations into immersive indebtedness We have to settle this matter 😂😂 Abacha loots; Buhari loans. Which one is better? Baba go finish us for this country Wetin him dey buy ? E be real things for this country

Maybe there are lots of ghosts in the seat of power. What about the money they've been borrowing and the recovered Abacha loot? What did he do with does? Banana republic indeed! Oga kuku sell this country and get satisfied at once. I give Up! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Naija! More loans simply means a deeper grave for the nation's economy. Laslas, 1960 independence na scam

Loan master Let this man just open border and allow flights in. E get why abeg 😔😔 This country is a joke He sha wan put us for serious debt Se u no dey tired ni? Next Level of Debt. God will see us through. The thing they won't tell you is that you, the workforce of the nation, are the collateral for all these loans. When they can't pay back, your culture gets overrun and your lives are in the hands of your loaners.

This government has sold Nigeria to China. Buhari government is a slave to Chinese government, no doubt about it. I will appreciate if Bubu can use Katsina state as collateral for the loan. Sinzu shebi Abacha still send us money which day, hafa your matter na senior man. Pity us na. Nigeria is a JOKE and seriously in trouble, we need help oooo . Up till now 2019 budget we dont knw how it was shared among FG, State and local government.

The hustle is real keep it up sir Fulani leadership, full of failure and looting i wonder how people wandering everywhere in the bush will run a government where human exist. What was the impact of the one he borrowed Monthly borrowing plan activated. Political criminals !!!!!! Waiting Dey worry this man😡😡😡

The story of the prodigal son comes to mind. We are finish in this country Spending Is broke.....Lmao, Nigeria hard truly 😂 If Nigeria can't eventually pay back they should just sell this country to the Canadian government please. Canada will manage us well. Nigeria should be Extinct. This guy is just taking loan ,the ones he took before where is the impact

Lmao Sinzuuuuuu.. You see why the cases of COVID19 keeps increasing rapidly yeah? They gotta pocket a lot of money This administration will put Nigeria I’m so much debt that future generations will spend most of their life paying off debt. The National Assembly must refuse this new loan request. This is insane!

I suppose this people believe the world is ending soon, hence the borrowing and no future to be bothered about... Smh*** Baba this one you keep asking for loan, would you mind telling us what is going on? You no dey tire 😂 Hmmmmmm This Sudanese is determined to see to the total ruin of the contraption as Nnamdi Kanu prophesied. At the end he will disappear into thin air. 'What concerns agbero with overload' after all, Nigeria is a man made, and every man made doesn't last forever. Goodbye to Nigeria.

By the time this man is done dragging us into shambles, I am not sure what the scarp scrap value of Nigeria will be. After $22bn, yet another $5bn What are the destination of these funds. If you can jappa, jappa oooo Borrowing borrowing borrowing and we still remained one of d poorest in d world.....So what's d point?

Again! What nonsense! Another external borrowing, this man will run down this nation! Not again ! Why don't we look inward and explore other options of generating revenues. How about cutting the cost of governance in order to save more nd channel back into other areas ? This is not good at all. We may end up borrowing away d future of our children.

I blame the organisations and countries dolling out these loans to Nigeria. When the time comes, they'll know how far. For what again? Our president is not at also villa. Which kind loan loan loan be this This is why tax rate will be high, VAT will be increased still, Fuel price will be hiked....we will be forced to pay for the loans later.

chat Car Experts Live for Solution and Advisory By the year 2035, We will begin to feel the effect of all these loans we keep getting. I really feel for the poor masses How we go take pay back all dis money Never to be caught unfresh, that's how stars do U n goons will repay this loan walahi.. Reps just replied bubu say Abbah kyari bin collect one $5.51 he no pay before he died... Now buhari say he no dey aware now dey matter we dey aso rock de settle like this

MBuhari , BashirAhmaad Another fake news ooo Nawaooo Hmmmmm..... Lobatan 🙆🏾‍♀️ We’re just living on hire purchase in this country Nnamdi Kanu am sorry I didn't believe you but now my eyes have open. Obera Jesus 😭😭😭 Wow, no comment. Just follow me, will follow back immediately Buhari can beg ehnn 🤣🤣🤣

Tired of hearing about loan all the time. What are they using this money for? Sir Baba whatever he writes now is loan...and the transfer window have not started o,Nigeria will be put on sale soon. Sinzuuùuuuu This man don't know how to generate revenue, na to borrow with every opportunity he gets. God help us.

They should not accept the loan from buhari This money is a paltry sum in the larger scheme of things. We either borrow to build necessary infrastructure that will enhance our productivity or remain undeveloped and poor. We pretty much wasted last 30yrs of properity, next decade will be hellish. Build your stamina now...

Bubu and loan 😁😁😁😁 Who will pay all this debts Nigerians should ask themselves this questions, and of a truth there is nobody like Buhari that exist, people in Nigeria should wise up. Taught our finance minister said we can’t borrow again ... Loan Master😀😀😀 This picture 🤣🤣🤣 keep selling our assets bro.

What is Good Baba Buhari? Loan = Next Level. 🤭🤭🤭🤭 Another loan again nawaooooo I guess we should change this fools name to loanee! Olorun maje ki gbese pawa. Im not even afraid , not anymore Is well... 😆😆 na who go pay back all this loan 🤷🏽‍♂️ if true? An 89yrs old president be taking loans anyhow,he will loot some for his children and his other friends and cabal members will loot the rest for themselves and families,be there supporting him while you and your futureless children pay the debts!

Dafe_jr worldsbesst LawrenceHilary2 Ho Jesus! Collecting loans kakiriwas not in their manifesto o. We have been scammed! For more weapons to fulani marauders and the change for paying mouths to shut up. Terrorist Buhari. I don't understand Mr president anymore. If i may ask what happened to those money recovered by EFCC, I thought FG put them in fixed deposit

Too small , he shld ask for the whole world bank What did we ever do to this man to deserve this? 3 days free business training on mini importation, mini exportation, 10 businesses with zero capital, freelancing (fiverr and upwork), SEO, putting your business on google, Animation & Design, Facebook ads From Sat 30th - Mon 1st June Join WhatsApp👇

jide87409899 kennierichie ZOO PRESIDENT IS CRASHING OUT AGAIN.. NIGERIA IS IN TROUBLE. SWIMMING IN DEPT. GeorgeFloyd racism Spending........ e dey happen 😳 This government needs money everyday....haba I suspect that the idea behind this unending borrowing is to empty the treasury in favour of the fulanization agenda. So that they will have money to fight other tribes. Just a suspicion!

He’s me loan, if they don’t remove this man from that seat 💺 Nigeria will continue to borrow and their will be no peace. This man is not fit to be a WhatsApp group admin, not to talk of being a president Wetin be this na Only God can stop all this people from selling this country. God please help us. Lols, them say atiku want sell nigeria, them say atiku na thief him be, them say the other one na poor man wey dey drink sachet Milo and peak milk, them say na intergrity man. Pls reps, sign the money for him mbok

Them swear for this man and loan Stop taking loans. You have nothing to use in refunds. Why not come out boldly and tell us you want to sell off the country Evil and clueless administration, worse than Abacha. Why can't the organisation or country or whomever, Nigeria is requesting the loan from just discard the request? Must they borrow Nigeria the money?

Spending!! What is it loan in this APC government? Ogun go kill una with these loans!!! .....wetin happen naa? This government takes loan every month now or am not calculating it well? BashirAhmaad what is the collateral to all the loan your boss has been collecting all this while? Make e no be say we will just wake up one morning and hear that Nigeria is on Alibaba for sale o

it looks like this administration came with a purpose, to damage this country beyond repair. This must be a joke I guess the money they are collecting is for next election What in the hell is wrong with these Government The people are suffering and yet we see no use of all the money been collected I guess na cabal they collect the money Buhari is not aware

To do what with it again? Baba why all his please. There's God. To do wetin abeg? So so loan!! Loan!!! Mayoral_OP His pose tho😹😹😹 More loans for honorarium to agents working on Kaduna front of the Middle-Belt Genocidal mission. SouthernKadunaMassacre Sinzu. Agba owo. Daily cash out. Alias Steady Cashing. Awon eleyi. Gbefun 🙌

LoanMan Abeg make he come sell us all p_pgold Abgawo sinzu The end of Nigeria finally Hahahahahaha..loaner..I guess loan should equally be on lockdown😷😷😕 Trust the rubber stamp senate and reps to okay the loan request immediately. PDP is not even good opposition party . This man came to steal and destroy.

For real or joke MBuhari Nigeria 🇳🇬 Abeg you Mr President, Make sure you pay all this money before you leave the post. Make he no be say na me go dey run up down to pay money way I no no about. Biko Shey people dey sleep for this country ni? You guys don't see the looting in a brought daylight Sinzu hw far na

Lol, 😂😂😂 na everyday we dy seek loan, no improvement nothing to show Just a subtle reminder to BMC: this man & his family won’t pay all these debts, every Nigerian would. You & your family are part of those Nigerians. Keep supporting nonsense This guy wants to finish Nigeria once For what? This should be rejected

A free bus is going to Canada tomorrow by 4:20am....please DM me if you interested, limited space available They will borrow billions of $$, share it, no improved power supply, health, roads, education and what have you and their children who have no jobs will be posing with BMWs and Bentleys on twitter and you people on twitter, misguided Nigerians will be clapping for them.

Lol 😂 Again Is this a condition for easing the lockdown O'Shea SinZu IamBigman69 🙆🏽‍♂️😞 xdedamola mjaey_ iam_seeker Olayeenqar Instinct3045 Cloakn_dagger how far bruh? 🤧🤧🤧 we are gone 😢 Baba why? Nigerians should count themselves very lucky to have PMB as their worthy presido ! Come and beat me am in my toilet all ye broken records hahaha

It's not Buhari that is writing all these letters. He is not that sound. All those criminals in his government are the ones pushing this shit! But 'Lifeless' will sign and...why a pity! This gov't has borrowed more than all previous administrations in the past 30 years COMBINED and they're barely 6yrs in office. Nigeria is being mortgaged for about 100yrs up forwards under this clueless gov't MBuhari and at the same time suffering 2nd recession.

bubu has placed another order. way to go champ!🎉 i belief the propose loan is for the payment of salaries, now for how long do we borrow to pay salary? Na wa o The loan loan everywhere is becoming too much na😂 Ok Senate approves $5.513bn Buhari 's loan.👨‍⚖👨‍⚖👨‍⚖👨‍⚖ Watchout!!! Loan for what? After all this crazy bank charges buhari still wan collect loan?. Please Pity us now

Can anyone check the excesses of this cabinet before they destroy this country citizen_gavel SERAPNigeria realDonaldTrump ICC NGRPresident Lol loan govt Tell Buhari to live within his means BashirAhmaad is that not what he said to Nigerians? Oga bubu please don't borrow again. Leave country as e dey, another person go try for 2023.

TRADE YOUR DEAD,CONDEMNED SOLAR INVERTER BATTERY FOR COOL CASH FOR ENQUIRY CALL📞08107105177.. 09090839033.PLS HELP US RETWEET🙏 Rubber Stamp NGRSenate over to you for quick approval! They will borrow billions of $$, share it, no improved power supply, health, roads, education and what have you and their children who have no jobs will be posing with BMWs and Bentley on twitter and you people on twitter, misguided Nigerians will be clapping for them.

Back to Back. 😩😂😂 It's seems Buhari is cursed ooo, any body that voted these man may Buhari borrow his destiny to Fulani 🐄🐄🐄🐄🐂🐂🐂🐂🐑🐑🐏 All the money contributed by individuals to combat covid 19, where are they? The one borrowed from IMF and others where are they? They have gradually started their devilish campaign for another hell. God destroy all evil people in a blessed country like Nigeria

Tomorow he will say he wasnt aware when the letter was signed. We should know who actually wrote biko For what now stygianjohndoe These people have loaned into the future of Nigeria. Even children whose parents have not been born, will pay for it. Just yesterday they were picking up children and tweeting Happy Children's day. Wake up people and smell the coffee.

😭😭😭😭😭 this guy go milk this country dry. iamdominic5 But how are we planning on paying back this whole money..... we would cry later ooo and it would be too late I thought this same guy was saying una economy was going fine and monies were being made ever than before? What’s wrong now? God forbid.

Sinzu 💰 Who do ever thinks this administration has anything to offer is mentally unstable Loan every day 😒😒😒😒 Let this man sell Nigerian so that we can all rest. Reps should grant his request on the condition that he must pay back all the debt before he leaves office or be offered as collateral 🎤 The inept mediocre will not stop until the level of poverty in the north is evenly shared in the whole country.

It seems this 'CASH OUT' have specific target.... MrDwright_A Na wa ooooo, loan here and there. I really hope it doesn’t hunt us afterwards on a long run term 🙆🏻‍♂️ This man will finish us 5+36. It's our billionaires I pity the most. Someday, their cash might just be seized by the West and China. Sinzu money... Twale

Again...If this is true, then it is truer our 'president' is not in charge...Maybe those in private jet competition are behind the loans Can't we kukuma sell this country and give this man the proceed May God deliver us. Am crying for this country. Make them kukuma sell am na NXT LV tragedy Hope this people are excluding people like me from this nonsense loan wer I no dey benefit insid Because thunder is real

Is it crack? 😏 The ultimate begging president... Buhari is a professional begger! Wow Nigerians deserve him 💯 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾 nahAwa o Loan will be the end of this government. More loans to your government 😂 Yahoo+ CynthiaDat Bossu ur format tight oooo Mr. Loan😃😃 Sani abacha will be a learner by the time buhari is done with Nigeria

Who put us in this terminal disease? This man sure has a grand plan. To destroy Nigeria, ... And leave us as slaves for a long while in the hands of... But God is in heaven. Ruling in the affairs of men.. El Shaddai , please rule in Nigeria now. Wetin happen nah? I pray we don't loan this country out las las.

Just pity the future of the up coming ones please Haha 🤯🙆‍♂️🙆‍♂️🙆‍♂️ Mad o Sinzu spending 😂😂😂 Sinzu money 😂😂😂 To do what nao haba 😡😡 200 million Nigerians to serve as collateral 😂 This man should calm down na Sinzu Our Lovely young president 🙌🙌 RIP Nigeria 🇳🇬 Government of loans for loans and by loans.....the future of this nation is very bleak

Sinzu money 💰 🤣🤣🤣 The same government that made record revenues in every quarters and increased tax have been borrowing without limits. I pity the next president after Buhari I love this man 😅 It is when they will start seizing Nigerians abroad and those traveling over national gbese. We will know then

APC APC 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Funny men. Una don use style wreck this country. Just hope we have not already been sold off? God🤦🏽‍♀️ Hmmm. This Oyinbo people sef wey dey give this Govt loan wicked o. Ebe like say this loan matter neva tired them? Is everything okay at Aso Rock? how true is this? Loan!loan!loan! LOAN

Okayyy! Hmm. Critical project, oni audio yii sha ni shaaa. For wetin again !!! Please how much is my share from our loan Do they need more rolls royce? What is all this na, why all these loans, how do we repay back all these loans, can Nigerian's really come out now and ask questions, can we see how every single penny has been used. This is too much for a nation to bear

Again 🤷🤷🤷 Chai....he just wouldn't stop until he sabotage the future generation. Fighting corruption 101 Sinzu money jayelo... Pity naija future na officialEFCC officialEFCC officialEFCC officialEFCC are you see MBuhari are you seeing how they are looking for fresh loan put eyes ooooo officialEFCC put eyes oooooo put eyes oooooooooo

We are gone Just sell this country, give me my share make i go settle down for Rwanda i use God beg you. And SouthernKadunaMassacre just took place Nigeria is now for sale, with the level of borrowing. Kuku sell some part of d country 2d Chinese 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️ What with all these loans? Abi dem wan mortgage our country?

Buhari Spending. Rubber stamp house of assembly will approve sharp sharp. Well played OfficialAPCNg Ya'll haven't seen nothing.... Jonathan's administration was a child's play. One thing Mr Buhari is good at is asking for loan Mr president MBuhari you want to sink Nigeria Kuku kill this 9ja barbie_nate

officialEFCC officialEFCC officialEFCC are you please seeing this Oga watin u wan borrow that money for again na. In the year 2047, China will be bundling Nigerians in numbers to go & work in plantations in Shanghai. Most of these Nigerians will be descendants & people from a particular region that unanimously supported incompetent Buhari so they can take ova in 2023 which never happen. Ise

Kukuma Sale Nigeria.....Transparent419Government I pity who will takeover from this govt in 2023....if God does not intervene he/she will spend his/her entire tenure in office paying back debts owed by this gov. This clueless regime is going for broke and when they are done, it will be RIP Zoogeria BiafraExit

These guys are selling Nigeria, u think its a loan, very soon the buyers will com nd take over At this rate with might have to start printing money anytime the FG needs money. 😭😭😭😭 Oyaaaaa!!! Sinzu That’s a pattern the new COS inherited from the latter. Every new appointment with this Govt there is a loan or a purchase.

Remain to sell Nigeria Please oh as you are assisting with the loan, come and buy what we are selling Before you comment nonsense here read the content. The loan is for the 2020 budget deficit financing critical project ........... Its almost everywhere in the world not Nigeria. What in God's name is this NigeriaGov doing with all these monies they keep borrowing? Why has MBuhari decided to drag us into unrecoverable debt abyss?

Sinzu about to cash out 😉 It is finished 🤤 I laugh in Chinese Baba don sell our future I must be fucking rich before this shit start to bounce back When we said he's not a Nigerian citizen u doubt it After 2023, we shall begin the recovery of loots. By that time, BMC would have gone into extinction and history will haunt all those involved. Disastrous!

Hahahahha zoological republic of Nigeria asshole country enjoy ourselves jubril from Sudan. 👍👍 Buhari who can not manage his few cows from 1983 till date is now in charge of Nigeria. We from the south appreciate the efforts of the Yoruba's making sure buhari returns to second term for the promises of Tinubu comes 2023.

It's finished. 😥. I need to enroll in a Chinese speaking class because soon, na Chinese we go dey speak o Eyan Ighalo !!!!!!!! Sinzu Money For what again Mr president, pls pity our future He want to bankrupt Nigeria? They better throw the request out of the window IT IS FINISHED! 😂😭🤧 Fresh 😂😂😂 This government is all about loans,may God punish Buhari.After collecting the loans,they loot it.

Someone do me a favor: loan the presidency a brain. Dang!🤦🏽‍♂️ Make una Pity us na😂 This guy should kuku sell Nigeria! Sinzu & Loans... 🤝🤝 😂😂😂😂 This one na dollars o Chei Next Level for Loans. Where did the 22 billion go Odiegwu, these people will kill us Na wa ooooo. Aloota continua And the Reps won't object either

I hope we don't wake up someday to find out that all Nigeria citizens are Chinese-looking. Just like Egypt that still has lots of arguments about their Arab looks. E be things🤣 Kick start whatever it is u are secretly working on. Huge loans, zero impact. Very soon, you will all regret ur actions. Eenipawa seh lol 😂

Are you mad Why always loan and debt On whose head? Our children? Wow ... them don sell 9ja na the remaining money this guy dy collect 😆 Dear MBuhari I keep wondering if this your government can't think inward & make good use of our IGR. Please the economy is already in debited & you still want to borrow more to pile up the debit incurred by your administration who will service all this debit you keep acquiring

If true this news is correct, this government has mad Nigeria is long lost to the auctioneers... Buhari will finish Nigeria before leaving that sit! Sinzu Damn... Yorubas should really be proud of Buhari... What a President he is(ATM) I don't blame Buhari and APC, I blame PDP, the most useless, weak and visionless opposition ever. If they had kept Buhari and his APC on their toes, they won't be this stupid to borrow away our future. What have they actually done with the ones they have borrowed? Nothing.

wetin con concern us ,the money wey pesi no feet see any penny ma self mtwsss Oshey loanart But I know he is joking. Presido is really joking here. I never knew punch newspapers with kind of expensive joke. Does he want borrow all the borrowsis in this his final tenure? No nau, bro please it’s ok. Do not sell the country. Collateral no de finish? God bless Nigeria

The future of this nation is at risk... Are these people thinking of the future at all? What's up with the loaning and what are they using the money for? Oh my goodness Okayyy! Hmm, o ga o. That's the only news we hear about him. Loans loans and loans! PMB this is getting much... Are you telling us that we don't money in reserve

Buhari abeg pity us The loan President This man is steadily selling us out as slave.🤮 Are you mad Why always loan and dept Another one. Nigeria future is uncertain. Instead of this multiple loan, why not FG look for like 4 States in Nigeria and sale. With that they will get some good cool cash and have a lessee burden. What do you think Nigerians

Bruhhhh Baba just dey collect loan on a steady. Las Las UN go come confiscate this country due to excessive debt.. 😂 😂 Lol no need for loan just sell Nigeria 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Rep pls approve, what else can I say? Borrow money, hand it over to minister for sharing, get some back, Nigeria in debt. Everyone is happy.

The loan receipt here and there isn’t the real issue ,the concern here is how unproductive and unyielding they are .You can’t borrow tour way to financial stability without a strategic plan NigeriaGov ProfOsinbajo Abeg, PMB na borrow u come borrow or wetin? Why not sell the country than putting it in irreparable debt MBuhari

Another cash out for Sinzu Looters Nothing good will come out of this... Subhanallahi Alaranolatunbo1 Raheematibi Demikiwala 😞😒🤔😔🚶 Joke of the year 😃 Please who will pay for all these loans? Ah!! These no dey fear gbese When you grant 17 bn as loan to rice farmers. Recouped without interest is less than 10%. So money is gone, rice we cannot find. Border is closed further affecting economy. In conclusion, there was never an active economic plan, just being reactive at every turn.

Why are this International committee giving us this Loan? This people have NO good plan for Nigeria....STOP GIVING us LOAN pls !!!! It is finish He should wait for transfer window to open before seeking for loan........🤣🤣🤣🤣 This man has not done anything than to borrow,a borrower is a servant to Leander.

Na loan Loan this government is living on.... Loan again Another loan! For what na? What an annoying government We are finished in this country How many more years do we still have under this administration?😭 Is becoming too much of this old lazy men in power The rate at which we borrow is becoming alarming in this country due to little or no visible impact & repayment plan left for next administration or generation. It is imperative that accountability should follow and questions asked.

Please can someone here assist me with 2K or even 1K to buy Foodstuff at home ? pls don’t let hunger finish me please , I don’t mind any amount sef even if it’s to buy foodstuff even if it’s Only Garri and Beans that i can get . pls help me retweet also 🙏😩 My Dm is Open pls

BREAKING: Buhari decentralizes Force CID, approves Nigeria Police restructure, more commandsNigeria Police asset, Force Intelligence Bureau (FIB) will soon be detached from the Force Criminal Investigation Department (FCID). The FIB will become a full-fledged department. President Muhammadu Buhari gave the approval in his capacity as Chairman of the Nigeria Police Council. This was contained in a memo signed by the Inspector General of Police (IGP), Very good development, covid19: after locking us up at our various homes and no palliative from the part of the government is now forcing us to be indebted for a hug amount that still not reach us. We are watching 😎

Buhari celebrates Gov. Abiodun on his 60th birthdayPresident Muhammadu Buhari has felicitated with the Ogun State governor, Mr Dapo Abiodun, as he clocked 60 years of age.The President, in a statement... FOLLOW for follow... Please dm for data...no scam please only mtn users 🙏🙏🙏 u can start with 1gb if u dont trust me Hbd sir, God bless your new age.

Nigerian officials in trouble as Buhari govt probes leakage of memosPresident Muhammadu Buhari 's government has reacted angrily to the leakage of memos to the public allegedly by government officials. The Nigerian government bemoaned that state documents, including classified ones, were being sent out by public officers. Announcing that the matter is under investigation, it described the development as, 'embarrassing.' The federal government declared that perpetrators what of the Whistle blower policy and Freedom of Information Act,is it not a contradiction. What is government trying to hide. This one too was leaked. You mean as Gambari probes....?

President Buhari sympathises with Ogun peoplePresident Muhammadu Buhari has condoled with the government and people of Ogun State, as well as the family of Alhaji Liadi Orunsolu, the Chief Imam of Egbaland, who passed away Tuesday at the age of 98. This was contained in a statement signed by the President's Special Adviser on Media and Publicity, Femi Adesina. DAILY

Alleged Hostilities in Presidency: ‘Buhari has failed, FEC should be disbanded’ – PDPThe Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) on Tuesday said the President Muhammadu Buhari -led Federal Executive Council (FEC) has become cancerous, disorganized, chaotic, and incapable of driving an organized, result-oriented system and as such should be disbanded. PDP's position is predicated on alleged degenerated hostilities among officials in the Buhari -led Presidency, including Presidential aides, ministers and heads

Buhari, Oyetola mourn New Telegraph’s editor BakareIt was a sad moment for the media industry yesterday as the Saturday Editor of New Telegraph newspaper, Mr. Waheed Bakare, was buried amid tears from family and friends. May his soul rest in perfect peace. May his gentle soul rest in peace and may Allah make aljannatul firdausi be his final home ameen RIP Mr Bakare, i remember always watching u on journalist hangout on TVC with my favorite Mr Otitoloju. I pray that God almighty will give the family u left behind the fortitude to bear this lose, sleep well bro. God giveth and taketh.