BREAKING: Buhari to make a broadcast by 7pm – Presidency

3/29/2020 3:21:00 PM

BREAKING: Buhari to make a broadcast by 7pm

John Ameh, AbujaThe President, Major General Muhammadu Buhari (retd.), will make a broadcast to the nation this evening at 7pm, the State House has said.“President Muhammadu Buhari will broadcast to the nation Sunday, March 29, 2020 at 7pm.“Television, radio and other electronic media outlets are enjoined to hook up to the network services of the Nigerian Television Authority (NTA) and Federal Radio Corporation of Nigeria (FRCN) respectively for the broadcast”, a statement by his Special Adviser on Media and Publicity, Mr Femi Adesina, said a few minutes ago.

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Nigerians have clamoured for a broadcast by Buhari over the raging coronavirus pandemic.However, his minders said Buhari’s style was to work and not to make a broadcast.It’s unclear why he has made a U-turn. DOWNLOAD THE PUNCH NEWS APP NOW ON Read more: The Punch Newspapers »

No need...unless about kyari Abba Hmmmmm, there is lock down and we are broke and hungry so wetin concern me concern broadcast. Is this our real Presido or Buari in another man! I am my name Broadcasting along will not salve our problems Nice one Its breaking news that the President wants to address us. He's just waking up from his slumbering

So what is in stock for those of us who are essentially essential of the the essential service provider Thank God!I get to laugh well today.. we'd be expecting it ooo🤭 Nice speech Mr president Abeg who get the video?.... Lol I can see another country's flag by the right Finally! So Cuba refused to admit Uncle Bubu?

It's time We dey wait oooo Meaningless because he shouldnt have been compelled.. A big shame. Another milestone achievement from our hardworking president....keep it up sir. 4 minutes remaining.... PresidentCovik When are you brocasting Waka follow am Hmmmmm... Can't wait to hear what he has to say about korola

What does he have to say? No covick one nine this time oooo We are waiting for Covik 1 9 broadcast loading .... That idiot called SANWO-OLU should becareful of the way he's handling Lagos, it won't be funny if he happens to be the first victim of Revolution. You claim to share stimulus package to each house hold meanwhile you distributed it to your party members.. Revolution is at hand..

EDOHODANIEL1 Waste of time. I can't wait to hear from presido himself It's quiet unfortunate that we don't have leaders in our country ... We only have selfish rulers He's coming to reassure us from the assure he reassured us the last Time..... So make we fly, isn't he supposed to?, is it a privilege we are enjoying?, so I should go and bath and wear Christmas clothes and wait for him? My guy work for your pay!!! Nobody forced you!

Like say we dey beg him to do his job? 😏 This is gonna be hilarious Make a broad cast abi Issoryt I just hope the broadcast is not recorded Well funny thing is that Buhari want to make a broadcast but a quick question pls is it a live broadcast or playbacks? Recorded speech not enough. Let him go live and answer live questions from Nigerians

So president Buhari to address his country is now a breaking news, which means will have no president. Are we celebrating independent day or democracy day or .....? So it took AishaYesufu pressure and Imamofpeace calling out to make MBuhari do the needful? Nigerians deserve good governance and tired of being the butt of jokes the world over bcos of poor leadership.

Hope not a recorded speech rebroadcast to Nigerians. Hope NTA that will never be clear. Nigerian time or buhari time which? WhereIsBuhari WhereisOsinbajo We no need am again,d tym wey we need am don pass. Iwo yi la aro, ti arugbo e sunkun omo. Yes Can't wait to laugh 😂😂😂😂 I hope they will bring the light.

😷 That mfcker is sick af. Y' all should stop playing around and let the nation know. We wait !!! Isn't that too early?! Bull shit!!! Lord, if the bodies are weak, you are strong, and if the doctors are incapable, then you are not incapable of something, and if you say the medicine There’s nothing breaking about this. All over the world, Presidents have been addressing their citizens on this pandemic. Let’s not celebrate normal procedure because of abnormal system. It is what he should do as a president.

You mean the recorded live broadcast that will be played for Nigerians to listen If he won't be answering questions from the media abeg make him relax..... Awaiting another disaster!! Holufemmy69 Major achievement Stay at home but no light 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️😥 Sha think before talking biko cause the world is watching + if you want us to stay indoor give us money/food cause some people survive on daily pay

I hope it is not a recorded and heavily edited speech Mr covikk one nine viros Trump signed $2trillion Corona virus relief bill on Friday, whatever that will be downloaded into your microchips must be something that will serve as palliative & succor to Nigerians at this critical time bcos the nation and the world are at standstill in all ramifications.

Imamofpeace thank you so much, you finally forced the incompetent man out of his hole. BuhariResign Hmmm What will he say🙄🙄🙄 We need money oo Lolz on what channel? What PDP, NASS members and the slave boys could not do for us, a small shaking from an imam of peace did....wonders 🤔🤔🤔 At last....somebody don get his sense back 😏

I already bought my ticket 🎫 Hmmmmmm Okay Let hear him out They will still make the background look like he is nigeria At this point I'm really not interested anymore. Buhari want to address the nation is now a breaking news 🤣🤣... This would be fun Finally Covik speaks NTANewsNow to play Buhari's recorded speech, written for him by Garba Shehu, Femi Adesina & Tolu Ogunlesi by 7 pm; would've been a more appropriate tweet.

Let him mind his speech ooo Medicine after death. Big video editing coming up !!! He doesn’t talk to the press Let him answer questions from citizens Praise the Lord Light no dy for me to c this fuck head on my tv !! Belated but will lack in substance and hope. He will as usual outsourced the blame game. Welcome back bubu 🕺🏻🕺🏻🕺🏻how was the trip?

I don’t care Say God I'm still wondering how the TV will function when the remote control is faulty. What's breaking news there..... You are finally back from your trip. It's well and hope you have studied what to address on? We are waiting to hear the good news Thank God the rabbit is coming out of hiding. Kobik 1-9 Birus PushAndStartPresident

God give us men a time like this demands... pls God don't give us men like Buhari anymore.. 'Cometh the hour, 'goeth' the man' No problem,7pm is not far away.Hopefully,Nigs will get to see the real Buhari talk to them not see some pics or hear audio recording arranged by rogues around him who want Nigs to believe the criminal lies they spew.Nigs are tired of having a ghost president.

What of his style? Pls who has the manuscript? I thought Femi adesina said it's not his style? Yeye people. na live broadcast? Abi na.. Yesus is lord Recorded or live... I'm ashamed of him and entire APC members. A bunch of incompetent and clueless people. Thank God the rabbit is coming out of hiding. Kobik 1-9 Birus

Add the light situation to you broadcast oh... if not so na you and your camera man go watch am alone. .. Five days now in a row no light throughout the day time... always comes by 1am and is taken again by 4am... and the circle continues... And you journalists should ask questions on people's minds; Like stimulus for small business owners, people who lose jobs, Available Isolation centres &facilities And why do we still have such deplorable medical facilities across the country, it's been over 5 yrs of APC in power.

Put some respect to that name. He is not your mate We are waiting This isn't a breaking news oooooo Why 7pm always? baba will be feeling sleepy by that time.. please make una help baba... Thank God for ImamOfPeace. Buhari resign! Is he going to announce the vaccine that will end the virus Daft and dumb covik 1,9 president has nothing to say

Another blunder coming, OMG 😥🙆 Broadcast that they have over edited Hope it's not recorded oo Is it necessary again? WhereIsBuhari WhereisOsinbajo ResignBuhari MakeItTrend What would be fed to us would be prerecorded. NTA would have done the add and delete work. All we may end up hearing is 'pellow Nigerians' and 'God bless Nigeria.' Useless leaders for good people.

Why not a press conference instead Wetin dem package again? Fuck him....we don't need it We don’t need him to come and read what they have written down for him.. This una publicity stunts is too much Abeg, realDonaldTrump no do like this😏 Better prepare to announce the palliative measures ur gov de plan... otherwise,the day garri finish for our poor house, APC and Coro go know say nobody we no fear am.

finally....hope they have taught him how to pronounce Corona virus 🙃 Bet it.. He’ll still repeat Covik one nine.. So people are waiting for his broadcast ,like we used to do back in the waiting for the soap opera 'Behind the Clouds' at 7pm on Sunday's 🤨 The bar is underground, it’s really finished ☹️ Are people still interested? I doubt!!!

Guys guys guys , let's listen to our president and hear what he has to say , mbok ,please, abeg .You hear biko nu MBuhari just come read dat paper for them. Who broadcast help 23 seconds? 😏 Finally This Administration is a Corona Government! EDITED BROADCAST WHILE NOT GO LIVE yeyeleader If it ain’t live like the rest active competent President nations then its bs.

PresidentCovik You are a leader, u should have done that before now. We are waiting to listen to you and strategies you intend to adopt. Like he's being rehearsing for this for so long or would it be a prerecorded pne as well. Btw, NEPA happens so no light. So a president addressing his country has now become 'breaking news' We should all be excited niyen abi, mcheew

Covik 1 & 9 series two I beg all the bad roads way no good mk dem size dis chance take dey repair am now way everyday stay at home We need someone to translate to ENGLISH. The one he made before, wetin we gain? This man you guys drag around anyhow is very old. I hope you know We can't wait. So e don tire to hide under bed.failures

Hahah 🙌 I can't wait to listen his presentation oooo😃. Make I hear how he won pronoun COVID-19 😀 We're not interested. Sinzu money General Please Is he taking questions? MBuhari Live or Recorded? We dey wait ....nothing emeka will see it all in aba today by 7pm We can't wait o We are waiting BREAKING indeed 😂

Tanx to.. Imam of peace ✌️ I hope he won't forget our at least $2 trillion stimulus package 🎁🎁. If only I can clearly hear incentives, am good to go, all other stories are irrelevant. 'cos I won't understand his pronunciation... 😂😂😂 Voice over broadcast.. Should we be dancing or what? Is that not his duty. BuhariVegetablePresident

COVIK One-Nine virus...Lol Too late MR President ! Why do Nigerians have to persuade you to perform your duty Old Major in Animal Farm performed his duty without being persuaded ! From where is he making it from , Nigeria, Cuba, Dubai or I'm? Ok, bu I hope you media people would be having a Q&A session to.

Imamofpeace thank you o 😂😂 Is this supposed to be breaking news? That's his business, there's kuku no light to watch it. Nonsense and Corona😏 Na wa o. I don't even know what to tell him ☹️. May God just help our Nobel course 😤 E don happen Allahamdullahi🙌😷😷😷 Ummm😷😷😷 It has to be published in the national dailies and celebrated.👏👏👏

NEPA go interrupt the power..... Hmmmmmm May God help us all They are calling it breaking news 🤣🤣🤣🤣 We are waiting hope he will allow questions and answers. IsBuhariAlive How is it breaking news? Chai! This man has really set the bar so low now seeing him talk on broadcast is like he is doing us a favour.

This is unbelievable!!! So it had to take one Asylum seeker in Australia to drag our President to address the nation? NIGERIA!!!!!! Will listen for what palliative(s) his administration has to ** directly** assist/impact positively on the masses this exciting time. Please surprise us MBuhari We don't want to hear COVIK 1-9. You must pronounce CORONAVIRUS.

But how Nigeria take vote this man in for president while educated ones are there. Too bad covik 1-9 can’t come out and speak to his people and people in the vila are covering up God will punish all una for dia lhanrytosh We are not interested Live or recorded? OfficialAITlive is not there, ARISEtv will not be there to cover it either. Let's wait till then, just couple of hours to go

See who him help if him no go talk better thing make him better go die one side Now that pump price has reduce, y is there scarcity and long in sokoto state? Kini big deal? How does this make a breaking news? Shameless government Change your style! Another style! What's there to celebrate? . Like he’s practicing now till then

What happened to his 'STYLE'? FemAdesina has MBuhari 'changed' his STYLE? Just asking for a friend...🤣😂😆 What’s actually gonna please Nigerians ? Let’s chillax n wait till 7pm. He’s our president. We wanted to be addressed n he’s gonna do just that. There must be questions and answer section!!! 'Who cares' abeg resign we are tired of ur lifeless, clueless and directionless leadership!

The Poet. The poem First, they will play the National Anthem and after the address of maybe, 25secs will play closing Anthem. That is Nigeria's way. We are waiting Another covikk one nine broadcast? We dey wait.wetyn wan special ?😐😐😐😐 Okay finger crossed. Who else reason say na when tinubu talk first na him buhari sef wan talk...might be nothing

7pm it is🗣️ Hope is a live broadcast they shouldn't do that nonsense recording they did. I would want the president to do the broadcast without any written script. And as well allow journalist to ask him questions about the welfare of Nigerians in this critical time. The modalities that will help stop the spread of the virus.

Yay.. Broadcast for what? Hallelujah o From where? Finally...... ok o Let hear him out na This country worst . Expecting our president to address us like the second coming of Christ! Smh Tell him he now has a larger audience, the Australian will be listening too. Imamofpeace At which media pls? Abeg make NEPA allow me learn new English word ooo🤪

Abeg how is dat breaking, he supposed to be taking to Nigerians not a broadcast BREAKING: The Cabals want to play a record broadcast of someone that claim to be Buhari to Nigerians by 7pm. I’m sure he is tendering his resignation letter then Thank you so much MaziNnamdiKanu for exposing Jubril, the cabals and all the terrorist apologist in Nigeria.

Like I mentioned in my previous tweet, this better be a live address with journalists available to ask questions. Waiting for femi adesina to extol buhari for 'listening to Nigerians' after this.. But we all know that Imamofpeace joined nigerians to call out gross incompetence We are waiting.. What does president Bubu want to broadcast again?

🤥 Ok Hope we can ask questions 😂 😂 😂 It's late already. I'm not interested Yay!! Nigerians should be very grateful. After they finished dragging him We are practically begging for leadership Imaam of peace indeed, what a president for a stagnant nation busolaidowu Which of d Buhari? I'll waiting just to hear another bluderous grammer might just be 'coco isis ' today 🤣😂 please listen attentively 👂🏾👂🏾

we dont need ur lifeless and useless so called broadcast.. what of the money that was to be shared to all NIgerians.... Always remember, one day you shall die.. nonsense🐶🐶 Okay we de wait Too late. He should keep his address. I no longer need it.... already addressed myself weeks ago. He want talk Rubbish again

Hahahaha That very good Rehearsals completed This should not be news because it's should be normal things, realDonaldTrump always do this almost twice a week Speech that took him almost two months to rehearse . So Nigerians should run out to the streets to celebrate a nations achievement we're waiting, and it should be a Q/A live session.. not a copy and paste video

Finally someone has convinced bubu MBuhari that COVIDー19 is not caused by OfficialPDPNig 😂😂😂Thanks for your effort Imamofpeace God is good, so Imamofpeace finally fished out our president. Thank you Imamofpeace you broke the table on him. Are we sure is 7pm Since Twitter has power. Txn:Credit Acct: 010XXXX657 Amt:NGN 35,500.00 Desc: TRANSFER FROM FGN/ Covid_19 Date 28-Mar - 2020 08:15 May God bless buhari for this oo and na so I come wake up from my sweet dreams 😒

After another one week rehearsal of what to say... He will still disgrace us after all. Over 200mil citizens ruled by coward. We're out of foodstuff, talk to us let know when and how much are we getting from Govt and individuals. I believe we have enough money after the whole donation. Has he recovered?

He always talks when we ask him to...such a loyal joke turn leader....the country he sworn to protect is at risk and he is doing what i don't know!!! henryshield Agen_zy Mazigburugburu1 segalink busolaidowu Hes been sneaked back in🙄 Imamofpeace u have done it. Thank u ooooo Twitter pressure 😂😂😂

I hope it's going to be televise Hope una don plan well No fuck this time o Nigerians have won. After the contact has spread ''' to late Mr. President ''' the Governors and FCT ministers are already doing the job'''no need for the broadcast of Nigerians inactive president. After all the broadcast is going to be packaged and liveless.

Kilode gan! Enough of the noise. It is not as if we will have light to watch the bc. Watch out for the mask man. After 7 days of night class At 1900hrs GMT today, if Buhari doesn’t mention a 10 TRILLION NAIRA stimulus package for Covid one nine. Turn it off!!! We don’t need his speech anymore we will try and Handle our shii the best way we can, we’ve always taken care of our selves with out his help.

Who cares now? We are waiting on him for the season 2 of the drama Is that so? Your president is about to give speech? When other President are planning on next moves. FAILED FATHER FAILED LEADER FAILED GENERATION. Clueless President to finally address Nigerians after writing them, and Imamofpeace had mocked him for his cluelessness.

Waoo! Let's wait and see😂 give me another 🍹please. Aku ma mo ojuti bi eja oku eko🐡🚶🚶🚶🚶 Issokay This is what presidency is all about and not that clone covikk 1 9 phirus MBuhari You mean 30 seconds broadcast? That awkward moment when you are about to hear that lion don swallow the N20B corruption viruses fund and the want to broadcast it at 7pm

After Imamofpeace has told you what you are? Colossal failure! I would follow for briefing since I don't understand a word our president says Somebody, change your style!!! Thank God.. If only he would entertain questions from journalist Nigerians will be happy Is it a Live Broadcast or recorded one? If he can't make it Live me am not interested in lifeless president..

Finally some good news John3vs8 nneoma_dr DrShasha Drkingzo We are waiting to hear what he has to say After Imamofpeace helped us amplified our voices to d world about his lacklustre attitude to the epidemic COVID19Nigeria , Buhari has been pushed to talk. Nigerians, we forced Buhari and his enablers hands to do this. Thank you Imam of Peace & other friends of Nigeria. ✌

We want a live broadcast where press are invited to ask vital questions. Thank you ImamOfPeace It is still BuhariResign The slow writer of the proposed statement is done with his epistles. We have missed in this dispensation. No Governance but a system tagged Government. There's power in twitter True, the masses have power, if only we know how to use it

Another recorded one? I hope he'll just resign because I see nothing coming out from this guy!!! Covik 1 9 God bless Imamofpeace and renoomokri the Malam is finally coming out Is this still necessary? We need a press conference..... we have so many questions dat needs immediate answers.. Not just to come and read out some ones idea put on paper

PHRAN6tweets Why is it breaking? Y’all get out of my sight plis Finally he’s forced to address the nation after some days of the outbreak. What a careless ruler that isn’t after the well-being of the citizens! Another opportunity to gbagaun Thank you renoomokri our president will speak to us today.Welldone Sir you pushed him with your words

Will this now cure the virus? Please let him hold his fire. What's breaking about this skedaddling incoherent Homo!! Someone that's misogynistically bedaubic and will be waffling and dollopsious in his bedraggled broadcast like a vapidous vagrant robot!! Some people would still focus on Baba's grammatical errors. 🤣🤣

Guys embrace yourselves for another national disgrace.covik1-9 on the move. Address from Cuba or UK office? Decorated address I guess.. We are waiting. iam_obriki Better, we the citizens have been waiting patiently for this news, and finally, here, it is. Drama A big shame. He had to be forced out God bless Nigeria God bless Federal Republic stay at home No more no less

LateBuhari BuhariIsMissing Watch 'Amanpour interviews Nigerian President Buhari' on YouTube Kudos to imam of peace. 😊 I hope he’s well guided and padded.😏😏😏 Covik is enough embarrassment o🙄 Make them check am well make no be say na mask he wan wear Lol,after lots of cram work, we ll be waiting Day don break

Brace for impact😂😂 Somebody praise the lord Breaking News ke Failed leadership (idayi laro e) It's like mazi nnamdi kanu is about to release a vital information tonight. I will rather listen to radio biafra, this buhari's urgent broadcast like never before, is suspicious! Can't wait to hear another ogbonge, thunderous konvik1-9 😂😂

We are waiting..... na achievement be this abi na the cure of the virius Australian refugee... you're doing well. Okay will be glued to the TV Breaking indeed Lass lass, baba one talk Okay ohooo all hands on deck as we Wait's may we not loose weight So our president MBuhari broadcast is now a news at this point in time...

We'll be waiting Twitter pressure Lolz 😂😂😂 I hope it's real o Make e no be Buhari sexdol mech200 We can't wait till then Ok he has finally perfect how to pronounce covid 19 nd corona virus right i guess? Na still recording we go watch Las Las K We don’t need his speech anymore we will try and Handle our shii the best way we can, we’ve always taken care of our selves with his help.

I will need to download the broadcast and analyse it myself before I believe is Mr covic1-9 Please who can remind me the date we had the first Covid-19 incident? Too little too late. You guys keep missing opportunities Thank you Imamofpeace. He final succumb. Ojebi! We love you.. Mr President✊🙋‍♂️ BUBU BE TALKING!!!!!!! BUT WE DONT CARE.

Hmm Femi Adeshina said it's not his style to talk to Nigerians. Where did he suddenly adopt this style from...? Get ready to be credited into your account by the FG... that's his speech. No further words Pre-recorded or live? Las las he done finally agree to address us.. Person way dem dey beg to talk We won't have light.

☺ so for president to address his own people is now a breaking news 😂 Bubu Ain't no use. We have able ministers, aides, etc. His speech won't resolve the situation. See America, etc. Arrant load of crap! Buhari is squarely responsible for whatever COVID19 does to Nigeria, for allowing the deadly import. It could have been prevented by locking down Nig.

Broadcast coming too late walahi! Haba!? In an oil rich country? People are hungry poor jobless insecure what is the broadcast coming to address? PMS 125/litre? Nigerian youths fear not but wake up! The problem with this government,is that they don't know what leadership is all about.they wanted power not governance.

am not sure if that could be LIVE, although is not stated by punch sa Hope it will be a live session and interactions too The news was ground breaking, I thought that wasnt is style Covvik 1-9 Birrus!! Olodo Presidiot! Waiting I won't miss it for the world... My 30k around the corner After doing plastic face surgeon for my grandpa to come and speak as buhari abi...corona go kill all of una

Pinally, a blocafst. If una get mind, do a live broadcast and not a pre-recorded one. If cows were rustled & killed he would have spoken since I will set my alarm!🔔 Finally he wants to speak. Hmmm President Trump has been discussing with Americans almost every day. Abeg lets keep listening to health minister jare! 🙆🙆🙆

after so much pressure. The only president that they must beg before he addresses the citizens... They are writing scripts for Sinzu money to be read by 7pm. twitterNG Gather here Tooooor We thank God o hope it will be more than 30 seconds They finally dug out an old video of him, to display to poor Nigerians

Like i care😏 Pre recorded broadcast...the presidency is dead, Tacha and Imam of peace is our new president Nd Vice President Habba, it's not your style sir. No need. Just stay safe O jebi... Finally the man of the match is outta his cave...i sha hope he won't repeat the covik 1'9 this time around Bubu we re patiently waiting sir...God bless Nigeria

2sec everything don burst ohhh... we want 1hr broadcast and he should sing the Nation Anthem to us☻☻☻ He should start his speech with “Due to popular demand ”😂😂 Always being dragged to do the right thing. FailureInChief Covik 1---9 reading again? I am not expecting too much tbh 🤣😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Buhari Receives COVID-19 Updates From Minister Of Health, NCDC Boss – PresidencyBuhari Receives COVID-19 Updates From Minister Of Health, NCDC Boss – Presidency Y'all are decieving yourselves Which kind blur pic be this channels? He should still resign we don’t want a president hiding like cockroache

Coronavirus: Presidency clarifies report of Buhari approving N30,000 relief package to Nigerians - Daily Post NigeriaThe Presidency on Saturday, dismissed reports that President Muhammadu Buhari has approved N30,000 relief package to be given to every Nigerian with a Hopefully this happens Hmmmm It's normal now! God will protect us.

Video shows Buhari with health minister, NCDC directorThe Presidency says President Muhammadu Buhari on Saturday met with Osagie Ehanire, minister of health, and Chikwe Ihekweazu, director-general of the NCDC Has he seen any sign of virus syntom ,which make him bring this two health agent together? Is that a news?

Buhari pays tribute to Reverend Sister Henrietta AlokhaBuhari also condoled with all those who lost their loved ones and property in the pipeline explosion, praying that God would strengthen them in the trying period. Buhari PipelineExplosion Nigeria SisterHenrietta I beg which of the Buhari una dey talk. Talk about covid_19 plss Mr incompetency hear this one oh... 🙄

Coronavirus: What we discussed with Buhari– Health MinisterNigerian health minister, Osagie Ehanire, has provided insight into why he, alongside other officials, visited President Muhammadu Buhari at the President Face to face or true a medium? where is the buhari biko...cos na presidency we dey see

APC Hails Buhari, Says President Leading Fight against COVID-19 'Like a Legendary Troop Commander' - THISDAYLIVEBy Adedayo Akinwale The All Progressives Congress (APC) has commended President Muhammadu Buhari for vigorously leading the fight to curb coronavirus pandemic in Nigeria ‘like a legendary troop commander’. The National Publicity Secretary of the party, Mallam Lanre Issa-Onilu, in a statement issued on Saturday said that under the keen supervision of the President, there … FECK off man Hmmm 🤔huh...bad belle😒