BREAKING: Buhari pardons late Anthony Enahoro, late prof Ambrose Alli, others

BREAKING: Buhari pardons late Anthony Enahoro, late prof Ambrose Alli, others

4/9/2020 1:29:00 PM

BREAKING: Buhari pardons late Anthony Enahoro, late prof Ambrose Alli, others

President Muhammadu Buhari has granted Presidential pardon to the former governor of old Bendel State, late Prof Ambrose Alli and a foremost...

 President Muhammadu Buhari has granted Presidential pardon to the former governor of old Bendel State, late Prof Ambrose Alli and a foremost nationalist, late Chief Anthony Enahoro.The Minister of Interior, Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola disclosed this at a world news conference on Thursday in Abuja.

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He said three other high profile persons also benefitted from the presidential amnesty. He added that the gesture means that they were never convicted.Aregbesola who was flanked at the conference by the ministers of Justice and Attorney General of the Federation, Abubakar Malami and Information, Alhaji Lai Mohammed said the gesture was based on compassion.

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Posthumous pardon but buhari have to pay all their benefits to their families simple he can wake their Spirit. Beautiful nonsense! Let's see how much humanity will pardon him after his death. Who will pardon Buhari that killed democracy in 1983 ? MBuhari shouldn't have been allowed to participate in any election in Nigeria. You cannot benefit from institution you desecrated. The last 5yrs has been a total waste of time & resources. NigeriaGov

How doest that affect the spread of corona virus... I hate what I don't like 😏😏 Pardoned? I prefer Apologize to Compared to what we see politicians do presently. Granting pardon to dead people when prison is overcrowded.. .. Rudderless and Crazy regime Ambrose Ali the greatest and best governor of old bendel state ( Edo and Delta )

This man is strange in his ways. Thank u Your Excellency GovernorObaseki of EdoStateGovt. I knw hw u pushed 4 this esp for His Excellency, Late Prof Ambrose Folorunsho Alli: an unusually cerebral medical doctor, neuropathologist, revered Prof of Morbid Anatomy & Governor of the defunct Bendel State (1979-1983)

Mr. President pls I don't understand wat u mean by ' Pardon' to someone who has already dead Who are the 3 others whose names they are hiding ? I guess they are the real people they want to pardon but using the 2 dead men ( Prof.Ambrose Ali & Anthony Enahoro) to cover up. He has a plan... Lifeless decision

If you have nothing to say, please keep quiet. chidoooskii In buhari's mind they are still alive in prison. Are you sure we don't have president for dead people here No Nigerian deserves national honors nor recognition under Khalifa Buhari. Even the dead must be scrutinized under Gen. Buhari. These dead gentlemen are glowing saints compared to Buhari. Buhari should allow them to continue resting in peace

DO CONVICTED FELONS HOLD POLITICAL POSITIONS? Balewa's admin accused Pa Enahoro of Awolowo's alleged coup during AG crisis in Western Nigeria (1962/1963). He fled to UK via Ghana. Balewa's govt extradited him, jailed him for 15yrs. He was released 1966, served in Gowon's govt. DANCING ON AMBROSE ALLI'S GRAVE Your KANGAROO TRIBUNAL jailed a man on phantom charges he took N983k as kickback. He spent 4 YEARS in jail; was released by the IBB Junta on February 13, 1988, was too sickly, & died on his 60th birthday, September 22, 1989. WHAT SILLY PARDON?

Can the rulere tell what they have Nigeria than Enahoro who moved a motion for our independence which was stopped by the northern elites with the phrase 'as soon as practicable' Pardon a dead man.....go ur sins are forgiven. 😀😀😀😀😀😀 Which Buhari ? Is it past or present ? What is he pardoning them for Those names are by far well distinguished.... Has he finished atoning for his visionlessness?

Give chief Anthony Enahoro national honour he deserved it As a coupist Buhari brought up trumped up charges to jail an innocent man, today he want to form Saint, MBuhari you are the one the needs forgiveness from Professor Ambrose Alli You they pardon person whey don die? I rest my case Pardorning the dead😣😣😣is our God not wonderful?

COVIDー19 pardoned them, please. A Coupist overthrew a democratically elected govt, became head of a notorious military regime, censored & muzzled press, ruled by fiat & edict, raised tramped up kangaroo charges, jailed members of a particular party, killed Ambrose Alli. The Coupist pardons Alli. Welcome 2 ur NG

Dis one na side distraction for the south.. while they don do major cash out Someboby is behind Nigeria matter Obviously, this man has lost it completely. Let the dead pardon the dead I'm just saying Buhari ...... Your father You shall spend your dying days in a jail house,the same way Dasuki and others were maltreated, that same coin shall be used in payment for your deeds. Thief

E be like say dey don slap Oga for dream.. You see how MBuhari is busy everyday manifesting cluelessness? He doesn’t have any business in governance because he doesn’t know his left from his right. This is his priority in this time of global pandemic. E be lyk say dey don slap Oga for dream. You people should please stop diverting our attentions...(armed rubbers)

Let him pardon El Zazaky and his wife while they're alive. You sure say dem no Dey chase am for dream 😂😂😂😂😂 The pardon is in line. Remember these 'dead' people have their followers who will begin to enjoy the benefits of the FG 'pardon'. Ogaaaa oooo. This one Taya me ooo. What of Senator Kalu Pardoned to enter heaven or to enjoy government booty? Is the govt serious?

Wickedness is when you don't let a dead man rest in peace. Then bringing alive the sad memory to the family. Smh. MBuhari NigeriaGov Naija movie made in aso rock Foolish pardon, what has his have to do or bring them those good pple back to life, dead living given pardon to the dead, publishing this news doesn't make sense, is out of point,

They died as convicts, bring them back to life if you have the power. The Patriarchs are resting in their....... ' Keep your Pardon, or, is it amnesty? Don't worry about the dead, concentrate on the living. Or maybe in preparation to avoid rancor over there. Buhari wey suppose dey prison for many crimes. Forget dat story Ambrose Ali & Enahoro no do nothing so wetin him dey pardon? Yeye dey smell abeg

Pardoning them so that they won't flog you with FLAMED CANE when you go there.... Abi! OYO is your case...they're waiting for you Buhari pardon the dead Pardoned the late! HAHAHA 😆 😂 🤣 this man is in SANE!🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️ What has this gat to do with covid19? Nothing I no go read from MBuhari .... pardon people that are late?

Great work 🙏 Isn't Buhari the cause of Ambros Alli's death? You can't be glorified for this, rather receive the punishment you deserve. Who are the other high profile people he pardon? тнє ∂єα∂ ѕєяνιиg тнє 💀 ∂єα∂ He should pardon him self not the dead Don't worry they would personally thank you when una meet for yonder MBuhari

What? Audio president What were their defences that they are being pardoned now? Who accused them ab initio? Nje a gbadun bayi ? Do you now agree that the president doesn't know what is happening around him. Someone should tell him that these people are no longer with us. Lord we deserve better. I guess you guys are confused

You Evil Man You killed Ambrose Alli & now want to get applauds with his name You raised trumped up charges against him in 1984 & sentenced him to jail, where his health deteriorated very badly and he permanently lost his sight May his blood never depart you and your family Best action so far. Long awaited and timely. But nay sayers and wailers OfficialPDPNig will start crying foul.

If Buhari can give appointment to dead people,is it this one that will too hard for him Sinzu has a covenant with the Dead Mtchewwwwwwwwwww!!!!!! MBuhari Leave the dead to rest and take care of the living. Your pardon means nadah to them and their God Maybe one alfa or prophet just told him to so he cud recuperate..Buhari confess Jesus Christ as ur Lord And Saviour. Period.

🤣🤣🤣 No wonder Nnamdi Kanu says Buhari is dead n buried shuo Onana die ? Stupid was that the problems confronting Nigerians at the moment? I see now why Buhari starves the nation of food and has refused to share money since the lockdown. He probably wants to see the people dead before he starts making provisions for them to feed. This news perfectly explains it all.🤔 However, back to sender!

Who should be pardoned? Standing truth on its head After being convicted by the people’s court, dear PMB, Who will pardon you when you die? What's going on here? I'm confused. 🤔 Nothing when person not go hear or see for this country.. what's it self... Hmmmm OK Bye... 🗾🗾🗾🗾 If you can pardon the dead, why can't you pardon those who are still alive for the sake of God

All na wayo None of his lists ever being without death among. Even his appointment list Nigeria....which way?abeg who curse this country? Buhari will not cease to amaze Nigerians pardoning dead people 😂 Maybe he did not know they are dead. He. awarded ministry to dead people before na🤣🤣🤣🤣. The clueless president ever

They don't care about his pardon. They are heroes on their own. Buhari jailed Ambrose Ali in 1984 for doing nothing. The same dictator is now on ventilator support Bubu at it again ? Pardon them for what? When the are far better and honest than you. Stop playing to gallery we are wiser than now. Why not jail them n release 2more inmates from Kuje Prison🤣🤣🤣 Or is there any entitlement this pardon is hindering their family from?

Lol 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Almost dead dey pardon dead Lol 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Assuming e no pardon dem, e for dig up dia remains carry am go court Buhari caused the death of Prof. Ambrose Alli without any offence and thereby put to an end the free education that guaranteed all of us education but now wants to receive praises for political pardon. He never apologised for his illegal detention.

So this will make them leave hell and go to heaven or what? Na wa o. Am sure it's the spirits that were granted pardon. 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️Nigeria 🙆‍♂️ In all the news of the happenings around the world, this is what can tweet?😂 Is this Buhari for real The families of these great men Buhari jailed unjustly during their lifetime, should throw his rubbish pardon back in his face. What nonsense? U are pardoning those u should be begging for pardon? Rubbish.

I knw someone among the Buhari supporters will understand dis, pls let dem explain to us. Bcos this just like asking me who is the president of England? How can you pardon people who are dead..why not pardon the living? I hope this move as largely applauded is not a ploy to release Boko guys? He's settling with them in tge other side Let's get it clear buhari or whatsoever he is called is dead...!

Good gesture. Hope the families will be compensated accordingly. Hian!!! Nothing Davido tattoo won't see on Tasha's breast Buhari actually once sentenced Ambrose Alli to 100years in prison. 😂 Biko pardon to the Dead, Is he God. which kind thing be this Which Buhari where is he maybe the Ghost one E don happen.. COVID19

From appointment of dead men into committees and ministerial positions to pardoning of dead men. If only this pardon can admit them to eternal life, then it will be a wonderful thing. Only a dead President can appoint and pardon dead people. Pardon the dead you said? O Lord have mercy on this daft people in power.

Somebody wee his house dey on fire no dey pursue rats Focus on how to manage COVID-19, because, the two weeks won't be enough. Other advance nations have extended theirs till one month. Pardon when they are already dead.who did we offend in these country Is that an achievement? There's a strong connection between buhari and the dead. We will soon know

Them de pardon dead body again? Wahala for this Buhari oh 🙄 Did he wanted to jail dem before Dead man alive again😂😂😂 By late you mean they are dead right? Or is it a title to their name? I am confused here. What kind of pardon are you granting to a dead person? 🤷 AbdulMahmud01

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Buhari, other African leaders stand with WHO chief after Trump attack - Premium Times Nigeria'The Government of Nigeria fully supports WHO and its Director General DrTedros,' Mt Buhari wrote. As if buhari's opinion matters WHO is doing the bidding of the Chinese communist party, they are not representing the world. Buhari!? other African leaders.

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Like U.S., UK kicks against Buhari govt's plan to transfer $110 million Abacha loot to BaguduThe US and the UK are kicking against the plan of the Buhari administration to transfer $110 million stolen by the late military dictator, Sani Abacha. This Nigerian government is fearless in a very bad way Goodnews to good Nigerians Buhari’s APC govt is a Yahoo govt.

COVID-19: How Buhari failed to take action in vital weeks – Daily Trust‘Community-based cases recorded’ Plans in place to tackle spread – NCDC ‘Some measures could be counterproductive’ The coronavirus has spread to 16 states and the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) with fears of escalation amid criticism by experts that President Muhammadu Buhari did not take action at the right time to stem the tide. The experts … How DailyTrust failed to understand that decisions are taken based on facts and figures on ground NOT emotions and hearsay. Also you need to tell us how some of your benefactors and their families disobeyed the isolation guidelines by NCDC. Journalism has become one of the useless professions. Has he ever taken swift action on any issue before?