Abuja-Lagos Lockdown, Covid-19 Nigeria

Abuja-Lagos Lockdown, Covid-19 Nigeria

BREAKING: Buhari lacks power to restrict movement in Lagos, Abuja – Adegboruwa

3/29/2020 11:28:00 PM

BREAKING: Buhari lacks power to restrict movement in Lagos, Abuja – Adegboruwa

Eniola Akinkuotu, AbujaA human rights lawyer, Mr. Ebun-Olu Adegboruwa (SAN), says the President, Major General Muhammadu Buhari (retd.), lacks the power to restrict movement without recourse to the National Assembly.Adegboruwa said this in a statement while reacting to the President’s restriction of movement in Lagos and Ogun States as well as Abuja.

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Buhari had in a broadcast on Sunday restricted movement in a bid to curb the spread of COVID-19.The senior advocate said, “The President has no powers to restrict the movement of persons without recourse to the National Assembly. The President has not invoked his powers under the constitution to declare any state of emergency, which must be approved by the National Assembly.

“We are running a constitutional democracy and it is illegal for the President to take over the affairs of any state of the federation without the express consent of the people of that state through their elected representatives.“It is only the governor of the state through the House of Assembly of the state that can make any declaration concerning the people of that state. Little wonder that the President could not cite any law that he relied upon for his declaration.”

Adegboruwa, who stated that he supports measures put in place to curb the virus, said the law must be respected.He, therefore, called on the President to do the right thing.The senior advocate also called on Buhari to put measures in place to assuage the financial consequences of the restriction.

The lawyer added, “I support every measure taken to contain the Coronavirus pandemic but such must be in accordance with the law. If we allow this to stay, then tomorrow the President may just impose a total restriction on all States of the Federation for whatever reason.

“I humbly urge the President to reverse the restrictions and work with the States concerned in accordance with the laws of our land.“Also, there must be measures put in place to address the financial consequences of the proposed shutdown, especially for small scale businesses, those who depend on daily earnings and the needy and vulnerable members of the societies to be affected.”

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Msg to FG, NCDC n Nigerians. Pls use money 2 feed pple at home who are yet 2 b infected. It is cheaper 2 feed them 4 a period of time 2 curtail d disease than 2 prepare hospitals n test kits, pls we still have a chance to prevent a break out. You will spend far less. Be wise. Hahaha, He did not show power, but he is not lacking it.

Who is this person? She he/she wants the virus to continue spreading? This is not politics ooo S1 jez greeted my neighbor 'eku-odun' Like dt wasn't enaf some virus finders are still jogging upandan the street in d name of exercise. Does he have power to stop Nigerian citizens outside the country from returning to the country?

The person that said so should go out an c whether they would bring out his 💀 I dis agree,sir.This is not the issue of law or power,but a matter of life and death,when covid-19 affects someone close to one it is then one will understand what the President has done. Every thing na politics fr dis country

When he released N15b he has con power, it's on lock down he doesn't have power. Buhari didn't talk you complain he talked you complained. What's your problem? Adegboruwa should look for relevance else, we are after relevance that can cure Covid-19 Since he lacks the power to restrict movement, then you can go to national TV and give a contrary order. Olodo of a person

Too many idiots everywhere... Another one noted... Anyone with his handle should pls tag him... Advance charge and bail lawyer... Gidi_Traffic MBuhari bustopsng Go out na, the military is ya friend This is not about power but safety... Some people just want to go viral at all cost. Yeye dey smell. Adegboruwa is Speaking in the Garbage!

Because Lagos is not part of Nigeria abi? Thunder wey go fire u they italy. Enemy of progress. He also lacks power to prevent COVID19 from infecting us, so decide either obey the Government lock down or welcome CORONA to your family and friends. Good luck Abeg pls u guys should take it easy, lack power to restrict movement, na everybody get money to buy food

Pmb has acted lawfully and should be apluded. if president lacks power, then who now has mr president has the absolute power, constitutionally to exercise authority in times of national emergency in making proclamations & seek the parliament for their backing.. President with no vision and knowledge to preside over a nation

He wants to smuggle his people into naija. Y The Nigerian sickness is worst than CoVid 19.... Must u guys always see the negative in the President's actions? Some people have been talking about American , realDonaldTrump n the governor of new York. Are you seeing what is going on in America? This is no time for Constitutional right, weather Lagos State or Federal Government say it. I support the measure, we are just to stubborn

Oga abeg no dey let people miss understand the situation, this is serious! The sit at home is not politically or Constitutionally motivated, this is health issue that ball down to saving lives! PLEASE NIGERIAN, CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT OR NO RIGHT STAY HOME! 🙏🏿🙏🏿 So Buhari cannot quarantine the whole Lagos in the process of crisis

Awon were.... Just wanna beessss I leave President alone Some people are designed with the mood of stupidity😂😂😂 4 heavens sake how can a President lack power to restrict movement in his country? Go and tell New York governor the same thing, since America too is a democratic country whether you will not rot in jail. Nonsense/No-sense lawyer, park well, Nigeria has moved on.

He want to be known We know! But let's focus on priorities and see the greater good from the imposed ban. This is not an issue of power here but rather a measure to restrict the spread, which we should all work together Lawyer seeking attention at all costs Oga go out please and tell us your finding, please do share with,we will who has right Mr right

All these lawyers self. U People get time eeee Oya come out and see flogging nah, the restriction is for our own good. Why do people like to argue unnecessarily. It is in national interest that some of these steps are taken. You're lucky he does not have Lions to send out to the street like Putin did What is Adegboruwa

Who is Adegboruwa? Buhari has no power ba, let him test his theory by roaming the streets of either Abuja, Lagos or Ogun tomorrow No mind the useless lawyer, some just wear the gan as far wear sack, they don't deserve to be a lawyer You can go anywhere you want to go. Who now has the power to lock down Lagos? Is it legal right or wrong we are looking at here or how to deal with this common enemy, COVID-19? Why don't you sue China for infecting the world? Tell that man to keep quiet

Coro-lawer please disobey him and move around with your family. What is Breaking in some1 trying to put you in trouble so he could hv a legal fees to get from you while you try to challenge your beating in court, What a Double jeopardy, you get seriously beatn and you still loose your money to the lawyer as legal fees.Omaseoooo.

Abi ori adegboruwa o pe. Adegboruwa, if dem born ya papa well, come out 11:01pm today Please send out money to the masses so that the shut down will be effective abide to Powerful man go out😂😷 Don't care if he lacks the power I care about my safety so I'm sitting home They just don't want PMB/APC to have any positive records on anything whatsoever.They don't care if the whole country perish.They play politics with even the slimness opportunity.They are worried about the what PMB score board will look like if he eventually succed with covid-19

People are now coming out talking all in the name of COVID-19, those that we didn't know or heard their names Before, who hell is adegboruwa that's vomiting rubbish. Just trying to be relevant, Adegboruwa Korea’s! Which constitution says this? Cos I think it's Sanwo-olu thay doesn't have the power. That as be done already

Tell dat Adegboruwa to shut up..What yeye nonsense power is he talking about Who cares You are not serious sir, maybe you wanna spread the virus Sir please hunger is too much How can anybody who loves his country say a thing like this. The other day, it was a university proprietor, a legal icon. Have they forgotten that exigencies of any kind override primitive legal considerations. Be safe, stay at home.

The president was clear and specific about the current 'life and death' situation which prompted his presidential intervention. This is not about law Mr SAN but about our lives Sir. Thank God the learned one is talking. Pmb delayed and his edited 'live' broadcast on lockdown is a clear violation of our right to move freely and until there is an act of Parliament to set it aside that provision of the constitution. Again anything is legal in Pmb Government

Can we address an issue the way it is talks like this endanger everyone especially health workers like me on the frontlines. Restrictions are necessary to curb spread of contagious infections so China America Italy UK Spain etc are stupid in imposition of restrictions. Of Course Lagos is an independent federating unit. It's not under the exclusive list nor is it under the control of the federall government. It is autonomous! Ignorant people!

During emergency period, fed govt can impose curfew. Our constitution backed that Is this man normal so, want to be relevant so cheap. Try waka for Abuja tomorrow make we see who hold the power between una........ Nonsense Who’s this one? For Gods sake, this is a pandemic. Oya go n beat buhari na or if u have d balls, go out on Tuesday and claim right. Rubbish

Is this suppose to be the argument now Why are we like this in Nigeria Who swear for Very heartless people that just need cheap popularity Most Nigerians are Talking with Both Sides of the Mouth. As a Matter of Health and Economy Urgency, We Should Allowed the Fed. Govt to do the Needful. Adegboruwa should Self Isolate Himself in this Matter. Life's Good

As long as I support the FG fight against covid19 even though is coming so late..the truth is u cant lock people at home without providing any means of survival, with the way things are going;not only covid19 will harm masses.hunger will do more damage. So they should rethink Well as much as he sounds convincing but considering the rapid spread of this pandemic this should declaration should fly. People should stay at home to prevent further spread.

Odegboruwa thinks his foolish opinion matters when the world is battling with a pandemic virus that have killed thousands of People..he will be alright.. Adegboruwa has never come across deaf and dumb soldiers.. he will knw that power begin with them to the top.. Some people would just wake up and say nonsense .Enter street make soldiers beat the hell out of you !...MUMU people still yabing nonsense in this situation

This lawyer (Adegboruwa) deserves Koboko 😁 But he has the power to approve N10 billion for the same state without National Assembly abi ? Isi azu man. Waka outside after 11pm today see whether Covid-19 patient no go better pass you. COVIDIOTS at it again. Some uneducated lazy Nigerians will not read newspaper, once they see write up 👆 they began to talk rubbish. The human right lawyer meant Buhari has no power if he did not consult the national assembly. He meant that we run constitutional democracy.

Buhari should do like India president,we are not going to war just buy pankere for the military and let every idiot yo be flog RT Okoto meow meow I trust Nigeria police, they can do more then this 😁😁😁 Are you people suddenly lacking news to report? Idiots full everywhere in this country o Please if restricting movement in any part of Nigeria would help control the spray of this epidemic, why should we be talking about legality. Look at how even more advanced countries are battling with this issue and we talk about legality? Kai, Nigerians.!

Everything shouldn't be politics, this your submission isn't necessary now. Some things at times needs emergency measures. So he should wait until the National Assembly resumed for preliminary. Your wrong to come up with such an attack. InAsMAs am not a fan for Buhari ur wrong 😹😹😹 Who is Adegboruwa himself ? Abeg leave am Gidi wan trend be that😹😹😹

Idiot. If dem born you well comot. If they born Adegoruwa well, he should come out.. He will understand power. Must this fool think everything is politics? He can go out in the street of Lagos to protest the order or better go to already closed Court for case filing. Yeyenatu Cash and carry lawyer. Just continue with your movement, Coro will take care of you😂

InibeheEffiong how true? Hmmm Owna sure say this man na SAN? Have you forgotten about the Doctrine of necessity? That he has the power to invoke the doctrine of necessity where the circumstances demand... In Nigeria, under the Quarantine Act of 1926, the President of Nigeria is empowered to: (3) Powers to make regulations preventing the spread of any dangerous infectious disease. You call yourself a lawyer interpret this act for us Mr Adegboruwa

must you guys drop this garbage here Mr SAN, kindly walk about with your family members. You are at liberty to obey or not When you read above the law curriculum, you will reason above law of the land If we had obeyed Sanwo-Olu plea to stay at home we won't be where we are now. Read the speech text. No. 36 says the governors of Lagos and ogun including FCT minister have been notified. Whether Mr President has the power or not, the governors concerned gave their consent.

Which law? law wey we never ever follow E don happen Trouble makers... attention seekers...they av come You are correct. All power belongs to God 😂😂 lawyer who thinks like Carpenter, na..... Buhari has locked down without power, you that have the power should go and open it up. they sha must talk to gain attention and recognition

The problem of this country is lawyers Mind you, you won't be seeing him outside after the talk... All na mouth ! Take the matter to court. Okay It's actually Buharis fault, because he was supposed to lockdown the whole country. This idiot, brainless Adegboruwa will not talk. Useless charge and bail lawyer

Okay nah....move make we see yoj Who's this illiterate lawyer? Shut up!!!!! Nigerians with over sabi.... Adegorowa pls keep quite for once!. africaupdates You mean to say that Nigeria's President lacks executive power to declare a national emergency if need be? Well, how is he supposed to serve his country in a crisis if he doesn't have such powers? Covid_19 is not something to mull over with unending indecision. COVID19NG

Activist lawyer.... Why do we have constitution if we can't follow it? The Lawyer is not against the motive behind the declaration. He is simply looking at it from the legal angle and that's what it should be. Go to Court!! Lock down d country, Buhari lacks power to restrict movement. Nigerians we are not normal

Don't just start making mouth on news paper pages, adegboruwalaw come out on Tuesday and let's meet at Gani fawehinmi park to protest the restriction. Sheybi u sabi law😂😂 Punch Newspapers is heading towards professional abbys. What's breaking about point of order? Their Editorial Board is a collection of quacks who have traded the high editorial quality of those days with pettiness and crass sensationalism.

Who is this one again? When people are dying in Italy, Spain, Iran, USA, Germany? Nonsense! Save lives first then argue law later bro. What is this one saying?🙄 Oga lawyer, It wasn't Buhari that ordered restriction of movement, it was CoronaVirus 😂🤣🤣 This lawyer is always trying to stay relevant. If the C-in-C lacks powers to restrict movements during a pandemic but other state governments are declaring curfew yet he's not talking. Seems you have a personal beef with Buhari

Imagine this impostor all the way from a hidden hotel room in cuba given the so call yorubas directions.. evil open cawards Nigerians.. QuotedReplies See finish Nkita rachaa this lawyer anya In a time like this, we ain't looking for who has the power or not Jux do the right and save pples life Lawyer ndi ara


I think his just speaking grammar as this point. Sorry who's Adegboruwa Who's Buhari Oga try your self nah those police for road go flog u tire. Na dem. Uncle Onagoruwa always misfiring like his Boss, Gani Fawehimmi😂😂😂 Let him go and sit down Where were you when the entire country was shutdown or population census? If you visit isolation ward, you won’t be saying this! 😂🤣😄👍🖐

Punch you are only wasting your time What is breaking news here? who is he? Oya let him start his journey to Abuja or Lagos beside the order if he is really serious. Not true. As CinC he has powers to declare a state of emergency in any Nigerian territory. Since buhari has no power dare him, idiot Some people are just senseless

Lol Adegboruwa na fool Take him to court We yu kip kwayet?! “ CoronaVirus weed” more dangerous than COVID19 Why do we have so many well dressed mad people roaming about nah, is it not enuf that we have COVID19 already? he is not buhari His broadcast was useless if it includes Lagos, jidesanwoolu has done a perfect job so far.

Nigeria is an anocracy. We claim to be a democracy, but do not really know how it is truly practiced. Our political office holders are mostly behaving like autocrats and fuedal lords, yet claiming to be democrats. Attention seeker. Nonsense True Lagos. Stubborn die if he say he lacks power, its not just to decree that gives authority its the demonsration.... Stay at home till when? Stay home eating what? Stay home to get food from where if the lock down exceeds the stipulated amount of days? Las Las he's right.

Try and reverse it then... there’s nothing one won’t see or hear... this is not the time for what is right or what is wrong... desperate times call for desperate measures. Ratification can come at anytime. Pls check out if this Adegnoruwa is not tested positive Kwayet pls. We have more life threatening issues to be addressed

We should all remember that this covid 19 is at our door step. Now is not the time for power contest. President or not, whoever knows a better way of kicking this little killer monster out of our country should come forward and make himself available. Some people are just begging for attention Adegboruwa

Whether or not he has power to restrict movement in those states, the most important thing is lives are needed to be saved....... A total lockdown without making provisions on meeting the needs of those affected. What a very useless government! Abeg o. Leave us o. We refuse to go out in Jesus name this is not a time to argue legality or deliberate on principle of federalism. let us take care of the vulnerable people who can't earn if they don't work as we want to enforce this stay at home order . The lock down is necessary for public health safety.

We should letting floater to trend. This one enter night bus go law school Anndd...this is exactly why we need to shutdown, to shut some ppl up Adegboruwa, you are mad. Shey people go fit stay at home for 3 days sha? If most people no go out them no fit feed themselves ooo. God will surely help us and d govt. in this trying times. God bless the federal govt.

What then is State of Emergency?. The real lesson is learnt when the virus comes near someone very close to you. Stay home and be safe for the sake of your family COVIDー19 He lacks power to save life based on constitution, but when it comes to fraud and stealing gov't property you keep the Constitution aside. I don't understand you monkeys

Please how many flags do we have now? Oga power come and reverse it now .... Lol Adewat Let him go on the street to prove his law well and see who has power to restrict movement Bros abeg Come out, lets see if he has d poweror not! Stupidity loaded I believe the person who made this statement doesn’t have any power in the first place. I don’t like Buhari and I can’t stand foolishness when I see it. This man needs a tall glass of STFU!!!

Hmmm den who has the powers to? Punch, Tell Adegboruwa to come back in 2023 or 2027 to contest as Governor or President. You don't want to die and you don't want to stay at home. An adage says, ' You cannot eat your cake and still have it. Adegboruwa should park well. The governor self no talk otherwise🤦

AleseFemi Adegboeuwa should go out please naija for real.... Big Sam, I hail u He is right oo! Coz Buhari is not d president. Foolishness... As if d govt. of Lagos wasnt carried along.. im sure his desire to b relevant didnt let him c dat part of d speech Before it was Buhari failed to address the nation, now it's Buhari is repeating what's already in place. Naija, what exactly do we want? The most difficult country to govern.

May coronavirus visit his house, finding ways to curtail a epidemic non-sense... You are saying he lacks the power, don't worry come out... Soldiers will slap off that your wig and gown and restore sense to you Who is this one again? Please Mr Adegboruwa kindly shut up on this matter He's right though, if you read everything not the headline. Buhari just said something cus we were waiting for him to address us .

Awon Lawyer, this is a matter of national security. Please stfu. He has the power to put you in jail for talking in the rubbish Please Oga Ade,the president have such powers Na una caused am, una dey shout Buhari never talk to Nigerians, shebi e don talk now, see make every body go seat down for house na wetin una want na him e give una, some people will drink garri with soya beans this time.

Hia commander in chief If Dem born your papa well o. Tuesday carry Constitution Waka for road if Dem no change ur life with beating E be like say soldier never slap this man before. Then give am better frog jump The SAN is correct. Constitutionally, a President cannot lock down a state without approval from NASS. But in Buhari's regime, NASS does not exist. They're nothing but his stooge. An appendage of the Presidency.

Buhari is totally crazy Álàsè........ Make sure you prove it to the nation that he lacks power.... O ni yeye, 😆 All this kangaroos are here debating who has power.he has made the pronouncement because it very necessary at this time We re talking about the issue of life and death here not law This argument is unneccesary The fact is lagos state is on lockdown so arguments wont change it.

OK. mikkyalat You people take several mattresses abeg, and stop constituting nuisance. Some are trying to keep the country afloat, others are committed to engineering division. Nonsense. Where re taking about the life and death here not the law MBuhari FGNigeria NigeriaNewsdesk NigeriaGov followlasg ....Our government do the right thing

I disagree with the learned silk. I think the president can by virtue of the Quarantine Act. What he should do is to issue a regulation. A proclamation via a broadcast is not in tandem with the law He want people to hear his voice and no him too Provide enough food Adegboruwa shud b quarantined.. he is displaying corona symptoms already...

who b dis mumu lawyer.... Abeg who give am SAN I hate cheep attention and publicity stunt seekers...the level of our self serving and selfishness is incomparable.... Hope u guys notice that coro is growing in naija everyday. If u re waiting for due course before restriction on movement. Sorry is the case.

After tomorrow, Carry your motor and drive from VI down to Yaba then to Ikeja if you’re in Lagos. If na Abuja you dey, Just drive from Wuse down to Maitama then Asokoro Confirm whether Buhari has the powers or not Don’t forget to tell us your findings Sir Dear President MBuhari Pls provide an economic relief package for Nigerians, even if it's 50k each, it will go a long way. People are hungry, locked down with no money, begging left, right & centre. With the situation like this, it'll be difficult to keep people at home.

Oya come out Tuesday If this law and declaration takes effect, then we can all wave bye bye to democracy... Who is this again. 🤒🤒. Oloribuku, nonsense and idiot old thing! U guys are doing lack power or not lack power. When he reach to ask him to build go health care centre una mouth go shut. When i see medical equipment advanced countries are using to combat this virus and they still loss lives I weep for nigerians I pray it doesn't get worse.

Mad man stay in ur room n be making fake noise.. if he talk dm go complain,If he no talk dem go complain. We are an expert in complaint I believed he might seek their approval. I swear.... Without making provisions for relief means for Nigerians. Okay. Let us watch and see. True , na now i gree say this guy na yeye lawyer.

try and defy the restriction and see what will happen Even when the lives of millions are been threatened?to hell with your knowledge Who be dis Olodo? Notice me or I quench! Who is this one now🤦 Okay sir na you con get the power abi Adegboruwa, has lost brain cells True federalism: the president doesn't have such power to do such.

Big Sam! Must you talk? He’s looking for covid 19 HYPE Adegboruwa should not be unfortunate 🙄 Is the presidency ready to cater for those that will be indoor for 14 days? Nigeria wants to copy right thing in a wrong way. If Buhari lacks power, then go ahead and invoke yours....... Shiooor! No one is an island of knowledge. The learned silk should look for Quarantine Act and read it.

We talking about saving lives, somebody here is misyarning one useless law technicalities!! Mcheeewww!!! It's really difficult to imagine how some folks reason. Anyway, You are free to move around because he lacks the power to stop you Says one mad man.... Most of the folks here arguing against the lawyer are basically reacting based on party loyalty sentiments !!!

Oya receive sense stay at home and stay safe don turn bad tin again please avoid me What fogure of speech is this pls? Who's this one? Must we politicize everything? LEMAWWWOOOOOOOOOO Shutting down state should be done by state governors. Sha na APC state that's why. They have started What this person mean. Why don't u tell Donald Trump this. Ode

Buhari has power ( under this circumstance ) to restrict u to ur father's yard! Read the constituction n stop spewing trash because u are a 'charge n bail' lawyer When there is a pandemic what we look out for is survival not the rule book. So anything that will resort to being among the living will be done.

Who are all these ones Antichrist Now, the subject has moved from 'our president cannot address us' to he lacks power to issue a lock down order' Nigeria, I hail thee o! Horlamy66 If hin papa and mama born am well make he comot on Tuesday nah,Nigeria soldier go draw map of Nigeria on his head. Ok if Sanwo say we should stay at home and Buhari say no who will enforce it? Amotekun?

So, what is breaking in this rubbish? You are one of our problems. Lack of compliance on government directives will not help matter. Mr whatever we don't knw you and we are not ready to knw you nw Over Sabi dey worry this Adegboruwa. Komot na make soldier nab u. iamyenum you see the kind of people I’m talking about? Social distancing is key to stopping the virus from spreading but this person is saying the president doesn’t have power to lock down the state lol

Oshey powerful person goan reverse it na OK. So the virus should continue spreading? Idiotic people in the name education. Oga will you keep shut! Lol. You mean the CinC of the Armed forces does not have the power to restrict movement? Leemao😂😂 Who be dis charge and bail laywer I bet many didn't read d news and just like we DO and will do during elections and every sensitive matter we disregard d laws! The reason we as a people are regarded was third world nations is NOT science, NOT tech, No it's our POOR regards for LAW.

He doesn't have power when there is national emergency. Some people just want to talk so people can know them Try coming out despite the ban, you’ll appreciate and recognize the existence of such power in practice He's a fool, not his fault, when they just bought him 2020 Camry, he's mouth will be driving rubbish , old fool

Who is this? Sorry please is this Nigeria? And the other flag doesn’t look like ours too 😏 These people are just confused especially lawyers, nobody knows what they really want It's always good to hear people out. The lawyer has a very strong argument though. From all indications it doesn't look like the President consulted with his advisers on how to address the situation. Bottom line: good intention but there was a breach in constitutional execution.

Who is Adegboruwa? Where are the Legistrators? Said a charge and bail Lawyer emmaikumeh There will surely be that person 'sha' SidiiWalker savvy_ruqqy learned silk disagrees. Then let them remain opened. He did not the airports on them, they talk, he ordered restriction of movement they talk, he didn't address the nation they talk, he addressed the nation na wahala. I don't envy the man at all.

He has the power but not making use of it well. He can either sign executive order or vice versa BashirAhmaad who is this guy that says our president can not restrict movement? Find out and signal back to me please Maybe Adegboruwa, need to be reminded that Buhari, is still the president of this great Nation.

I want to view this man's profile cos I don't know him and haven't heard about him Oponu All these our lawyers sef....na wa o Ebun don start again. This one na emergency o. This is one of the reason why democratic countries will be the worst hit. Keep claiming right Mr Lawyer.. Which national assembly is he talking about?

Nigeria has many mad people that always like to counter presidential directive. Some idiots are just stupid by default. Let those that think they can go against constituted authority test its will. You guys will never be satisfied if him talk nai wahala if him no talk nai wahala why on earth will you say a president does not have the power when he’s the first senior man of Nigeria hmmm naija

Ti won bati bi iyalaya e da, iwo gbiyanju ko jade. Oponu. How so?Once he send the military on the streets,you'll find out he's the power.Every country is using their martial law to lock down by force.Naturally human beings tend to be stubborn,but govt force fullness,make them head to laws.This is no joke,it's for real. No messing around

I personally believe we can over this virus quickly without PresidentCovik in the picture he's so lifeless Please he can move around freely and let us stay home in peace Coro is real and we want to stay safe Nigerians will Sha pick ONE phrase from buhari's speech Sha... Werepe... President no get right to declare SOE again... Even Americans dey blame Trump for acting sluggish. Can Trump bring back lost lives. Eyin werepe

Adegboruwa is a mad dog.... .. Idiot Uncle Adecorona, please shift. People will come out to see if anybody obeyed the rules...🤔🤔🤔🤔 How did PresidentCovik suddenly became an August Visitor to his silly COVIDIOT followers First speech tweet his pronunciation Covik 1 9, he now present another speech he lack power to restrict movement. What is our problem in this country? He is our president and we rule till 2023

Eh come out tomorrow with your car and start public announcement ! Wen u see soldiers way get stretch mark 4 face 2morrow explain dis ur grammar to dem.🤔 I neva even hear that name for my life... Ade what? Over sabi! You are not normal at all. Then why are u disturbing us for him to address Nigeria. Since he dont have the power

Hmm eyi kamama o 14days total shut down .People of God staystafe covik19 Mr. President is heartless, how can u tell people to stay home for 14days without any incentive... They should stay inside their houses and die of hunger right? Just imagine a country What is breaking about this mumu talk Who be dis one?

Let him go to court but let me quickly remind him that even the courts have locked the courts sha The president of a country have the power to lockdown any state Hypocrites everywhere. It is the same you guys that said that what the Governors were doing weren't enough, that the President must manifest. Now he has manifested and you are saying he has gone overboard. May God forgive you.

Na so una go put person for trouble. Ehen...! They don come now with legalistic idiocy. If MBuhari doesn't do it they will still talk nonsense. 🙄🙄 Stop him now... smh Ur a weak president! In history If he knows he has 2 heads, let him get on the road!!! When u come out u will find out Who is Adegboruwa? 💁‍♂️

Oga work around,then Buhari orders will bring you to your levels Una don start Pls help me to inform Adegboruwa to revert it if Buhari Buhari lacks the power to give order. Clown Mr N-power go and reverse it na Don't try president covik 1-9 ooh.. U will just see only army on the streets tomorrow Who is this FOOL

Dey yaff come... A whole President lack power to restrict movements in his country despite been the measures taken all over the world. E be things. Please come out if you thinks he doesn't have the powers. idiot. You suppose to say Buhari lacks energy not power,is like werey dey ya body wella... 😂😄😆😅😀🤣😂😁😀😅

Won de ooo😂😂😂😂 Won tun de . Clown oshi Please try and read what SAN Adegboruwa said before you comment. Even Trump tried dx but didn't succeed bcos everything has an order. Our President took the right decision, he should just follow the proper procedures. Them don start. Won to bere. Adegburuwa can test the federal might by mobilizing his family and friends for around Lagos drive on Tuesday. Senseless lawyer.

continue dey talk nonsense them go scatter ur mouth scatter your name take the gboruwa leave the Ade for you... Ijioot Is Adegboruwa a name of someone or attention seeker? So we should die abi I wonder o,he would just wake up and dish order. Let's see how Lagos state govt wud react to this emmaikumeh Alakori wo re?

Na dem!! Yes, only governor can decide the fate of his state except the case state of emergency. He charged Lagos state government to court over monthly sanitation and the restriction of movement. May be he should take mbuhari to court and let see if any reasonable judge will hear his case.Lawyers are the major problem we have in Nigeria

He lacks power, OK but at least he has the power to order the military to lash anyone seen on the streets. President muhammadu Buhari, use power number 2. I wonder why you people (mobilePunch) interview foolish people, this clown is busy dragging the president that he lacks what power? The head of State lacks power to restrict movement? 🙄 What a pity

Dey don start. Idiotic nincompoops. What solution do you have to offer to stop this scourge? Other than opening that shit hole of a mouth to tell us who has or doesn't have power. Martial law would do. Try the military style in the1996 like the Indian police does today and see the result. On the other hand, let our govt pls help the people out. Other countries that placed restrictions on movement did one or two things to ease suffering.

Adegboruwa is just seeking relevance, this can only happen in Nigeria where books theory are the only food for some, Adegboruwa can go to court where he will argue Corona virus. Idiot lawyer Because he knows the man we saw in today's movie wasn't MBuhari. Buhari is a curse to Humanity Let him flout the order if e sure for him

Talking in the nonsense Lmao! You never jam! Adegborunwa or whatever they are calling you, you are talking in the nonsense Awon the-law! Lives aren't important when we wanna pontificate. Legalistic lawyers are a HUGE PROBLEM in times like this. “We are running a constitutional democracy and it is illegal for the President to take over the affairs of any State of the Federation without the express consent of the people of that State through their elected representatives.' – Adegboruwa (SAN) Another angle of his opinion!

Power kill u Una dey mad, even stupid join. Movement restrictions is really needed at this time to limit the spread of the virus. You can’t just do things without a legal back up, that’s the implications of using autocratic styles in a democratic settings. Buhari should do the right thing legally, so that lawyers wouldn’t criticize his actions

Very true Who's this one Ori yin buru sir Who is this Adegboruwa self.... Does he just want to talk or what please tell him to meet under falomo bridge on Tuesday, if he didn't meet there.. please let him wait for me. So loni gboni. Good talk Adegboruwa We know sir but let’s just follow to help tackle this corona pandemic.

mrfestusogun Adegboruwa was the Agaracha Soundsultan was referring to in his 8thWondah Album. Some people loves nothing but wonder; Interesting part; Ogbeni no go comot tomorrow, his hobby will be indoor activities. So NTA decided to show us edited video of Buhari's broadcast address from another country. Am tired of this country full time..

who is this one, he needs excursion to Italy Pls who dey yarn NeekyStandard But this is an emergency na. Moreover, nass is on break This Adegboruwa or whatever he calls himself should stop seeking for cheap popularity.... Most of you are just displaying your ignorance here. It’s only Sanwo olu that is empowered by law to restrict movement in Lagos when the need arise and the governor have done that already and Buhari is just playing to the gallery obviously events have left him behind.

Adegboruwa is 100% correct. This isn't a military regime. I understand the need to curb the virus but let's follow the extant laws of the land. Even President Trump cannot unilaterally lock down any state in the US. We complain about dictatorship but that's how it creeps in. Someone one to be noticed Agbaya. Ur name alone lacks the power to be pronounced

Loll... even CJN dey fear to comout Sorry, who's Adegboruwa? mitch_ihejirika You enter road first. There you are... Conservative opinion This one get sense so.. You are a mumu man 🤣🤣😂😂 see this clown. The name sounds like Aberuagba from My Siblings&I You that have power, Oya go and reverse it . Nonsense!!!!

🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 if president lack power abeg who get power 🤣🤣🤣 issokai...I can't even be bothered right now Fellaz please stay at home, social distancing feels hard to practice Who's this one again Pls don't blame pmb ,he did what he supposed to do,if he restricts total movement in Lagos and abuja Nigeria will go bankrupt

Let see The state governor has already restricted movement. Buhari is just trying to be relevant. Things have moved on from him Yeye. They want to continue spreading the virus He should reverse it now.... SetAwonSuperMan Ok, go out.

BREAKING: Buhari announces lock down in Lagos, Abuja, Ogun – Daily TrustPresident Muahammadu Buhari has announced the cessation of all movements in Lagos and the FCT for an initial period of 14 days with effect from 11pm on Monday, 30th March 2020. He disclosed this during his brodcast on Sunday “Based on the advice of the Federal Ministry of Health and the NCDC, I am directing … What about other state Oyo state nkor? This is serious. There no food,no light,no water. Pls let the govt help the masses cos this is a serious situation.

BREAKING: Buhari declares curfew in Lagos, Abuja, OgunTo start Monday night 11pm This one fit work for Lagos? Please whose flag is the other one o

BREAKING: Buhari Imposes Curfew In Lagos, Ogun And AbujaBREAKING: Buhari Imposes Curfew In Lagos, Ogun And Abuja Much needed curfew! Curfew with nothing to eat Which nonsense Buhari, you people should stop deceiving people, you don't make progress and Prosper with lies. A photoshoped/after effect nonsense broadcast, static imagery and low resolution background. The person that wrote the speech with lots of 'father more' is dumb.

BREAKING: Coronavirus: Buhari orders total lockdown in Abuja, Lagos, Ogun - Daily Post NigeriaPresident Muhammadu Buhari on Sunday ordered a total lockdown in Lagos and Abuja as cases of Coronavirus continue to rise in Nigeria. The move was taken baba didn't talk about money What are will going to eat for 14days? They have lockdown Lagos now how will the poor masses feed

BREAKING: COVID-19: President Buhari announces total lockdown in Lagos, Abuja [Full statement] - Daily Post NigeriaPresident Muhammadu Buhari, Sunday evening announced a total lockdown in Abuja and Lagos. The president made the announcement in a nationwide broadcast on Is that all They have lockdown Lagos now how will the poor masses feed Finally President Buhari has Address the nation . Haters where are you?

Coronavirus: Buhari promises relief materials for Lagos, Abuja, Ogun residents - Daily Post NigeriaAs Nigeria prepares for total lockdown of major cities of Abuja, Lagos and Ogun due to the outbreak of Coronavirus, President Muhammadu Buhari has 🥰🙏🙏 🙏🙏🙏 We Nigeria appreciate