BREAKING: Boko Haram kills CAN chairman in Adamawa


BREAKING: Boko Haram kills CAN chairman in Adamawa

Kindly Share This Story Screenshot from video of Abubakar Shekau, leader of a Boko Haram faction. Source: Twitter: Audu Bulama Bukarti Eniola Akinkuotu and Samson Folarin Terrorist group, Boko Haram, killed the Chairman of the Christian Association of Nigeria in Michika Local Government Area of Adamawa State, Rev. Lawan Andimi. The spokesman for the CAN President, Rev. Bayo Oladeji, confirmed this to The PUNCH “It is unfortunate what has happened. A statement will be issued soon,” he said. The news was first broken by journalist, Ahmed Sakilda, on Twitter on Tuesday. He said, “To break some news items can traumatise. I’m battling with one of such. Reverend Andimi, abducted by Boko Haram was executed yesterday. Rev. Andimi was a church leader, a father to his children and the community he served. My condolences go to his family.” Andimi, who was declared missing on January 2, 2020, had in a video published on January 5 confirmed that he was in the custody of Boko Haram. Andimi had pleaded with the Adamawa State Government and the CAN leadership to come to his rescue. He was not maltreated by his captors as they were taking good care of him. The cleric, who spoke in Hausa and English intermittently, urged his family not to be afraid, adding that he would return home safely if it is the will of God. He said, “I have never been discouraged because everything is in the hands of God. God who made them to take care of me and leave me alive will touch them… So, I am appealing to fellow reverends particularly my President, Rev. Joel Billy, who is a strong man of love that he will do his best to speak with our governor and other necessary agents for my release. “These people (Boko Haram) have been doing well to me. They have been feeding me with what I want to eat and they provided me with a nice place to sleep, a blanket and everything. So, they have not done anything wrong to me and I believe that God, who made them to act in such a way, is still alive. “By the grace of God, I will be together with my wife, children, and colleagues and if the opportunity has not been granted, then maybe it is the will of God. All well-wishers and colleagues should be patient. Don’t cry, don’t worry but thank God for everything.” DOWNLOAD THE PUNCH NEWS APP NOW ON Receive Alerts on: Read more: The Punch Newspapers

On the order of the Spokesperson, period. Nobody goes to war against God and survive...God is watching Sorry to say, but it is a shame on the Christian society I still stand on my statement, majority of the problems we have in this country is the northerners. Just sell this country and give everyone his or her own share or better still let's divide,cos humans don't live with beasts

Their days are numbered. They will also be slay very soon. So sad. This is a group the Nigeria Army claims we have technically defeated. PDP_2023 Why CAN chairman not Mallam chairman killed This is painful Where is father mbaka the prophet of doom So unfortunate...may God deliver our nation. Nigeria tending toward a failed state!

BREAKING: Boko Haram ransacks another community in BornoSuspected Boko Haram insurgents, Monday morning, continued their ravaging attacks on Borno communities as they ransacked another village... And the government keep giving them amnesty. This people are unrepentant and salvage, they should be treated as such. Again? jaustinuche And MBuhari is globetrotting.

IAm_RavGavriel Their papa no go talk😏😏😏 Out of respect for the victims of these butchers, I would rather you don't post a picture of the terrorists. Our emphasis should be to deny them the oxygen of publicity which they crave. As the govt labelled Boko haram a terrorist group? Wicked souls. PastorEAAdeboye DavidOyedepoMin please speak don’t just keep quiet on this

BOKO haram is the branch of our security agency, infact BOKO haram is the security outfit established by this current government under the leadership of buhari, whether we like it or not, the truth and fact is that the wish of this government is to islamize Nigeria by FORCE!! Words aren't enough but its sadden... We no more safe ❌

Our gallant Nigerian army will surely arrest them (Boko Haram); the will be held in captivity for maybe 6 months. Then same Nigerian Army will release them back to the society to continue the killing hunt with the excuse that they have been rehabilitated.. This must stop... This is painful, the church and all fathers of faith kept mute! No pressure on government, none spoke out about this, Christians all over this nation who dragged a Pastor out for an alleged rape went mute about this, this is really painful!

BREAKING: Boko Haram/ISWAP: UN announces attack on facility, aid workers in [Photos] - Daily Post NigeriaThe UN Humanitarian Coordinator in Nigeria, Edward Kallon, on Monday, announced that Boko Haram/ISWAP terrorists attacked its main humanitarian Trump should help us bomb these bastards now So after doing this what did they get

What a sad story and God of Christians did not save him,and useless children of Allah did not have humanity in them really really sad indeed. Some people are in the UK posing in malls as presidential media aid and posting rubbish without confirmation about Nigeria. BashirAhmaad you are the one I'm referring to. If this man was a Fulani man, Nigeria military will do everything to apprehend the perpetrators.

This man of faith has been killed by northerner's political group to destabilize Nigeria for them to dominate Nigeria by proxy Why is it difficult for northern elites to correct their brother or he is perfecting their secret agenda. Buhari once said 'a war against bokoharam is a war against the north. Gen. Ihejirika wanted to finish those bastards but they wrote a petition to amnesty international

The security in the northeast has detorirated for some time now. What's happening? Unfortunately, I find myself in the same northeast, far away from home. Whenever I'm traveling here, or going back home, I'm always damn scared. Hmm!!! I'm just lost for words How many Imams or Alfas had been abducted, beheaded or slaughtered? Nigerian Christians are too weak. Spirituality without action.

ProfOsinbajo it’s a shame that you are part of this killer regime sir! Dabbling into politics with these killers have really soiled your hands and dented your image sir Deuteronomy 32:43 'Rejoice, O nations, with His people; For He will avenge the blood of His servants, And will render vengeance on His adversaries, And will atone for His land and His people.”

MBuhari and ProfOsinbajo please note that security situation is deteriorating. Could be battle fatigue or compromise. Many soldiers hv been killed this last two weeks,then this kidnap. You need to address this issue. There has to be a solution to BH. Can’t be an endless battle. Sad!

BREAKING: Boko Haram executes CAN chairman, Lawan Andimi - Daily Post NigeriaThe Boko Haram sect has reportedly executed Chairman of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) in Michika Local Government Area of Adamawa State, Despite all the calls made. May the Lord grant his family the heart to bear the loss. Chai! What a life..may his soul rest in peace🙏 Curse be boko haram death

Quite disheartening. May his soul Rest In Peace Sad......Leadership failure Boko haram as of 2009 was a regional crisis the northern elders out of hatred for Jonathan made them a national problem by 2011 thanks to some political characters in THIS govt. Today boko haram soul harvesting spree is next to none yet BURATAI n lai are still denying the truth

I thought they are forgone issue as speculated Ooh, .y father land Boko Haram that used to hold meetings inside the bush before are now holding meetings in town halls,hotels & bars meanwhile some people are still claiming titles 'Commander in Chief' of the pederal Republic of Nigeria. No wahala! Oh my Lord! May he rest in Peace! misshappylily see ohh! 😢

The entire Police & DSS are all over Lagos dispersing Amotekun while Christians are being slaughtered like ram. On Christmas day alone, it was 11 Christians. Sack the useless military chiefs, NO. May God punish anyone that will come here & defend Buhari & this useless govt. Is this the same Boko Haram that Buhari told us has been defeated?

Heartbreaking! May the Almighty his family and Christians at large! It's unfortunate, that this body of terrorists misrepresent Islam! Insha Allah, they would reap their evil deeds! This is heart rending. I think I watched the video of him in captivity. Our army are doing their best. May God strengthen them to put a full stop to this great evil.

Boko Haram kills kidnapped CAN chairman | The Guardian Nigeria News - Nigeria and World NewsBoko Haram insurgents have killed the chairman of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), Lawan Andimi, in Michika local government area of Adamawa state. Ahmad Salkida, a journalist with years of experience reporting the activities of the insurgents, in a series of tweets said Andimi was killed on Monday. “To break some news items can … the AGF is against community policing, Nigerians shld wake up. A man will sure go down memory lane as the worst Nigerian civilian president He has gone back home... May the Lord uphold his family..

This is still the same Boko Haram that appointed General Buhari to represent them in a negotiation with the Government. Who appointments a stranger to negotiate on his behalf? We're in deep mess!! Is mbaka aslip? The north is the problem of Africa. Killing they own brother and family in the name of religion

Cawords! This is so sad. May his soul rest in peace. Bk, rejoice not for your destruction inevitable. To gain what. Terrible souls. Oh my God May his soul rest in peace . NigeriaGov MBuhari ProfOsinbajo Now how can anyone dispute christian persecution in Nigeria? cnni BBCNews AJEnglish This is just the beginning!

Arewa Consultative Forum worries over renewed Boko Haram attacks in Northern NIgeria - Daily Post NigeriaThe Arewa Consultative Forum (ACF) has expressed concern over the spate of attacks and constant killings and kidnapping of innocent souls in the country, Worrisome. Them never worry,if them really dey worried them for don enter the streets since dey protest for real actions. Keep DECEIVING yourself.. Soil and Clay, any difference? The world is watching

Our CAN chairman is in good condition pls he has gone to sleep, rest in the Lord. Evil ones will not rejoice in our tears And they said Yoruba shouldn't do Amotekun It is with the deepest sympathy I write this as the body of Christ is being persecuted in Nigeria I don't look to any man Christ said we will pass through this It is tough I know but may this departed soul win more for Christ Amen

The same CAN that prefers Adimeru of Adamawa 🤔 Why, where is the IG, the security chiefs? What is happening with our military? Our men should take charge. By now, we should have get rid of BH in Nigeria, not to this present moment at all. So sad... May his peaceful soul rest in peace 🥺😢😭 edwardbode Do we still have a president in this country? Do we? Enough of this nonesense. Any public official who can't fulfill obligations must make room for those capable of delivering. Nigeria can't continue like this.

The Commander in Chief's deafening silence in the face of these frequent and senseless killings is worrisome. Nigerians deserve better.

Boko Haram Executes Abducted Christian Association Of Nigeria Chairman In Adamawa | Sahara ReportersBoko Haram Executes Abducted Christian Association Of Nigeria Chairman In Adamawa | Sahara Reporters A source authoritatively told SaharaReporters that the clergyman was killed on Monday. DefenceInfoNG PoliceNG HQNigerianArmy NigeriaGov READ MORE: What was God watching? Well glad he is no more in pain So so so sad May the Almighty Lord receive his soul

killers of CAN president wll soon b promoted 2Military officers in Nigeria by MBuhari D world should look in2 this. SaraCarterDC realDonaldTrump SERAPNigeria AmnestyNigeria IntlCrimCourt USEmbassyAbuja UKinNigeria Terrorist are recruited into army after mass murder The Church is indistructable, they can kill the body not the inner man, we more than conqueror through him that loved us.

This is a sad moment for all Christians in Nigeria. 😭 In case any anyone close to the president is listening, the security situation this past two weeks has been very bad. I'm not just talking about killing a CAN chairman, but the attacks in Damaturu. People are beginning to lose trust in the ability of our security to protect them.

May his soul rest in peace. Still this government continues to rehabilitate this monsters. This government has failed the law abiding citizens of this nation. Times like this makes me admire US and Israel you kill one of their citizen is pay back time! Please why do people 'like' sad news? Fr Mbaka won't talk about this one

I thought they said Boko Haram has been technically defeated in the North. Recent news of their atrocities is getting rampant and our COS needs to do something about it. realDonaldTrump SecPompeo

Noooo. This is not good!😭 MBuhari aishambuhari The defeated Boko Haram.. Yoruba Proverbs says.... Bí ẹrú bá jọba ènìyàn kọ́ni kún kàn. When a slave becomes king all the people will definitely perish. I pray especially we Christians that they will not kill us finish before we wake up, because we are still slumbering. MBuhari

good Job by the BoKo Haram, they deserve promotion into the HQNigerianArmy. to help Eliminate all christian soldiers So las las it’s about fighting the Church and nothing more? You see why Rev Kukah’s assertion is so distracting? Could they kill Adeboye for me? Wanna check something... 'Boko haram is technically defeated' some schizophrenia government we hv, u guys should fear the day we will all sleep and unable to wake up

75% would know of this and carry on. These are the viscious vipers MBuhari and his crew promised to eliminate 5 years ago. Shame. Rest in peace brother 😢 God will hold the families you left behind.

If it was during GEJonathan tenure CAN would have staged a protest but since its MBuhari regime, d only thing the could do is to beg and wail.. Bunch of hypocrites They will rehabilitate them and bring them to the society. Disgusting This country na scam, imagine Crime no. 1 :HE is a CHRISTIAN. Crime no 2.: He is the CAN Chairman in Michika. Crime no. 3 : It is a HARAM to be a CHRISTIAN in the Norther Nigeria. May his soul rest in peace.

NaijaFlyingDr Blood thirsty mfkers... The chief of army staff & all the top military officials should be reshuffled, this is getting out of hand. So the governor couldn't do anything till they killed this man... Nigeria 😭😭😭😭😭 Sai baba..4x44 When will the killing stop 🎆🎆🎆 🤭🤭🤭

But but Buhari said Boko haram has been defeated? End is near for Boko Haram and the Cabal

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