BREAKING: Bauchi gov tests positive for coronavirus

Bala Mohammed, Bauchi Coronavirus

Bala Mohammed, Bauchi Coronavirus


BREAKING: Bauchi gov tests positive for coronavirus

Bauchi State Governor, Bala Mohammed Armstrong Bakam, Bauchi Bauchi State Governor, Bala Mohammed, has tested positive for coronavirus, The PUNCH reports. The Senior Special Assistant to the Governor on Media, Mukhtar Gidado, disclosed this in a media statement made available on Tuesday. The governor earlier said he met and shook hands with Mohammed, the son of former Vice-President of Nigeria, Atiku Abubakar, who tested positive for COVID-19 on Sunday. Details later… DOWNLOAD THE PUNCH NEWS APP NOW ON Receive Alerts on: Read more: The Punch Newspapers

This is curious. Our leaders never openly declare their health conditions except pitched for jail time. This elite disease called Coro-na-virus seems kinda fishy. The nation as a whole is not safe. Who knows how many people the gov. Sen. And other infected people has come across when the case has not been confirmed.. O Lord come to our aid 😭😭

Haq haq haq🤣🤣🤣 Hmmm na wha o Take him to that poor hospitals they built n use those almost unavailable equipments Am kinda confused here, does t mean Lagos is d only state in naija that has cure or can tackle covid 19. Abuja nko? O ma gaa oo. Sanwo do something!!!! Good Now maybe they will run abroad to treat themselves 🤷🤷 Motor don jam egungun🤦

Why is nobody talking of traveling to India or London for treatment LetsFightCovid19 stayathomeNigerians fixnigeria Why Lagos? Why not remain in Abuja or be moved to any part of the North? 1 by 1 it will take all of you

Breaking: Bauchi gov tests positive for coronavirus – Daily TrustBauchi state Governor Bala Abdukadir Mohammed has tested positive for Coronavirus. A statement signed by the Special Assistant to the Governor on Media, Mukhtar Gidado said that out of the six test carried out by Nigeria Centre for Disease Control one was confirmed positive for covid-19. Daily Trust had earlier reported that Governor Mohammed was … Arc_AlimJoda Wow 💔🤕 E don happen What about d news earlier which states dat he is free of coro 🤷🏽‍♂️

I wonder why some people like this tweet Even President was coughing seriously after testing negative and is now in self isolation. Heard there's panic in Aso Villa. Wishing him quick recovery. Build hospital, you didn't build.. Help our health care services, you will go and treat malaria in London... Oya go to London now.. See how table is turning

We don't want you in Lagos oh, stay in your state and treat yourself with medical facilities that you provided That hospital they failed to build i hope they will build it now. May God deliver us and our leaders from this cankerworm, caterpillar, and palmerworn call coronavirus. Amen. Ya Salaam! Oh Allaah protect us all

SCIENCE IS REAL. Only APC. government is not always sincere. Except if he isn't in the picture. As i can see someone SITTING next to KYARRI.Was he the one😀😀? Gwagwalada yaa!! Heads up, the heat for that way no be hia, enjouuurd SCIENCE IS REAL. Only APC. government are not always sincere. Except if he isn't in the picture. As i can see someone SITTING next to KYARRI😀😀😀😀😀.

BREAKING: Bauchi Governor in self-isolation after contact with Atiku's sonBauchi Governor Bala Mohammed is now in self-isolation over fears of contracting coronavirus after his contact with the son of Atiku Abubakar... I can see the handiwork of Corvid 19. Coro is no respecta of person. The government should do something about this because they aren't prepared yet Things Is getting Worse The cure should be found on human blood

E dor happen that serves them right. All this criminals called politicians are gone die of this Wawu! This is spreading so fast worst still to our elites. Only God knows how many ordinary citizens are walking around with it without even know just because there are not testing kits in their disposal. Lord have mercy.

Not far from Mr. President. I’m waiting ooo It’s getting home 🏠 now, hope Nigeria 🇳🇬 health sector, would now get better attention from government at state and federal level! This might be lies. Nigeria is trying to hide and distract the outside world of the actual number of citizens getting infected and dying due to their incompetence in healthcare.

Wish him quick recovery 🙏🙏🙏 My own annoyance is that the irresponsibility of these dense few will cost innocents their lives, like they haven't suffered enough. Coro baby is working hard. E Don happened .......Ya kpọtuba.. 🤗🤗🤗

[BREAKING] Coronavirus: Bauchi gov in self-isolation after meeting infected Atiku’s sonAso Rock oo. Kai God's punishment descending on our politicians... Stay safe my people Did you shake hands with Mr President too?

Wish u quick recovery Allah yasawake wa dukkan musulmi wannan cutar mukuma allah ya karemu amen This virus doesn’t know rich or poor....... the government is going to take this case seriously Amaka_Ekwo Corobaby you are too much Oh God get d bad pipl of dis Nation These men build great hospitals and provide great health care system in Nigeria on on Radio and Newspapers. Now it's time to use them in real life. I am not rejoicing over this occurrence but it seems payback time is here. Have mercy oh God and protect the poor and the innocent.

r3al__AJ God help us ooo Ope oooo E remain buhari ooo In Nigeria Corona Virus is meant for they Rich not the poor I laugh hard

BREAKING: Bauchi Gov, Bala Mohammed test positive to Coronavirus - Daily Post NigeriaGovernor of Bauchi , Bala Mohammed has tested positive for Coronavirus. According to Channels TV, Gov. Mohammed tested positive after his test was taken Innalillahi wainnah ilaihi raji'un Allah yabaka lpy kaura mukuma Allah katsaremu Good,hope una go get sense now Come and travel abroad and treat yourself let me see Nonsense 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️ It seems corruption increases your chances of getting COVIDー19

I did test today when going to lekki so I was 33 from the metre. I can't ask a question at that point but what's 33 cause I was rushing because of water traffic. Hahaha Allah ya baka lafiya Governor nhaa May Allah hill you sir,may he also forgive your shortcomings amin. Dicenigha Na wa ooo.... I am just imagining d kind of tots going thru his deputy's head this period. How sincere prayer points for d deputy house go dey? God help us and keep us true to ourselves.

ohgee_c creamyivyy coloma vilus ooo Okay They don dey go, one by one Are we not serving a living God like this 🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️

Bauchi governor Bala Muhammed tests positive for coronavirus | The Guardian Nigeria News - Nigeria and World NewsGovernor Bala Mohammed has tested positive for coronavirus after his contact with Mohammed Atiku Abubakar, son of the former Vice-President, Atiku Abubakar, who is also tested positive for the virus. His media aide, Mukhtar Gidado, announced the result of the test on Tuesday. The governor, his family and commissioners announced their self-isolation on Monday. Then Someone will tell me Atiku's daughterin-law Moh's wife hasn't caught the Virus.... and buhari hasn't gotten it as well... let's all deceive ourselves Quick recovery Am sure he contacted it from his recent trip abroad, not from Atiku son.

Is this Corona an answer to what we've been praying for? 🤔 Corona you've been trying, there's one more person Two down..... Wishing you quick response to drugs and be stronger than expected. Our leaders couse everything because if they are doing well with us why we will be happy when they have challenged the should be shared but they are not we are felling like everyone of them should be positive I mean it yeah

I thought this man Was negative in d morning.They should further test d president God have mercy o... We need a total precautionary n prayer. Nigerians had been clamouring 'God when?' all along. Now we're seeing the manifestation. Bushmeat has caught the hunter... It's a welcome development. May be now dey will take care of our medical sector

May Allah heal you soon

Covid-19: Bauchi governor goes into self-isolation – Daily TrustBauchi State Governor, Bala Mohammed , is currently in self isolation after having contact with the son of Atiku Abubakar who has tested... May Allah protect us against this deadly virus. Amin What about his entourage and family members? Ha!

Lesssgooooo There's God 😂 I think through this COVID19 our govt will take a rethink and start rebuilding and equipping our forgotten hospitals atiku son bring so much damages to Nigeria and Nigerians. Chai sorry Is starting from the top, Great news This is serious 😆😆😆😆 thank God he can't run abroad for treatment

The elites ain't exempted

Inna lillahi was inna ilayhi rajiun An entire bucket list to tick off🏃‍♀️ The balm in Gilead will heal you and every other person's in jesus name. Old casala go bursssss Quick recovery Mr Governor Prayer answered May God have mercy on him and heal him and all those who are so infected by this unseen enemy. In Jesus Name. Amen!

and this governor held a 'mini negative party o' They should quarantine all those peeps who went to celebrate his former test result A__Arteta Still waiting for buhari 😏 The world war 3 has come as a pandemic disaster just like Germany in world war 1 now its China COVID19

InCovid Egungun be careful .... Corona be careful r3al__AJ We wishes him quick recover insha Allah Wishes you quick recovery Ope oooo Mayordollar Interesting Ehya.. I remembered when he bought 100 computers for 100million Naira.. I hope he recovers dou This is very serious... God help us Another news said he was negative, Shay you people Dey whine us nii!

Pray for Nigeria, pray for humanity 🙏 and don’t forget to help yourself by staying the fvvg at home 😊 Chai....

God would heal the people Governor Bala Mohammed. Good news May Allah (swt) make him and entire infected ppl around world well Who will be next... God answer our prayer.. Safe the citizens of this country who have not stolen our common wealth... Only these ones lord... Corola vilusiii. 💀 💀 I thought I read 'Buhari tests positive for coronavirus' at first

Nigerians please let's be sensible enough to know that this isn't a joking matter and hasn't called for celebration or mocking..... Let's stay save and reconcile with God. Las Las, its governors that will spread this virus to all the states in Nigeria cos they are always traveling. May God see him through.

Innalillahi wainna Ilaihi raji'un.

Wishing him and other people infected with the virus quick recovery. Ayiiiii😬😬😬 Are u thinking wat am thinking if na like dat huncle coro u are doing a good job Fantabulous.. There is nothing breaking about this news sha But we heard earlier that his result returned negative. Buhari needs to do another test or they are not telling us the truth.

Haaaa, this is serious One down! Get well soon Sir.

I thought they said negative before? Dem don de go ... 1 by 1 Egungun don enter express finally 🤣🤣🤣 Wish you quick recovery IJN Thank you Mr Corona ❤️ Thank you china We wish you a quick recovery Sir...Amin! Okay Gentlemen shall we ? Punch on covid19 Wow... This is serious o

This shit is really moving quicker than I thought, scary 😩 God help us all. When is Buhari testing positive to this thing nah This Life Get well his Excellency MystiqKin Next! He was in my place a week ago for condolences. HMMM. Allah ya basa lapiya All big men friends are big men.

I thought he tested negative before 😂😂😂😂 Where they ran to for safety and insecurity has turned into death trap May God forgive our leaders,open their eyes to know what is right and heal every sickness in our land The lord will have mercy on our world Positive news everywhere, oluwa more govt houses pls

You ve gat to be kidding me!!! Those rejoicing, saying it's the political class that's being wiped out... They are privileged to be tested early.... Others that might have been infected ain't that lucky o 😂😂😂😂 The first Nigeria Governor to be so affected , sorry o Mr. Bala Gbaaammmm 😂😂😂😂

Guess he didn't see a need for adequate health care facility in his state I hope he at least used part of the money he siphons tó build a hospital to save his life, may God help him to recover This is just the beginning. Many more prominent Nigerians will be tested Positive. The Good ones are silent now. Because it’s a wave for the bad ones. GODWINS

Seems it catches only old ppl in naija The politicians are spreading the virus like wild fire unfortunately they can't run abroad for medical aid.we dey together. Gwagalada straight. What about their security details, drivers, office staff, domestic staff and others not mentioned. Is Nigeria only for these cretins, who's belle is their God's. When grace is rejected, judgement is inevitable.

Moto don jam am They should send him to meet with shekau, so he can infect the whole Boko Haram sect. Corona virus being going to the upper class. Nice one dear. I wish him quick recovery

Quick recovery 🙏 We should stop rejoicing when this virus hits a leader. You're not safe too neither am i. They are better than some of us who don't know our status yet, anyone may be carrying it unknowingly as long as you've not been tested. wtf E don happen He’s in my prayers 😢🙏 Ok Double Wahala! One by one, the mess they created in the health sector is catching up with all of them. The investment they put into the health sector is what they will be treated with.

They should test Buhari again oooo It' is happening

Wish u all speedy recovery He’s still shock, you can tell from the picture We are stil not there yet. At least someone's life went from a negative turn to a positive turn Boom 💥 😰 I believe thousands of people in Nigeria are positive of Coronavirus but the downside is that they are not being tested. People, please stay out of crowded place and self isolate if you can. We are basically on lockdown in Chicago now.

May Allah have mercy on us I hope he is quarantined with no access to people. Casala don bost God is this u?

Wawu Is like this virus is only for millionaire's Get well soon Stay Safe Social stratification was designed by the devil herself. Our elites believe they are superior to other Nigerians, so they plot out some shameful education system, mendacious health care, lowlife infrastructure, frail security, epileptic power and death-trap roads Here we are

Speedy recovery upon him. I sympathise with him but i wonder why they are taking him to Lagos. There are better hospitals in UK 🇬🇧 and those doctors have their medical details because they've been visiting. Na so!!! Handy work of the atikus! 😂😂😂😂😂😜😜😜😜😜 Stay in your State please

I wish the governor a speedy recovery Ghen ghen ghen ghen!!! eshinshin kari kpomo hailchuma 😢 Abba Kyari was in Kogi State on 17th March after he returned from Germany. He went to commiserate with Gov Yahaya Bello over his mother’s death. George Akume was also there. As well as Lai Mohammed. Garba Shehu and Ramatu Tijjani were there as well. Shouldn't they self isolate?

Does Bauchi has even 1 ICU or ventilator? Guess they will ship him too down to Lagos. Until they have completely fill up all ventilators they will start taking off the oxygen masks off from each other. potam1304 I hope all celebrating this news realises these people would have had contact with their driver, who also might have had contact with his family, & the circle continues. This virus does not know rich or poor, but these rich men would have D best of medics the country could offer.

Atiku son. Weldone

Another one Wahala don Gas for Nigeria ooo. These politicians go taste from their medicine now. They never see anything Is big man diseases Corona virus is the Divine EFCC in Nigeria. Unable go scatter. Nowhere to run to. We still have time to pray and protect ourselves for staying safe But is like we joking with it Is not about rich or poor

I just believed the mathematical formula of indices and logarithm... Power of exponential.. If the elites are tested positive, with the retinue of aids and visitors each day.then the whole states shd be under a lockdown. Check that picture to see the reality. LockdownNow For failure to equip our hospitals and have adequate medical care in this country. No more going to London, Germany or India, this one is an internal affair, a test of your health care. You guys at the top will start facing what the poor masses have been facing over the years.

Ok. Who is the next politician? 😂🙄 Inside life ☹️☹️ We are in trouble o! These people have imported these virus in numbers into Nigeria. Now how about their securities whom they have had contacts with?Those ones too would have had contacts with other people. It's getting scary by the minute

People spread it. Maintain social distancing Inside life donmirex God is dealing with the bad rich people one by one Call me psycho, but I love this The virus is carefully selecting its victims in Nigeria. And he will be admitted in the 1960s hospital they refused to upgrade. God is too much, may God protect the poor masses, Amen.

E don happen oluwamania E don happen Karaaaaaaaaanavirus, shit is getting real! Corona virus and Nigerian politicians 🤔

He needs to be flown out of the country for medical attention fast please Scammers !! Buhari needs to go for another test; possibly televised test. We cant trust these APC people. All this one they are saying Bihari is negative it's a lie. Wishing all positive cases quick recovery 🥺 Breaking, keep breaking

E be things please do tests for more people who is around them, the one tests positive should staying at hospital and treatment, and everyone try best staying at home, see what other countries are doing effectively, we just following to do it, soon the world will be fine

🏃🏃🏃🏃🏃🏃🏃🏃🏃🏃🏃fire on the mountain run run run. These big men are loud enough. Who knows how many thousands of lowly folks already infected. We are not showing this plague the seriousness it deserves. Test everyone, everywhere 🙄. We are under reporting 🤯🤯 Verified_ME_ Omg🙆🙆🙆 Came in contact with atiku son on the plane now he positive and atiku son was at the club and mosque in Abuja had contact with how many people God know are we not in shit right now

Why are they after our leaders and celebrities Wow Many of them flying in n out are positive.. Ffs... What the hell is going on Ayshaaaa_Mk People around him should please subject themselves to test in order to contain the spread of the virus. COVIDー19 is not a death sentence, people have recovered. I Wish him quick convalescence.

There you go, it is well with the masses get well soon. This man walks around with security The security are at least 3 These 3 men have families and neighbours 🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂

Hmmmmm may God save us oooo Lock down! And disinfect all affected states/areas That's the main solution to help this matter We know and we are happy for them They don’t love us so we hate them Okayyyyyyy yu iskaba Hmmmm Haboye_Cassano It’s happening guys... It’s happening 😭😭😭 Yesssssssss 🕺 💃 💃 🕺 I am getting more sacred.. big wahala

The damage is done. This is the beginning yunusabt Subhanallah!!!

All those that were celebrating with him this morning should be quarantine This COVID-19 is really on the mountain Longest serving federal capital territory Minister and he never build any single hospital either at the city center or satellite towns. Thank God he's not going abroad for a medical treatment nor importing foreign doctors here.

Yawa don gassssssssss! Episode 3 of Oba oni koro 😈 We don't know what hit us yet because it is basically these big men that have easier access to testing. 😯😯😯 Confirm ni Eyah

Top-bottom approach in management. This coronavirus has turned into a biological weapon to eliminate our political elites. We the masses pled the blood of Jesus over them. Even though it's not a good time to rejoice when people have Corona virus but for Nigerian politicians it's the best time to rejoice. You don't throw a stone when living in glass house. Let's see if they will travel abroad for medical treatment. All Nigerian looters will have it.

mad o They always take our money to aboard to save and established, but they don't think this kind thing can happen to them one day. Save your life by staying at home. Political apocalypse has begun. Motor don jam am!!! E don happen!!!! As I'm seeing it alot is going to happen,many will die if one country with great facilities did not get the vaccine soon. People please just stay at home.

OvieO Abeg make una shutdown sea port oooooooo jhoe_banton The shit is getting real

Our heartless leaders went abroad and brering us problem in our nation. I hate those leaders☹☹☹☹☹ May Allah bring an end to this pandemic COVID19 🙏 God Amazing Oga you go understand what the masses face when we visit hospital and they don't have common hand gloves not to talk of proper bed space. I hope they give you space on the floor or tell you sir sorry we don't have space.

Una must hear word by force. Na so una negligence and unaccountability to Nigerians go dey backfire. God is God 😂😂😂😂😁 My God... All this politicians sha Inside life👀

Motor don jam egungun oh 😂 All governors who attended NEC meeting in Abuja on Wednesday and are busy banning religious and social gatherings in their states will end up importing the virus to their respective states. Test and quarantine all state Governors. Start with Yahaya Bello. I fear for the north at this point

God pass all of una! Una must BOW to the supremacy of the Almighty. JESUS CHRIST IS THE ANSWER!!! E don burst😂😂 COVIIK 1 9 birus is no respecter of man nor his position Wait ooo, all these guys have been tested positive, why are they not testing their olosho nau, abi those ones isolated themselves before Corona started ni?

Okay🚶‍♂️🚶‍♂️🚶‍♂️ 🙆🏽‍♂️ Am an optimists,in light of all This happenings i think BUHARI should go for another test..

NaijaFlyingDr Quick recovery This is absolutely not fair!!! For just innocently exchanging a handshake with some irresponsible person, they infect you! 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 Corona Virus right now For Nigeria Covid-19 is for the elites What ? I said it and I will keep saying. Many of our politicians are infected because their favourite destination are US and UK

If he is one of the bastard embezzle our money make hin die self Governor go dy isolation,this is trouble knocking on the door *Dua time* May Allah protect & keep all our families safe during this difficult time with the coronavirus. May your parents always be happy & healthy. We ask Allah to bless the young, the old, the healthy & the sick. Stay positive, we’ll get through this Insha’Allah :) Ameen!

This Corona is going to the people that felt it will never come to them because they believe money is everything.....chaiii...God help us Jimmyflames Odojue Get well soon. I pray for a speedy recovery forSenBolaMohammed Is he good or bad man? Astalavi😭😭 Oga bayi ohh This is becoming more realer than I imagined. God please have mercy🙏!!!!!

jay_mami_ Jamdosquard come look at this

Issokay.... who's next? Hopefully, they take it serious now. Wowww.... I suggest Bauchi gov should travel aboard for treatments, when we tell you improve your country na lie. Motor have GAM them God save us!!! Initiate a Lock down!! Lock down!!! Heed to Aisha Buhari's call now!!!! Egungun.....wetin we do you ooooooo

But we were told yesterday he came out negative... Govt of lies and deception May the Lord God help him out Amna_alsharaf All people that have come in contact with atiku's son and immediate family should please do the needful. I just pity all those folks jubilating with him earlier on💔💔

E don happen _olufisayo Many of these Mothafuckas go go Quickly fly ✈️ him to Lagos If Abuja can't do it for Kyari, Bauchi won't Ooin Oga o Ah ah...i saw a tweet where he was celebrating his negative result Boro haram killing the poor, coronavirus attacking the rich. God is wonderful Correct, keep the figures coming up for the politicians..... Before em for Don dey Yankee... But now na naija we dey... Build our hospitals to your UK standard

Corona will crown all of them... One by one

wtf 😩 KehindeKoderemi I don't have much to say; But,it seems come 2023 the youth will rule. Amen Motor don jam am coronavirus E don happen. Abeg make wuna dey post with the result too let's confirm it,cus most of ehm will us corona as excuse now not to work for thier people........ but well If it's true I wish him fast recovery and all the people infected, May God save us all

Let him be treated in bauchi please This is getting out of hand. grandpadgr8 Nedunaija JESUS Christ

The first case in the state is the Governor, o kpa ri AfamDeluxo Give us video response abeg SUBHANALLAH, May Allah SWT come to our aid I say ooin !!! Hmm Ewooo How will all these and? Supposedly had unconfirmed Contact with Atikus Son Hence presumptive authenticity of this tweet.. If so, so be it.... Nigeria is a praying Nation.. God's Will be done.. Wish those involved quick recovery too.. 🙏

But this man has tested negative before now... That means they will need to test Buhari again oo 😂 Is that to say those that celebrated with him that the result came negative yesterday are all infected? If yes why was the celebration so early? segalink said it just this morning that the celebration was too early.

segalink rightly predicted this... Its well... E don happen! Victor_Akanz Ghen ghen ghen 😂 NaijaFlyingDr E dun happen Bala is a man of the people (masses)... Sad, pray he recovers dondekojo Blow the whistle, it’s full time🙆🏿‍♂️ Who’s next? This KOVIK ONE NINE BIRUS sabi better things Oh God!! Look at what atiku's son did to bala mohammed

Motor don jam am (in obsere’s voice) Everything don burst COVID19 is not a dead sentence, over 100,000 patients have fully recovered. We wish the Governor and all other infected individuals around the globe speedy recovery. Together we can defeat this virus Covid19Out Let them recheck Buhari again! And Again

HAAAHAAA 😩😩.. Allah have mercy upon us🙏🙏 Please move him to gwagalada. Thanks you🥰 And somehow Buhari is testing negative. Run that test again! Pray for his quick recovery NaijaFlyingDr It is well... LordLugard001 Heeeeeeey! It is finished! And soon the 35 senators will have their positive result released. Nigeria as we know it has ended nah! Choi🙆‍♂️🙆‍♂️🙆‍♂️

pingjosh Only God knows how many ppl he came in contact with before the self isolation..... Scaryyyyyyy I serve a living Gof E Dan happen motor don jam am 🏃 🏃 I serve a living God Are you guys really sure. Say baba don't have it hmm mm lobatan. Our dignitaries import this virus finally. Poor may suffer most. May God protect us. I wish him speed recovery

Feel sorry for him tho E don dey set small small make dem still have a taste of the kind of hospital way dem make for us to dey use. Oppss

Sad news Mr Governor l beg you go and treat yourself in Germany now If only we had good and standard health care system. Subahanaahi Ya Allahu Save Us🙏🙏 Scam.... The government are using our head Its getting messier This one can not be rigged nor taken to supreme court I like it I love it This is becoming more terrifying


May God save us 😢 Hmmm Why is the Government not working on mass testing? Or is this an elite thing again? Lmao one by one. Cori ma ko yin kuro ni Las lass

Behave yourselves or lockdown’ll be extended, minister warns Nigerians

[BREAKING] COVID-19: FG to evacuate Nigerians abroad

Chinese medical team to arrive in Nigeria soon — Health minister

BREAKING: Missing Osun coronavirus patient found

Channels Television @channelstv

Some Nigerians are afraid of strong women –Tonto Dikeh

I never had N30 billion – Davido

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