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Asuu Strike, Latest Nigerian News

BREAKING: ASUU agrees to call off strike, to receive N70bn

BREAKING: ASUU agrees to call off strike, to receive N70bn

11/28/2020 12:25:00 AM

BREAKING: ASUU agrees to call off strike, to receive N70bn

Adelani Adepegba, Abuja The Academic Staff Union of Universities has agreed to call of its eight-month strike which has grounded academic activities in the public universities.The union lea...

Adelani Adepegba, AbujaThe Academic Staff Union of Universities has agreed to call of its eight-month strike which has grounded academic activities in the public universities.The union leadership reached the consensus during a meeting with the government team led by the Minister of Labour and Employment, Dr Chris Ngige, in Abuja, on Friday.

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The government also pledged to increase the total payment to the union to N70 billion.READ ALSO:This is happening one week after the Federal Government accepted the demand by the ASUU that they be exempted from the Integrated Payroll and Personnel Information System.

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I follow back. Just try me Una no serious As palliative Finally, but I think all federal and state universities should become a government sponsored enterprises (GSE) & are control by business reg. /special ed guidelines. Ability to generate their funds and managed own affairs. Save poor kids from spending 10 yrs for a 4 yr program!

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Fuck em’ ambysmedia How do you know Fake news 🚶‍♂️ We move What's the meaning of 'ifb'? They shuu just do 10 billi overall giveaway for final year students wey dem delay... Now that ASUU have called off strike and school will soon restart. I don't know where books are, I have forgotten my course codes and tittle, I can't remember how many courses I'm offering now, I can't remember where we stopped, I can't even remember my matric number. 🙆🙆🙆🙆🙆

ASUU ndi ara So when will school resume? God forbid ASUU Abeg leave our Strike for us this year... Ifb josh_kure Thanks be to God almighty ooooo Make ASUU rest na🥺 Ifb IFB IFB Audio money dan_dugaji get ready for camp bro Let's grow together, you follow me, I follow back ASAP, it doesn't cost. I'm delighted to be ya bird app fewnd 💋💖

RokamoBet IFB May be true Indeed guys what do u mean ifb the strike already called off then what else 🤔 Lmao Ope ooooooo UzorUchenna3 Ifb 🙏 ASUU is expected to report the agreement to its organs and then communicate their decision to the government after which a date for the calling off of the strike would be announced.

Agree’s to call off. To receive. Was going on ? Mbahdeyforyou nah only IFB I just dah see 🙄🤦🏻 It will not surely end in tears beautifull_chi Mbahdeyforyou I follow back assap guys Mbahdeyforyou 🥺💯IF 💯Your 🙌Looking🥺 for🥺 Followers 🙌Follow 🥺Me I 🙏Follow Back 🥺Immediately 🙏💯💯promise 💯🙏 SEE HOW FAST 💨I FOLLOW BACK 😞😞🙏🥺⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️😚🥰😍☺️😛😉🧐🤫😬🙁😬😕😛🤬🤫🤬😠🥴🤮🤒😇🤑😇🧡💩😾😹☠️🤡😾👽👺🤠🤎💛🤍💕😻👤💀 🏃🏃🏃🏃🏃🏃🏃

Oni cc load am , cash app cash out , oni maga Bill am ASUU is on a long thing... Why 70bn?!!! See cash out.. Da gaskiar ku. Ku dafe tukun.. Another meeting? School dismiss !!!! Away!!!! Ifb I follow back Asap❤️ Ifb Password_Fem Finally!! Person go fit Netflix and chill before 2021. Ifb Congratulations to Nigeria student

Ifb Asap nkanga31 Agree .. this doesn't fit right Plz don't pressure innocent students to resume school immediately, leave it till next year ASUU Ifb Yay ☹️What my mind told me would ensue tomorrow Me: Mom do you know where i left my school i.d card Mom; Not sure, check the top of the drawers in my room Our lastborn; ah mummy, sheybi is you that say i should use it to hang my sch uniform

Ifb eimeekay chiikodiie Adoowe_ see Agree to receive 70bn Why can't they receive it then call it off Omo Sense no dey these old me head o After they pay them 2 months they won't pay Again So now una d try say make I leave my mechanic work abi? 😒😒😔😔 Date please The new semester will rough! EVERY STUDENT'S will use Werey port the exams.

Ifb asap IFB Thank you Jesus! Another scam to asuu Time for giveaway ASUU. ₦70BN I think this is false Is like peee ASUU don jonze Ifb Follow me 🙏 ifb asap Ifb🙌🏼🙏🙏 Ifb asap Why nah, make them wait till next year joor Ifb Owk Agrees... meaning dem never agree😂 U continue to pay ramsome at all fronts!!!! This vicious cycle will continue !!!!

Ifb Ifb 😂😂😂 ifeolu10 hhhhhh Please i am using God to beg you people, don't let us resume this year Which kind headline be this ..😂🤣 ASUUNGR care to comment Ifb IFB The crooked Mafia Union that held the parents and the students hostage are getting paid for 8 months doing nothing. The Federal Government knew that they are going to make a deal with this crooked union, but allowed the crooked union to get paid and wasted 8 months. Not fair.

Nooo I no ready ooh Ifb To receive? The amount of “ifb” under this tweet😂🤦🏿‍♀️. Ifb Wahala Now the ball is in FG court... 💔 Ifb IFB My problem here is the statement agrees.... They agreed to receive 70bn Meaning they have not received it yet..... And has not officially called it off What am I saying.... I'm confused... Help!!! asuustrike ASUU_FG ASUUANDFG ASUU

After some peoole don rent shop finish 😂😂 IFB Shit💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔 Syndhia2 jeeiibs Can you see how far Nigeria have gone deep in corruption. So it because of money they suspended school that students were at home for some months now. The problems of this country is not yet settled unless we eradicate old men.

For what? All this while we have been hoping. These are just heartless Ifb Did they called it off or suspended it as usual? Ifb Ifb No nau Ifb asap Awon Werey. If una call off no be una papa born una Do something baba buhari Make FG carry them goal goal jare 😂 ceonigeria_ They should receive the money first before calling off the strike... if not there will be another in the near future

Make them disappoint IJN phydeerliah Resumption Date is still January.... What a sad news Ifb though Lol, they'll not still give them the money Anyway, Get FIFA 21 & PES 2021 (PC) for just 1000 naira. Send me a DM. Work on older PCs too. You can receive them from anywhere. COD & FM 20 are also available. Check my pinned thread for more games

Dee 👀 Omo Las Las Ifb Thank God oo So what's the move This is not it, delete👍 ayodeji_oye_ So after all these while, just realizing that my future was on top of N70bn😪😪😪😪💔 ASUU agrees to call off, lets gain followers before they go on another strike soon Xmas done set Student are not ready oo Wat all this ifb people r u pple mad or what.. go to the presidents tweet nd do that nonsense

futmxfaces fb Kindly follow me Ifb I don't know the meaning of ifb Buht ifb who cares The question is when? Chai ... I can't wait to go back to classes They have STARTED AGAIN ASUUNGR ' To Receive' abi Una better collect am before you call off anything o, Aren't you tired of the back and forth movement? Collect the money before calling off please 🙌🏾

ASUUNGR ngbo? Ifb RokamoBet Ahh Ahhh Ahhhh Hmmmmm Fifb Hmmmmmm Showunmi_OS 'agrees' not 'call off' Na ogun go punish Assu when I get money dem dey strike now wey I don invest finish una wan call ham offf .... ifb Ifb Hallelujah. Buh I never write my project proposal oo😯😮🏃🏃🏃🏃 We pray this comes to reality

'to receive 70million naira simply means another 8 months strike because this government won't release such money for educational reason when Boko Haram rehabilitation is ongoing Ifb Lol, punch nawa o These asuu Chairman cloth n cap at least you go fit change am dem don pay wuna ASUU Until then I still never believe una....😪😪.... I don't want to hear fake 🤦‍♀️

Fbmobilepunch Abeg return am Chill till January na😂😂😂 Ifb I folloe back asap Ifb IKnowAprilMUFC IFB o asuu strike call off season 9 episode3. mad government⚠️⚠️⚠️ Oya nah Ifb Which one be agrees to call off strike? Is the strike still on or not? Ke soro soke. Ifb Ifb IFB Kaiiiiiiiiii na dat TO RECEIVE. weak me is just like saying WE WILL GET BACK TO YOU Hope 20%

IFB We move This man finally put up a smile for the camera oluwatishina Lol Fb Ifb adewalekemi65 ololade_Hod Follow I follow back Yeesha_bae come and see something o I F B why would a national new outlet like yourself be chasing clout. We just ended the meeting and it was inconclusive and adjourned indefinitely . stop spreading false information. Thank you

NengiVictor To think that this amount just a piece of what one politician will cash out without batting an eye lid😂... Nigeria a cruise At long last 🥴 Congrats ASUU and NANS. You have rescued education from planned extinction by politicians again. Get in baby girl Heirqueen Ifb HabibFarukImam2 Ifb Ifb Details later🤔🤔🤔

fb When will they receive it and when will they end the strike na Password_Fem Fake news Ifb Nooooooooooo! Haaaa Olere Ifb _ablaii we de wait for your noods alfa🌝☺️ IFB!!! Olanre73 Our Christmas feast na school e go hold whizjokkie Ifb mmesomachukwu_ Asuu vs FG (C: score 3:1) Cc Moore_TCee Me right now Asuu!!!

FG has reached Total agreement to finally secure ASUU the elite Striker for a Fee rising to N70Bn($183M), pending Medicals & final details the transfer will go on. Here we go Ifb immediately Everybody is posting 'fb' the main headline doesn't concern us 😂😂😂😂 BabaAliAdam Ifb Ifb Chid_era_ omo IFB What a shame, what's left to do this year? Why not just wait till January to resume bunch of nitwits.

IFB Please, they should do something to our hostels oo. In the University of Lagos. The restrooms are terrible. Windows are rubbish.... 💔💔💔💔. How I wish ASUU could bargain for at least N100bn IFB Ifb Na wa ooo... Every comment section now na “I follow back” 🤦🤦🤦 Ifb One sense ASUU no get A ti gbọ joh Ifb

WTF!!! Ifb This is greed of the highest level, wtf do these folks teach that a sound corper can't teach? Ifb IFB Ifb We move😌 Follow me, I follow you back. Ifb Just fellow me I will follow back 🤝🤝 Dear You're the only media carrying this headline. If this is true, oil dey your head. But if it's not true, we go gather for midnight, naked swear for you.

Make I Just Drop this Picture here - A Reminder! So people have to sit-down to negotiate for months in order for students to get education. We and the future of this country are in trouble. Ifb Whoever believes Asuu is ready to suspend this useless strike they say it's best 4 us should keep dreaming. It's obvious that Asuu chairman is as useless as the Union named Asuu

E shock me oh. Abeg where are my books oh. My night class we go settle am. tell em not to accept this offer we are not tied to b wth fam 😰😰😂😂😂 Okay oo...hmmm IFB We came for not the news okay !!! Ifb Ifb Wetin dey happen😭😭😭😭 Kelvin53146813 they for wait make the students become grandpa's for house Some students don turn influencer for twitter o 😹😹😹

Ifb Hmmm abeg oo But why are they scared of IPPIS? U still hungry? Naahhhh not anymore Ifb Ifb You're under this thread and not following me O wrong nau... Let's follow each other and grow 💚💚💚❤️❤️❤️ IFB instantly 🏳️‍🌈 ayokablaize__ ASUU chill abeg😤😤 FG you sef no gree Call off make my December go well oh

If this shit ain't true I'm suing Punch Newspapers I hope there’s a regulatory board to checkmate ASUU’s activities The lesser you know, the better for you, what is your take on it? Do join the conversation, and pls drop a subscribe, like and share: Guys! Why are you all doing hard guy? ? Please follow TMCI_Ent and RT the last post 🙏🙏🙏

Why will you people be confusing someone which 1 is agrees to call off strike What's your source Am I the only one seeing this man on Assu headlines.. Na only him be Assu 🤔 You people have made strike part of Nigerian education system. After FG pays you guys N70b now, tomorrow you will remember another thing to make you go strike. Setting Nigerian students backwards. Imagine 8 months strike already. Chai!

bamiemayor Certified liars Asuu please soro soke You're calling it off or no? Plus resumption date too eshe o IFB Ifb ☺️☺️ ,make it January for them, let them enjoy December at home Dont put your hopes up yet until they call it off These guys can wake up tomorrow morning and come to the media to debunk this news They don't have senses of their own They are borrowed senses in there Me like this, na until I read and hear my school say so if not..endassustrike

Ifb By now, we should be following each other on Twitter. Follow for a quick follow back Ifb❤️ I need followers ..follow me I follow back 🙏🙏 Ifb 😐☹ Follow and I follow back Ifb Ifb Source? I am not yet ready to resume school made Asuu. Pls wait for me to be ready, perhaps 2023. Finally. Wahala for student wey don forget matric number and level. 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂.

No be we send them. 🚶🏿🚶🏿 After keeping students at home for good 9months Omo, I don wash car taya.... I fit even open carwash if school resume Ifb - Solarintinuade Asuu call this thing off ...I want eat bukka 4 rice alamin_ghost Haaaah🙂🙂 Lets learn something here. And we the students what are we getting Una papa

Surely the arm of God is not too short to heal but it's because of our inequity If na lie, I go Punch una oh olise_michael IFB🤧 Ifb How much will they give the students for the time taken from them? Ifb😋 I don't know y but I hate to see asuu thread This GLOBAL NIGHT VIGIL VERY POWERFUL. MANKIND needs to STOP perpetual SIN in the CHURCH. Welcome EVERYONE.....

Ifb Welcome Aboard this telecast here Ada_Daddyya Source: I dey ment sometimes Source? Ifb the Lord is calling the church to Repentance right now Ifb The Messiah is Coming The Prophecy of The Corona virus was fulfilled Watch this Cheap bastards. I pray so that ASUU end strike on time Ifb asap You people wae de write “ifb” , Na wetin go kill you be that

Do you mean it Time for decision making Watch live Hmm has a press conference been granted by Assu? Channels says they are going to meet with their unions and get back to government on the new offer. How has that suddenly called off the strike punch? Guys, what's the meaning of this IFB I've been seeing like this

For real? Ifb now 💓 I pray😥🙏🏻 IFB tobby_pablo Follow me now And I follow back immediately too Am responding fast right now💯💯..... See his mouth sef😒.....He's obviously a Yahoo boy asuustrike Abeg I follow back 🚶🏽‍♂️ Ifb Ifb eko_daddy Fb I'm new ❤❤🤗 akachinnaji Ifb How true? Ifb Uniport without Governing council strike continues.....

Ifb I follow back ASAP, but not following back is a bane to EffiongOfficia. Follow back. Ifb Why you guys playing with my feelings 🥺😩😩😩 IFB Ifb I follow back to back!!! Ifb Ifb will kill u guys nonesense Bukadofficial Ifb ASAP Just follow and like this comment Literally every sector of Nigeria is morally reprehensible.

justMayowa_ Ifb I follow back in 30 seconds ❤️ Ifb Follow back Ifb Serious abi play? Omo Ifb 🤦‍♂️ Ifb ASP Source? Source: I be punch news paper now.. I go just open my mouth warhhhhh.. As per i no get sense. Ifb If they re calling off let them do that pls without putting our minds on tension. What's all this now!!

Excel4sure_ ifb asap Ifb Ifb Ifb IFB... Imagine. Everyone is following back. ASUU that money is too small o Keep negotiating😁😁 I won't drink till the continue negotiating ASUU thank you oo Ifb Ifb Ahhhh what is going on heeerreeee I feel it's better the do this their strike finish this year because if we hear any strike till 2years or 3 years we will protest oooo.

ITV They’ve called off strike? Sauce SUIIIIII Soro Soke Weyre 😕😕😕 this story is getting longer ! Nonsense 😕😕😕 😂😂😂CRUISE 😂😂😂 farouq_yahaya Hallelujah ! Okay that's 5n W Sauce?😪😪 Asuu don cash out Ifb Na next year. I don cancel school for this year. Ifb Ifb Ifb ASUUNGR they must not escape the harm they have cause to the student .

Ifb Ogbeni ASUUNGR pls confirm theorenimi fear not😂 Ifb 😂😂 Ifb theorenimi Ifb To call off...not yet called off Agrees? What is stopping them from calling it off naw? Old greedy souls AiishaYounus amina_mudi ASUUNGR ASUUNNGR Wrong decision, if the govt can make 70B available as an earned allowance and revitalisation fund, which I believe ASUU will demand for more in the next four years, It is better for the govt to opt for private universities, and pay students tuition as grants

bratzboyyy ? When I don forget my project topic 🥴 The AllowanceStrikeIsOver Ifb maxxyfire Fuck Then enter class to repeat old notes Lmao What is our stand Do you want to see a record breaking 'follow back speed'?🥶 then follow me right now! 💜 let's grow peeps ✊🏿 I hope so Ifb Ifb dahtgirl_ajex and skiddoskyddo wear slippers come see something

We move timilehinn_ Hattah_ hold up Kopoke 😭😂🤨 thepottvmedia On Sunday we muueeevveee !!😁 We are angry. We are mad at y'all. It shall not be well with '.... And ..' 😂😂 Almost everybody dey confused here What the headline means is that ASUU will call off strike when they receive the N70B from FG. So no long talk

Mtcheeww Ifb OlubunmiAss Ifb mummy_mistura enjoy For the next how many months please? Report news well abg! Have they called it off or not Praise thu Lord Olukanni_Jnr Ifb I follow anyone that likes this post, kindly follow back You sure? IFB IFB I swear Ifb At this point, if the strike is not called off I suggest we protest

IFB! We no fit lose on everything na Wow! I swear ASUU likes money ooo After the 65b you guys still demand another 5b, you people should contribute the money now if you claim that you are doing it for our future. Why the wait 😠😠😠 Ifb What a pleasure It's not our favourite Them agree to call off abi dem don call off?

Ifb Ifb Ifb very fast Check my speed now Thunder wear slippers and come and see what ASUU and FG are doing That 'To receive 70Bn' line No more strike again if you call it next take your time and collect the necessary things oo.... Their papa You don't need to like this,just follow me and i follow back real quick.I NO GO FALL YOUR HAND

Please don't call it off yet I nor remember one thing for research methodology 😭😭😭 DoctorMuhid Until ASUUNGR, post it it's fake news Who we go come believe Meaning what now? wuraolar see something Yes this is indeed a great job jooo . Different news flying around. Bastards Dose_Of_oyin Follow me now for a quick follow back asap 💯💯💯💯💯

Hmmmm Is it after the dread lock dem do be this or before the dread Abeg commot for here SPREAD THE WORD IJN ... AMENNNNN Ifb Wt? Ok IFB