BREAKING: Assailants kill Aso Rock assistant director in Abuja

Aso Rock Director, Assailants

Aso Rock Director, Assailants


BREAKING: Assailants kill Aso Rock’s assistant director in Abuja

Kindly Share This Story Olalekan Adetayo, Abuja An Assistant Director attached to the State House, Abuja, Laetitia Naankang Dagan, has been killed by yet-to-be-identified assailants. Dagan was said to have been killed in her apartment in Galadimawa, Abuja, on Monday evening shortly after she returned from work. She was said to have left her office in the Presidential Villa, Abuja, about 8 pm while the incident reportedly happened about 11 pm. A State House statement confirmed the development, quoting the Permanent Secretary, Jalal Arabi, as mourning the deceased. Arabi was further quoted as telling her parents during a condolence visit that “the Police will fish out the killers of Laetitia and the law will take its course.” Details later… DOWNLOAD THE PUNCH NEWS APP NOW ON Receive Alerts on: Read more: The Punch Newspapers

The government of Buhari have hand in it. Na wa ooo So aso rock cabnot hide its own people.... What of people like us outside the rock. GarShehu pls help us thank MBuhari that Abuja is now safer than before. Buhari please let’s take this war to the enemy in Libya since they are the cause of insecurity in Nigeria

Significant. Also rock is not save for anyone, not even Buhari Trying to cover the fact the person in asọ Rock is not buhari A person in presidential office assassinated in his office 😩 what is Nigeria 🇳🇬 turning to. A wildlife conservation 🤷 This lady was assassinated because she stumbled on some earth shaking information about the Buhari,AbbaKyari ,Mongono& the secrets of the villa. Could it be that she discovered&confirmed that Jubril the impostor is the one Buhari ? USEmbassyAbuja realDonaldTrump

They should be killed one after the other. Boko haram should killed all the corrupt leaders not innocent ones. Dem never see smthin.

Banditry, kidnapping: Don't revenge, Buhari tells victimsABUJA—AS residents of Katsina communities mourn the killing of scores of their kith and kin by bandits, President Muhammadu Buhari Wawa till you have succeeded in killing everyone So VP can come and pay condolences later ba? Ti adiye ba da mi lomi nu... JohnNetworQ Systemic cleansing

What is this country becoming. So sad!!!!! This will also tell Aso rock no one is save!!!!!! Haàa!! So PDP has entered aso rock Leaked NSA memo followed by an assassination of an assistant director in Aso rock. So please what's breaking news here, it's the work of dem labor. Let the world know how unsafe we are in a country where truth is seen as opposed to reality

08166965520 Travel and work or Study in Canada, Australia, USA, UK, QATAR and Schengen country with our 80% guarantee package Call now on this number 08166965520 or WhatsApp. This is a very rare opportunity to move to 🇨🇦Canada for work, study or business. Ant wey dey kill AsoRock person ---- Assailants

Hmmmm Is it game of thrones or game of chase? Now PMB will says it's fake new

One dead as Dangote trucks collide in Abuja - The Nation NigeriaOne person died on Sunday when two Dangote trucks collided along Abuja-Keffi road.An eyewitness told our correspondent ... I have once said that many Dangote truck drivers are too young for the job, hence constant damages to his trucks. He should replace the drivers with matured ones as old as 40 years and above.

Gadafi is responsible for the killing Did leak the kyari memo Question! Lol. 9ja politicians needs blood 2 survive Bt they cant get mine n my family And de didn't see Baba. Good news, we're edging close.. now in aso rock Smells fishy... A truly bad news. Where were the security measures popular with Abuja and Abuja politicians?

Mr affidavit will still blame Libya for this And Oga VP too will still defence this Oshi Radarada. Very sad. May God comfort the family. Just like that

Abuja Literary Society organizes literary event, urges peace – Daily TrustThe Abuja Literary Society (ALS) in collaboration with World Poetry Movement (WPM) and Splendors of Dawn (SOD) Poetry Foundation have organized literary performance event to mark Valentine Day celebration. The event which took place at Sandralia Hotel Abuja features musical performances, individual and collaborative poetic presentation and chat on collaborative poetry. The event with the …

There’s no peace for the wicked. Na Coronavirus cause the killing.. Alarming It's here and it's for everyone. Insecurity is for even those in power. We will soon know how to tackle it when they are really affected by it. Let's see how Baba will handle this level of insecurity even though victims of such attacks are part of his administration

Blame Libya Everything is not in a safe place It's alright, Aso Rock has fallen.. Corruption caused this in the voice of magu. Insiders did ds!

StackPathAwon majamaja.....? Won se bi t'òtó. Na today? charlesorok3 The ones who refused to put on their inner light. How does this even change the price of things in the market Highly Commendable!

That's it, when it gets to them they'll do something tangible ‘Assailant’ see new frame/nomenclature for Boko Haram/Bandit/insurgent! adamugarba deny this The most useless Govt in the history of that country They have started feasting on one another? Wait o, nah Aso rock b these And our President will kwandem the killing!

Did she leak the memos or she ran into a sensitive information? Is her death an attempt to cover an odious corruption by the already crime-infected MBuhari’s Aso Rock? Is coming home now. MBuhari I think PDP Government, Libya or even Abacha caused this😠😠😠😏😏😏🚶🚶🚶

One shot as landgrabbers clash in LagosPolicemen attached to the Assistant Inspector General of Police (AIG) Zone II, Onikan on Monday shot a man while attempting to disperse

Permanent site soon? Am saying this in Amaechi's voice. This news here is fake and concocted. They just covered a major scandal by this assassination. Jos people are being killed in their villages and even Abuja. 1q p Na woman for plateau state she was killed in her residence in Lokogoma dondekojo May be someone has to shut someone up 🤷

It is now getting closer to them. E don dey happen, as e dey hot. 😏 I have zero sympathy for this folks. Just watched a video of a woman be slaughtered like a chicken for given info to the security about BH. Why should I sympathize with you. okay. Impressive.. They are gradually getting closer to Aso rock..

Buhari’s aide seeks expansion of Calabar-Odukpani-Itu highwaySenior Special Assistant to President Muhammadu Buhari on Niger Delta Affairs, Ita Enang, has canvassed immediate expansion of the remaining portion

This is so sad. Rest in peace! I dey go back to my village to meet my forefathers, prevention is better than cure for Nigeria now. Abeg no sidon look o. This country tired me o like say we no president for Nigeria. Goood news D circle is getting smaller!! Bashir about to come deny this ever happened Mehn I miss the 90's/00's.

If Aso Rock is not safe in Nigeria where else can we find Safe House Fear should grip them in aso Rock especially buhari that one of his assistant director could be killed by d insurgency he failed to end They should all be hiding by now USEmbassyAbuja usaBritish realDonaldTrump BorisJohnson visa ban so they don't escape out. We all die here👌

Cabalwork There is plenty rice in Kano so this can never be a problem. The madness will go round las las.

I'm guessing man knew what he ain't supposed to know, or saw something above his level We almost running out of Terminologies from the Dictionary to Describe Murderers in Nig.. Sai baba Take a Job with this govt at ur Own Peril.. Hmmm Nothing is Breaking; People are killed everyday, it happened in Katsina last week. You succeeded in changing the 'Change' to 'Assailants'

I hope dem don kill Abba Kyari too.. Pls let them kill him join... Expect more of this from the cabals...everybody who knows one or two thing in Aso rock or AbbaKyari's business will probably get one of this treatment FemAdesina I hope you'll be greatful to your president MBuhari for this right? The seeds they sow have matured, and they will reap it.

BashirAhmaad oya your work has come. Bring the condolence form and fill immediately. This is not the way to go at all!

Having mixed feeling about the news. A live is gone but maybe it's time the calamity hits the top too Chai This is an by the opposition to demean the President and his achievements in the area of security. We should be grateful to President Buhari that bombs are no longer going off in Abuja. Lia Muhammed

“Fake News” The conspiracy theorist in me: hope he's not the one that leaked the NSA memo🤔 Oluwa watin they manifest? May her gentle soul rest in peace May her soul rest in the bosom of the Lord E remain small to reach buhari room Sounds like secret service execution

Your stolen wealth won't save you. Who knows Adeshina or Garba might be next. Make una dey use our lives play Waiting for Buharists to say this is Fake news🤣😂 ChibuikeAmaechi is this also FAKE NEWS? BECAUSE I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO BELIEVE ABOUT NIGERIA ANYMORE I wish Bandits, Gunmen, Kidnappers e.t.c 'll emulate this 'Assailants '. Take your atrocities to Aso Rock or National Assembly and stop disturbing innocent Nigerians.

Maybe in fighting caused it. Please visit the red and green chambers, so they will know Dr is a big prob Just like World Cup, It's coming home. Rest In Peace Ma'am. Where is Amaechi, he should come and deny this too Its started during Abacha time too

I think one of them said Nigeria is d one of d safest place to live, hope d maker of dis statement has no arm operative around him There is something seriously wrong in this Buhari Government deeper than lay man thought...Nigeria is in distress!!! Ghen ghen. NGRPresident will soon come out to say it's a lie. GarShehu over to you

O su la! Very soon it will be inside She must go to create space for the fulanis. This is Nigeria game of throne. Army chief said boko don rent house for Lagos and Abuja so wetin I no It's getting closer by the day, we die here

Who's with me Things are becoming scary in this nation, nobody is save any longer. But hope FemAdesina will not blame it on PDP as an attempt to discredit the service chiefs because APC is synonymous to blames. With the heavy security there Mama Salumo fish dey smell🤔 The lybians have arrived. Be a landowner in Abuja!

Aim higher assailants, aim higher. Jonathan and PDP must be blamed for this😆😆😆 As Bubu would always insinuate. Why do I think this assistant director knows or have seen a secret someone don't want out of aso rock..but what do I know AishaYesufu now they will blame Aisha yesufu Insecurity in Nigeria SMH

Which one is assailants again 🙄 I'm surprised they've not called PUNCH a toilet paper who spreads fake news. Ghen ghen The insecurity is becoming eminenly qualified Seems like its coming home. The bandits should as well face that direction.. at least they'll have to protect themselves. __ukeme Only the truth we set Nigerians free from this quagmire.

Nigeria is not safe anymore. I can't even confidently travel beyond ekiti or kwara. Sad Things fall apart!

Sack Libya then.🙄🙄 Please dear assailants n next time don't miss target I mean don't miss target, I repeat don't miss target U know whom I'm talking about Something is wrong somewhere! Na him leak the memo Is coming home 🤣 This punch is something else 😂😂😂😂.they killed someone as far as Galadimabawa & you guys are making it look like it happened inside Aso Rock

Na pdp cause am Just as I like it? I told you the people (youth)you failed to educate would turn to hurt you and ur children Mafian government! With the level of insecurity today, I’m surprised we’re not yet in a full blown civil war

😂😂😂😂 who still take punch newspapers serious Restructuring or nothing 💯 May her soul rest in peace Prayers change things 🕛🕛 Let's keep praying to our leader's and our great country-nigeria Linya why? That's insecurity at a crescendo! They are getting there gradually one step at a time. Another historic 1st for this administration 🤦🏿‍♂️

Next level that we wanted😄 Where are those deceiving the president on the state of security in the country.

Abacha era May her soul rest in peace. Such sad and scary news.😓😓😓😓😓 Gradually where are getting there Correct. Nice Direction.. We on Some next level shit It was never like this Buhari and his followers lives means nothing anymore. I think it was a wrong target Danger everywhere, Bubu ban Libya now before it enter CBN 😂😂😂🤣

Chimooo LocusBendi They are coming pretty closer....

Too bad... U would have wished for further investigation but what we do here is just a 'glorified investigation'. May her soul find peace. Haaaaaaa..... Asorock keh? We will get there A whole Aso Rock. hohrey Even bubu is not safe 😂😂😂 I believed she might have been silenced... she might know too much! If I were the police chief, I’ll start my investigation from the Vila. Lemme just pass and go... bye bye 👋 o

Even in Aso Rock,killing is happening! Fake news. This handle should be PDP supporter. Nigeria dat is very secure, especially Abuja - kaduna road. Chai.... Change begin with them Even the Aso rock has poor security 💔💔... the president has failed us AjMubby What?

This is Nigeria. It is getting to there doors. See what Libya has caused Dem don dey enter aso rock b dat They are here. Chai we are not longer safe again. '...he was killed in retaliation' Hmmm....Libya Oya now....kerekere imu elede ti n wo ogba! 08166965520 Travel and work or Study in Canada, Australia, USA, UK, QATAR and Schengen country with our 80% guarantee package Call now on this number 08166965520 or WhatsApp. This is a very rare opportunity to move to 🇨🇦Canada for work, study or business.

Breaking? Why is this news just coming out when she was killed almost 24 hours ago? Why is there so much micromanaging of info? Aso Rock needs to be cleansed of 'demons' probably

We're almost there, ẹ remain small Maybe he knows more than what they wants him to know They will come and say it’s fake news just watch now. Small small it's getting to them That the next level they voted for Good for them He will still blame.. MBuhari The rate of insecurity is now getting too much, nobody is safe in this country anymore.

Even in Aso rock insecurity.. What is happening? insecurity in Libya caused this. Insecurity !!

The high and mighty are not left out.

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