BREAKING: Another man jumps from cab into Lagos Lagoon

Lagos Lagoon

Lagos Lagoon


BREAKING: Another man jumps from cab into Lagos Lagoon

gathered that he landed on floating logs of wood beneath the Third Mainland Bridge. The cab driver told officials of the RRS that he picked the passenger from Igando. He said, “I carried him (the passenger) from Igando and he insisted I pass through the Third Mainland Bridge. “On getting to the bridge, he asked me whether this was Third Mainland Bridge and I answered yes. “He told me that he was pressed and that I should wait for him to ease himself. I was curious. At this time, he was forcing me to wait. I stylishly drove him to the point where the RRS men were standing inward Lagos. “I told him I was no longer interested in the trip before I approached the police officers leaving him inside the car.” A source, who is also an eyewitness, said, “As soon as the cab driver approached the police informing them of what his passenger was telling him, he (the victim) got down from the Volkswagen Jetta car and jumped into the Lagoon but he landed on floating logs of wood. “Before he jumped, one of the police officers who saw him approached the railings of the bridge and persuaded him not to jump.” The PUNCH learnt that the victim was rescued but sustained varying degrees of injury. It was also gathered that the victim was rushed to the Lagos State Teaching Hospital, where he was later referred to LUTH. “The incident was reported at Adekunle Police Station, Yaba,” The PUNCH DOWNLOAD THE PUNCH NEWS APP NOW ON Receive Alerts on: Read more: The Punch Newspapers

Hin die? Lagoon spirit at it again.. Jesus arise and shut the mouth of the lagoon and also that of suicidal thoughts in Jesus name. Amen A reflection of the economic hardship in the country.The APC govt. is even contemplating discontinuing with the social investment programs. They are training for swimming competition at Tokyo 2020 Olympic. No stop them pls

If you're not too strong in the spirit you will hear the call of the *mammy water and then you'll jumb. What is happening,the authority should do something... justduns At the rate we are moving in this lagos... this will still be a daily occurrence 🤷🏾‍♂️ People are really going through a lot, we thank God for life 🙏

Most Lagos cabs AC no do work, .... Heat don catch him brain so Bros decide to go take a 🏊 That dude gave up on life, so sad, this is happening. Cab driver is smart... He tried his best to stop the jump by going to the RRS point to park. Hopefully, he survives the injuries he sustained, thanks to the logs of wood he fell on.

BREAKING: Man jumps into Lagos Lagoon The Nation NigeriaAnother man has alighted from an UBER car and jumped into the Lagos Lagoon on the Third Mainland axis.The incident is coming less than... Shay na another person or dat same man last time? I think Nigerians are getting more and more frustrated.

Suicide is not an option to end any embarrassing situation pls Him body dey hot 🔥. E just won chill small inside b4 e go come out..... 🤕 Sad, sad, sad, sad. This phenomenon was totally alien to us. What happened? What changed. Could it be the hardship? The frustrations?. It can get worse if we don't do something about it.

Second Incident Within A Month But Why Do Cab Drivers Stop At The Middle Of The Bridge For A Passenger To Alight At His Expense And Request, Was The Destination Along/Middle Of The Bridge For A Suicide Attempt..? I Still Don't Get It.. I think its high time the bars on the bridge be raised without being climbable for anyone.

Don't worry, he didn't commit suicide, he went to take a chilled pill, the heat is 3 much You sayyyyyyy? Arrest government for that😠😠😠 Did he die Abi get spirit way Dey call dem. Abi Na another way of rituals from Uber drivers. Just thinking outside the box. Na naija we Dey. Rip Wetin tkem d find inside, maybe the are descovering diamond🤔 now I understand that's the work of the heat 😂😂😂

BREAKING:Another man jumps into Lagos lagoonBREAKING: Another man jumps into Lagos lagoon ThursdayThoughts ThursdayMotivation ReadThis TopStories

FGN will soon relocate this water to the Northern region of this country or probably make them fence the third mainland bridge from start to finish. They will soon ban Uber and say they cause suicide.....just saying o Obohbriteoboh Welp God Have Mercy,,,,,Again.... Wetin dey occur. 🤔🇳🇬 Another spanner lost😓

The life don't do I'm now why he no go jump Too much heat They are doing well. Nigeria is frustrating at this point, believe it or not, shit is really going bad

Four men arraigned for beating, unleashing dog on IE officialsFour men who allegedly assaulted and unleashed their dog on Ikeja Electric workers have been arraigned before an Ejigbo Magistrates' Court, Lagos...

God will help all Lagos people. Life is too hard in Lagos. Ah The rate people are committing Sucide in Nigeria Since the Advent of APC change mantra. Depression is Real!!!. What could be the cause Could be frustration resulting directly from harsh economic realities where Nugeria is dipening its position as the worlds poverty Capital!!!

Living above one’s income and pressure from groups to live fantasy life to belong contributes to most ungodly behavior like this. Life full of mystery Thank God he survived. Kilode gan? Naso poverty be? Na wah oooo, suicide is not the next option. Ever since the oba of Lagos promised the Lagoon that it will dump some people in it.. The lagoon has graciously been accepting free jumpers. R.I.P

What is wrong with all these people jumping into the Lagoon?... The man no get money for pool... he's having a nice time jhoor

Police arrest 'one-chance' suspect, recover operational vehicleA 50-year-old man Matthew Tokeme has been arrested by the police in Lagos for allegedly using his Toyota Sienna space bus for...

What a pity D hassle in Lagos is too much 4 him What is really going on . Frustration is killing people in this country on daily basis I am beginning to suspect this third mainland bridge, it's like it has time and season of consuming well meaning people who are doing very well, who in their right sense would never have done what they have done. Fact: most of them left no sucide notes. Something is fishy.

Oti ro pin! The country situation cause lot of casualty..... 3rd mainland bridge lagoon is now d latest swimming pool in town... Lagos had better created a resort somewhere on d water🙄 Countries that have functional road authorities you don’t just stop anywhere even on road shoulders Anyone remembers those blue whatsits Ambode strew around Lagos? Those apologies for a fence that cars now literally drive over? Well, I’m thinking something like those should be used on the bridge at the rate this is going!

this is really unfortunate This isn’t ordinary anymore

RRS Commander advises secondary pupils against living “Marlian lifestyle”The Lagos State Rapid Response Squad (RRS) on Wednesday warned pupils attending schools in Lagos State to guide against living the street ... But politicians n police way of lifestyle is best for children to emulate right.... Dnt judge anybody Mr Man cos only wots d heart produces matters Marlianism has become a movement for the depressing youths Marlians no manners

Depression..🤦‍♂️ The only major step to seriously reduce this psychological act is for the government to ensure we have a driving economy that has a positive impact of the citizens. Or else, suicide will sky rocket in near future, God help us. Problem tie niyen oh I suggest government should sand fill the lagoon and build football 🏈 pitches on top so this will stop.

Very sad, this is why our team TIIDELab is building a software solution that will help people ascertain their mental health status and also offer proper counseling that will help reduce suicide rate as much as possible Is it the season already 🤔 Wat is really happening in Lagos this days? This Lagos is not by force oooh...

Nigeria problem still getting worse Am sure those jumping and commiting suicide ,must av CURSED this zoo called nigeria... No wonder our prayers for nigeria is nt been answered If u like kill urself. Na u Sabi. Me I enjoy life and I won't kill myself for any reason.

Lagos govt to commission inquiry into cause of tanker, trailer accidentsFollowing the tanker accident on the Kara Bridge of the Lagos-Ibadan expressway on Tuesday, the Lagos State gov.has said it would commission an inquiry

No need to end your life because there is hope for tomorrow. The cure to depression is very simple but people choose to end their sweet life. Maybe an okada man. He was an Okada rider until the ban. Sanwo Olu must be very happy to see this happen Lagos Traffic Alone Can Make someone Miss Oppurnity sef Part of Bad government

Next level of frustration. They should ban use 3MB. Loads of depressed people out there. The reality is defeating but you just have to hold on. Unna sure say secret door out of the country no dey the Lagoon so.... morganmbila

Is there bus stop on top of the bridge? Why is it that cab drivers agree to stop on top of the bridge if there is no bus stop? Is the cab open roof? This is confusing. To cure this, looted funds from our leaders should be given directly to all Nigerians, this will curb this act of frustration and suicide. sharethelootedfunds amongst Nigeria realDonaldTrump

Probably this one no wan pay Uber ni jare... Alaye Japa Depression in the country is on d high side recently. I wish fg can find a solution to this dwindling economy. Many businesses are folding up and ppl are bn thrown out of jobs daily. Many more are depressed as succor is not anywhere in sight. For what now, can't you take the bull by the horn...any way his hope is gone.

The Lagos state government should have a water patrol unit... Or FG put in place riverside police patrol unit stationed on the lagoon.... The heat too much nah. The hardship is too much in this country the guy kuku tire for life. Is such a pity depression & frustration can make u do unexpected tinz Celebrity jumpers...

Maybe he saw money inside the lagoon Another emir of Imo nnaemeka_anene OUR LEADERS DON’T CARE IN FACT THAT’S WHAT THEY WANT MAKE THEY LOOT NIGERIA FINISH Sai baba Will they now fence the 3rd mainland bridge? bcos at this point no amount of counselling will change the mindsets of those that are suicidal.

Will they now fence the 3rd mainland bridge? bcos at the point no amount of counselling will change the mindsets of those that are suicidal. Life is 2 hard dondekojo This involved another Uber driver. They will soon organise protest against Uber This heat ehn, I know it will cause a lot of problems.....the man might just want to cool off...the heat dey too much this days

Short of words

I dont just understand the spirit behind this suicide of a thing. God we need you more in our lives. Hope those doing these things are fully aware that FISHES in lagoon are also 'MAD HUNGRY ' ABI.they don't know fishes go for DELICACIES in water as well? NO SITUATION IS STRONG ENOUGH TO MAKE ONE CONTEMPLATE SUICIDE.Never ! Don't go for it! While there is LIFE, there is HOPE.

Shey dm no go add more rail to d one there. Why dem dy dive into lagoon bayi ,abi na heat cos am Mk God save us from depression oooo🙏🙏🙏 This country is too hard. It’s like people are more likely die from sucide these days as opposed to being killed by accident of someone else’s. Abi it’s this heat ni?

Sad one again! Nigerian is a country were poverty is not a crime but d poor are been treated like criminal. Hope its not the same cab oh Killing oneself won't end the problem. Articulate something and put little effort, it will start yielding something. RealStereoGod see your people

Sure this jumping is not cos of heat....probably wanted to dash in for a sharp swim and sharply dash out Where are heading with these suicidal cases? Country hard Some people from other countries would have witnessed more than 50 deaths in a day if they go through what an average Nigerian is going through. Particularly under this administration

Nedeua Case of suicide in Nigeria is rising, people frustrated & depressed by conditions in Nigeria. Sai baba, we all die together 😂 When heat too much nko... Please people should speak out when under stress this is so sad. In preparation for the upcoming Olympics i guess. E don start again

Federal/state Government always ban anything affecting the citizens. From sniper to okada. Pls ban third mainland bridge or better still you people can drink the water. God help us Depression is real its not something to mock about i might do the same Hunger does not cause suicide, suicide is caused by frustration, depression & state of hopelessness.

Haaaa.....wetin dey occur 😬😬😬 I decree an immediate end to this evil trend. In Jesus name. Arrest the cab driver, he was driving too slow A keke rider with 3 mouths to feed. Suddenly finds himself out of work courtesy of the okada ban. Depression sets in Is like we would ban cars from stopping on the bridge

Nigerians are more depressed now than ever before. AdeO2B The heat is everywhere mehn. Maybe he went to cool off he would come up later on 🤔

Is there any manual that says 'death is the remedy to depression' people get out of this thing but they will never open up to people, they will rather want to jump.. How I'm I not sure there's something demonic in that water... Becoming unbecoming 😔 Please Lagos state govt should use high protector irons to barricade those access areas these guys are jumping in from. So that no one will escape from this depressing MBuhari regime. Everyone will see how this evil govt will end

Nigeria hard 🤦🏽‍♂️ See what Buhari has lead us into, it takes a courageous person to fight Depression Pls the federal government should try and give npower beneficiaries permanent jobs they should not being sent back to the street with our permanent jobs otherwise many of them will commit suicide O ooo just like this one,I know what am saying oooo

I suggest the government should raise the railing. It might not be depression or spiritual attack, it could be phobia for height or vast water. Fear for vast water is called Thalassophobia. You feel as if the water draws you to itself. The reason I don't walk on the bridge. Govt Harsh Economic Policies Is Frustrating Teeming Youths Who Are Getting Fed Up And Taking Their Lives

People are frustrated and many are suffering from acute depression.but suicide is not the solution. We need rescue divers in this bridge areas

Nawa oooo Frustration Humm... I think we will have to move that lagoon from where it is to prevent these suicides. The Heat in Lagos is too much now... the only way to survive is to receive a cool Lagoon bath... God will punish all leaders in Nigeria Next Level of Frustration. We must be careful o bcos a Mass transit driver could get frustrated one day and skid into the Lagoon.

Frustration. lara______o see our Lagos o Life don taya am.

Only cowards kill themselves. Unity seems difficult, but it's only a matter of swallowing your pride and extinguishing your bigotry. Until then, may the cowards keep killing themselves The HEAT was too much.. maybe he wanted to cool his temper What is causing this menace ? The rate is getting high , it means there's trouble somewhere. ? Watch out . and reflect about it. To see if it can be reduced.

How do you jump from a cab into a Lagoon? My take: 3rd Mainly bridge or any other bridge is usually a fast moving connect on the express, how do you stop people on the bridge when it's not vehicle breakdown. Bridge is not a picnic for sightseeing, there should be law to this Blood sucking lagoon. Is it the only bridge in Nigeria? Why is it that always, people are jumping into the lagoon. It's a ritual River and we are overlooking it. Onitsha bridge don't record any such. Let the elders of Yoruba go verify the ritual behind this I've said my own

Please stop publishing suicide stories as suicide is contagious. You would just be making more people jump into the lagoon. Is there something calling them from that lagoon? What’s all these jumping matter Thisnis very sad... PoliceNG should go and arrest the driver of this cab too... That's right, arrest people without investigating the situation...

Hmm, a lot of people are going thru hell. Until government can get connected into this synergy and do the needful. Unfortunately we don't have government! Ah ah again! Depression is too much

Buhari frustrating youths while police and sars ripping young youth off their hard earn money, why can't them commit suicide, our youths are running away in their own country due to intimidation by government and police force There's suffering and frustrations in the land Who knows if he's a per-maid 🤔

What if his source of livelihood had been affected by harsh policies and he felt that shortcut was a better option? I bleed for the family he left behind. God help us ooo Ahh!! Chaii poverty and depressions don kil nigerians finish oo and body want to do anything Yet they are suffering us 😢😢 Maybe one of the okada rider DAT Lagos just ban,RIP

So unfortunate these things are happening... Youngstars taking their life because of depression and poverty!! May God see us through! 😔😔😕 No na, I thought we already got over this

This heat is much seh! Make dem ban this sport. nawoooo these people should stop 🛑 before federal government would ban use of third mainland bridge 🌉 because of suicides ☹️😢😭 That is serious Very depressing. Nigerians are in deeper frustration now then ever. Sad, very sad The way Lagos state government is taxing her residents increasing hardship in phases is enough for people to jump into the lagoon. SuicideAwareness

MBuhari is working citizen are committing suicide. Lagos don start again Frustration and depression everywhere may God help us🙏

Hope the cab man won't go behind bars this time like the way they did to the last one. .. it's obvious they don't know if these men actually want to commit suicide This country hardship is too much Rip Why Maybe he had the coronavirus🤭 So much depression in Lagos Not again! Hmph...really sad. Na only that place dey

The news no complete nu, he fly from the cab or stopped the cab or what Nigeria is hard Lagos is hardest. His Dj Khaleed🗣 Another one👍🏾

Too much hardship Allah kiaiye 🙏 OK na med o

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