BREAKING: 2 killed, as ‘IPOB members’ bomb police station in Imo

The attackers are believed to be members of the outlawed Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB. However, they said two of the hoodlums were...

7/31/2021 2:35:00 PM

BREAKING: Authorities of the Imo State Police Command have said that armed men, in the early hours of Saturday, bombed the Njaba police station, destroying a part of the building.

The attackers are believed to be members of the outlawed Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB. However, they said two of the hoodlums were...

IPOBJude Aguguo OwuamanamSat Jul 31 2021Authorities of the Imo State Police Command have said that armed men, in the early hours of Saturday, bombed the Njaba police station, destroying a part of the building.The attackers are believed to be members of the outlawed Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB.

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However, they said two of the hoodlums were killed and their operational vehicle recovered, while the rest escaped.5 things you should know about Arsenal’s new signing, Ben WhiteThe Police Public Relations Officer in the State command, CSP Mike Abattam, in a statement on Saturday, said that on July 31at about 1.20 am, a convoy of bandits moving towards Njaba town to launch an attack but were intercepted by the Operation Restore Peace team of the Nigeria Police, Imo State Command.

The statement said that, in the ensuing firefight, one of their operational vehicle’s was demobilised and two of them killed while the remaining ones ran into the bush.Abattam said, while searching the vehicle, one Ak 47 rifle was recovered with ten rounds of live Ammunition and a locally made double barrel pistol with two expended cartridges.

“They detonated an Improvised Explosive Devices into the parking lots of a nearby Njaba Police Station, causing minimal damage,” the statement added. Read more: Daily Trust »

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And so? What have you done to FULANI KILLER HERDSMEN. Cursed tribe Your the only Nigeria Media house that have not post anything about Super cop case with FBI . Then I decide to block you Anakogheri The ungun gun men activities continues right? But truly thus is not the right way to handle this. You can't be destroying properties in the east and claim to be a freedom fighter

Learn to stop use IPOB pictures when posting these ur burning down of police stations, they don't have any hand in that... The human in me prays for the SE. I have seen hundreds of SE folks treat this threat this with bias and blame the north for their problems, I pray they wake up immediately to save their region. The seemingly popular resentment wont make me wish bad for the people, it's unGodly.

Craze the worry you... Who tell you say na Ipob... Mad people everywhere How do you know they are IPOB Stupid media Why bringing IPOB picture to send a message that they did it when in ur caption they didn't. U see why God will punish the publisher of this rubbish? Thirty Eight(38)Nigerian Soldiers drafted from both 34 field artillery brigade Obinze,in Imo state,and 14 brigade command Ohafia, Abia state were killed ambushed at Owaza in Abia state. the Military have hurriedly buried them beside the river boundary between Imo and Rivers state

What a news. You put out news to confuse your readers. Armed men bombed....2killed as 'IPOB members' bomb.... which one we go take. If na IPOB you wan write, write am with you full chest. Njaba police station always in the news.

Nnamdi Kanu: Sit at Home order will worsen hardship, consult Governors - Ohanaeze tells IPOBApex Igbo socio-cultural organization, Ohanaeze Ndigbo, has expressed concern over the sit at home directive given by the Indigenous People of Biafra, Which Governors? Fulani administrators? Haha funny social clubs with no brain. Governors if any should consult the main rulers IPOB. Story for the gods. Consult which governor? Let the hardship bite who cares Fuck all yall ipob we move as led by the spirit.

Janjaweed newspaper, three officers of the zoo police lost their lives. None of the attackers died in the attack. The ụmụaka police station and the residential quarters were completely destroyed. Janjaweed newspaper. This is a Hausa/fulani newspaper. They earlier all of you gets this, the better. May Amadioha destroy you as BokoHaram is destroy you Fulani journalist brown envelope ✉JOURNALIST TERRORISTS ✍ rubbish what has UGM attack has to do IPOB ✍nonsense propaganda against IPOB is (DOA) you are not going anywhere with your envy and jealous .

evil news agency what about the super cop 👮‍♀️ yahoo yahoo police pls update us NorthBiafra No amount of smear campaign will dilute the agitation for freedom from the damnable zoological republic. the photo used in your report is not ethical at all is so provocative, the authorities haven't said those responsible, yet you went ahead to put up a picture, is like u guys knows more than the eyes can tell

IPOB? Madness. IPOB is not non-violent ESN are protecting the forest against Fulani terrorist I saw another news blaming it on bandits . In your report you said armed men, so what's IPOB with flags on their hands has to do with this kind of report? you 👦 are useless why call ipob names on this

Nnamdi Kanu: Only you can stop Buhari govt from harming IPOB leader - Wife writes UK govtUchechi, wife of Nnamdi Kanu, leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, has said only the British government can prevent the Nigerian government Yes. Wise woman Daily post still on Nnamdi kanu matter.. UK government remains number one enemies of Biafra, They have hands in Nnamdi kanu kidnapping.. Nothing good will come from there. Biafrans know ur enemies. Devilish British government! FreeNnamdiKanuNow FreeNnamdiKanuNow FreeNnamdiKanuNow FreeNnamdiKanuNow FreeNnamdiKanuNow FreeNnamdiKanuNow FreeNnamdiKanuNow FreeNnamdiKanuNow FreeNnamdiKanuNow FreeNnamdiKanuNow FreeNnamdiKanuNow FreeNnamdiKanuNow FreeNnamdiKanuNow

They are not armed men or unknown gunmen but igbos owned by MaziNnamdiKanu, armed and financed by disgruntled elements of the congregation of moral decays and everything else morally wrong with mankind OfficialPDPNig! Dailytrust tell the world who massacred this innocent youth. Tell the world those who conscript Boko Haram into the Nigeria police and Army, tell us the tribe that goes about all part of Niggaeria killing people in their ancestral land

Foolish 1k for your pocket reporters, when unknown gunmen become IPOB, If it happens in North your senseless brains become daft.Cow What do u expect when military officers block Timber market Orlu so that trader's won't do there business. Government should better bomb America for not selling war plan and ammunition to them or better of banned USA from entering Niguria. Government must learn how to make peace

What evidence do you have to conclude it's IPOB that perpetrated the evil act? Can you prove that IPOB perpetrated this in the court of law? This is the hand work of Fulani bandits imported from the North to destabilize southern Nigeria. Why using photos of Ipob members, idiiiiotic journalism AIT reported similar story on 29th of May. Every month end we will hear of NJABA police station. Which one are we to believe?

Thunder fire you all, fake News Ipob this and That, With the help of Stupid media they help Fulani for their conquest Gradually we're reaching there

South-East states, police kick as IPOB issues sit-at-home order - Punch NewspapersThe most widely read newspaper in Nigeria The wish and demands of the people will prevail. Without people. There will be no police. This one pain the enemy of truths and lovers of one Nigeria. Nothing is two big to sacrifice for a man whom already sacrifice his time, energy and parents just for betterment of his own people. Nnamdi kanu is a God gifted son, brother, uncle and husband to the entire Igbo race. Kick what? Na by force to go out again?. If e pain you, then give them MNK

It’s an appalling news Fake media, devil will punish you all for mentioning IPOB in your fake lies. Evill people everywhere This is how Ireland liberation front (ILA) and United kingdom were playing cat and dog until real bombs start to go off in football Stadium, Ireland was granted independence. Awo, Zik,Bello resisted Colonial masters until Nigeria secured independence Negotiation WILL STOP THIS.

Madness why displaying ipob photo ? Daily liers keep decieving dumb people Mad people everywhere Nigeria Media Daily trust una papa.. ipob cant do such Na lie. Ibop can never bomb any police station. They preach and distribute food to needy people Fake news. Fake news 📰 Nonsense thunder will strike you publishans. For calling the name of child 🧒 of God in vain.

BREAKING: IPOB Orders Sit-At-Home In South-East Nigeria Every Monday Till Nnamdi Kanu Regains Freedom, Threatens Violators | Sahara ReportersThe group referred to the planned weekly protest ‘ghost Monday.’ Is ok.. Still you guys we be the one suffering if in aspect of business.. Use ur sense.. Sit at home didn't affect fGovt Make una dey try calm down oh Extended weekends 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁

God will pu*ish all of u Nigeria media for carrying fake News zoo story for the gods

‘Nigerians won’t go back to Egypt’, APC hits AtikuThe All Progressives Congress (APC) has tackled former Vice-President Atiku Abubakar who said Nigerians are yearning for the return of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).

Armed robbers invade ministry in Nasarawa, ‘cart away N100m’Gunmen believed to be armed robbers, on Thursday, besieged the Nasarawa State Ministry of Finance, Budget and Planning in Lafia and catered away the sum of N100 million at gunpoint. Hahaha! This country Nigeria ... We hail thee . Our own the Native land. Though tribe and tongue may differ, in brotherhood we stand. .... What is he or she doing with such amount of physical cash ? Waiting for a talking fish to convince me that he or she is not an accomplice