Boss Mustapha, Lai Mohammed, Others Visit Abba Kyari’s Office Amid COVID-19 Speculations

Boss Mustapha, Lai Mohammed, Others Visit Abba Kyari’s Office Amid COVID-19 Speculations


Boss Mustapha, Lai Mohammed, Others Visit Abba Kyari’s Office Amid COVID-19 Speculations.

Boss Mustapha, Lai Mohammed, Others Visit Abba Kyari’s Office Amid COVID-19 Speculations

Channels Television Updated March 24, 2020 Members of the presidential task force on COVID-19 including the Secretary-General of the Federation, Boss Mustapha, and the Minister for Information and Culture, Lai Mohammed on Tuesday visited the Presidential Villa and the office of the Chief of Staff, Abba Kyari. This is amid unconfirmed reports that the Chief of Staff to the President, Abba Kyari, tested positive to the Coronavirus. The team however declined to answer questions on the status of the Chief of Staff or the President. Presidential task force on COVID-19 at the presidential villa on Tuesday, March 24, 2020. None of the members would also confirm if there will be a briefing in respect of the two cases. However multiple sources within the villa speculate that indeed the Chief of Staff tested positive. No one has however given an official confirmation or explanation . Read more: Channels Television

You people have gotten f yours where is that of the poor masses Covidiots ...when you have leaders who think and breathe thru their anus. EwuLeaders. What is the definition of isolation they don't know. have joined them in spreading the lies... SHAME, all your awards should be retracted It end in shame n death for all of you .. channels have joined them..

CDCgov There's need to state it as it is, timeously too. It helps to eliminate speculation, strength resolve & helps make informed decisions. Kyari's status's speculation informs this visit. Is is wrong from all angles. You don't visit the quarantined! What's social distancing! Lai even took files along!

What are they looking for, instead of them to go to a quarantined themselves A problem shared is a problem half-solved. Very soon all of you will die and leave the country I am glad that now you know that hot water can kill Tortoise They only shutdown borders to 13 countries! Isn't that silly? Instead of upgrading our hospitals they fly out to treat headache. I am laughing 😂 because I can't Imagine kyari in a Nigerian hospital. Please fly back to Germany to treat covid19.

COVID-19 Deadlier Than Boko Haram, Says SGF Boss MustaphaCOVID-19 Deadlier Than Boko Haram, Says SGF Boss Mustapha Won tun tí gbè tuntun dẹ̀ o People just want to talk. Must you compare 🙄 This kind of look. Kai Abba wlh karya kakeyi

Did you guys say speculations? NCDCgov please take note. They should all be tested before leaving. God save us from this critical disease Non of you all will survive this ,you all will perish with this COVID 19 useless greedy old men ,people are hungry but you choose to have a big fat account ,it won’t be well with you all and ur family,this tears and pain of this season won’t leave this thieves behind.PMBuhari

Why is that one hugging pamphlet? Hahahaha. So LIE Mohammed is still alive. I've been looking for him. We hear less of him these days. Wasting N95 masks that would have been used by care givers or doctors. What a wonderful development. Please, y'all should keep visiting him so that the virus can answer our prayers

Fools even customised their stupidity😥( thier mask)

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Bunch of idiots visiting for what ? Solidarity ? Shame on this govt See Lai Mohammed,the devil’s mouthpiece,he can’t tell lies anymore,monsters Calm down guys, na condolence visit Gosh? See as Lai tie hand for chest like who dey mourn Apc channel Di thought we all read the memo on social distancing Lai Mohammed expression though 😅😅😅 Like; E yah shebi nah you be Minister of Tourism 😅😅😅

The force of sycophancy supersedes the fear of COVID-19. Where Covikk one nine dey? We are being governed by Mumu ppl with no empathy, compassion or basic human decency. Non of these idiots care to visit Lagos state to mourn with them after the pipeline explosion or IDP camps in borno.

COVID-19: Nigerians Must Brace Up For Tougher Measures – Lai MohammedCOVID-19: Nigerians Must Brace Up For Tougher Measures – Lai Mohammed. Ooin.. i say ooin Na today We done 99 waiting be 100

Visiting an infected person without gloves. I hope none of them touched a contaminated surface. Have they visited the families of the 40 soldiers that were killed today in Borno? Rubbish Guess 'isolation' has a different meaning to our politicians Oluwa wetin dey smell 😷 They went to pack kyari’s things out of office No time

Why is lai muhammad 'lying in state'! People on the road markets without nose mask..they aren't even aware 😔😔 I pity their families n friends NOTE

COVID-19 Deadlier Than Boko Haram, Says SGF Boss MustaphaCOVID-19 Deadlier Than Boko Haram, Says SGF Boss Mustapha Won tun tí gbè tuntun dẹ̀ o People just want to talk. Must you compare 🙄 This kind of look. Kai Abba wlh karya kakeyi

One sneeze like this. Everywhere burst But why are they visiting the office What is lai Muhammad holding like he is hugging his baby Lai Mohamed with his mouth shut. As it should be. 😂😂 If it can catch all of them I will be very grateful, thank God the virus started in a good place in Nigeria 😂😂 This is foolishness extra-ordinare. Like wtf is this for?

See uncle lair liar 😂 See as oga lie, fold hin hand😉😉😂😂😂😂 This is stupidity at its highest. Even family resisted visiting positive patients at this peirod.

StackPathOyya rush him out of the Villa Bfor my crush get infected Game Gsme 😱 Let him quickly fly to the UK for treatment as usual because our medical facilities can't work on him

And one mumu still no wear mask and glove hmmm Has he been be tested ....I ve a strong feelings he has it....bcos Is that a bird beak Or am I just seeing things See that fool that even folded his arms The presidential task force on COVID19 only visited a facility/command center meant for Strategic actions in the Villa. They did not pay a visit to Abba Kyari. You played with words because you know Nigerians will read ‘Abba Kyari’s Office’ to mean ‘Abba Kyari’.

None of them is putting on glove and I’m very sure they had touch something in there. We have the most intelligent and the most stupidest of minds in Nigeria.We’ve been preaching social distancing a banza. To greet him for what?I can bet with my money that these ass wipes don’t even know how to use a mask or wash dia hands properly. If it’s to chop money now,ehen!

The man should be transfer or arrested, detained in a public isolation center. This people are looking for our trouble. Personal isolation helps the spreading but cooperation kills the virus. Abba kyari and others what is the difference. Hypocrisy at it's peak. Look at Lie Muhammad 😂😂😂

Coronavirus: Atiku, Dino Melaye react as Abba Kyari allegedly tests positive to COVID-19 - Daily Post NigeriaFormer Vice President of Nigeria, Atiku Abubakar and Senator Dino Melaye, the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, candidate in the Kogi West Senatorial Our prayers are with you Abba Kyari Baby Corona you’re doing well.

But what's the sense in visiting an infected person? Isn't he suppose to be in isolation? Ibraxkiyawa help me understand their reasoning Beautiful Just look at people running the affairs of this nation. Wow Did he give birth Because How stupid God made man. The man without face mask , is he immune?

Why ve they visited his office in the face of the underlying danger,? I hope someone high and mighty ve not gone to the other side... Lai Mohammed looks like he was forced to this meeting And one of em is immune is to the virus... Lol, please stop lying to us Not a single one of them is using gloves.... Tragic!

Bunch of idiots 😂 What part of quarantine don’t politicians understand? How can this people visit some on isolation? This people are making me sick. He has COVID-19 Not malaria for God sake See as all of them de like Ayo and Teo Well I wish them luck coming out Come this people no be human begin for sure bcus if not while would there be going to see him right now with the rate the LetsFightCovid19 is going pls make them get check before leaving that place 🤔🤔🤗😷😷🤒🤒

It’s a good thing they went to visit him. 🤔 To do what exactly? You mean you visit him in his absence? Okay na See Kai Muhammad's posture 😂😂 This people at the back use juju come. You see this people I will never believe a thing from them this is all tactic don’t you see people who have this virus 🦠 abroad is this how they roam about freely Nigeria is a fucking joke dem go promote am to IGP

Channels people we want live coverage of Gwagwarada and Yaba COVID-19 centers. We want to see the people on treatment. And possibly get them to speak to us on how they are doing and interview the health workers too. Do they think they are safe with just the nose mask? SMHl Lovely news, let other greedy politician tag along

See as Lai Mohammed pose like Rahman jago that time they arrested Naira Marley. Bad man This Nigga is literally wearing a bird beak

Like back Where are your handgloves you are joking with coro right continue One by one coro baby will visit them Who be that guy with G-strings 🤣 Nonsense You can see the well Info Minister stood. If you have visited someone in the hospital before you will understand. That pose means' A fi ka ma be Olorun fun'

Those masks they are wearing would be more utilized amongst the health care workers actually fighting this thing. No gloves, hopefully they all contract it and die I see they’re all wearing the expensive masks. That tall nigga, did he get his own from Naruto? Why is it that twitter don't have the happy reaction just like fcbk Lie lie fine dada

what are they visiting him for ..:: rubbish and nonsense Nigeria is stupid praisegeorge Is it just me or this picture is funny as fuck? We need to start making Respirators and Ventilators for Nigerians. I know how to make this things locally, I am waiting for the people in charge to authorize me. Lai can fear for Africa

In Nigeria you can visit coronavirus patient😂🤣🤣 See lai Mohammed 🤣🤣🤣 What's the purpose of the visit? Stay in your house stupid people May Allah cure him and every one suffering from any illness Amin YA rabbi

Make them kuku inject this virus for them body make we hear word going to his office to do what him born pikin 💔😭😭 Visiting as if he returned from the war front Lai will soon perish What rubbish!!!!! The head that will receive knock, even if it's in a moving car, it will bring itself out through the window

funky_rash Just visiting to pay homage to the REAL president. I'm just seeing that man at the back sef. See ignorance at its peak. As deadly as the virus is, he didn't even think to use a face mask. WTF!!!! Mr. Lai himself. These men won't commit suicide. Amen.

It's now clear,that we have illiterates as leaders. Wtf! are u visiting him for? Teheee Is this advisable. Wearing face mask isn't all. How about gloves? I see fear written all over this one 👇 What's in his office? May Allah (SWA) bring ease and total protection for us all. amin Baba lia 🌝 What is the name of that foolish man on blue suit that is not wearing noise mask?.

Wetin concern me🤸‍♀️🤸‍♀️🤸‍♀️🤸‍♀️🥳🥳🥳I'm in my house playing ludo What's he doing at the office? And was this visit absolutely necessary? WeneedabetterNigeria

Nigeria My country. 😄😄 Lai Mohammed look scared What happened to SOCIAL DISTANCING? The people wearing face mask on this pic is among our problems in this country. Coronavirus what are you still doing? . Just look at these guys... SMH They said isolate these ones wore nose mask and still went This guy out here looking like a doctor from the black plague

To do what, ffs To do what? To do what?! They had to risk it to visit the president.

God have mercy on all that were infected more especially Abba kyari for quick delivery Confused politicians What are you guys looking for updan. The way Lai Mohammed is holding onto those files, see fear!! God not the government is in control And why were they there ? Why are they wearing masks now ? Yeye bunch of olodos

They are all infected; Kwaruption is the cause of covid one Nine See them, bunch of jokers Lol Well Kuma kun diba toh

Look closely.. Lai Mohammed be like 'no way, i ain't touching anything in this office - not today! ' 🤣 What is all these for goodness sake? wao! Peep lai's glow at his age. Lai looks surprised. 🤣🤣🤣🤣that minister beside lai Mohammed, see his mask like turkey 🦃 appendage . How would you guys speak to him if you've mask on na. Take it off and have a 'heart to heart' conversation with him please. He needs you now more than ever

Why can’t they just stay in their houses? All these visits and meetings are not helping anyone. Why is it so hard for them to practice what they preach? 😀😀😀Eleyi ti BABA LAI KAWOGBERA YI. I hope all is well o? Hope our VP. is FINE ? We need him most now? The Corona viruses we have in the country

Look at Lai Mohammed... Wonder what he would be going on in his head BlessOsaVincent Huh 😲 They all visited him with no protective suit? These people are really jokers. He's 100 times more contagious right on his sick bed now, even the doctors treating him are very much at risk. They should be enlightened more about this virus.

True oo u are right now it seems no runing away Wicked and Selfish idiots. The procured the respirators for themselves. They don't care about the public. why should anybody get angry when I say that all of them should get the Coronavirus? When there was an explosion in Lagos, non of these clawn visited the scene, this is sending a simple message.... Class differences. But God pass all of una

May they find what they are looking for Channels TV you guys don't like giving us full news why Lol, tank God it started there if not buhari for don turn to stock fish The way eye service will kill us ik the country lol Lol hahahah all of una go catch am no worry

Visit for what exactly? Why does man look like a chicken? 😂🤣 Did this reporter just say “speculations” ? So it’s not a fact that Abba Kyari has the corona virus? The man has coronavirus and is meant to quarantined (I.e be in isolation to avoid spreading it) and then you have other government officials going to pay him a visit. Can we ever be serious in this country and not be political with everything we do. It's just plain madness

Its natural selection at this point Pls send this to the stupid lai and his accomplice Without gloves?!!! The convener's of revolution lockdown ..Mr. covid-19 advice the ordinary Nigerian to take the precautionary measure and stay mission is against the corrupt politicians that refused to equipped our healthcare and other sectors to work.. God bless ordinary Nigerian.

Zoo behaviour. The Emperor must not find out that one of his loyal ministers wished him death Is this the Gwagwalada hospital?

Went to mark register! Covidiots 😏 Everyone stay safe excerpt, Aso rock, Boko haram guys, thieving governors, thieving returning senators, EFCC and Magu, Banks oppressing &stealing Nigerians money, SARs and the Police etc Ze virus will find you. Have they forgotten their gloves? Abi surfaces cannot be contaminated? Is this ignorance?

These people they don't learn!! Senseless morons..what's the reason for visiting his office? Mtchwwwwww This people will carry and start spreading it to their own staffs They should fuvking stay in their house Lies They should have used WhatsApp pictures Who noticed Lia Mohammed fold hands 🤣🤣🤣 They want to save their precious job

The woke up, took their bath, dressed up, got a mask, entered a bus, then drove to the office to visit an infected AbbaA Kyari. Omo, see loyalty till death...and He was still in the office receiving visit. Chai. Corona: '....where two or three are gathered....' That tall unku nah thinks he's safe with the way he wore his mask wrongly. Oooiinn, you're doing well

Why is he folding his hands like that? My dear exchange gestures...shake hands with him you bastard! What if the kovic 1 9 birus is hanging on the air, now hang on their suit? All of them should be quarantined now. This is rich sickness. Its not just about masks people you also need gloves😂😂😂😂 I just want Lai Mohammed to shake hands with him 🙄

One person there isn't wearing a mask. Hmmm! Imagine All foreign Countries says, every penny belonging to non-citizen is been seized by their Govt to Combat COVID-19 !! Naija looters won't respond to treatment NEVER !! Why are this people very foolish. God please I donate them as a burnt sacrifice unto you

And no gloves on Lai’s hands.......Nigeria is a scam🤦🏽‍♂️ soon it will be corona allowance that we'll hear.. They won't go and practice the sit home stuff this one no go save ona why are they wasting the scarce facemasks na Lai Mohammed looks really sacred and worried All this ones wan catch am by force

The way Lai Mohammed is standing doesn't look good feels like Abba is in a terrible condition ifiee Big fool What is the need of visiting his office? That’s makes them vulnerable. That’s why things are not properly in country, because our leaders think from their anus .

All our leaders should go for test, since some of them have tested positive to the disease and they can't do without seeing and embracing each other No gloves? And why are they visiting when they are supposed t9 be self isolating? Smh They all look funny tho Am I missing something? Still no gloves in their hands?

This my country Nigeria is something else o men showing fake loyalty because they feel this will deal with them if he recovers if you don't show yourself and pay homage all the other positive patient their family are not allowed to visit o but kyari na our president. So it has been established that politicians the world over don’t listen to health tips from specialists. What are they trying to prove? To be doubly sure he’s positive of the Covid—19?

Maintain social distance 🤭🤭🤭. Look at them In fact God is involved. He's leading the way. My prayer is that let him not stop until all the wicked people in Nigeria and the world at Large are dealt with. see how Lia Mohammed is forming careful...

If you like, wear condom cloth covered up head to toe. As you enter that office and like this. You all are suspects. God is seriously working. I give him praise. 🙌🙌🙌 They’re soooo dumb Can only imagine what Lai Mohammed is thinking 😁 Instead of isolating themselves they are still busy displaying sycophancy

Lia Mohammed will soon join him,this not matter of lie,this is reality....una go die finish Don't worry God is working things out for our good,let them go with their children n wives to pay him visit,dine n play with him. Them go don fumigate de office na before If this Corona will only deal with those big thieves and let the poor go their ways.this our country Nigeria would've been a better nation.

Irresponsibility of a dense few will make others pay the ultimate cost. Look Lai's posture. Chai. Lol. All my laughing is hysterical at this point. Chaos is about to reign supreme. Chineke nna.

Someone please release the virus'right there right now!!! Lai mohammed folding his arms like a child that is afraid. You ALL wont escape this. Since you’ve decided to be wicked and nonchalant leaders. No escape route to Abroad for Treatments. What a time to be Alive😅. All these ones are ready to be infected... That is if they are not carriers already.

Dont visit. work from home. That is if you had any work Jus take a look at them 😏 RadioPaparazi The chief of staff's office is quite different from visiting the chief of staff.The media loves sensational news even if it is misleading. This is an opportunity for God to do the needful. Let our prayers be answered.

The real divine revolution is on. Baba God why are these guys still standing healthy? Infect them all bad politicians They are still maintaining contact

See the way lai Mohammed fold arms like say person die 😂😂😂 Funny thing with these doofuses wearing masks is that they prob touched diff surfaces without taking the masks of properly n subsequently touched their faces! Bit like d clown wearing mask in NASS, shifted it aside, sneezed in d air then moved it back to cover! Naija na cruise 😂

Hahahahaa Nobody collected handshake.... However we need to VAR all of them Lia can't save Lia now 😂 Una go die one by one Hohoho!!! Nigeria🤦 so wetin come be d purpose of d visit See fears in their eyes. What is oga liar doing? Covidiots

🙄🙄🙄 And lai mohammed still Carry documents follow body. More like saying, bros sign this before you die oo This people will not help their lives. Why expose their generation to covi19 all in the name of solidarity visit. Abi them be doctor ni. Such grave act of stupidity ! Is this what they should be doing. Can we not borrow a leave from Ghana? What effort are they making to ensure the safety of lives. Well the life of an ordinary man is worthless to them. shame

Why? Why? Why? I don't understand Someone will now tell me these ppl are normal like this See their faces 😂😂😂... total fear. 😂😂 Baba don't want to take any risk. He hug his hands 😂😂

E don happen, I don talk am No gloves 🧤🤔 No hands gloves Table done turn sha..🚶🚶 No you expect a lame man to believe dere is coronavirus in Nigeria with all dis dats y so many ppl on the streets are still in disbelief Dey feel the government is lieing 💔 They are all wearing the mask wrongly! Please tell them

That guy got a beak Shocking!!! AbdulHerphyz Who gave you idiots masks Most general hospitals don’t even have one to use !!!!

Aye mi oo Nose mask but no hand gloves. That how Buhari and one elder were wearing nose mask but shaking with bear hands. Unenlightened folks everywhere in Govt. Look at these old covidiots 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️ I dont like the way lai Mohammed was standing. Reading meaning from the way they are all standing, something doesn’t seem right!!

These guys don't understand the term 'stay at home'. Fear syndrome. Make ABBA kyari no say I no come see am for hospital De fecto president? Our leaders are so selfish, intead of closing the border earlier enough to prevent the virus from coming into Nigeria, they left it in other to allow their families overseas to come home first, now they are back with the virus. They still want to help spread it to the poor masses

I don't why this photo looks funny... Bunch of uneducated clowns! Making everything about political *ss kissing! Do Teleconference and stop the spread of the shit!

As government no take good care of our hospitals in 9ija now Covid19 don deh catch una one by one which hospital una wan go and una no fit fly out. Una don die be that now 😢 That's how Nigerian politics has reduced people's parents to sychophants. Now they are exposed to the risk and would probably go back to their offices before heading home. come o, what joke kind of mask is Boss Mustapha wearing?

lie Mohammed is in shock 🤣🤣😂🤣🖕🏿 Concerning face mask, it is not recommended for the general populace. Face masks is recommended for: 1. Confirmed and suspected cases 2. Carers of confirmed and suspected cases 3. Health workers attending to suspected and confirmed cases. They should book beds down

nerdy_dami What's the purpose of the visit? That old lier would probably be next Na one by one god go de answer our prayers for this country This people no just get brain A group of senseless and irresponsible men, it's like they know nothing about this pandemic. And to think that the info Minister is there makes it so appalling

Presidential task force on COVIDー19 members sent even understand the principles of preventing the disease

geokaycee No hand glove They think it's to be wearing mask like zoro They should self isolate. The second person from the right...What kind of mask is that though? Many are mad but few are roaming about ! ☝️click on the link for amazing WhatsApp contents You can't shame the shameless so also you can't infect the infected. They are aware

Dear lord, this thing they’re looking for, may they find it What do we call this for Christ sake? This is absolutely irresponsible...... Absolute 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡

Mood rn 😂 Sighs Showmanship! Oshisko Doctors lack N95 mask at hospital, even face mask is gradually running out of circulation, , but people who don't see patient are wearing it any how. COVID19 Nigeria is a joke Were kan tun ko file lo 😂😂😂 👴 Be careful what you wish for, you might just get it See the way Lia Mohammed fold hands... 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

God please have mercy on us all....have mercy on Nigerians, show our leaders ur mercy. Give us a second chance...this I pray through Christ our Lord... Amen. St Rita of cascia, the saint of impossible case's intercede for us all...Amen. buhari should be in Isolation

Daft.... Very Daft But our oga lai has really been gentle in this second term. Kilode. This country na amusement park. Elf_Elm see your leaders, people that really need those N95 face mask are short of it. Ok na The way lai Mohammed is hugging his books though E say speculations. What's the essence of this visit when you people refused to build hospitals for us? Hypocrites and clowns Gen_LaiMuhammed

It's not your job to manage a COVID case if you are not a healthcare practitioner. Your job is to escalate it to the appropriate authority and practice the recommended hygiene handwashing StayHome isolate Why can’t you all fly him abroad this time now. We die here.😂😂😂All those money una steal that you don’t want to use to develop this country.Ordinary fever before una don fly abroad

What's wrong with the man on tie without nose cover ? Politicians have access to N95 mask, people at the front line don't. I hope they won't share the N95 masks supplied by Jack amongst themselves. - Crying. These ones are idiots oo😳😳😳 Visit what Tricksters. Ajala the travellers Abi dem go sanitize the place ni? Cos I dont understand this

What is the essence of the visit Yeye people!!! Aswear you'd think that some of these leaders have sense until........... They are even wearing N95 respirator masks! Knowing how dumb our leaders can be, I bet that they're even wearing it wrong. Considering how hard it is to wear that particular mask, it takes quite a bit of training to wear it correctly, and can be uncomfortable to breathe in. 👇

Face mask no gloves

Anybody wey no go tell oga Abba sorry at this critical time go lose him job. And they value the job more than their life so don't worry about them. Coronavirus belongs to the elites in Nigeria...pls let them enjoy it abeg They die with their boss See their faces COVID-19 will make the poor and rich to be somehow equal in Nigeria lol.

Visiting office for what again... aren't they supposed to quarantine or something 🤷 Double wahala for dead body Behold, they old shall pass away

dondekojo 🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️ Power is power indeed! They wan catch am o D way lie Mohammed pose dey funny me 😂😂😂 Wearing a mask without hand gloves 😅😅 Without gloves😂😂😂 What are they looking for? where are their hand gloves abi it's not necessary. we play with too much fire. God done vez. Corona maybe God's angry with us, that's why He started with the highly before the lowest.

Who is that Superman without a face mask To look for what? Look close. Lai Mohammed is scared 😱 They should be isolated too 😉 This man without a mask.. Is he Alright? If i perish, i perish No hand gloves? 😒 OvieO Going to visit his office is even dangerous cause the virus could be in that office, thanks for spreading it.

All of you will soon test positive God please perform ur wonders, remember what you did to those that put the children of Israel into captivity..

Without gloves? Very stupid of them. Tic-toc Aso rock Danduru... Confirmed! No speculations What is wrong with Mohammed 😂 For lia mind,I don talk m e don happen.. em self wan enter express so...🤣🤣❤️🏃🏃 And who is that Nigerian that didn't put on a mask 😕😕😕 Is that not Ndoma Ebga not wearing mask? Please don't come back to calabar o

Lai Mohammed reaction is enough evidence. Lai Muhammed o 😂😂😂 Many things going through his mind. Baba dey fear for him life. God should just remember all of them there too,the miracle should go around.

Don't even know what to say. Why are they wearing mask without wearing gloves ? This guys are dull than illiterate they could easily touch this virus ffs 🤦🏼‍♂️ Ain’t they suppose to self isolating or practice social distancing? Awkward people To even think they didn't stand 2meters away from each other. These people will end up being the dispatch riders of this thing in this country.

See the way Lai gripped himself to avoid any form of hand contact, Baba is scared of Coro😂 What are they looking for there? Good. Good. Why are they visiting exactly ? Wrong decision Lai dey reason him life.

May be na because kyari dey Germany that’s why dem no close border and waited until he came back 🤦🏻‍♂️ he came back with a gift toh Don't they have his phone number? Solidarity, for when he recovers. Thank you COVID19 for consciously affecting the so called leaders, I bless God Almighty for you. Stay COVIDー19 more for three years

Who is that gangster that is not wearing mask? If Corona Virus had Started from Nigeria, Our leaders here would have taken their families to Overseas & leave us to our fate. God you're wise and all knowing Can you see Lai Mohammed folded his hand into chest to avoid or mistakingly shaking people. Merry go round

They should keep going close to Abba. They just might be doing the Lord's work🙄 Where did these people get their masks na? The ones I have don almost finish o.

Oga lai no need to panic we can handle the situation Bros lai posture....... Hey Twitter is fun. You people are ready to die. Common sense is scarce among our rulers Shey weyrey la won eleyi nii. Dem say person get coro, una con go greet am. Ahn ahn What are they finding gan? None of them is even putting on gloves 😓😓 who swear for us in this country laidis 😭😭😭

The should all get tested too. They should all self isolate They are all contacts

lewayusuf Solidarity visit to de fecto C-in-C MAKE SURE THERE ARE TESTED IMIDIATLY there leave dia Is like the guy standing behind is immune to Corona virus E bi things🤔 See these people using masks the doctors and nurses desperately need Do they even understand what social distance is? All bad officials in government will be wiped out before there's a cure.

Are these people normal? He is such a good man, he should be flown abroad for better medical attention since they haven't provided that at home here 😂 Chaii 🙆🏽‍♂️ my man Abba Kyari is positive Watin I go tell this plp 🤔

Iran is literally washing and sanitizing the entire country. The sidewalks, benches, traffic lights etc. What part of HIGHLY CONTAGEOUS dont they understand. COVID-19 is an advanced form of bacteria. Proper hand washing and body washing with medicated soap is sacrosant They should all go for tests! Is this a g stringed mask?

Everyone that has been in contact with abba kyari since last 2 weeks should be self isolating right now but no our politicians are just dumb and stupid, it is until most of them have before they come to their senses Loool! Asides the fact that the visit was unnecessary, look at this pic very well, One person still did not think it wise to wear a face mask.

Now we are talking They should all be quarantined after that visit. See as them wear mask like egungun. Fada lord answer our silent prayers. Amen So what is the purpose of the visit?

Lai Mohammed.. What's with that hug? Are these old men okay? What were they during in Kyari's office? 😂 Is Lai Mohammad tested CorinaVirus positive? COVID19 COVID-19 likes this tweet. See ya!! God pls have mercy on us Look at that one’s mask oh God 😭 They already doing condolence visits.. Or what am I missing 🤔

Without hand gloves You think you are saved with face mask? Get a freaking hands gloves

Lol monkeys Seeing is believing! People that are supposed to be in isolation 🤦‍♂️ Awon Eranko. Would we tag this curiosity or what? When God wants to kill a man, he first makes him foolish. No doubt, THIS IS GODS PLAN I don't understand? What are they looking for there? To catch it too? Anyways, we don't mind 😁. Lai my dear, move forward na😄😄.

They want to confirm ? Lol. See information minister. Baba’s egungun is very careful. He folded his hands tightly That last man fold his arms🤣🤣

Free Zakzaky Thank God for this. I’m so happy to see such gatherings and move by our political elites. I pray they embark on more of this gathering and visit. This Gods plan. God is cleansing our land. They’ll all be wiped Who is the man on blue that didn’t cover his nose thuo? Why is Lai Mohammed postured like someone in grief. Did somebody die?

😂 the way Lai Mohammed stood be cracking me up What is Boss Mustapha wearing? These ones are not serious, stay in your house, dem dey waka about Is this a face mask or a blooded Eagles beak To what end actually? U could greet hom via various Social Media apps and video calls. These people are all just mad. Mtewww.

Nowhere to hide. We will all use healthcare service in Nigeria.

k8rinnee See Lai face hahahaha Let this visit yield positive result for them so we pray🙏🏽💯 Mr I will not touch anything, aka Lai Muhammed.😄😃 For real!! There is no immunity on this... Anybody is eligible This Lai Moh'd is a clown, why he stand like say Abba Kyari don die Propaganda government. Those ones not using nose mask is it that they could not afford?

Lai Mohammed is that you? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 they will all die of the virus See them, awon arugbo ojo 😂😂😂 so Coro fit shake una 🤣🤣🤣

How very very daft COVIDIDIOTS Omo see the way Lai Mohammed dey look 💔. The world will be fine For what? Are they all illiterate? Is the virus a joke to this ones? These people don't believe this corona virus is real. It's obvious What are they waiting for they should hug him and shake hands with him I don't get it. What's the need of this visit. Whatever happened to: 'Stay at home'? We are our own problem.😕

Very shameful of them. What is the purpose or intention of the visit? Lai Mohammed couldn't believe it (from the way he is standing), wow Useless people

They’ll still shake hands mumu Speculation? 🤔🤔🤔 See Mr Lai😂, a typical yoruba man pose They should test all of them in that room cus them be suspect as well... Billwizmiz Irresponsible people The real heist.... Tell the president Buhari to move to his farms when covid 19 settles down then he comes . He is over70 yrs. we have to protect him

With some wearing nose mask and some ain’t since those ones don’t breathe through their noses. Also, visited the office and didn’t even put on gloves? This is like wearing a broken condom to have sex with an AIDS patient. Bunch of corrupt political mascots.

mzgbemmy You said Corona virus speculation? Why have you people fallen so cheap with your professional duties. Pure eye service so that media can capture them as caring Abi? Why is lai mohammed folding hands? Is it a death sentence? Hypocrites everywhere... The wise men here are beginning to hide thier hands before they mistakenly shake someone 😁😁

No gloves No social distancing... gathered in group Hmmmmmm.. let me come and be going. Tufi. You people di egwu. Are you doctors?, or health care practitioners?. What are you all doing in the office. Goshhh Look at the old liar hugging those files firmly! Covid-19 will make you relinquish the files with ease.

God of the universe will continue to locate and reward them all with Covid19. Visit for what again. This people are just doomed Lagos is filled up already... Pls fly him to London. Ndï ara! Look it the way Lai Mohammed is looking at him, as if he's viewing a corpse. These our leaders ehhh. Smh

The fed.govt should stop lying to's unfair Is Lai Muhammed supposed to be working about? Was he not in contact with Kyari? look at them this is what they are thinking so this virus can affect nigeria politian like Abba. What is goin to happen to Abba money in united kingdom haywenzo No gloves This stupidity is quite uncommon. Is like a man that goes to stand in the middle of the highway. COVIDIDIOTS

Ndiala, Iberiberism Test lai too oooo. What is social distancing? Our politicians have no clue clearly. All that mask could be better used if these folks stayed home. Congratulations to them. We have prayed enough in this country, God has a way of answering us. See them They had just one job to do, prevent covid-19 from entering, ban travels on time, they refused. We were never ready for this, we knew it, common sense, we had the chance to learn from other infected countries, but here we are. We pray for a supernatural intervention

You people still think this is a joke. Shouldn’t the likes of Lai Mohammed (since he was exposed to Kyari recently) be self isolating? But no he is out here with more people. E murasi See Lai looking like OMG Now they r trying to change ghe narrative.... It's not speculations anymore... it is a fact. channels take note

They are already xposed to the COVIDー19 before now, so they're free to revisit the source of their plight. These old fools just think covering their noses with masks for the camera is all the precautions they need to avoid being infected... Y'all just don't get it do y'all ? Where's MBuhari here? He’s a positive guy. He’s has always been

Lol see lai mohammed. Wow! This isn't logical at all

Wait dah man without face mask, is he immune to the virus? See Boss Mustapha Mouth like bird beak. Instead of themselves to stay safe... Deaf ears. All these old men think their office would protect them. Ooin Educated fools! Visit his office to do what, then u touch things around and get infected, this morons can not protect us oo

NCDCgov Why didn't they carry lunch for Abba Kyari naw? You can't visit a sick person empty handed o See all them old brothers wey ****... Visiting the office of someone that tested positive without hand FUCKING gloves 🤦🏽🤦🏽... Tttsskkk on your nose masks Why are we so dumb in this country, what's the idea of this visitation when the man should be self isolating, God heal our ignorance

Ahh so lai still need mask for dat hin long mouth? Oga o, nawa ooo Just lekwa this set of foolish people.

What type of mask is this man using clowns Birds of the same feather So what exactly is the purpose of this visit? To see the coronavirus on his desk? Is the magnitude of this risk too difficult to understand? They should all be quarantined for paying a visit there that office,they are all at risk of being infected with CovidOneNine

Please test lai Mohammed as well So it's a speculation? Channels sha ... See baba sinzu money 🙈 They should not have gone to his office and I did not see any evidence of social distance , hence they should all self isolate for 14 days ! Is it speculation or the man has tested positive to covid-19

We play too much in this country. These old men don't understand STAY AT HOME All of you should just hug him in solidarity. Please we Nigerians are begging you. Shouldn't the place be locked and disinfected? And every staff self-isolate for 14 days? 😣😖😖 Lol 😂 look at Lai Mohammed!! I'm I the only one that thinks this image is photoshoped to have face masks.

Why is Laid Mohammed covering his nose? Let yur will be done Lord😂😂😂 They should go they are immune to coro,in my mind time bomb Lol, Lord when, perfect clearance. They think the nonsense on their face will save them That's very good, please revisit

D tin don turn to speculation ne?! We warned Egungun to be careful, but he never listened. Now it has happened. Visit? To do what? Wetin do oga Lia Who knows they might get what they are looking for! Why is the uncle in native like that, who e dey pity... too much drama sha The Ignorance must learn by force.

DRElMo_ATIKU realFFK NCDC let test them if positivi guerantine them This guys are fools. How can they go to the crime scene instead of quarantining themselves. Bc the more they are there, the more chance of them getting the kovik one nine virus 😂

What are they looking for that they cant wait for the whole place to be fumigated renoomokri Please let them test lai Muhammed. God should answer our silent prayers

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