Boko Haram Terrorism, Former Governor Of Jigawa State, Former President, Olusegun Obasanjo, Sahara Reporters, Sule Lamido

Boko Haram Terrorism, Former Governor Of Jigawa State

Boko Haram: You're a statesman, don't be a bigot, Sule Lamido replies Obasanjo - Premium Times Nigeria

Boko Haram: You’re a statesman, don’t be a bigot, Sule Lamido replies Obasanjo


Boko Haram: You’re a statesman, don’t be a bigot, Sule Lamido replies Obasanjo

He called on the former president to withdraw the statement credited to him that Boko Haram has an agenda of 'Fulanization and Islamization' of West Africa.

He called on the former president to withdraw the statement credited to him that Boko Haram has an agenda of ‘Fulanization and Islamization’ of West Africa.

Have u ever condemned d series of attacks at all?

“Its no longer an issue of lack of education and lack of employment for our youth in Nigeria which it began as, it is now West African Fulanization, Islamization and global organised crimes of human trafficking, money laundering, drug trafficking, gun trafficking, illegal mining and regime change.”

“If it were said at a non religious venue to a non religious audience, may be; it might have been more tolerable.

Messrs Lamido and Obasanjo are fierce critics of the Muhammadu Buhari administration. Both men have criticised President Muhammadu Buhari for his handling of the economy and security situation of the country.

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If Sule lamindo is complain what about the meeting all security chiefs doing with all Fulani elder, truth is better Stop harassing our general They were angry bcoz they couldn't stop Pmb and just decided to Fabricate Falsehood... Instigate and Overheat the Polity....Very Unfortunate statement from a selfish and Self Centered Person called OBJ...Mr I know All!!!

Let us write down the names of all who will criticize and condemn Obj on what he said concerning Buhari's BH/herdsmen. The Man that always cries unity of country always wanted to divide country into pieces an Mark our elders bad leader northenrd Nigeria we have blessed with good elders them him elders that always makes theiy people proud not like him we love them we respect them

The way Obasanjo sounded self u can see the victory of Buhari had subdued him. After supporting a Fulani man against another Fulani man you now come here to talk about Boko Haram which started, festered and grew under you. Baba iyabo just go to sleep sir. The reply show the guilty conscience of the lamidos of the north,truth is bitter they know what they are doing

Only time exposes the venom you hid in your breast. Of the Obj, he is already done with for that which matters to him. Being in the corridor of influence. Time shall tell farther, but not Fulani or Islam... When the way of a man pleases God, He will send discord to the camp of his enemy. So Buhari who is protecting herdsmen is not. Statesman ? Useless

Residents fleeing Adamawa villages as Boko Haram kill five – Daily TrustResidents are fleeing Madagali villages after Boko Haram insurgents reportedly killed five persons during Thursday attacks. BokoHaram; even ISIS halt killings in Ramadan

one nigeria must collapsed because of APC Islamazition agenda. 30/05/2019 we shall shock the whole world with BIAFRA. People like obj are the biggest threat to this country, After succeeding in inculcating hatred in the minds of their idiotic gullible followers, they now want to instigate ethno religious verbal war.

In other countries, when such statements are made the agencies tasked with the security of state(NOT SPOKESPERSONS)are put on alert& re-affirm their pledge to protect the state. Failure of which results in their resignation(& sometimes prosecution). In Nigeria, CLOWNS respond! 🤬 That’s why Boko Haram , ISWAP, Fulani herdsmen have festered in the North because they are Hausa Fulani projects. OBJ said the truth but Islamic apologists will Jump up to insult him. These terrorist organizations have made Nigeria a failed state

This is the reason why I don't care anymore about the killings in the North .they are enjoying it they are ever ready to jump to BH defence just look at lamido The colourless politician wants to win the emperor's favour. The truth is bitter. Obasanjo is right This shameless old man still have mouth to talk about the situation we found ourselves today. We the young generation will never forgive you ppl irrespective of ur tribe or religion.

Lamido has never raised his voice on this matter of insecurity and deaths in the country before today His only motive for speaking today seems to be to defend his tribe and religion. Please go and sit at the back of the class sir. Thank you sir, God bless you 👍

'Boko Haram Is For West African Fulanization, African Islamization', Says Obasanjo | Sahara Reporters'Boko Haram Is For West African Fulanization, African Islamization', Says Obasanjo | Sahara Reporters “Yet, we could have dealt with both earlier, and nip them in the bud, but Boko Haram boys were seen as rascals not requiring serious attention..READ MORE: OOFoundation Tell me something I don't know OOFoundation Why wait till now before talking OOFoundation If the FG rlly determine 2eradicate ds menace causin genocide nd blackenin our nation I tink d FG shld recognize evry region security so dey could oversee d security of there state coz dat will ease burden on our police.

Bigot cos he stated the obvious? Go home! Obasanjo was,is and will always be a bigot. Only those who have benefited from his bigotry don’t know that See wetin this election don cause, ba? Same BokoHaram OBJ brought upon us? Wonders shall never end. Anytime the truth is told, northern political elite get jittery. Like their imams don’t preach this in their madrasahs always

He is not a statesman but a partisan old politician who has refused to honourably retire. Nigerians get ready to hear the truth about insecurity in Nigeria,because I believe there will be a lot of secret that will be review in the next coming days,Godson has reply his Godfather nop This is between father and son...

He's clearly a bigot who enjoys masquerading as a nationalist when he has his minions in power. With due respect sir Sule Lamidu, can you tell us the agenda of Book Haram apart the one the BH are saying.

Boko Haram Storms Adamawa Village In Late Night Attack | Sahara ReportersBoko Haram Storms Adamawa Village In Late Night Attack | Sahara Reporters Residents of the village confirmed the attack on the village while adding that, “many are fleeing the village to avoid being killed.” DefenceInfoNG AsoRock READ MORE: Not again! When will this end? . .The horn that scattered our own Jerusalem- Horn of religious fanaticism

Is not far from the truth, If not Buhari declare Fulani Herdsmen terrorist group.... cos he said that IPOB was a terrorist group. They're now defending Boko Haram. Issokay. Statesman? Lol For most, the bigotry will always be there. OBJ is d Father of Boko Haram,militant and Fulani headsmen. It is always things of joy for those that embezzled national treasury insecurities continue so that masses can not cry for recovery. The day Nigeria experience peace OBJ will seize to exist!!!!

Instead of Obasanjo go to exile as Buhari will be sworn in soon after defeating Obasanjo in the freest elections. But the shameless man is still talking. Fulani produced presidents in, Nigeria, Cameroun, Niger, Burkina faso, Guinea, Mali, Senegal, Mauritania, vp Ghana etc Only fools still maintain the hope of a United Nigeria. Buhari has supervised the irreversible division of Nigeria.

Sule Lamido for the first, please tell him the truth Who are the major targets of Boko haram. Sheikh Adams killed a fulani man Sheikh Albani killed a fulani Sheikh Dahiru Bauchi attacked Ado Bayero attacked Muhammadu Buhari attacked To killed by b/haram and all of d above are Fulani Tell us other prominent Nigerians attacked

What do you expect a frustrated Obasanjo do after been beaten by In a the freest election by a Fulani man. I wonder how some bigot think what Fulani stand. No single tribe in Nigeria, Africa and the World that produced presidents of many countries as the Fulani done

Boko Haram: Red Cross begins construction of 3,000 houses for Yobe returnees - Daily Post NigeriaThe International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) has disclosed that the incident that befell its workers in Borno state last year has forced them to slo Good for the Country

By their replies, you shall know them 😕😕 All the closet apologists of Boko Haram will jump on this thread to attack OBJ for stating that which BokoHaram has already made clear in the past. Any person whose truth is bitter to them, they label a religious bigot. The Fulani northern elite will never agree because they are the beneficiary. What else can we call what's going on in Nigeria, if not fulanization and Islamisation.

Boko haram has killed more Muslims than any other people of other faith in Nigeria and west Africa as a whole, Islamization by killing fellow Muslims? Am confused here all fulanis are indirectly supporting this evil callef herdsmen. Obj statement is Nonsense He is a statesman, he shouldn't allow frustration to overshadow his state of mind.

Lobatan When you don’t maintain your lane, you will be dragged anyhow regardless of your age. So he shouldn't speak the truth any more. Is boko haram not fighting fornits own caliphate within Nigeria and Africa as a region? So what is wrong with this statement?

Troops Rescue 29 Women, 25 Children From Boko Haram CaptivityTroops Rescue 29 Women, 25 Children From Boko Haram Captivity. this was so touching, why is all this kind of this happening to our country and peoples more especially the poor once, and the people have no human feelings? Please and please let those that are doing it to STOP. Enough of this menace! The three suspects caught with ammunition along Maiduguri-Damaturu road, are literally joined the security purposely to glorify crime. These are bad eggs within the security and one of the gateways of Nigeria's problem that want no end to the insurgency.

Troops rescue 29 women, 25 children from Boko Haram in BornoABUJA—THE Nigerian Army disclosed, yesterday, that its troops of 22 Brigade, engaged in Operation Lafiya Dole, in collaboration with local vigilantes Good news

Boko Haram: Over 90,000 Nigerian refugees in Cameroon - Officials - Premium Times NigeriaOfficials from Nigeria and Cameroon brainstormed on Monday over plans to repatriate the refugees. And the government of this states could be so cruel to their own ppl

Boko Haram: Buhari asked to pardon 54 soldiers in jail over mutiny - Daily Post NigeriaThe Muslim Rights Concern (MURIC) has called on President Muhammadu Buhari to grant presidential pardon to the 54 soldiers who are currently serving a 10-y

Borno: Troops rescue 29 women, 25 children from Boko Haram – Daily TrustThe Nigerian Army has said troops of 22 Brigade, Operation Lafiya Dole in collaboration with local vigilantes on clearance operation to...

Boko Haram: Troops rescue 54 abducted women, children in Borno - Daily Post NigeriaIn continuation of their operations to clear Boko Haram terrorists, troops of 22 Brigade, Operation LAFIYA DOLE, in collaboration with local vigilantes, ha may God continue to bless the Nigeria army, for their efforts in fighting the terrorists boko haram

Boko Haram: Nigeria govt spent over N5 billion on humanitarian services in Borno - Minister - Premium Times NigeriaThe federal Government has invested over N5 billion on the provision of health and humanitarian services in Borno State in the last three years, the Minister of Health, Isaac Adewole, has said.

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