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Boko Haram: Chadian troops free Nigerian soldiers in captivity, kill 100 terrorists - Daily Post Nigeria

Boko Haram: Chadian troops free Nigerian soldiers in captivity, kill 100 terrorists

4/5/2020 3:50:00 PM

Boko Haram : Chadian troops free Nigerian soldiers in captivity, kill 100 terrorists

The Chadian troops have again dealt a major blow on Boko Haram insurgents. This followed the killing of 100 of its members in Magumeri, a local government

The Chadian troops have again dealt a major blow on Boko Haram insurgents.This followed the killing of 100 of its members in Magumeri, a local government in the northern part of Borno.Borno is the major hotbed of Boko Haram crisis in Nigeria.According to West Africa Reporters on Sunday, Nigerian soldiers in the sect’s captivity were freed.

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It quoted sources from the Lake Chad region as saying the Chadian soldiers are hitting the Boko Haram insurgents hard.It said the insurgents were fleeing and that President Idriss Déby has been moving around in a chopper to monitor Boko Haram destruction.

Debyordered the operationafter the terror group killled over 90 soldiers in Boma nearly two weeks ago.He called it the worst attack ever on the country’s military and vowed to ensure the crush of Boko Haram around the Lake Chad region.There are over 20 villages in the area.

On Saturday, the Chadian soldiers Read more: Daily Post Nigeria »

Mysterious... A very big shame to their leaders,not the innocent armies They did well Shame on Nigeria. Great job guys 👏 All the Nigeria army's was thought and also good is how to rap mother and daughter's and to kill innocent people who demanded their right, honestly una shame dey shame me animals in uniform.

This country is an expired country and nothing good will come out from it take it or leave it. How can we say that this country spent more then billions of Naira to fight Boko haram and still yet things still get out of hands. But see a small country like Chad helping you not me. BashirAhmaad Mr_Deen_ I hope you guys can now get it right and stop speeding fake news.

Shameless Nigeria Soldiers.Just 2 known.This will happens if those you people give the job are not qualified for the job. In Chad their President told the Whole World that he is the real Commander in chief.Where is President Buhari of Nigeria now?In fact he is the Boko haram boss Chad pls help us His this not a shame to our Army now Chad is the one helping us fight Boko Haram

Engr_Henry20 Let stupid Nigeria commanders keep playing politics with their soldiers life, look at Chadian, how sincere and formidable they are, because they put there life first instead of playing politics. Nigerian leaders think they have sense but they are very very insane. Thank you God bless Chad kill all the boko haram

But Nigeria soldiers are only powerful. When it Comes to threaten Warri women with rap and molestation. Our govt will just get them new guns. Simple! Chad came to our country to save our own ARMY from Boko Haram in our own country,what a disappointment,if it's to shout and kill civilians they'll be good at it,most of them are there for the power the uniform gives.Nothing more. Our president they call em self general,I laugh🤣

anointingose We're proud of our Nigerian soldiers they've doing their best may Allah's protection be with them always Ameeeen!!! How it should be. The so called giant of zoo not Africa any more shame to burutia, shame to all zoo forces, shame to the zoo government, shame to the zoo leader's all the know is to loot's our money useless people

itamomoh1 Last long on ur new throne chad the new giant of African. Stand and finish it up and be recognised Mr President (Buhari) and his company of businessmen in Boko Haram war should be ashame of themselves but there won't because they are making millions of dollars out of the business. Where is the money withdrew from the ECA account for the fight against insurgency.

oluwasevn Please MBuhari handler,kindly tell your patron that his hypocrisy is on display as ChadGovernment decimates Bokoharam led by its President. MBuhari has not fulfilled his promise of leading the army from the front. Another 'audio' campaign promise. LiarInChief Nigeria Announces 'Massive' Joint Offensive on Jihadists

Chadian soldiers are more active and proactive than lazy Nigerian soldiers who only know how to demonstrate their strength on their fellow country citizens victor_nach So it's safe to say Chad is the giant of Africa yeah? Tomorrow Nigeria will call themselves Giant of Africa😂 Bobby let's go🚶🏽‍♂️🐕 BlessOsaVincent Why do I feel like Chad is my country? Oh God, I miss chief okikiolu Aremu olusegun obasanjo

refundmymoney bankrobbery How many of have noticed a deduction in your bank account without bank notification? 300naira was deducted from my account without notice. Abi na our money dem take do donations? ZenithBank cenbank nassnigeria A failed Government, a failed structure. This headline is kinda misleading. The article does not even say where the soldiers were freed from or when they were captured. I'm tempted to call this fake

I can't wait for them to be vanish Insha Allah Giant of Africa indeed Chad ke!!! Well done chad What a shame? Well-done gallant troop, Nigerian troops take a queue This are the real Giants of Africa. Kudos to them. Nigerian troops are only killing BH on news paper and radio. I have seen real action. Good sign of patriotic Africans.

In position and see things happen. You can't. Continue risking the lives of our soldiers because one day, Nigerians will quit from joining the army. Now is the time for you to do the needful. It is paining and disheartening that some people that are mentioned in this scourge are yet to be prosecuted and jailed. Why? Because the head is evil, unrealistic, bigot, nepotic and inept. You can't lead a country like this. Remove this your ethnic bigotry, put best heads

Chadian soldiers are determined to finish it, go there you will have our prayers Instead of doing the needful to the captured bokoharam boys that are wasting life's on the daily basis, all you do is to equip them the more and risk the lives of our dear soldiers by letting them fight these daredevils with almost no armoury.

Anyways how can he? When hr openly said that an attack on bokoharam is an attack on the north. When he freely releases these carnivals that are killing people without recourse, feed them well and integrate them into the army. Do you think that I'll end? Never And expect to do magic? Our president is just s standing tree without movement. He only moves when breeze blows and hence, can't move further. Relocating the army headquarters to Maiduguri is not de solution to insurgency in the country. U have 2 give these guys weapons & support

They for kuku leave them in captivity becos when they come out now na warri people and other citizens the will be pulling their useless muscle toward them Corruption is inside the corruption that is fighting corruption. When president MBuhari name the likes of AMAECHI rotimi, Fashola as ministers, I realized that his government is going to be worse than what we anticipated. How can you have corrupt officials inside your ministers?

See giant of Africa o. 😁 Imagine Shame on Aso Rock Terrorist MBuhari, can you see your life? $1 billion I laugh in Chinese They have vanished again. You won’t hear them speak up. Uhmmmmmm, giant of Africa's soldiers been freed from captivity. Okay oooo, as I get one Prof wey go say, 'What a shame what a shame.'

A fight against the Bokoharam is a fight against the North and you guys expected buhari to get into power and start fighting and killing his boys? Abegi make una buy sense from Musa's kiosk joor Since 2015 Nig army has been compromised, a lot of things happened we don't know, How on earth will a govt fighting terrorists in d midst of d battle be releasing and recruiting some of them into d security forces.Abacha said if terrorist last 24 hrs it means govt has hand in it

I can't believe this.... Big shame on Nigerian Very soon they won’t allow this Chad Troops to come closer to our border ..They are killing their Bokoharam boys. Good Will Hunting Chai... So chadian army entered Nigeria to free Nigerian soldiers held by Boko Haram inside Nigeria. This is not about beating up civilians and telling them to roll on the floor or swim inside the gutter. This is what you signed up for.

Speechless They didn't only kill Boko Haram members but also freed our Nigerian soldiers in captivity under Boko Haram and the media just reporting this. 😒 That's how to do it... Kill the terrorist.... Not telling us that repentant terrorist have been released 😡 Thank you Sir. Shame dey catch me 🥴. Well done chadians and kudos Idris Deby.

aligthebaptist Shame Thats the definition of true soldiers Chai! Chai! There is God oh! Did you write Nigerian_Soldiers in captive freed by Chadian Troops? Where is the African Giant? Kudos to Chadian troops So wetin we come dey do. The Chadian onslaught seemed genuine without internal sabotage Haba!!!! Shame on Nigeria Common chad

Deby was just sitting there waiting for one stray punch to catch him. Your fight different from our fight. He lost soldiers and immediately went on attack. A President. Shame upon to Nigeria army and the presidency okoduwa_charles If I hear anybody call us Giant of Africa again!!!! I want to be a chadian Citizen

😭 Its quite unfortunate Useless paper Ordinary Chad! Nigeria is really decimated! No President, no vice, no chief of staff all infected with corona virus! Our gallant army's leaders should be ashamed now, ordinary chadian soldiers killed bh mercilessly and free our soldiers captured by bh. You let war continue because of money, provide Intel for bh before our soldiers arrive, so bh can kill them because of their money.

Am Ashame to be a Nigeria Just imagine.. Well done chadian army💪,/👉 Nigerians army shame on you Kudos to them. More wins It proved that we ain't ready. 😂🤣 ifiee God bless the Chadian troops. Na warri their power dey Giant of Africa indeed. They should be crown the giant of Africa👍 Shame! Shame! Shame! It's a big shame.

Boko Haram: Chadian troops free Nigerian soldiers in captivity, kill 100 terrorists. Something is wrong about this post, the Giant should be the one saving Africa. When will this sleeping 💤 Giant other Nation look up to ever wake Chadian army freeing the so called Afriacm Giants army from captivity.... Eyaf finish for 9ja

Vote yes if you thought Biuhari's government brought international disgrace to Nigeria. Vote no if otherwise welcome information NIGERIAN GOVERNMENT, THIS IS A BIG LESSON AND A SHAMEFUL ON ON ALL OF YOU.... 😅🤣😂🤣🤣😂 NGRPresident NGRSenate HouseNGR SPNigeria MBuhari ProfAkinAbayomi followlasg ProfOsinbajo

Great job, proud of you. If a soldier refuses to fight well, then it's his own cup of tea. The enemy will certainly go after you. Your fight is both personal and corporate existence of your people and your country. Don't allow bandits to mess you up. Idris Derby is the real General. Not the type we have in one unamed country.

Shame, our troops are relegated to zero behind decimal point Please Nigerian Citizens can we just contribute funds and send it to this Chad troops. I am really excited reading this news. If after spending billions the nigerian soldiers can not achieve anything then let us give the monies to outsider to help us flush out this animals.

Thank you. God bless Chadian army. Thank you so much. Nigeria military are aeroplanes and helicopters fighting forces. No synergy among various forces, no helicopters for infantry nor do they have rescue team and proper intelligence officers. All we have is bombing and acclaimed killing of bokoharam in the air.

Are Chadians troops better than us or do they have more weapons than us? What a country known as Chad. A country led into war against terrorism by his president. There was a country called Nigeria. A country where an army commander was fired for asking for weapon to fight terrorism. 🙆🏿🙆🏿🙆🏿🙆🏿 oluwasevn Loool fake

Where are those cowards full of excuses God Bless g Troops ❤️❤️ I'm loving this chadian troops already. MBuhari refused the help of British soldiers to eliminate BH cos himself and his nepotic military commanders are benefitting billions of Naira from the war against these terrorists at the expense of the people

What a shame, see what corruption and nepotism as done to our dear nation. What a disgrace! Shame on MBuhari Wick soldiers they can do better when it comes to hotting their fellow citizens during elections and others. Shame to Nigeria army Thanks The Nigerian military will soon deny this. Watch out. HQNigerianArmy DefenceInfoNG pls debunk this, Gus is an embarrassment on our part if true. Pls quickly debunk this or shed more light.

Show us the 100 terrorist that you killed FakeNews Amazing wonder. Chad o, not UK or France. Major GeneralMBuhari need to resign forth with. It was never this bad. It's beyond service chiefs, the C in C has to go. So Chadian President is also the president of Nigeria now. Ok Buhari achievement keeps hitting new despicable heights on a daily basis..

Our army that was once feared & respected globally has been reduced to nothing because of politics. Money meant for high-tech weapons & soldier's welfare are being shared by our politicians & military chiefs. Now, Chadians troops are the ones rescuing our soldiers from captivity. God will surely punish our president and his cohorts. He cannot escape the anger of God over the blood of the innocent lost in this saga

They will post something to counter this soon.... Haha. See this caption abeg. Chad fa! Smh Buhari’s govt incompetence grows by the day. Smh. Good job chadian soldiers..not idiot Nigeria government and army generals killing our own soldiers in the jungle line. Thank you gallant men This is the biggest shaming story ever.........even Chad?

Giant of Africa indeed What our troops cannot achieve with 2Billon budget... Chadians troop are over achieving with little budget.. To think some people will still defend this govt? Nigerian Troops are always active during Armed forces Remembrance day or in Warri or Python dance, Not Bokoharams. iykimo Nigerian soldiers are only good at harassing civilians

Like serious I covered my eyes because of the shame our leaders have put us all. Thank You Chadians Thank You president Idris. Buhari is very heartbroken by what these good and brave Chadians are doing. God bless them. utehgold And Mr lntegrity claimed to have sunk billions into fighting terrorism! Shame..

God bless them NphyM Help Nigeria soldiers, they are helpless HQNigerianArmy cove Jihadist Beasts to busy killing innocent civilians JudeoChristians in South to control OIL them land. Tchad better than you luckly also our Christians Brothers in Army saved IntlCrimCourt your end 4 crimes against Humanity SecPompeo

We took out $1 billion from ECA. And they told us they ordered fighter jets that would arrive in 2022 with half of the fund. Where’s the remaining $500m? Everyday our soldiers lament on the frontline. Now it’s Chadian troops that are defeating Boko Haram with far less funds. We love the Chadians and their action president. Go on Chadians, we are proud of you!

Thank you Chadian Army.Kudos. More fire!!! 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 Buratai and Buhari, come and see soldiers! Not the women fucking and HIV couriers you have in Warri. Up real President Idriss, not the COVIK one- nine presidebt they hung on our neck in cursed contraption called Nigeria 😲 Chadian troops is powerful than Nigerian soldiers, why are they calling us Giants of Africa then

Patfinder9 My own question is 'Who are Boko Haram guys and where do they come from? Why do they refuse to stop despite all the said victories by the various armies?' Can u imagine......honestly I weak for the kinda pple Wen de HouseNGR NGRPresident NGRSenate yet one idiot say make u give them ministry.....annoying enough .....buratai still held the office with his ineffective...can't even say anything about the president cos I am not sure

And just to think of it, that troop was led by the Chadian President. When there's a political will, there will be a way. But that cannot be said about Nigeria. It is sad! Oshindaretoyin What a news! So some soldiers are in captivity and some cowards in army uniform are day dreaming on going to rape women/girls and showing muscle for defenseless citizens over the death of a soldier. Make una come Uwangwe com show muscle na!

My able president,president Idris derby🙌🙌🙌 AustinNwabufo Nigerian soldiers in captivity? HQNigerianArmy 🤦🏾‍♂️ Coronavirus: Seven persons attend Jigawa governor’s daughter wedding April 4, 2020 Shameful Let lier(Lai) Mohammed comment on this God punish and shame all the sponsored of this boko haram AustinNwabufo Whow! I have had enough of this today. please stop!

This kind post dey give me joy no be small 😍 Giant of Africa my foot AustinNwabufo Hahaha oh boy, see level for the Chadian soldiers dem. Ewo, so na so our soldiers come become helpless chai. This evil government una don turn our country nd her soldiers to laughing stock Buhari I hail o God bless Chadian president

Imagine o Nigeria soldiers are only good in killing civilians and raping women that is all At this stage is obvious that Nigeria politicians are d1 funding this terrorists Kudos to Chad. But this is a big shame to Nigeria that Chad Ian troops had to invade Boko Haram in Nigeria and freed Nigerian hostages. And yet someone will say Boko Haram has been 'technically defeated'.

This is a sad news for NGRPresident and MBuhari 😆😆😆.. This is not just a disgrace on Buratai, it is a secret and conspiracy revealing between Buratai and Bokoharam sponsors to loot Nig dry. Now that Chad president doesn't have any hiding plans with bokoharam,he can challenge them&he has done so.PMB can't be everywhere at all times.

That is called leadership by example,well,done President Deby. Our own leaders fight the insurgents from a distance. Naija leaders I hail oo... I AM NOT AFRAID OF AN ARMY OF LION LED BY A SHEEP; I AM AFRAID OF AN ARMY OF SHEEP LED BY A LION.... ALEXANDER THE GREAT. Our Problem in Nigeria is leadership.

If Chad has been doing the needful all these years, BH would have been weakened. The recent victory against BH shows they have been unserious about the fight Shame on our troops ATasteOfAfrica7 Good job Chadian troops & shame to the useless Nigerian army who only specialize in killing unarmed civilian

Nigerian soldier's are not ready let them go and sleep they are pamparing boko haram 🤣🤣 Thank you Chad 100 terrorists? Round figure.. Ok True giant . I love there Mora's Chadian is spoiling cool business for highly placed Nigerians. Kudos to them getmebayo God bless and protect Chad troops Shame shame shame Nigeria shame

E don do abeg. The next breaking will now be “Chadian vigilante frees Nigerian Generals in captivity.” 😭 emmaikumeh Buhari see your mate Buratai, of HQNigerianArmy okay come and thank the Chadian army for doing what you have refused to do... Shame on buhari's administration They are not commenting......🤐🤐

Chad is not your mate What a shame to the Nigerian army, imagine! You see that they are playing politics with Nigeria. Failed Govt with the highest level of corruption.... If it to be civilians Nigerian army will boost like boa....🤔🤔🤔what a shame! Some people business go soon close. I mean service chiefs

Bravo to the chadian troops. Shame on Burutai n other defence chiefs of the Zoo. What you cannot do, the Chadian troops have done. All you serve chiefs should do the needful, Resign you incompetent fools. This operation was JTF not only the Chadian troops.. it was a joint task force You will expect them to take lessons from this, which might never happen. they are more concerned about the public image than results.

Wow... Thanks to the Chadians troop. This government degraded our military. Can we now remove the name GIANT OF AFRICA NOW? Thank you, Chadian Troops! Without you, the Boko Haram would have killed them as usual. Thanks to your commanders that provide you with correct intelligence report for successful fight. Bravo a l'armees nationales tchadiennes!

Was Shekau killed Kudos to the Chadian troops for freeing Nigerian soldiers, Nigerian Army are known for brutalizing and shooting unarmed civilians. SHAME!!!! Chadian Soldiers rescuing Nigerian Soldiers, Yeah that's the tweet. This headline is bigger than anti ballistic missile Demikiwala militaryblower Alaranolatunbo1 bulamabukarti

How much will this lie pay you... Lol the caption is really funny and mind blowing First of all, that's quite touching😳 Buhari and Buratai have reduced a whole Nigeria Army to mere Boys Scout In conjunction with HQNigerianArmy Hmmmmm This will pain Buhari, they for capture the terrorist alive and allow Buhari to bring them back to Nigeria with presidential jet, rehabilitate them, and set them free... Chadian troops are spoiling market for some people

Nigeria soldiers only have power on civilian 🤔 Bravo to the troops Those soldiers should jus go and resign because no Nigeria army can defeat boko haram Most pple display their crass ignorance, it was Buhari that organized the multinational joint task force MNJTF between Nigeria, Niger, Chad Cameroon amid abuses about 'foreign travels'. Nigeria funds and coordinates their activities and has had success

Send our generals to Chad for a Boko Haram warfare 101 course now. Nigerian government and the service chiefs should be ashamed of themselves. What happen to Giant of Africa? Has Giant become Ant? Where is the G? 😭😭😭😭😭 Real men with balls. Rescue men with leaders who's got no balls Maybe we should approach Chad for a possible amalgamation discussion.

Nigerian soldiers are there threatening Warri women. One day Chad will come and colonize us 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 Thank you Chad 🇹🇩 I Hope those soldiers retire. So Chadian troops with less funding compare with Nigerian troops with $1b backing has wherewithal to conquer boko Haram? Shame on Nigeria government.

I love this news if only its true It's because Nigeria does not have a president. They succeeded because they don't have Boko Haram members among them. In Nigeria they rename them repentant and recruit them as soldiers thereby allowing them leak every plan of capturing them. Bravo Chadian soldier nice one from Chadian troops.

Great news,I'm elated. Since the FG are deliberately sending our Nigerian Army to the Bokoharam sect to be massacred. Thanks to the Chadian Army!!!! Good Job This is how low we have come all thanks to Buhari & his incompetent administration who keeps lying to Nigerians & even spend tax payers money recklessly. One wonders what they did with our budget & the 1billion dollars they took off our account. Lifeless president lifeless army

Chineke God. See Gi-Ants of Africa 🙆🏽‍♂️ Garba Shehu coming to explain how this (EVIDENTLY successful) offensive is a cheap plot by purveyors of mischief and enemies of our national unity Awón failure incorporated 😔 Just negodu. Ordinary Chad Unimaginable! God bless Chadian troops Buhari get billions from the treasury, loot and share to northern states. While the generals deprive the menand families of slain soldiers their benefits and sell military weapons to militants and bokoharam to make money

All OfficialAPCNg APCUKingdom NGRPresident GarShehu know is to make noise with unnecessary propaganda. Clueless,No direction etc. Small Chad is doing what you and your Lia Muhammad was able to do with only mouth. The Technically defeated Administration. Giants of Africa 🤔 yet small Chad have Dealt with Boko Haram something fishy is going on in Nigeria believe me

We are proud of chadian troops Where are the BMC E-rats that keep saying that MBuhari can lead from his hole? Can they please learn what leadership is from the Chadian president. We no get Shame for this country. BokoHaram BuhariResign Dear Nigerians,Boko haram is not becoming business it Is business especially to the vampires in our government... Chad just showed Nigerians that the Nigerian government have been lying to us. BokoHaram presidentcovikk CoronavirusPandemic covik19

Where is the General that said he single-handedly conquered the Biafra army? If na Nigeria reverse is this headline. You read Nigeria soldiers ambush 100 killed many kidnapped We don start, he no reach 100 oooo, make una no put too much salt, if na nigeria, you go hear for newspapers, Nigeria Army killed hundreds of boko haram around Sambisa forest, who are they deceiving.

All hail to Chadians troop,,,Good job And the billions counts for nothing .... 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 Tell them how to work... see little Chad here, sorry for Buhari and Abba Kyari. They make it look easy . well done Chad troops Nigerian soldiers should be ashamed May God bless Chadian president! Seem they are already thinking about the next three years budget for this enterprise, and now Chad is blazing the field lol. Soon we will see pics of the captured Nigerian soldiers. Some people will have headache ooooo.

Boko Haram is an Enterprise in Nigeria, some politicians are living on Boko Haram fighting funds.. Shame to Nigeria Government So Chad has what it takes and the so called giant of Africa keeps complaining and looking for excuses daily... Shame on my nation. People that mean business. Is Nigeria not a joke?

Imagine, meanwhile we have Audio generals in Nigeria, everywhere big names What a slap on our face 😬😢😩🙆🏽‍♂️ 99 sitting 99 standing. 👏 for them abeg! Who the cap fit make him wear am. Our COAS will be gallivanting in Abuja, buying properties everywhere because the fight is an enterprise for him. Our President will be ‘unaware’ of his wear about. Let’s keep fooling ourselves, after the run we count miles.

This headline got me crying 😭😭😭😭 And you dnt want them celebrating when indeed they have incompetent and watermelons as leaders What a shame to Nigeria!!!!!

Boko Haram: Troops destroy ISWAP camp in Borno - Daily Post NigeriaThe Air Task Force of Operation Lafiya Dole (OPLD) and Artillery Batteries of Sector 3, Multinational Joint Task Force (MNJTF) have destroyed an Islamic Wow is this for real? God bless Nigerian Army

Chadian troops destroy Boko Haram bases in Niger, Nigeria, discover hundreds of weapons [Photos] - Daily Post Nigeria Chadian troops have continued their massive bombardment of Boko Haram enclaves. The major onslaught commenced on Sunday March 29, 2020. Troops have been God abeg oooo help us in dis Country They want to pick up a fight with MBuhari right? They are the giant of Africa Good to hear

Chadian troops destroy Boko Haram bases in Niger, Nigeria, discover hundreds of weapons [Photos] - Daily Post Nigeria Chadian troops have continued their massive bombardment of Boko Haram enclaves. The major onslaught commenced on Sunday March 29, 2020. Troops have been God abeg oooo help us in dis Country They want to pick up a fight with MBuhari right? They are the giant of Africa Good to hear

Boko Haram: Troops destroy ISWAP camp in Borno - Daily Post NigeriaThe Air Task Force of Operation Lafiya Dole (OPLD) and Artillery Batteries of Sector 3, Multinational Joint Task Force (MNJTF) have destroyed an Islamic Wow is this for real? God bless Nigerian Army

COVID-19: Reasons Nigerians should blame Nigerian government over killing in Warri - PDP - Daily Post NigeriaThe Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, has enjoined Nigerians to hold the Presidency and the All Progressives Congress, APC, responsible for the Must you play politics with everything? This is not the time to blame but to support.

COVID-19: Virus kills former DG of Nigerian Law School in UK - Daily Post NigeriaA Former Director-General of the Nigeria Law School, Dr Koleade Abayomi is dead. Abayomi died in the United Kingdom (UK) after contracting the dreaded Rip Rip K😇🤠