Adams Oshiomhole, Bayelsa State, Supreme Court

Adams Oshiomhole, Bayelsa State

Bayelsa: Judgment lacks fruit of justice – Oshiomhole


Bayelsa: Judgment lacks fruit of justice – Oshiomhole

National Chairman, All Progressives Congress, Adams Oshiomhole John Alechenu, Abuja The National Chairman of the All Progressives Congress, Adams Oshiomhole has said the Supreme Court’s judgment annulling the party’s victory in Bayelsa State lacks the fruit of justice. Oshiomhole said this at a media briefing in Abuja, on Thursday, signaling the party’s intention to challenge the judgment in court. He explained that by the judgment, no one will be sworn in as governor in Bayelsa on Friday because aside from the candidate of the APC, David Lyon, no other candidate has the constitutional spread to be sworn in as governor. He said, “Our lawyers are already studying the judgment to take the necessary legal action”. Details later… DOWNLOAD THE PUNCH NEWS APP NOW ON Receive Alerts on: Read more: The Punch Newspapers

Osho is mixing dried bitter leafs to what he smoked Go and sit down Because his party APC was not favoured by judgement but that of IMO state has not only the fruits of justice, it even has food of justice, these politicians are self-centred and sometimes ungodly 🇨🇦LIVE,WORK AND STAY PERMANENTLY IN CANADA 🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦 Migrate to Canada as A Permanent Resident or as a Temporary worker to become a Permanent Residence in Canada Call 07065091681 for your visa today. Canada is Safe Country With a Strong Economy and Tolerance place for inhabitation

Oshiomole don’t forget your root. You were once the head of trade unions of Nigeria. You’re gradually loosing it. Oshiomole, it seems the ganja you took is clearing small small now realize that Justice is a tree🌲that bears fruit.,was that of I'm having fruits? Imo state lack what,,,,? Thunder kill you with fruit of justice.

Because it's not their party.....the electoral commission is not even independent as purported. Savage politicians Ewu awusa Go and add apple and pineapple to it. Ode something

EXCLUSIVE: How we’ll comply with Supreme Court judgement on Bayelsa — INEC – Daily TrustThe Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) has said that it would give effect to today’s Supreme Court judgement sacking the All Progressives Congress’ (APC) candidate as the winner of the November 16, 2019 governorship election in the state. INEC National Commissioner and Chairman, Information and Voter Education Committee (IVEC), Festus Okoye, told Daily Trust exclusively …

Papa oshio! Its your time to go nuts as was seco weeks back 1st to do no dey pain. Beer of justice nko?Adamu u pple have disappeared us.U are worst than PDP.Pack ur bags and go. Is he sure? Then go back to court But that fruitless tree still provide shades from the sun, we make do with that. That is politicians for you, they can't be trusted

It's a tit for tat. Bayelsa for Imo, Imo for Bayelsa. Why is he always on the exploited outfits? Shame shame shame shame!! But Imo state own nko?

APC vs PDP: Davido reacts to Supreme Court sack of Bayelsa Gov-elect, Lyon - Daily Post NigeriaSensational Nigerian Singer, David Adeleye popularly known as Davido has expressed shock over the decision of Supreme Court Judgement in Bayelsa And they pay you salary

He did not say this about the IMO state verdict on Ihedioha A_Oshiomhole will you shut up When will some Politicians seeking office stop engaging themselves in certificate forgery. Oshiomhole be consoled. APC came to power on the mantra of change but it's rather unfortunate Nigerians have not seen any positive change yet from APC.

What about IMO state they serve justice there monkey See who is talking. What is wrong with this country, if it's against pdp it's a fair judgment, now that the table is broken they are talking, biko all of you are the same. Hahaha the s/c lack the fruits but have the wig and anvil 😎 Can't this chimp for once deal with his intemperance. He thinks he is still a baby. Fool.

😂😂 But have reality of life Just like the Imo judgement lack fruit of justice

‘Power Belongs To The People,’ Atiku Reacts To Supreme Court Verdict On Bayelsa Poll‘Power Belongs To The People,’ Atiku Reacts To Supreme Court Verdict On Bayelsa Poll 😂😂😂 Is that fact a truism in the Nigerian context? For power belongs to the Courts, not the masses. H.E, your case is a practical example. Until we scrap INEC and institute electronic voting is adopted. It will all be rhetorics. think To the people? When the winner was decided at the court by odili wife and her crook friends and not at the polling booth? Atiku u are just looking for relevance.

What do you know about justice? You are a perfect contradiction of justice and a symbol of what justice can never be Sincerely I agreed. While should I suffer for another man crime. Joint ticket ?how. When Audu ogbe die. Were told that joint ticket do not apply. Therefore the deputy can not be sworn in but a new election. To my lay man idea. A new election should be called for

Because it didn't favor you and your people now,it lacks fruit of Justice abii..... Orangutan 🤣🤣🤣 You mean am? Kpele oo.. Awon vegetarian I hope this Man is still with his senses, why is he ranting and behaving as if he is bigger than the Supreme Court the highest court in the land and he was the one jubiliating after the same court pass judgement on Imo State governorship election.

Ezi Oshiomole, ur candidate should be charged for certificate forgery. Since the supreme court has substantiated that he submitted a forged certificate. I implore you and the President as credible Nigerians with integrity to sanction and compel him face the wrath of law.

BREAKING: Supreme Court Sacks Bayelsa Governor-Elect, LyonBREAKING: Supreme Court Sacks Bayelsa-Governor Elect, Lyon Like seriously? Ahaha is this true

Justice oshiomole has spoken Wailer Dis Oshi self him get as e be no be fruit of justice na juice Nor be only fruit, nah garlic😂😂 But Supreme Court judgement of Imo State Governorship Election was a fruit of justice? The itony of life What would Oshiomole say about the Supreme Court judgement in IMO if that of Bayelsa has no fruit of justice. Do you go to equity with unclean hands

Is he saying that Imo judgement has bountiful fruits of JUSTICE? Maybe it can only mean justice when it serves the interest of APC and Buhari. EFCC & Hell fire are waiting for you, shameless cheat. Is he saying that Imo judgement has bountiful fruits of JUSTICE? Maybe it can only mean justice when it serves the interest of APC and Buhari.

I see my self as an ugly guy but when I see you I know say I be Mr Nigeria, you think according to your face.

INEC speaks on Supreme Court ruling on Bayelsa governorship - Premium Times NigeriaAn INEC official tells PREMIUM TIMES the commission had not been served with the judgment details. They have nothing to speak because they are not independent. Nigeria sef, inec said that they are going back to check Who took 2nd 😂 😂 The Apex court has spoken

Abi seed of wine? Olofo! And crops of justice too. No 🍎 of justice see his mouth👄 Please who can give me a Norwian visa to leave this country as a Val gift. Nigeria is blind If you have the power to object supreme court judgment, go ahead let's see A_Oshiomhole , baba, revenge is a meal best served cold (with or without fruit 🤣🤣🤣). Olorun ju eda lo! And HE ALONE has monopoly of power . A word is enough for the wise sir!

So they should allow fake documents abi.. He should stop ranting one for APC another for PDP. !Look at this Man ,his mind is still on the forbidden fruit, that Eve gave Adam. No wonder your name is Adam. Old habit never dies

Supreme Court sacks Bayelsa governor-elect Lyon | The Guardian Nigeria News - Nigeria and World News Supreme Court on Thursday sacked David Lyon as the governor-elect of Bayelsa State . SupremeCourt Lyon Bayelsa Governor Sacked Nigeria David, e don do! Begin come house make we go find another thing do abeg. Best News Ever The wheels on the bus goes around and round, round and round, round and round🚶🚶

😂 😂 😂..... And fruit of labour 😂😂😂 Sir, u didn't realize this when hope was restored in IMO... Lol Would you say same about Imo? Hahahaha, so IMO Verdict has fruit of justice right😂😂😂😂 This na new one oh 'fruit of Justice' 🤡🤡🤡 When it didn't favour you, our leaders should be careful of their utterances capable of causing dissatisfaction.

The other day, it was PDP national chairman hitting hard on the Supreme Court. Today, it is the APC national chairman hitting hard on the Supreme Court. What is wrong with these 'yeye' parties sef? When it is done properly, they will say is inequity. mr_robmichael but this is a case of APC vs APC and it favoured PDP, PDP didn't take APC to court and this matter has been in Court before election,

😁😁😁😁😁 'Fruit of Justice' ko !! It's APC 1 PDP 1. The supreme court is doing justice. This country no go kill person.😂😂😂 When it doesn't favour the president then the judgement lacks fruit of Justice Why did you not tell him to add affidavit to it In my opinion, our politicians and their crash primordial interests is the bane of our democracy. How can a man lied under oath and get away with it? This should be the issue not all these distractions.

Oshimhole is a confused man Another ideology FRUIT OF JUSTICE... lol... Fruit of justice ko! 5alive Justice ni!! See idiot as he black like Kenya Gorilla .. Omo ale😋😋😋😋😋 Mango of justice kor Okazi of justice ni. Ekpa na u b It will always lack fruits of justices if it is not in your favour

Where is fruit of Justice planted in Nigeria politics and who is the planter Wait forest of justice is coming... Olodo Are y'all not cognizant of the fact that GEJ will now be politically irrelevant bcoz of this outcome Justice Adams Oshomole Useless man, had it be Nigeria really have standard law practice, the APC should have been immediately be sentence to 4yrs imprisonment for forgery of sensitive documents(certificate) and also deceiving the general public

There are too many people in governance and government in Nigeria today that have absolutely no qualification been there, one is Oshiomhole. This man has always been so careless and reckless about his speech, above that this barbarian think he is god and is above all institutions Oga we know, it lacks fruits of Justice, please buy and add all the fruits necessary . Thanks

Please sir gave them fruit of justice to eat! Make I waka comot jareh This same man was singing and dancing when the same court 4th winner over 1st 2nd and 3rd. Mumu people LMAO Mr. Lecturer🙄

Oshiomonkey. Let Oshiomole go to the supreme Court of appeal and file an appeal 😃😀, fruits of Justice would speedily manifest there. Leave this man, he is a confused man. Said this today tomorrow different thing, contradicting all statements either made by him or someone quote. Na wen e de favour ur party dats wen e go yield fruit of justice abi?..very funny man..lolz

Stupid people I agree sir So this man mental case is now on another level.... Oh really Cucumber of justice... Ni Surely, the man meant 'fruit of rigging' 🤔 🤔 🤔

Which of the fruit, is it fruit of the womb or pineapple, or orange or apple fruit Keep quiet Mr man. And Imo judgment lacks what? You people know what you are doing, you are just playing on common Nigerians intelligence. InsecurityDistraction. In Imo State, it was Apple with fresh juice of Justice, but in Bayelsa, the fruits of Justice became fermented with bad and foul taste to the Comrade himself. Politicians..enh?

Just keep shut oga oshiomole, you and obaseki have turned our state to a boxing ring. If the Supreme Court ruling in Bayelsa State lack’s fruit of Justice, is it the Supreme Court Ruling in Imo State with the abracadabra election result that declared a candidate that cane 4th, that has the fruit of Justice?...OSHI-OMO-OLE, YOU MENTALLY DERANGED!!

See as him resemble 1 big Todd Noise Shut up that dirty teeth of yours! Eze ure

Not only fruit of justice rather it lacks vegetable of justice.. Osho the devil 👿 incarnate himself God punish u, osho But IMO state judgement was fruit of justice abi No chills on this comment section oo 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 No na seed of corruption Who is talking? 😂😂😂 But the one done at Imo has the fruits of Justice🤣🤣🤣😂this man is a joker

This man and his party has an orchard where they grow the fruit of injustice, and forcibly spread it across all divides in this country! 😂😂😂 it lacks fruit of the womb sef’

It's not only fruit but vegetable of justice You will see Orange of justice soon What about IMO state judgement ehn Mr Oshiomhole God is beginning to do wonders Looks like the blood of Agberoism is still flowing in this man’s body. Because he doesn’t understand English and must say something to protect his job, so he believes him and his thugs can thwart law and order. We dey watch

So what? You a political veggie now? 🙄 Na soup of justice. But why this man no just fit fine? Bitter man. Lol This man

But lack Apple 🍏 of justice ⚖ in IMO He knows his vote of no confidence is knocking Shut up This man you are very confused o aswaer Bayelsa judgement shows that Nigeria judicial system is partisan, and it's a shame. A candidate that didn't meet the election requirements of 2_3rd majority vote in an electoral process is declared winner by a competent judge.? Is a pity for our country, no hope..!

You re gradually graduating to a full blown mad man This man is a confusionist Smelling mouth the reason they remove Walter ononoghen they knew it Nonsense Fruit of justice ko, honey of fairness nii. So, you know how fruit tastes in a mouth now? Mumu

No be only fruit of justice. Fruit of the womb nko? Shango calm down Because the judgement go the other way I guess Half time 1-1 Oga use your commando style to scatter everything now. Who could ever think this man once served as the NLC chairman that 'fought' for workers? Truly, power corrupts, absolute power corrupt absolutely.

😂 but it has fruit of the womb 😂 This man is a total disgrace and menace to democracy IMO case has stew of justice! Pele oooo The fruit is in my village , Na one small boy pluck am. 😏😏😏 Talking of fruit when we no longer have a tree of justice.

This is a barren statement! Oshiomhole, Stay there and be blowing grammar. You think Nigeria belongs to you, Buhari and Timbuktu. What exactly is the fruit of justice that he's talking about? Imo judgement lacks root, stem, branch, in fact tree of Justice -centokoh Even Oshio lacks fruit of justice. Lies have put their brains on permanent reverse.

Fruit ke? Na Bayelsa o. You mean, kai kai of justice😎 I'm tempted to tell you to shut your trap. Last week, you were bragging that APC was in all the geopolitical zones of the federation How market now? Rubbish Juice fruit 😂

Bayesa is not Edo oga osho, you hear ba'a. 😁😂🤣😅😝 No Sir, Salad of Judgment ni Who’s now controlling the judiciary? PDP candidate doesn’t have the spread. He didn’t win 2/3rd of the total votes cast. Argue with yourself ooo but you’re not more of a supporter of PDP than those state law makers that were already set to defect to APC

He is short of right words to use.... I understand bro Osho Fruit of justice ko, vegetative of terror ni 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Oshiomole the comedian Fruit of justice. That is true considering the position of SC on Buhari certificate. However, this bothers on f.o.r.g.e.r.y while MBuhari is on qualification. I see the juice in it though Adams Oshiomhole

Nonsense!, Rubbish. APC is out and that is what matters

Go and sleep Sometimes i ask myself which is more dangerous between Oshiomholes heart and his face Saying this, it's means APC has hate-speech in its blood system. Imo came and gone. No alarm. Your turn now This man is a clown Rubbish, Olodo IT'S GOOD TO TASTE THE BITTER PILL TOOO I just dey laugh Hmmm, but the Imo state judgment was the juice of justice. Lol

Go and plant a new fruit nah Vegetable is okay for us... Lmao

I dey laf in Chinese Fruit of justice 🤗 Am hearing this for the first time 😂 Tell us more about it Udontminit. For real? Èaya...😭😭😭 You will still see tree of Agbalumo APC better sack this destroyer now before he sinks the party completely. 🤭🤭😁😁😁... So hilarious... Where was he, when 4th position was declared d 1st? Wh'erey

He pain em 'Fruit of justice'? Oshiomhole is hollering because the judgement didn't go the same way as the many others that favoured his APC and made mockery of this falacious 'fruit of justice'. He has now forgotten the age-long axiom that he who seeks justice must come with clean hands. 1-1 bros no comment. Another earthquake in Nigeria polical party.

Very laughable ..... Oshiomhole grammar!

Won ti do e Fruit of justice kill you there But there was fruit of justice when Ihedioha was removed for Hope Uzodinmma. Abi? Well done Comrade Adams! See as e dey pain when VAR that has being supporting you suddenly gives a decision to your disfavour 😂😂😂😂 nobi only fruit of justice! Foolish and derailed man

Bayelsa verdict lacks fruit of justice - Oshiomhole. Imo verdict is the Tree of justice - Oshiomhole. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Monkey E pain am oooo😂😂😂😂 Fruits of justice? I never heard Oshiomhole talk about justice and it's fruits weeks ago in the case of Imo. What goes around comes around and the chickens will always come to roost.... never forget that Osho Baba.

So you want us to keep celebrating falsehood abi? You try. Obaseki would soon chase you out of Edo state. Nonsense!

Excuse me sir🙋‍♂️ what of Imo state judgement what does it lack? I guess the tree or the flower of judgement ara ogbugba Supreme Court Verdict has turned to ' APC gets one PDP gets one'... Nonsense verdicts everytime Because it did not favor Apc Make that fruit choke you there sir IMO no get fruit of justice ba, werey

But in the case of Imo the fruit of justice is present abi Abi seed na only fruit? 😝😛😛😛 Really? Id*ot

To my lame man understanding because am not a lawyer APC had no candidate in that election because their candidate ticket has been nullify 😂😂😂😂 Sorry Oshobaba. Democracy is working,Nigeria is moving God bless Nigeria Fruit of justice koh, seeds of justice ni. What were you all thinking when you insisted on fielding a DISQUALIFIED candidate.?

Oga Fruit seller..... Give us your own good fruits Okay IMO State judgement has fruit of Justice right! Hmmm God is watching Dirty skin, diabolic and fetish midget, what do you know about Justice? IMO STATE Supreme Court Verdict on Ihedioha didn't lack fruit of Justice. Rotten people! Nonsense! Imo judgement had seeds of justice

Not only fruit... You will soon see seed of justice Don't worry it has meat of justice already.

When 4th position became 1st, the fruits of Justice was still intact abi? Ode! No be only fruit of justice. Mrcheeew 🚶‍♂️🚶‍♂️🚶‍♂️ I can't wait to see what will happen tomorrow. Whether Oshiomole can really stop Gov Dickinson from handing over. What of IMO judgement? Fruit of justice korr....fruit of the womb ni

Lol😂😂😂 funny oshiomhole, so what will u say 'bout IMO STATE guber? You're a joker Senior Man Rest, you are in the wrong Camp vegeance is near...he go loud gannn You mean fruit of the spirit? But the judgment didn't lack fruit of justice when they (mis)ruled in favor of Mr President!!! As popular OAP in Lagos would say, 'what is good for Kenya is also good for Uganda'.

IMO own have pounded yam 🍠 of justice. Lol 😂

This Edo dog done start This man is a big fool and a big hypocrite. You need to seek caution for national peace Can this man that looks like tortoise shut up. IMO state own fruit been dey am? Go and prove your worth in Edo The days of our political relevance are numbered Fruit of the womb nko? Yeye man Ogbeni! Shut up!! Uwa na eme ntughari 🤣🤣🤣🤣

Ignoramus. Since SC voided APC votes, it simply means PDP met the geographical spread of 25% in 2/3rd of local governments. Olodo Oshiomhole Fruit of justice ko, agbalumo of justice ni

Oshiomhole you talk too much Oshi baba this would've been a better way to respond to the Judgment your party received in IMO state Hahahaha,but Imo state is a perfect fruit of justice The cake 🍰 is not in their side now the judgement lacks fruit of justice 🤮 Huh? Eya, nwa, take this agbalumo for now. I know say e de sour small eh.

Vegetable nko 🤷🏽‍♂️ Imo had the buffet of justice 😂 😂 😂 😂 This are some of the defectives in our constitution, because of joint ticket whatever affects the Deputy robbed on his Principal, but different rules is applied in case of impeachment, why? Oshiomole will soon become politically irrelevant, mark my word

Oshiomole how far? Is he still the new baby boy or he's Nigerian-used now? When the abracadabra happened with Imo governorship seat it had fruit and juice of justice now there is no longer fruit. When you people cut off the justice tree covering everybody you didn't know you will need the fruit today. 'The tick and the dog' is your case.

It mus be the agbalumo fruit that is missing 🤣 See thief Imo State judgment was overripe na. How can you have fruits again? BUT Is the Imo judgment full of milk of human kindness? Pointless you sir!😕😁😂 So APC oshiomhole knows justice has fruits yet he and his party under PMB has been planting wrong fruits.

Troglodyte! You're all the same.... When I see oshiomole, I run because he was use at the devil shrine for sacrifice.

Imp Adam is not happy, can some1 surmon Eve to deliver an Apple. And the Imo one had a whole tree of justice! Iriot But IMO state own didn't lack fruit of justice You mean fruit of the spirit another Supreme Court is speaking Yes it does lack fruit of Justice. You can't tell a man who forged his certificate to leave office while we have one who could not even present a forged certificate as the president.

A_Oshiomhole which one is Fruit Or Vegetable of Justice. This man is a big fool..

Lol 😂 where was this my brother when IMO state 4th runner up was declared winner? Don't support illegality Taah Exactly because its against you..You see our country naija as e be? No be only fruit na juice But Imo has abi? You neva Hala! Lol.. Party of forged certificate ADAM which fruit you dey talk about self 🤔, I been feel say Eve give u chop that year na🤣🤣

:NOTE...ThatThe Constitution OfAny SovereignState,Remains Supreme! Deemed As A Legal Sanctity.UrParty's Constitution Is ILLEGAL!

Bitter pills to swallow. Next agenda, KogiState Truncating the people's mandate by the SC is now a norm in Nigeria. We are watching. However, Oshiomole, I am suspecting your hand in this hence the Imo State shamble called judgement. Werey ni man yi sha... But judgement was right with that of IMO state...

Seed of Justice Uproot and plant your own na.. Chop this L in peace What's this black Friday saying? Corrupt fool I beg make una Live baba alone. Have is only doing his job. Stupid and useless clown like AdamsOshiomhol ..... what can you say about IMO state, and your second term which was given to you by court?

Shut up oga Nigerians. If u win OfficialPDPNig they say it was injustice while OfficialAPCNg clap for the court. If u win OfficialAPCNg they say it was injustice & OfficialPDPNig hails the court. But me, I think only the running mate should be disqualified. Main candidate was clean 😀😁😂 Nonsense. Fruit of justice ko ...Vegetable ni.

Don’t be economical with the truth. You’re of this before hand. I hope your party has learnt its lesson. Imo judgement have which fruit? What of those they were declaring in favour of your party in other state? Medicine after death 💀! What of d Judgment in IMO state.....what does it lack....see as ur face black like sey dem embalm you..

🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😅😅😅😅 Karma is a wild animal Jokes apart, the judgment is ' one-kind-icious'. Hahhahahaa! This imbecile no sabi wetin to talk again. He is the architect of every negative in APC. Sure his days are numbered as the chair. When u plant forgery what fruit do you expect? Then he should buy assorted fruits in white plastics sold in market

we know 😁 Imo judgment was filled with fruits of justice isn't it? The same pot that prepared stew is preparing soup and you're crying foul Not only fruit but also seed ...... Mad man! Thunder fire you. Day light robbery for Bayelsa people

Lol fruit of justice .. do you and your Apc now see that this government and her judicial system is totally confused clueless and shambolic ? Oil fruit. No sir, we have eaten the fruits since. Go back to your house and wait for the next fruiting season. Which one is fruit of Justice again. Oyinbo repete lenu oga agba oshio baba

Mtwsss But Imo Supreme Does. Wawa man🤣 L🤣L. Not only fruit of Justice, palm wine of Justice nko? Were where you guys when screening was done and a certificate forger was cleared to contest? Imo judgement has fruit of Justice ba? Yeye people Naso e de pain ntommm

Any questions 😂😂? Maluu,😁 What of wine of judgement? 😂😂😂😂 You are right, It's a barren judgment Sir! But sir I think that of imo state did Shut up Thurder kill u there I tot they said he lacked certificate? Not true sir. ask this short man, if there is any other court higher than supreme Court

But imo own get crop of justice abii😂 Which of the fruit? Am thinking banana abi na mango Osho come and explain 🤔🤔 Eeya Wetin you sabi And Imo State judgement bears fruit of justice? This man resemble one old frog in our my area. Not only fruit, even juice join Na ogogoro of justice. Mango or Apple OfficialAPCNg U no like wine of judgement A_Oshiomhole

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