Bayelsa Election, Bayelsa: Apc-Pdp-Inec-Supreme Court, Douye Diri

Bayelsa Election, Bayelsa: Apc-Pdp-Inec-Supreme Court

Bayelsa: APC going to court over Douye Diri, says Oshiomhole


Bayelsa: APC going to court over Douye Diri , says Oshiomhole

National Chairman, All Progressives Congress, Adams Oshiomhole John Alechenu, Abuja The All Progressives Congress, on Friday, rejected the decision of the Independent National Electoral Commission to issue a Certificate of Return to the candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party, in the Bayelsa Governorship elections, Senator Douye Diri. National Chairman of the APC, Adams Oshiomhole, said this at an ongoing press conference in Abuja. He vowed that the party will explore every available legal means to ensure that the will of the people of Bayelsa State was upheld. Oshiomhole said, “We are going to court.” He also urged the Peoples Democratic Party not to “celebrate too early.” He said, “The PDP has just crossed one river, there are several other rivers to cross.” Details later… DOWNLOAD THE PUNCH NEWS APP NOW ON Receive Alerts on: Read more: The Punch Newspapers

Tell oshiomole to fuck off... He's the bigger disgrace to the southernals especially Edo state 😣 Why not be a peace loving citizen? Yes. A_Oshiomhole . But remember that OfficialPDPNig is going to court too on ImoElections fraudulent judgment of the Supreme court o Safe journey sir. You better go to World Court and not Supreme Court. Ordinary Screening, your party cannot screen well, producing five different people for one post.

Which court? Oh Adam! Adam! Adam! This was exactly how the devil deceived you at Garden of Eden! Nonsense Super natural court..? My humble opinion is that the SC has no such powers to cancel duely casted votes. While votn rights r not listed in d constitution as fundamental rights, the primary fundamentals of any democracy is d right for everyone's vote to count, if not, we r heading towards anarchy

Isn't this man guilty of contempt of court?

Bayelsa: Don't issue PDP's Diri certificate of return - APC to INEC - Daily Post NigeriaThe All Progressives Congress (APC), has warned the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), against issuing Diri certificate of return as the Too late

Uncivilized man,which court? You talk before you think. I've always known this guy is an illiterate be only court; na supreme max I seem not to understand OfficialAPCNg what court is adams_oshiomole referring to Oshiomole is going to ICC 🤣🤣🤣 Federal government should get all the Nigerian schools to feed in the names of all their current and old students into a repository for critical institutions to use. JAMB today has virtually all the names of students admitted into all Nigerian universities

Which Court? 😆 Shout up sir. Little man syndrome is worrying you. Which other court is higher than Supreme court in Nigeria? These is the right statement that should come from you not trash very soon the law will be explained to you in vivid terms even the executive were tried watch you mouth oshiomhole

Which court. This man needs help.

Bayelsa: Diri sends message to PDP members who defected to APC - Daily Post Nigeria Douye Diri , the flagbearer of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in November's governorship election in Bayelsa state, has asked members of the party who Unbelievable

...say no more,Adams. Court don open! But the party is yet to say anything on the contentious issue of the fake certificates of the disqualified deputy governor elect. Why they failed to do proper screening. Party should be held accountable for this serious lapse. Go step. I recommend customary court. It will be faster since it is closer to all the parties in the state.

Crazy man No body has your time please go back to school because your thinking is so low and backward..who are you bye the way?,Governor of Edo State will soon end up your political carriers...enough of your cut and nail issue. Blame the APC screaming committee for not carrying out due diligence on your deputy candidate. I'll advice you wait for 2023 on Bayelsa.

Future kids should be told the story of how one Oshiomole changed from the Hero of the people to the enemy of the people. Heavenly Court abi? Oshiomole, pls come with ur 30 SANs May be d court of Lara🙄🙄🙄

Please come back, Diri tells Bayelsa PDP members who defected to APCPlease come back, Diri tells Bayelsa PDP members who defected to APC FridayMorning ReadThis FridayThoughts Valentineday

Which court again after supreme court rule....this man has proven he has lost touch with due process Abeg u better find something else do....d politics of Nigeria is far beyond ur knowledge....go learn work wella... This govt knows absolutely nothing...from their leaders to their supporters one is Left out..

Old soldier never dies until buried. Baba go to court but no call for war in Bayelsa. Let peace reign. I thought dis should b d highest appeal to be made. Which other court again APC are on their way to court of Barcelona. 😃😃😃 I hate this man. He is the reason why properties were burnt in Bayelsa today.

Let them come we are here no shaking is like dis man called oshomola is missing something Supreme pro max? I don't understand which court again. Chai and I warned this man not to smoke that stuff I hide under the table ooooo. See your life now Osho Baba

BREAKING: APC rejects Diri as Bayelsa Gov-electBREAKING: APC rejects Diri as Bayelsa Gov-elect ReadThis FridayThoughts Valentineday TopStories They don't need to accept him nah. Your enemy can't accept that you're winning Isoro ti e ni yen wailer Lol, they don't have to accept

EWU. Which court is Mr. Oshiomole appealing to again? Court of heaven I guess. They robbed PDP of Imo state they were pumping Champaign, now the table had turned, He is crying foul. His father's court Jester pleni potentiary!!!!!!!! What is really wrong with this Adamu Osi omo leele This man is unstable element

Is there anoda court higher than supreme? This one knw just gt brain, mayb sharia court sha The owner of Nigeria has spoken. We Don hear sir. Edo state loading.... They won't caution him now until it happens again right under his roof Which yeye court nonsense man

BREAKING: APC carpets INEC for declaring Diri Bayelsa Gov-electThe All Progressives Congress(APC) has rejected the declaration of Senator Duoye Diri as Governor-elect of Bayelsa by the Independent.. Is there any other court above supreme Court? Yeye the smile

Which court again? Which court please? Lawn tennis court? I think Oshiomole should be consulting Kiyamo SAN on judicial matter before making statement. Where did you go when election was upturned in Imo State, freaking hypocrite. Which court? Former Comrade! Court of heaven Monkey His Excellency , Gov Dirk has sinced been sworn in ,so what's next?

Osho Baba na one one draw now.abi na wetin if rigging no work,court go work. I every body must find him way. People's ballot don fail. Gbagbe. Supreme court removed PDP man some days ago, and put the 4th place APC, now PDP man to replace APC. 1-1

BREAKING: APC officially rejects INEC's declaration of Diri as Bayelsa Governor-elect - Daily Post NigeriaThe national body of the ruling All Progressives Congress, APC has kicked against the declaration of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP's Douye Diri as the Both Imo and Bayelsa cases are not in your favour almighty apc Well this is a lesson for all political party in Nigeria all do the right thing always, this a lesson so one , one kogbodo faja.

K... Abeg who get dis face? Nonsense Which court? How I wish atiku could equally go to court when the worst Supreme Court verdict was delivered against him, that judgment was the worst in the history of Nigeria's judiciary. Sorry Oshio, go take some chilled water. U shld be ashamed how come your candidate forged certificate & pass through screening

😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 This baba no know say him don old, how did your party not screen him thoroughly before the election, imagine how you lost Zamfara.. Just resign This bunch speaks before he think and that make him stinks! Not surprised You people kept fooling around every now and then. SMH 🤦‍♂️ Heavens!! We have learnt our lessons please.... 2023 we won't do it again... Meanwhile coronavirusafrica is live.

Bro’s park well jor Baba don't kill yourself. After Supreme Court pronouncements? Oga chairman, are you trying to create another court higher than the supreme court in Aso rock? He is just saving face Start the appeal from Magistrate Court Sir. Which court? This man has a huge problem . This guy is just lousy

which court verdict in the country is more superior than that of the apex court?

Political talk and game, I pity those That will hurt themselves because of this Supreme plus OK Supreme Court pro Haha Oshio baba,I can understand all these gragra &noise he's making up &down bcoz he knows that the APC bigwigs 'll be on his neck calling 4 his resignation given his abysmal leadership style that has cost the party dearly in some states do to lack of internal democracy in party

There is no basis. How did even Lyon become the candidate for such state Which court again?) Oshiomole needs to learn to be civilized at least once in a while Tramadol is still in circulation, this the evidence Ape talking Which branch of weed did this man always take, APC piglets pls help this man, he need medical attention

You are still talking abi🤣 Supreme pro pro max2 brother wey mumu go and sit down joor and take L jeje What is Oshiomole doing in respect of this judgement. My advice is to appeal this to ICC in Hague or what do you expect. Which court? International court? Noise maker 🖕 Supreme Appellant High Court Court of heaven,abi international court of justice?🙄😂

Democracy is beautiful if we have formidable transparent structures that can act independent of each other. Explore all legal means, it’s your constitutional right. This man should be remorseful for once! The present situation was avoidable. If only he had done his job at the pre-election stage. Why on earth did they have to field a candidate with such questionable credentials?

Which type of court will he be heading to? Supreme max I think?

Noise maker Tell me what you want supreme court to review....Mad man Last card for you Adams. You can’t make yourself relevant in the eyes of OfficialAPCNg with all this ranting.They know you are the cause of this misadventure having collected whopping cash from David Lyon and others! Oga Oshie, which court?

Which Supreme Court? Were chairman Monkey dey talk Which court again? Supreme pro abi? as my twitter colleagues said 😃😃😃 APC Supreme ? Ori Oshoimole ti daru patapata Which court, Comrade Justice Adams Oshiomhole? Bye bye

Chill osho man. But his say's there will be no governor in bayelsa today 😁👌 so what happened 💩? A_Oshiomhole plz preach peace to your supporters in bayelsa they shld calm down Maybe Court of APC Which court? International supreme court lol Supreme Pro Which court? Supreme prime Go and rest joor Which court? Supreme pro?


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