Bank Worker Dies 12 Days After Taking COVID-19 Vaccine In Delta | Sahara Reporters

Bank Worker Dies 12 Days After Taking COVID-19 Vaccine In Delta | Sahara Reporters

9/25/2021 5:06:00 PM

Bank Worker Dies 12 Days After Taking COVID-19 Vaccine In Delta | Sahara Reporters

A family member said he was taken to the Central Hospital, Warri, where he gave up the ghost.

Sep 25, 2021Mike Ajibike, a staff of a commercial bank at Uzoro in Delta State, has reportedly died from complications resulting from the COVID-19 vaccination.Ajibike was said to have taken the vaccine alongside other staff members on September 10, but he took ill thereafter.

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The deceased was said to be among those who were recently called to the bar and was already pursuing his Master of Laws (LLM) before his demise.A member of the family said, “Mike Ajibike became ill after taking the COVID-19 vaccine which the office arranged for all its workers on September 10, 2021, and was admitted to the hospital on September 11.

“He was in the hospital till September 22 when he died. The vaccine was given to him in the office alongside other colleagues of his on the order of the Zenith bank Plc. He took the COVID-19 vaccine in the office a few weeks ago and thereafter started complaining of not feeling well. We quickly took him to the Central Hospital, Warri and he never recovered.”

Ajibike hails from Ese-Odo Local Government Area of Ondo State. He was among those who were recently called to the bar and was already pursuing his LLM before his demise. Read more: Sahara Reporters »

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For those who doubt check the cdc website and see how many deaths are being linked to vaccine in America. Just coincidence, not the administration of the Covid-19 vaccine. Is there any evidence to show that the vaccination is the cause of death? They will not listen because they believe their WHO mouthpiece. One of the questions people should be asking: Why are some European countries not recognizing Astrazeneca for travel unless it is Moderna or Pfizer?

Imagine What of those who die in spite of not having taken the vaccines? So was he killed by the vaccine ? This is irresponsible journalism. Young n full of life Man just wasted simply because he wants to keep a worthless JOB! Can he still come back to life for the Banking JOB now that he's Dead? May God give US sense even when the enemies are doing everything to confuse US both spiritually n physically in IJN, AMEN

No b wetin kill am It is this kind of irresponsible and anecdotal headlines that paint connections between the vaccine and a death without any evidence that is responsible for the rise of the antivaxxers. Mtcheeww. 😪 Hmm...This is unfortunate. I hope that our the state medical institution will do everything to find out what happened to me.

Something else caused the death The vaccine done the harm this way hmmm Have you bothered to find out if he had underlying clinical conditions? News like this will instil fear in those who are yet to be vaccinated and will jeopardise many lives . Responsible journalism is required Please be aware that personal protection and good hygiene is the only remedy to fight covid and again eat healthy and take fruits and medications that will improve your immune system and again please always be curious to know your immune count please

Taking covid19 vaccines does not means you can not still catch covid19. What the vaccination does is that it only develop the antibodies in you which will fight covid19 if you catches covid19 again if you have a serious underlings health conditions, you can still die of covid1 Why are those who have taken the vaccine trying to torment d unvaxxed? The vaccinated are bitter and angry with d unvaccinated. Why?

I will never take this shit That is why you need to tell who is administering you the vaccine the truth about what illness you suffer before taking it. Normally sha, a test would have been conducted first on you to see you are medically fit before administering the vaccine to anyone but as na naija we dey

A lot of people have had the China virus at some point since this nonsense started w/out even knowing it,our immune system is used to malaria which is similar to the china virus and you'll get over it in like 2 weeks w/out even knowing,good news for us bad news for foreigners Not saying the vaccine killed this nigga but I'd advice not to take the vaccine, you gotta be careful when the Nigerian government acts like they're doing the right thing cuz they never do.

Did the vaccine kill him, or did he die of another ailment. Anyways it doesn't matter which I condole with the family and advice every one to go and get vaccinated. It is safe and it saves lives. The virus might not harm u, but what about ur dear parents with with comorbidity One of my friend got appointment to take covid 19 vaccine but he died a day before the vaccin, is it the appointment that killed him?

manlikeAngee the thing Dey fear me o I read this article hoping to see exactly what happened after d vaccination. 'He took ill' is not enough information to link it to d vaccine. What were d symptoms, what was his health status b4 d vaccine? Vaccine that can't protect u from getting corvid ,what's the use of it then , everyone should get sense

Best vaccine! I aint taking that shit 😜😂 Nigeria Covidi-19 vaccine is useless.... As in fake. The only virus that kill us here in Nigeria is Govt virus in short word sapavirus killing everyone right now Its sad though If you know you have health issues or any health problem don’t take that vaccine or else na die you de … It’s happening everywhere for those who have prexisting issues.

I took the same vaccine, got sick for few days and now better Why did they brought vaccine into Nigeria when it's clear that we don't have covid? 2017 I took hepatitis b vaccine then for protection.Started feeling funny after that but after a while ,I became better. So I think vaccines are like that. Anything that will boost my immune system is good for me.

Those who had taken covid-19 vaccine💉 re encouraging others to do so bcos, they don't want to die alone.🏃‍♂️🏃 You see human beings! Seeing his face shows he has health issues especially high cholesterol level My hubby ,my sister ,mom took it and they are still breathing months after. Why are you discouraging people from taking the vaccine?

Vaccination doesn't mean you cannot catch the virus or infected someone! There are many factors that can cause complications after vaccinated! Factors are if you're obesity, heart issues, not exercising regularly, diets, etc. The vaccine itself hasn't be proved it can eliminate! But some people get heart to go and take covid 19 vaccines. The vaccine no fit kill coronavirus but, govt de force people to take it. Do you think if it's to save your life, the govt will give you free. Get sense before you commit suicide.

God knows every hiding things .I support your statement which read thus it mustn't be forces on people but rather tell them reason why is good for them with strong evidence. Disgraceful headline.

Reading through this thread, you'd know 'WhatsApp Groups' control most Nigerians. To many ignoramuses and COVIDIOTS who think the vaccine isn't safe. These COVID Vaccines are the best ever produced when it comes to SAEs/ AEs, mortality. Okay ooooooo! Those who have ears, let them open their ears wide enough to hear that this gene altering therapy styled vaccine will breed a lot of deaths and medical damage.

SAE, fatality &complications from the COVID-19 vaccines occurs within 10minutes to 24 hours after the shot is administered. Sahara Reporters did a poor job by linking his death to the vaccine, a good MediaHouse would know only an Autospsy would give the cause of a death. PoorJob I don't think is the vaccine that killed him. He may have internal sickness of them n drugs. Before you take vaccine make sure you're not treating any sickness or feeling sick. Diagnos yourself and know your health Ballance before taking vaccine.

AilsaForshaw Fake That news headline is quite unscientific. It inadvertently or knowingly drew a cause and effect between the gentleman's death and COVID-19 vaccine - that's an aberration of objective news reporting. I implore the editor to issue a statement to correct/clarify the fake news. Ok Fake news!!!

Waooo You see am

Like wise 3 lecturers of auchi poly Journalism is all about writing.. If the covid vaccines was the reason for his death. Let us know.. We shd be guided to know more but a country where palliatives are hoarded by the elected officials.. Its a call for questioning... One thing I don't understand about this vaccine is that taking the 2 doses does not protect you from contacting covid-19 again. So what's the work of the vaccine? Someone should say something 🤷

So Na COVID kill am Media with their rubbish Zombies!!, una never wan dey use una brain abi Drugs abi poisons that has an inscription 'Not to be used in the USA' 'Not for use in the Europe' una carry dey inject yourselves whereas both FDA & WHO never certified or approve any of the drugs but they are distributing it.

Has it been confirmed to be as a result of the vaccine? What is so special about the word BANK WORKER that make different from other dead He must be having an or some underlying illness(es) Better tell us the cause of death So the COVID-19 vaccine killed him?