Bandits Attack, Kebbi School Abduction

Bandits Attack, Kebbi School Abduction

Bandits overpower cops, abduct scores in Kebbi federal school - Punch Newspapers

Bandits overpower cops, abduct scores in Kebbi federal school - Punch Newspapers

6/18/2021 8:50:00 AM

Bandits overpower cops, abduct scores in Kebbi federal school - Punch Newspapers

Bandits struck in Kebbi State again on Thursday when they kidnapped scores of students at the Federal Government College Birnin Yauri.

– Rep“A week ago, we had another calamity when bandits – according to eyewitnesses – numbering about 250 to 300, each with an AK-47 rifle and using very strong motorcycles, came into my constituency. They had a field day and operated for more than eight hours, going (from) house to house, room to room, collecting money, handsets, motorcycles and cattle. That led to a massive influx of internally displaced persons to the headquarters of the emirate in the town of Yauri.

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“However, we were able to convince people and they started going back to their respective areas. But they (bandits) left a message that they would be coming back. Taking it seriously, some people refused to go back and in the early hours of today, they repeated what they had done earlier, and they came into the constituency, somehow around 10:30am or thereabout. They were able to gain access after strong fights with some security guards and policemen guarding the Federal Government College, Birnin Yauri, and they made their way into the school. They succeeded in kidnapping some teachers and an unaccounted number of students. Some of the students and security men are currently receiving care at the General Hospital Yauri following gun injuries.

“This is a cause for concern and as representative of the people, I had to come here and make a call on the Federal Government to look at Yauri’s position with its neighbouring Niger State. It has direct access to Zamfara State and west of Yauri is back of River Niger. Our fear is that their major target is to enter Yauri. Now, we are calling on the Federal Government to provide adequate security. I have got in touch with security agencies. We had discussions and it has been confirmed to me that military aircraft are in surveillance in the area.

“We have to make it clear that Kebbi State and indeed the Yauri holds a unique position in the food security of this country. Over 90 per cent of the land of Yauri is for rice farming. But as of today, no farmer can comfortably go back to his farm and farm and come back to sleep with their eyes closed.

“We are right now facing an influx of a number of people into Yauri with a higher rate of internally displaced persons. Accommodation, feeding and other logistics that are necessary are being affected. The worst part of it is that a nation can only develop when it is sound educationally wise.

“The so-called Boko Haram is almost becoming a reality because parents cannot feel free to send their wards to school for fear of being kidnapped. As it is now, a lot of primary schools in the emirate in Yauri town are being occupied by IDP. This has a tendency to deter the progress so far achieved by the Kebbi State Government in terms of agriculture and in terms of promoting access to education.

General Hospital turned into IDP camp–Rep“The healthcare is also being stretched because of the influx of people. The only General Hospital we have is being occupied by IDPs. So, we are in a state of disarray and definitely we have to call on the FG so something can be done immediately to safeguard the lives and property of our people.”

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Police plan surveillance in schoolsThe Nigeria Police Force said it had deployed undercover operatives for surveillance and intelligence gathering around vulnerable schools across the country.The Force Public Relations Officer, Frank Mba, a Commissioner of Police, disclosed this in an interview with

The PUNCHon Thursday.Our correspondent had asked him what the force was doing to make schools safe and to rescue those abducted.He said, “We are working with the Federal Government and other stakeholders to implement and actualise the Safe School Initiative programme.

“We are taking advantage of our community policing programme to mobilise host communities where these schools are situated to collaborate with law enforcement agencies in providing real time surveillance for these schools.“We are implementing high visibility policing patrol system around schools across the country by deploying more personnel and assets for both foot and motorised patrols.”

“We are deploying a huge number of undercover operatives for surveillance and intelligence gathering around vulnerable schools.,” he said.Copyright PUNCH.All rights reserved. This material, and other digital content on this website, may not be reproduced, published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed in whole or in part without prior express written permission from PUNCH.

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Dey v being rescued, useless brwon envelope jornalist dey wont carry dat news It's high time Nigeria police train their officers. Except for money matters, I have never seen policemen rescue a very tough situation. You'll never see them at that time. What the average police do in foreign countries is even what our soldiers. I hope Nigeria changes.

Wow.... really? There suppose to be operation python dance by now or jet fighters flying all over Northern Nigeria. But they transferred all the soldiers to the east... because the are the sponsors of banditry because Fulani herdsmen and boko haram are becoming irrelevant Make dem carry dem all of dem rubbish😒

MBuhari and his minions HQNigerianArmy PoliceNG will not see reasons to declare these people terrorist or send in the Army to flush them out. He only have power against peaceful demonstrators and IPOB Powerless cops in the north. Powerful cops in South East. IPOB in action. Which is cops ? Oh 😂 fredral govt nor dey twitter again less I forget we are twitting from another country e be like na US your IP address dey now , now wonder una dey use d term cops instead of Nigerian police

If the north can join other parts of the country to stand up and say enough is enough the government will take actions but for now let's just keep looking at them The Northern New business enterprise.

BREAKING: Bandits invade Kebbi school, abduct female students —Report - Punch NewspapersBandits have abducted some students of Federal Government Girls College, Birnin Yauri, Kebbi State Haaaaaa! Omo then don enter my hometown OooooooO😤 Buhari's Nigeria... Daily news is either an abduction or an invasion.. Again?

Nonesense. This is the real fight for the military, see how cheaply bandits keep winning over you all. But if it were peaceful protesters. Your guns and Armour patrol vans would have been actively engaged. Come and face guns na. Same old story all the time These people are not bandits it time to change the narrative they are full blown terrorist. KeepitOn

FULANISED govt regular trade mark. We move JUNE BONANZA. For d First 20 people. Get Ur Business Logo Design 4 Just 1000, Previous Price Was 3000 Limited Time offer.. Message Me Directly Or Click on the link below 2 chat me up on WhatsApp. 👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽 When are those parasites going to place 100m Naira bounty on Boko Haram, ISWAP, Killer Fulani Herdsmen and others killing and kidnapping in the North?

Let's pray for Nigeria Sigh. Lai Mohammad, hope its twitter that caused this also....confused leaders

BREAKING: Bandits Invade Federal Government College In Kebbi, Abduct Students | Sahara ReportersDetails of the incident are still sketchy, according to Daily Trust, but there are reports that a security operative was shot dead during the operation, though the killing of the security operative could not be confirmed. These bandits are having their time of the moment. It doesn't last long. May Allah build an Iron wall between us and them. What an unfortunate time to live in this Country... 💔 Boko(education) is haram nau. Lai Mohammed wont see this. His problem is NBA Amendment Bill. NoToNBCAmendmentBill NoToNBCAmendmentBill

First of all, our own is police not cops. Secondly, it took Presidency a couple of days to hold conference and ban twitter why have they not been holding conferences to find an immediate solution for these criminal acts? Misplaced priority or well placed priority And some animal in human skin are there placing N100 million to capture Nnamdi kanu alive. FOOLS 😂

The country is burning and it look like the government are not aware after the first attack there should be a great synergy between all security structure in that start the twin yauri is not far from a military Barack in the state capital how come there was to backup. The North is very safe. Shithole country 💩💩💩

Overpower cops indeed. Every Force In NIGERIA Is Working Hand-in-Hand With The Bandits Under The Supervision Of The Commander Of The Armed Forces. Know This, Drink Water And Have Your Peace. KeepitOn Again what a useless government! Shey Bandits no overpower FG gangan nii They deploy all Nigerians troops to Biafran land killing,abducting innocent Biafrans because we say NO to one Nigeria & demand for REFERENDUM, why in the North,Fulani terrorist has taken over the entire north, kidnapping student, killing people and raping etc

Kebbi Abduction: Bandits informed Yauri people about attack - RepBandits stormed Federal Government College, Birnin Yauri, Kebbi State on Thursday and kidnapped some of its students and staff. They informed & D gov't did nothing, putting the lives of D children at risk. No military base in Kebbi that over 200 bandits on bike moving & no one sees them? Chai.. when did Nigeria got to this! Foreigners invading us, killing us. And we can't talk & take action in one voice

With the rate of kidnapping school children and a sensible parent still allows their wards in school in the Northern states? New one again ? Abi na old one? 🤔🤔 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Nigeria is what again? Kilo kanmi bé? Nigeria my country

We Had Prior Information That Bandits Would Attack Kebbi School, Community— Teacher | Sahara ReportersThe school on Thursday came under attack with some students and staff members abducted. If our security agencies can ignore bullying the civil space and concentrate on their role, stories like this will be things of the past. Why not? They came in bikes and left in buses, the planning and execution is community base, wont be surprised if the Emir and his council are involved.

BREAKING: Female students abducted as bandits invade Kebbi schoolJUNE BONANZA. For d First 20 people. Get Ur Business Logo Design 4 Just 1000, Previous Price Was 3000 Limited Time offer.. Message Me Directly Or Click on the link below 2 chat me up on WhatsApp. 👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽 IykeUche11 IshaqAbdulUsman .. Thought Kebbi is one of the safest state in Nigeria? How come this News of Banditry and kidnapping?

Bandits having a field day in my constituency, Kebbi Rep cries outBaba be patient apc and buhari are working OK? Mugu Buhari is only interested in the south East. Abba Kyari and co know where to go but they choose where they will abduct and kill students from their hostels. They have a greater task up North. But your governor said security has improved under Buhari