Bandits have taken over our village, having a field day – Adamu, Zubakpere resident

Bandits have taken over our village, having a field day – Adamu, Zubakpere resident


Bandits have taken over our village, having a field day – Adamu, Zubakpere resident

A resident of Zubakpere village in the Munya Local Government Area of Niger State, Akimeri Adamu, tells ENYIOHA OPARA that people had deserted the community after bandits recently took over the vil...

February 16, 2020Kindly Share This StoryA resident of Zubakpere village in the Munya Local Government Area of Niger State, Akimeri Adamu, tells ENYIOHA OPARA that people had deserted the community after bandits recently took over the village, kidnapped two men, stole cows and other valuables that are worth millions of naira

Whatis the situation in your village, Zubakpere, in the Munya Local Government Area of Niger State?Villagers have deserted the village for about one month for fear of being kidnapped by the bandits who have taken over the entire village, putting residents in a hopeless predicament.

How did bandits attack your village?They came as if they were going to war. They were armed with Ak47 rifles and there were over 40 of them. By the time we realised who they were, they had started shooting indiscriminately. Residents took to their heels. They started looting shops and robbing innocent residents of their valuables worth millions of naira.

The bandits also shot a lot of people, including the vigilantes who were trying to protect us. They overpowered them and made away with many cows, also worth millions of naira. The shops in our community were thoroughly ransacked so they left the owners in abject poverty. Many residents don’t know where to start from as some of them borrowed money to start their businesses. They have lost everything and cannot pay back the money they borrowed from people.

Have the residents who ran away returned?No! Up till now, we are not back in the village. We left everything behind with the bandits. The entire village was deserted; we left our farm produce and other valuables and ran for our lives. Many people went to Kafi, Sarakin-Pawa, Kuta, Minna and other neighbouring communities.

Economic activities in my area have been paralysed. About 80 per cent of residents are farmers but all the farms have been taken over by bandits. Some of us had not harvested our crops before the bandits struck, so we don’t know where to start. Even if we return home, there is nothing there for us to return to. It is unfortunate.

Some residents find it extremely difficult to locate their family members because the bandits took their phones, so knowing the whereabouts of their loved ones is a problem. We are suffering a lot and help is not forthcoming.Though my village head has contacted security agencies, concerned stakeholders, council authorities and some others in the state, no one has come to our aid. There is no presence of security personnel in our village to protect lives and property; we are in a deep mess.

How are children going to school?Schooling is already history to our children; they can’t go to school when there is a crisis. Unfortunately, their contemporaries will be ahead of them by the time the crisis is over.Even the teachers are running for their lives. Honestly, this is the worst thing that has happened to our village. I don’t think any teacher will come the village unless the government assures them of adequate security. All schools have been closed down as a result of the attack.

Nobody goes to the farm for fear of being kidnapped by the bandits who are virtually everywhere. We are just living from hand to mouth; things are extremely difficult. We have been going through hell since bandits took over our village. It has not been easy for us out there.

What the government provided for us cannot be compared with what we would have provided for ourselves.Who did the bandits kidnap in your village?No woman was kidnapped; the bandits were only interested in men. They are interested in kidnapping our men because of the ransom they will get. No woman has been kidnapped since the invasion of our village, but women are helpless without their husbands. They cannot do much on their own hence they have run to different parts of the state, believing that God will touch the hearts of the bandits to release the two men that are still with them. Strange things are happening these days; may God help us!

What do you want government to do?I want government to pay heed to our calls for the provision of adequate security personnel that can take on the bandits in our community. We need them because our means of livelihood have been totally destroyed. Our village has been ravaged by bandits and kidnappers who kill, rape and abduct people on a daily basis. As I talk to you, bandits are having a field day in my village.

They attack at will without any form of resistance from the security forces and the state government should not pay lip service to the plight of the people who voted them to power. Let me remind government once more that it is their responsibility to protect the lives and property of its citizens. Now that farming season is drawing nearer, government should beef up security to enable residents go to their farms without any fear.

How many casualties were recorded during the attack?So many of our men sustained varying degrees of injury during the attack; they are at the General Hospital receiving treatment. Cases that the General Hospital could not handle were referred to Federal Medical Centre, Bida for adequate treatment. No death was recorded.

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So we are changing they name from fulani Herdsmen to bandit now. OK ooo. Let's continue. For me is same people fulani Herdsmen whom has changed their style and uniform and stop carrying out cattle but to use only AK 47. MBuhari resign. Simple Service chiefs continuous stay confirmation of cabal and not being in charge

Look inside your village very well collaborators are from there. Are your people so weak that outsiders without helpers among you can run your people over? Think Mr, and drop politics of punch newspaper, is your people that are suffering punch careless. Omo, we sef don tire for this kind news but still on still. All is well.

Enjoy who did you vote for in 2019 go and hold him Na em be say next level don enter your village be that o. 🙄 What a huge shame We now have a condemner in chief not a commander in chief I think it is high time FG creates Ministry of condemnation. Instead of been proactive, they are been reactive Nonsense

Who is the police commissioner in this place and why does he still have a job? The things people gain for selling their votes or not participating in politics, is to be governed by FOOLS LocusBendi You never see any thing

Bandits Kill 30, Raze Houses In Two Katsina Villages Bandits Kill 30, Raze Houses In Two Katsina Villages Sad. Terrorists kill 30, raze houses in two Katsina villages. I fixed it there. Thank me later. Chaiiii

Things getting worst everyday in my country 😭😭 Bandits or terrorists? Ethnic cleansing is going on in the North. Wonder why Northern tribes are not coming together to stop Fulani supremacists. felixfabeku the nation is weeping, families mourning. Why? Fulani herdsmen have killed their loved ones, destroy their source of livelihood, injured many, raped their daughters. Meanwhile the perpetrators (fulanis) work free. Where in the world will anyone be treated this way?

Bandits or terrorists? Continue underating them at your own peril. Make me president in 2023 and all your worries will be no more... if you believe, let’s do it !! Absurdity has taken over reality. Do we really have a responsible government in that state? “If am elected president, the world will have no reason to worry about Nigeria...We will always act on time and not allow problems to irresponsibly fester. And I Muhammadu Buhari will always lead from the front.' What figure of speech is this?

realDonaldTrump Please sir come and help the citizens of Nigeria That is a great thing. Congrats

BREAKING: Bandits kill 33 in Katsina villages - The Nation NewsNo fewer than 33 people have been killed by bandits who invaded not less than seven villages in Katsina.Sources said the bandits carried... May their gentle soul rest in peace ...this is the only thing we can say and for our government God is watching you Yet presidency is defending service chief's, this administration has failed since inauguration in 2015 God, just come today and end this country already. Killings daily is now normalize.

Bandits kill 30 in 2 Katsina communities says, Police | The Guardian Nigeria News - Nigeria and World NewsThe Police Public Relations Officer, (PPRO) Gambo Isah, who confirmed the incident on Saturday, said that the victims were killed in Tsauwa Normal Level This word again! 'Bandits' why can't we just use the right words for heaven sake! Eh! These people (bandits) are definitely not Nigerians.

Bandits Kill 30 in Fresh Attacks on Katsina Communities - THISDAYLIVEOur villages now under siege, residents lament Police pledge to fish out perpetrators Francis Sardauna in Katsina No fewer than 30 persons have been killed in a fresh attack launched by suspected armed bandits in Tsauwa and Dankar villages of Batsari Local Government Areas, Katsina State. According to residents of the villages, the suspected bandits, …

Breaking: Many feared killed as bandits attack Katsina villages – Daily TrustMany people are feared killed as gunmen attacked two villages in Batsari local government area of Katsina state. According to report, the gunmen stormed Dankar and Tsauwa at about 20:30hrs, shooting sporadically and setting ablaze houses and vehicles. The villagers are said to be fleeing to neighbouring local governments of Batagarawa and Katsina LGA for … High time government should take drastic measures to eradicate all these hoodlums perpetuating evils in our society *Of all the criminals in Nigerian prisons, it's only Boko Haram terrorists that REPENT.* what do you expect than more of this to happen till MBuhari will genuinely fight to stop it, daily killing will not stop. freeleahsharibu Someday at this rate when the bandits are done killing everyone. They alone will be left in northern Nigeria with their sponsors.

One arrested as bandits kill 30 in Katsina villagesHmmmn, I hope they won't grant the bandit arrested amnesty as they always do!

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