June 12 Protest, Us

June 12 Protest, Us

Avoid June 12 protests, US advises citizens in Nigeria

Avoid June 12 protests, US advises citizens in Nigeria

6/11/2021 6:00:00 PM

Avoid June 12 protests, US advises citizens in Nigeria

The United States Mission to Nigeria has advised its citizens in the country to avoid the June 12, 2021 protests which will take place

The US said this in an advisory on Friday titled, ‘Demonstration Alert: US Mission Nigeria (June 11, 2021) – Nationwide Protests on Democracy Day.’It said it is likely that the protests will take place at the Unity Fountain, Abuja; and Lekki tollgate plaza and Gani Fawehinmi Park in Lagos.

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The embassy advised American citizens to keep a low profile and avoid the areas where the protests will hold.The advisory read in part, “Several groups have announced their intentions to protest nationwide on June 12, Democracy Day. Police presence and response can be expected nationwide, including in Abuja where government events are scheduled to celebrate the national holiday and in Lagos where simultaneous protests are planned.

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I think it's high time we report this handle till they get blocked... They are so confusing Make una hear well o, dem know something wey we no know o. Out of all Country in this world USA would really advice you not to protest?...lol Pucnhhh🤣🤣🤣🤣 NB- US advises US citizens in Nigeria Did US protest or not ? Shame on black people

Avoid June 12 protests, US advises citizens in Nigeria NOT CITIZENS OF NIGERIA. meaning, the advice is for US Citizens living in Nigeria NOT Nigeria Citizens living in Nigeria. KeepitOn June12thProtest Why can't USA interven in the on going Genocides in Southeast You see media houses are one of the problems in Nigeria

Kai. Punch Newspaper una dey lie.

June 12 protest: Don't join anarchists to destabilise Nigeria - NANS warns youths - Daily Post NigeriaThe National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS) has urged Nigerian youths to shun a nationwide protest being planned for Saturday, June 12, saying it May thunder fire Una.... idiots This old baby man has been paid and he is working against Nigeria youths and students. He urgently needs to be taught a lesson. The problem of Nigeria is not the old men at the corridors of power but the youths.. this cannot happen in any other country of the world. SHAME NANS

This is ominous. I am sure US have intelligence on what is about to happen on June 12 protest's being called. Be warned. You can’t use media power this way, putting up misleading and fake captions, wicked souls that can never produce anything good. You lie No 🤭🤭🤭🤭 Why did u guys put a misleading caption? Awon werey

The US in Abuja right? Any leader who’s against protest, he/her is a terrorist! US must stand for freedom of expression. Colxeasy They have been driving around the town here in ibadan in a show of force. US is a bastard... Nigerians carry their matter for head while they ignore Nigerians..

Security on high alert ahead June 12 protests | The Guardian Nigeria News - Nigeria and World NewsTomorrow is June 12, Nigeria’s new Democracy Day, but hours to the D-Day, it’s a tense atmosphere across most cities of the country in place of a celebration to mark Nigeria’s 22 years of unbroken democracy and icon of June 12..... Only God know wetin dem dey high alert for 🤦‍♂️ PMB must go June12 Endtyranny EndDictactorship Buhari must Go YeleSowore EUinNigeria vanguardngrnews MobilePunch USinNigeria UN BBCWorld cnni We can actually use this Twitterban to our very own advantage.. We can choose one country's VPN weekly to go there together, and trend interesting facts about us, promote our artists, promote our culture and infact reintroduce ourselves to the world..just thinking out loud🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️

So US like what people are going on in the country all the killings and bad government US is not doing well in the zoo called Nigeria Coal__City Anambrasocials They never said that you fools... They said they should keep a low profile. Fools. Which US? Lie lie Who are the people in US that is advising..

'The United States Mission to Nigeria has advised its citizens in the country to avoid the June 12, 2021 protests which will take place on Saturday in several parts of the country.' Why? It a lieeeeeee they didn’t tweet this

June 12: Nigeria still searching for true democracy 29 years after - Afe BabalolaAare Afe Babalola, said on Friday that true democracy was still elusive in Nigeria 28 years after the June 12, 1993, election True

Who are they to tell us what to do? Where have they been all these while? As our cries no dey reach them, make their advice no reach us abeg. This caption was deliberately picked by to mislead and misinform Nigerians. The controversial media firm knows that Nigerians don't open news links but only read the captions They have an agenda to confuse US didn't say we shouldn't protest, stop misleading people

We are in serious BONDAGE since colonization! Fake News! Brown Envelope news. June 12th protest shall not stand. It's political I guess the advise is for their own citizens not us June12Protest They're doing this because of self interest they definitely know that if it's happen Nigeria divided no more slavery's from them to us anymore. They're the one given Fulanis support and Fulanis too promising them they will give them half of Nigeria wealth if they supporting them

US can't say this please everyone unfollow this punch newspaper there full of lies When was that advice came from? 🙋 G7 is US focus at this moment and highest level of security for the president touring Europe. US spoke no advice to Nigeria at all. 🤦🙆‍♂️😂 June12Protest June12thProtest June12

June 12: Security agencies carry out show of force in Ilorin - Daily Post NigeriaFew hours to the June 12 anniversary across the country on Saturday, security forces have displayed a show of force in Ilorin, Kwara State. Security Are they new in Nigeria? The show if force has never been done to the killer fulanies nor the boko harams. When will they carry out 'show of force' in North? Please someone answer me Normal thing

If we are being honest that protest won’t end well. My heart goes out to our fallen heroes in advance. You ppl really tried for us. 😆 🤣 😂 😹 because them know wetin govt with do It's an advice from US to their citizens in Nigeria, not to Nigerians, it is not their fight but ours. June12thProtest keepiton

So howcome you guys are tweeting? Are you not tired of tweeting from another country, join us june 12...No going back🤞🤞 Na lie US can't say that

June 12: No cause for alarm - FCTA assures Abuja residents of safety - Daily Post NigeriaThe Federal Capital Territory Administration (FCTA) has assured residents of the city of protection of lives and properties during the Democracy Day Safety for what? Are there people coming to war with you? If people are moving for protest why not leave them? Is it against the Nigeria Constitution to do a peaceful protest ? I assure you *boharry Tone 🤣🤣🤣

June 12 protesters will have themselves to blame – Kogi Govt - Daily Post NigeriaThe Kogi State Government has warned those planning to protest in the State on Saturday, June 12, to jettison the idea or face the full wrath of the law. S'ogun laye ni How can you threaten protesters that have not even protested yet! This Country is bonkers Where is Sowore aka Palliative Thief? GCFR - GRANTivist Commander of the Federal Republic. CFR - Cashtivist of the Federal Republic. 😁😁