Attacks on churches, christians unacceptable - Buhari

22/06/2022 9:53:00 PM

Attacks on churches, christians unacceptable - Buhari

Attacks on churches, christians unacceptable - Buhari

President Muhammadu Buhari has stated that the attacks on churches and worshippers are unacceptable. A statement on Wednesday by spokesman, Garba Shehu,

President Muhammadu Buhari has stated that the attacks on churches and worshippers are unacceptable.pipeline vandalism.Abdulkadir Dambazau ’s recent advice to the Federal Government, to take decisive steps to mop up arms and drugs from Fulani “herdsmen” strikes the right chord amidst the senseless killings going on across the saharareporters, new york Jun 22, 2022 President Muhammadu Buhari, infamous for frivolous foreign trips, will be travelling to Kigali, Rwanda on Wednesday for the 26th Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM).

A statement on Wednesday by spokesman, Garba Shehu, conveyed the President’s message.Buhari said it was clear that there’s a design by wicked people to put the country under religious stress The Nigerian leader referred to the massacre in a church in Owo, Ondo State, and killings and kidnappings in Kaduna State, Buhari said religious freedom and diversity is what makes Nigeria great.The spokesman of IPOB, Emma Powerful, said Buhari’s comment has exposed how shallow-minded and uninformed he is about Nigeria’s affairs.“It is this diversity that gives Nigeria its strength.Despair and grief, as witnessed in the aftermath of the killing of about 40 worshippers at St Francis Catholic Church, Owo, Ondo State, when gunmen stormed the place of worship, also reign supreme at this point.That is why Nigeria’s enemies seek to destroy it, by putting us against one another.“For the impostor in Aso Rock to tell the US and other Western countries that IPOB is responsible for pipeline vandalism in the Niger Delta shows how shallow-minded and uninformed he is.“We will not let them.“The leaders are expected to consider a range of topical issues including post COVID-19 economic recovery, debt sustainability, climate change, poverty reduction, youth entrepreneurship and employment, trade and food security.

The nation will not be distracted or divided by these obviously planned and politically motivated criminal outrages.“Muhammadu Buhari should tell America and other Western countries the locations of pipelines IPOB vandalised in their evil country.Dambazau, who is also a former Chief of Army Staff, at a security lecture in Abuja, which explored the contemporary challenges facing the Fulbe pastoralist, noted that “while in the past he was easily identified by his stick, with which he controlled the movement of his cattle, today he is identified with AK-47 and other light weapons he uses to attack rural communities and also ambush to kidnap passengers and motorists travelling on highways.” The President called the perpetrators cowards, weak and wicked men with guns murdering, in cold blood, unarmed women and children at their places of worship.“Seeing the crowd of Nigerians voluntarily rushing to donate blood after the attack, thronging the local hospitals, even in the midst of mourning, I was proud of my country.Even the international community knows that IPOB does not involve in such acts.I was filled with hope.Undoubtedly, many former herders have abandoned their vocation for banditry and kidnapping, and part of their motivation is the lucrative nature of these newer activities.“As for the cowards, they will be punished for their crimes.” Related Topics:.Buhari will return to Nigeria on June 26.

We will bring them to justice.” Buhari appealed to Nigerians to come together in prayer – whether Christian, Muslim or any of our great faiths.A recent security report presented to the Kaduna State government stated that at least 360 persons were killed in the first quarter of this year.He charged citizens to continue to cherish “what we share while respecting each other’s differences”.“Let us show them that Nigerians will never be bullied by cowards, extremists or terrorists”, the statement added.On Tuesday, the Orthodox Public Affairs Committee (OPAC) condemned the attacks on Nigerian churches and christians in strong terms.It is highly distressing that many of the 62 Abuja-Kaduna train passengers kidnapped in March by gunmen are still in captivity.

The body called on President Buhari to protect peaceful Christian population – the largest in Africa – from extremist terrorist violence.OPAC declared that the “continuous targeting of Christians during principal religious holidays is beginning to feel like Nigerian state-sponsored terrorism against its own citizens”.OPAC charged the United States Department of State to insist on measures to protect Christians within Nigeria.The circulation of small arms and light weapons has become an equal opportunity activity by youth groups in virtually all parts of the country.Related Topics:.

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Shame Is that all? It just happened again & again. Sponsors of boko haram will be published no avail. Yet again sponsors of church members killer's... Nigerians deserve more. Our lives matters This man is sick Oga pls rest . We all know what's happening and your position This man should stop talking to us. 2023 is loading. We want him out if the villa. Enough of this endless rhetoric

Condemnation without action is like faith without work. The insecurity challenges in our country is worsening almost on daily bases because words not backed up with action. Bubu you accept and live it stop lying. Good morning Sir! After how many days 🤷

'You're a disgrace, uninformed liar' - IPOB attacks Buhari over pipeline vandalism commentThe Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, has berated President Muhammadu Buhari for linking its members to pipeline vandalism. IPOB described Buhari's Lol 😂. I love dis fire back 🤣🤣 Confirmed uninformed frustrated liar

Unacceptable by mouth See as he serious

EDITORIAL: President Buhari, mop up arms from terrorists and non-state actors - Premium Times Nigeria'President Buhari, who is in the twilight of his administration, should vigorously pursue a pragmatic programme of recovering arms that have fallen into wrong hands...' The President will not do that. He is indifferent to the ongoing insecurity in the country. He will leave the problem for the incoming administration. Atiku must not be allowed to have his way comes 2023 if Nigerians doesn't want the Fulanis to invades and over runs them completely, a warning from central intelligent agency CIA. we were warned in 2015 on Buhari but we didn't listened

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President Buhari Off To Rwanda For Commonwealth MeetingPresident Muhammadu Buhari will depart Abuja Wednesday, June 22, for Kigali, Rwanda, to attend the 26th Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM), Also, find time to go round the country and see how developed the once war ravaged country has become in few years. The poor masses are suffering. Na travel we go chop...innocent blood are crying day by day, what do you have to tell your people.

40 days after, President Buhari names 7 ministerial nomineesForty days after six ministers left the federal cabinet to contest the primaries of the All Progressives Congress (APC), President Muhammadu Buhari has named their replacement to fill the vacant posts. To tell you no office is important in APC govt. I would be glad to be in the bunch of those appointees !! 😉😉😉