Female Corper, Soldier Assault, Soldier Torture

Female Corper, Soldier Assault

Army lists soldier dehumanising female corper for trial, says assault embarrassing, unfortunate

Army lists soldier dehumanising female corper for trial, says assault embarrassing, unfortunate

9/24/2021 7:42:00 AM

Army lists soldier dehumanising female corper for trial, says assault embarrassing, unfortunate

The Nigerian Army has said a female soldier, Lt. Chika Anele, seen in a viral video dehumanising a member of the National Youth Service Corps, will be tried for unprofessional conduct.

PUNCH Metrogathered that a yet-to-be-identified witness recorded Anele using a bowl to scoop dirty water from a bucket and pouring same on the corps member, Ifenyinwa Ezeiruaku, who was in her uniform.In the footage, our correspondent observed that the soldier ordered Ezeiruaku to kneel and while at it, soaked her with the dirty water.

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She was also seen using the back of the bowl to hit her head.Angered by the ill-treatment of the corps member, an activist, Agba Jalingo, who got the footage, posted it on social media.A message attached to the post read,“This is what a commissioned female Army officer, Lt. Chika Viola Anele, did to a youth corps member, Ezeiruaku Ifeyinwa Fidelia, serving at the 13 Brigade headquarters in Calabar after having an argument.

“We understand that the leadership in 13 Brigade is working to kill the matter. Let us make (the) officer very popular for all the wrong reasons. Share the video until it gets to the Chief of Army Staff and that Chika (Anele) girl is brought to book.” headtopics.com

Following the post, a campaign#Justiceforifenyinwa, #SayNoToMilitary Brutality,trended online, as Nigerians slammed Anele for the action.Read AlsoPolice hunt soldiers for torturing Lekki lady on Romanian’s ordersReacting to the incident, the Director, Army Public Relations, Brigadier General Onyema Nwachukwu, described Anele’s conduct as unprofessional, adding that she would undergo regimental trial in line with the extant provisions of the Armed Forces Act.

Nwachukwu said, “The Nigerian Army has taken cognizance of a video clip currently making the rounds on social media, where a female officer was seen dehumanising a member of the National Youth Service Corps in Calabar, Cross River State. This act is not only condemnable but unprofessional and against established precepts of discipline in the NA.

“The NA therefore, condemns in strong terms, this act of gross misconduct. Undoubtedly, the officer’s actions have caused the NA monumental embarrassment and it’s highly regrettable. This unfortunate act of indiscipline does not in any way represent the NA and will not be condoned in its entirety.

“For the records, the ugly incident happened in 13 Brigade, Calabar. The brigade commander immediately instituted an investigation and the officer involved has been identified and sanctioned in the interim and would be made to undergo regimental orders (trial) in line with the extant provisions of the Armed Forces Act.” headtopics.com

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Nwachukwu denied the allegation that the Brigade attempted to cover up the incident, adding that the Army had zero tolerance for indiscipline among its personnel.He apologised on behalf of the Army, to the victim, her family, friends, the NYSC and Nigerians over the incident.

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GOOD 💯 Let the youth corper sue the army Nigeria Military are more Animalistic than Human. What is normal to US military is Abnormal to Nigeria military because the country itself is a Zoo and been lead by an Demented Animal. I actually don't know the purpose of the NYSC when the rate of unemployment is over 33%

Nigerian military officers are fun of maltreating the civilians. This is not trending enough. This is not a Fulani herdsarmy/herdslady. Her name is chika, IPOBPDP won't rage. Mtchewwwww. Thank God they have not tagged her unknown soldier or they want to make her a scapegoat because her name is Chika Y’all have to understand that women are more brutal than men. They just don’t have the physical strength to enforce their cruelty.

No matter what this is not right.. No justice is served though... Just thinking out loud is it true that Nigeria will be great again?

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Nigerian Army Reacts To Video Of Female Soldier Dehumanising Corps Member In Cross River | Sahara ReportersA Nigerian journalist and human rights activist, Agba Jalingo, had shared a video on his Facebook page showing the officer pouring an unknown white substance on the kneeling corps member after which she hit her with a bowl. Men quality packet shirts available for 4,300. Size M - XXL Location : Lagos Whatsapp : 08119038620 Pay on delivery available in Lagos. She may never forget. Nigeria 🇳🇬 army is a disgrace to the society...most of them are dumb..and foolish they don't even know the meaning of NYSC how can an educated army do this to a person who is also serving the country....illiteracy

Nigerian Army confirms video of officer dehumanising female corps member, apologises to victim's familyThe Nigerian Army (NA), on Thursday, said it has taken cognizance of a video clip currently making the rounds on social media. The video showed how a Useless appolgy... I can never accept such Hope she will be punished as well. Not just apologise Since this post doesn't concern me let me use This opportunity to send my condolences to the family of Goliath for loosing one of their great soldier in a battle with just two stones 😂😂😂

Army vows to deal with female soldier who dehumanised corps member - Daily TrustThe Nigerian Army has vowed to sanction the female officer who assaulted a member of the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) publicly in Calabar, Cross River State capital. Aren't they always vowing like their CinC ? The soldier should also apologize to the corp member and the NYSC in public. Wow, they didn't say it's fake news?

#JusticeForIfenyinwa: Female Army Officer Dehumanises NYSC Member In Calabar After An ArgumentJusticeForIfenyinwa: Commissioned Female HQNigerianArmy Officer, Lt. Chika Viola Anele Dehumanises Youth Corp Member, Ezeiruaku Ifeyinwa Fidelia, Serving At 13 Brigade Headquarters In Calabar After An Argument FULL VIDEO: HQNigerianArmy This is how bad Nigeria has become. Even military is no longer disciplined. Scrap this rubbish called NYSC they say no HQNigerianArmy Wait oo...is this allowed to be done to a youth corper 🙄 HQNigerianArmy What type of wickedness is this, it is disgusting one using one's position to dehumanise others