APC Has Performed Beyond PDP’s 16-Year Achievements – Yahaya Bello

APC Has Performed Beyond PDP’s 16-Year Achievements – Yahaya Bello

5/4/2021 11:43:00 AM

APC Has Performed Beyond PDP’s 16-Year Achievements – Yahaya Bello

Kogi State Governor, Yahaya Bello on Tuesday said that the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) has performed beyond the 16-year achievement of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).

File photo of Kogi State Governor, Yahaya Bello. The governor also spoke about the worsening insecurity in the country, calling on all Nigerians to collaborate in tackling the issue rather than politicising the security challenges.While noting that banditry had been an issue in Nigeria even before the emergence of the APC-led Federal Government, Bello said his party is doing its best in ending the menace of bandits’ activities.

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On the security situation in Kogi State, the governor reiterated his administration’s commitment to flushing out criminal elements.According to him, Kogi remains the safest state in Nigeria, notwithstanding the recent attack that claimed the life of a commissioner and the abduction of a local government area in the north-central state.

He said, “I will reiterate that Kogi State is the safest state in Nigeria today. It doesn’t mean that there are no pockets of issues that we are grappling with. Read more: Channels Television »

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While my jaw and right hand sustained damage that still gives me issues today, my wife however couldn't live to tell her story.

Whatever your name is, all of you in that APC are terrorist. Tell me one major project done by this lifeless president. Six years of nothing. Mr Yaya Bello tell your brothers to stop looting our money to support terrorist and bandits. No good roads. Water, light. Failed Govt Yes you are right in killing and poverty.!!!!

Daz nonsense Insincerity is the bane of the Nigerian project. Perception can be deceptive. God bless Nigeria! It is not about parties plz,this administration has failed failed and failed Waka🖐 I doubt if this guy's have shame at all. 🥸 Who is this? Looking at the level of hunger in Nigeria Very true, from the back.

2023: APC must think beyond zoning to retain power – Ex-Rep JajiIs all about power Look at this fool.. do you think APC can win this coming 2023 general elections? They have failed woefully even before then Just imagine this idiot. Power is all that concerns them not insecurities, not unemployment, poverty alleviation!They just want to stay in Power by all means.They want to keep silencing and oppressing people. I can't even believe people y still associating with this demonic party

When you compare PDP's 16years in power and APC's 6years, APC have a masters and doctorate degree in corruption. Imagine our debt profile and ntn is working after all the borrowings and yet bn of $ keep getting missing everyday while NGns suffer economic hardship and insecurity. Yeye Bello do bring him own o.

This man, Yahaya Bello is suffering from the illusion of grandeur. He is a pathetic escapist. I knew for sometime this gov was acting strange but i didnt know it could also affect his declarations. And he keeps showing the world how dump, foolish and stupid he is Yes they have killed more people than PDP

Sir, you are lying, we are waiting for the last part of your administration. Nonsense Ask ordinary Nigerians who are in a better position to assess Not true

Insecurity: APC caucus replies PDP as Reps shun meeting - Daily Post NigeriaThe ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) caucus of the National Assembly on Wednesday reacted to the Peoples Democratic Party's allegation that

Sure they have exceeded the expectations of everyone. They subjected the citizens to abject poverty and made citizens pons to bandits and also made criminality a negotiable affair. Based on this I believe you. changebeginswithyou channelstv Nigeria Igbo smoker is talking Yes you are right... Na God get poweroo

You don't mean it sir? Tell this man to keep quiet.. He always talk like a blind and deaf man.. For your mind Werey se yin sir.. Stop comparing , fix Nigeria. This isn't true at all. Rubbish

Postpone LG election to accommodate us - APC chairman tells Makinde, OYSIEC - Daily Post NigeriaCaretaker Chairman of All Progressives Congress (APC) in Oyo State, Chief Akin Oke, has urged the Oyo State Independent Electoral Commission (OYSIEC) to,

Another fool. Physcho talk. Doing better without securing life is nothing. Ndi Ara everything where Is insecurity better that security? Because during PDP rule there was security. Of course yes, APC has more blood shed than PDP, APC is more corrupted than PDP, APC has borrow from other countries than PDP, ETC

No body is disputing the fact that APC has done more than PDP in 6 yrs. PDP achieved terrorism in only NE while APC has successfully achieved spreading it to NW, NC, SE and some part of SW. They also successfully depreciated the value of the Naira while they increased fuel price APC Propaganda spokes person !

Yes they have performed more ,by destroying the economy ..set of something not to talk about . Stop smoking sir. I take God beg you. What a big lie

Five APC ward chairmen, others join PDP in Benue - Punch NewspapersFive ward chairmen of the All Progressives Congress. in Makurdi Local Government Area of Benue State and their supporters on Friday defected to the Peoples Democratic Party.

I hope our words on Earth are recorded in heaven,many naija politicians na straight hell.. No bail!!!!!!!😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣 Yaya is right come to think of it,have seen this b4 in time of PDP,hard life,terrorism,bandits,fulani killer herdsmen,poverty,evil, corruption,borrowing,blackout,bad infrastructure,insecurity, a divided country and more other,this is d APC performance in just 6 years what a shame

U are a thief God fire you Yes now, more killings, more corruption, much more insecurity! Habba? Why Exactly my boss We will stop watching or listening to Channelstv if this is the type of people you will be bringing on air to come and say nonsense This one talks without thinking at all times ! Says who?

Oyegun, Oshiomhole call for unity in APCUnity for what? More cluelessness, lies and deceits or for underdevelopment of Nigeria? We need to clear. We're not clear about the next level they promised. Any concept use by APC now, we must ask them to operationalize it. And the word of God said; suffer not the witch to live. Thunder faya una two

You are all the same, WICKED, no interest of the people at heart. YORUBA NATION NOW. Lol I now see why Kogi is so backward in all ramifications, on what metrics did u come to this childish conclusion?even a blind man will never agree to egocentric assertion. Lori iro Let the spirits of lives lost through banditry, terrorist and fulani during APC regime hunt you down and cruch you in Jesus name. Amen

Please can APC list the achievement may be he is referring to the opposite of performance. Shame Sure its boldly written every were, even Nigeria Naira will never be the same again because of APC talk more of peoples life less valued than cow. Says by a Governor that spent billions of naira to build a tent as isolation centre in Kogi state..what will you call such person?..

By killing people They have performed perfectly well in terms of loss of many lives and property

This one don mad now Hallucinations I not surprised that you have to say this. If the bandits were going after politicians, there would have long been solution or seriousness in tackling banditry, Kidnapping and Herders/Farmers Clashes. My worry is the poor masses surffer it most. Yeye bello is sick Lol, i can only laugh

Y B what is the achievement of APC within six years. Pls can you mention even five Stop like a big full Una get blood for veins so🥵😪😪 The kpa kpa governor. Be like say the blood of people he waisted to get second term are after him Make we fear God o

You can imagine this idiot 🙄 Mumu get out of there... Wetin concern me wit una party abeg make we dey call deir name... MBuhari has failed worse dan GEJonathan that's the real write up.. If na by party all of una na thief... Nonsense politicians... Don't worry YAHAYA BELLO ...una eyes go soon clear wen all of Una start to die one by one

Yahya Bello your lying, what this government achieved since they took over the office from PDP I'm not a politician but I don't like APC government Too much cap , it’s all politics . All these politicians do is compare who has done the best , yet they have no interest in the people and development of grassroots . Next thing they would cut a line for small bore whole . Shame on Nigerian Politicians .

In area of killing yes you really performed APC Anybody wey vote all dis animals na covid19 go kill i swear Foolish talk Leaderless leaders 🤦 Freedom of Speech

Just hear him please state your performance since u got that dirty seat of urs? 13 years my foot pdp sef na ogun go finish na Exclude ur government 🙄 With the level of terrorism, banditry, unemployment, cultism. Oga na lie. A. P. C.. Only perform in terms of corruption More than P. D. P. Of course Mr governor, APC has done more harm to this country in 8 years than PDP in 16 years as you can see that Nigeria rank No:3 out of 167 countries on the 2020 Global Terrorism Index. Shame on you all. I wonder if you will all take anything out this world when you die.

In what way have they done well than PDP? Na heaven go judge you Yeye Bello. Liar machine. Its obvious this people are only after their party and what they get. What's the use when their Is so much trouble in the land than PDP regime Yes, APC performed beyond PDP by killing, maiming, kidnapping Nigerians. Association of Boko haram sympathisers and supporters. Shameless party! Shameless government.

Why do you people enjoy lying?

APC met an economy that was the 3rd fastest growing economy in the world in 2015, where is our economy now. APC met Boko Haram in 2015, today APC has added killer herdsmen and bandits. What are these guys taking Nigerians for, a people who have short memories or what? Hmm we are not surprise of your judgement

Yes. In terms of banditry, kidnapping, boko haram insurgency, high inflation rate, strike by government workers just to mention a few You must thoroughly and truly not fear God for saying that Mr. Yahaya Bello. I guess he is high on codeine Yes now, true speech; PDP manufactured only 'Boko Haram' for 16 years APC manufacture Bandits, Killer Herdsmen, Kidnappers etc in just 6 years. Only God knows what will happen in additional 10years. God forbid

Oga you don't have shame Joke I'm yet to see anything but how can you and your party members only the people that sees your achievement while many like me didn't

This is utter rubbish! When insecurity is the bane of the APC and bigotry is full in its leadership. Yes, APC proved best over PDP 16 years rule if only YayaBello will go and use mega phone to say this inside market or can travel tru all state in Naija without any convoy nor single security. The I will agree with his saying

Yes Sir I Agree, APC did better in increasing insecurity, YAGHAYAGHA BELLO, WHY ARE DECEIVING YOURSELF, YOU CAN VENTURE ASO ROCK, A MAN THAT CAN RULE A STATE,WHAT CONCERNS HIM WITH A NATION. May God punish you sir How? Yes! Especially in the areas of insecurity, poverty and hunger. Dis man is sick Mumu Don’t piss me off

Absolutely rubbish........... It's even better to keep mute rather than this. And Yahaya Bello is an example of APC’s brilliant performance, right Yes, in Insecurity. Unknown Gunmen will soon visit you.. Add me up I follow up Asap There is always room for improvement. At least as a pastor said “when there is life there is hope'. By the way I'm here to talk on the issue of being born again being saved from inward and outward depravity we were born with, that's more important.

This beyond is definitely the one that means way less and not better 🚶🚶🚶🚶 In what aspect? We haven't witnessed the type and silly blood shed during that time. Even though we may have to also think otherwise, as the conspiracy is beyond expectations. How I wish the YOUTH will come to know themselves and their needs, for their future is in a total mess.

Sick people everywhere you go! Yahoo Yahooo Beer parlor talk.

Yes of course interm of disaster and calamity.i agree with you They ve actually performed better in a reverse order. You're correct indeed. You mean APC killed more Nigerians than civil war . The funny thing, if he likes he can say Buhari and the APC have performed better than Trump and the Republicans. Egbon Yahaya, you will not be President in our dear Nigeria, God will not allow it.

Shiiiiii ! Must be a joke or a very bad dream I beg to differ In killing and betrayals How much was fuel during PDP's era and what was the exchange rate at that time? These 2 items determine the cost of living in an import based economy like ours. What is the state of power and other infrastructure today? Where is the standard of living compared to then.

Something dey worry you bello, e be like say that fasting don dey affect you😠

Shameless APC governor,do this calculation by yourself: how many Nigerians have been murdered untimely between 2015 to date and the end is not feasible. Please judge yourself on only this shortcoming Dats why we will never vote you in Yes APC performance is excellent, in killings of some Citizens and defending the criminals. But PDP doesn't defend Bandits and hunger is less in the country during PDP. END NIGERIA NOW YORUBA NATION NOW BiafraExit

Some people no get shame Who told you? What have they done precisely? B4 unkor? Since they increased the dollar rate to their favor, banditry now part of daily lives, dwindling the foreign reserves, kidnapping, killing the innocents at Lekki toll gate, fuel and electricity tariff increase, tell me how haven't they outperformed the PDP

This man is an evidence that youths are not ready .. He's right just look at the State of the Country: Disunity intensified, Kids glove handling of Banditry Kidnapping Insecurity matters. High cost of living the list is endless. Oga, pls I beg you, JUST KEEP QUIET!

Will you keep kwayet Ogun kill you and your family Intense of what? Give us the statistics of your assessment that your government has done more that what we imagine. Hunn there's God oo🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔 This man is fucking mad Sir in what way?ur government is clueless.....God forbid.... Yes they have in term's of killing, hunger, poverty banditry, rubbery and the rest rest they should be awarded for that...the devil is less evil than this Buhari govt😎

This guy is a clout. What a senseless opinion God in heaven will punish and avenge for us Wicked people!

Except if performance has a different definition in the APC dictionary! Joker You are a fool Bello Please who made this comment? No b lie mumu All the 4 point agenda APC pointed out during the time of there campaign..is rubbish.. All I can say is that Desmond Elliot remain our number one problem in Nigeria😞sad!

Well said. Infact!!! They have out performed PDP's 16 years with more kiilings and boko haram well-done. Is it bigotry, they out performed. Is it slander, they out performed. Is it anarchy or tearing the economy, in fact!!! Mumu dey talk Haaba

FACT We want to see their achievements. At least, we aii know that under PDP we fuel price was 87, bag of rice 9,500. GSM network, no bandits and Fulani killings as we are experiencing it today. APC has failed woefully This bello is a drug man, I don't blame you death put it in that position Haa werey ni man yii sha

This one will not think before he talks, he’ll just open his mouth Waaaaa like Donkey Lol!!yes you people achieve alot in killing people and Nigeria economic...Good Job!! How does this guys sleep when they know they are lying like this. It's well I’m sorry for you people.

You are a Mumu man 👨 will you keep 🤫 Awon werey. They are all the same Yes truly by insecurities bad economy and wasting lives of innocent people karyar banza E is a big fool. Another animal talk In your father village. Foolishness talk Of course, dey av done better in financing terrorism, banditry and corruption.

That's if you talk of unemployment, unpaid salaries, corruption, killings, kidnappings and NATION-WIDE insecurity.......then yes, APC has done much more than PDP. Unbelievable

Very true and its obvious, sixteen years ago a dollar was at the range of 120 to a $1 now its 500,you guys have surpassed them gan ni shiooor Oh, u are right with the killings, u have been able to create all this group.e.g bandit, Boko Haram, gun men, fulani herdsmen and others, it is also an achievement.

We believe you. It took you guys 6 years to do what PDP couldn't do in 16 years which is to bring Nigerians and Nigeria to its knees. We hail 🙌 May God perform on you the same way APC perform in Nigeria, is just my humble wish. Well, person when dey sheet, him sheet no dey smell for his nose, I no expect u to say the right thing, u can't give out what u don't have.

Is true Chanelstv this is the kind of rubbish news u can tweet when the truth is glaring. Which achievement Insecurity everywhere Hnnnnnn 🙄 I just dey pass Oo 🏃🏃🏃🏃 🤣🤣🤣. Oni yeye😎😎😎 I agree with you that APC has performed more crimes and killings. God will reward you all in million folds. This man must be a joker... this country can never be better again with this kinds of clowns been on top

Correct! Though not in a positive way. APC really performed more than PDP's 16 years by destabilizing and destroying Nigeria. Nonsense of the highest order. God punish u till all the people in the country die Oga the agony, heart breeds, poverty, extroting and many atrocities this name apc has put us into is to heavy

I blame Desmond Elliot and Toyin Ibrahim for this 🙄 Are u serious, please stop all dis political statement. Or in minus sense? Sick Your madness is unlimited What’s a useless tweet This idiot Local government chairman still in the hand of kidnappers and he is here saying rubbish Part of the achievement is having Agbero come to port and collect money and also provided us with thieves all around lagos....we shouldn't have voted for APC and PDP they are scammers

Olori buruku omo jatijati,you are not even ashamed of yourself before opening that that your ugly mouth to say such nonsense 👿👿 se ori bello ti buru ni Psychiatric evaluation statement from a Unstable fellow. My Governor my Governor And he want contest for the next presidential Oloriburuku, omo ale jatijati!

Crazy This dreamer again Your sense of reasoning is faulty man! Ogun kill you with your achievement

That's very true. But negatively Sheety mouth. Yawwa shugaban 'Kasar mu na Gobe. Sometimes I just feel this politicians take Nigerians to be fools...but I really dont blame majority of ppl are still tied to them because of poverty..may Almighty deliver us from poverty Yes they have perform by double the price of things and making life miserable ..... Leaders without common sense

Rubish talk, what have u done in ur kogi State as an apc candidate Name one thing APC achieved in Nigeria, I will name 10 for PDP. In Ghana or which country? This APC last born always talks politics Sickening to hear. So sad.

Sick performed insecurity wonders in 6years Na this kind argument him wan carry be president? Hahaha Common sense is not common. Thanks Nonsense! Imagine this idiot, when on a daily basis commercial buses are raided daily at Lokoja Axis by kidnappers U are a begger leader we know you people well you are not feeling for the people life of nigerians waisting everyday still praising this administration? I respect smart Adeyemi alot for saying the truth

Talk is cheap. Young and fullish If this one should seat there his lies will be 10x Baba's own Let's endeavour to broadcast and tweet statements that are true and justifiable. The value of naira against the dollar in both regimes is enough to help you verify this statement.

Desmond Elliot and Yahaya Bello are cousins If you know, you know As as how? Political Hallelujah Boys. SHAME!!! Nonsense talk. Absolute rubbish coming out of a man who unable to protect his own citizens. Opinion is personal !!! Codine is not good for your health bello Lies, Deception and Corruption. Achievements indeed!

This is what happens when your echo chamber is filled with ebira folk songs, hungry praise singers like Remilekun's son...and a host of 'retired celebrities' in search of state Government largesse Bello shut up there, APC is d worsted set of people have seen in Nigeria history. Hmmmm i can see the evidence of that in Lokoja, the state 'Capital'.

eMpty dRum ❕❕ By taking us back to the beginning of suffering? people like you don't deserve to be alive when the real revolution will start. Clap 4 ur self.... Exactly woefully I used to respect to this man till he utter this nonsense! Make una hold ds guy before e run enter market Beeni jare Omo ofo Enemy of progress is talking...

When your commissioner was gundown by unknown gun men?

Alakoori You're a blatant liar. Stop 🚏🛑 deceiving the people's sensitivity. APC has plunged Nigeri into untold hardship. Seems channels have started chasing clout too, otherwise, what kinda news update iz this one bayi ? Assistant Information Minister Why are our leaders such horrible & terrible liars Yahaya Bella,just cos u want to become Nigerian President u had to lie...You have a bad & terrible record oga.The truth is both PDP & APC failed Nigeria(ans)

This one is still mad and may never get well. True talk Useless man His speech, sounds like his name.. pronounce with me.. (yah-aya bel-lo) Yahaya Bello Deal Deal Deal 🔥🔥🔥🔥 Brand new G wagon 2020 model 🔥🔥 Going for 160m only Delivered national wde Call or whatapp 08032941966 for inspection Please Retweet’s my hustle

😆 I ll always say dis.. Politics pple have trade us with their party.. All they care for is their party and put us in hunger and pains. God go surprise them 2023... This Gov Talks as if Nigeria is home of the blind and deaf. Accursed man Ogun kill youyayaha bello Of course what else do you expect Yahaya Bello to say? Our next president indeed.

God punishment that mouth wey you use talk that nonsense God forbid a bag of pure water 100 naira right now 150 a paint of Gary was 500 now is now 1000 a plastic of Coke was 100 naira now it's 150, as at today and your saying APC have performed better than PDP it's a shame your children will never see Good in this land Amen..

Golible an shollow minded leaders So, in whose government did bandits/unknown gunmen (UGN) kill a serving commissioner in your state?

Wọn ti ya wo Darkness overwhelming darkness Is that why we are here 🤣🤣🤣🤣 na competition now Flashback 📸 We can't stop blaming PDP for the underdevelopment in Nigeria, The 16 years of PDP in Nigeria would have been used to lay a solid foundation for the Next level agenda of APC. Think 🤔 About It! And where has the APC performance lead us to🤷‍♂️... Though, I don't support PDP also. But both parties are bunch of scammers. Nigeria my country... May Allah be with our leaders and may he guide them aright, so they can govern us credibly🙏

Yes they have performed beyond PDP,by destroying Nigerians, making 1$ to be 485 Ensuring that all undergraduates are at home for 3yrs, encouraging bandits as main business and destroying many manufacturing company and making at least 95% of Nigerians are in poverty Dezmond10 Lol ..big nose, no sense.

Of course in killings, kidnappings, banditry and all unheard issues. I don't think this man lives in Nigeria..... Then you must be blind or something

Insanity at his peak. That's an Undiluted FACT 💯% APC is the worst thing that has ever happened to this country,this party and all these leaders will go down in history as the enemies of this country Idiots in political positions 😡 Yes in term of security and economy they have perform wonderfully Were Who dey talk?

Opportunist See this clown 🤡 No balls to stand for the truth Bastard So opprobrious

Thank God this is coming from yahaya Bello we all know & if not we would have ask pple to separate the message from the messenger Arrant nonsense Please tell gov. Yahaya Bello that he is an idiot This is the main reason why Allah go punish you 1 school kidnapping to numerous. Congrats Yahaya, you have a Bello eye.

See your head like mongopark Yes APC performed in term of crime and so many catastrophe in a nation Wow! Congratulations, Gov Bello on this achievements, then. I thought your State Cabinet are mourning the death of one of your Commissioner that was killed by UGM btw Ilorin-Kabba, but the news says otherwise, regardless of this attack & others along Lokoja-Abj rd. Let's fixiT

Ex leaders are been paid billions of naira yearly for nothing while civil servants starves and begs for payment of salary. Watch here👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽 🙄

Are this people senseless or something they just come to national TVs to say trash like how. Saw one vid of a cleric saying you will go to 'paradise' if you are killed by a bandit another one saying terrorist aren't living luxurious life Omo 💔 Nigeria will never change if everything keeps getting weighed on the APC/PDP scale. It's terribly backward and for fools.

APC failed woefully sorry Governor. Correct, what PDP could not do in 16 years,APC did in 6 years. Poverty capital of the world Highest number of out of school children Highest unemployment in the world Country with the lowest electricity supply. Performance base on retrogression. Yes, you have?! 'Continuity' in inflation, insecurity, poverty, etc even in your campaign pillar 'corruption', its been terrible beyond comprehension but if you don't praise yourself in failure, who will?

Are these people leaving in a different Nigeria? I have met this governor once in a flight and didnt know who he was but I was just admiring his cloths, senator abaribe was sitting in front and Ngige was going up & down greeting. Sir with due respect do not provoke the blood of those slain in this administration to reply you.

An attribute of phantom imagination! Who knows, he might be speaking in Ebira tongues or has the hegemony spirit of 'born to rule and grab the land' descended on him to gaze beyond the present uprisings from a discriminating scenic view of the havoc in the land of my conception? Your Excellency this is not time for joke. Please

shift lemme faint!!

Politicians and lies 🤦🏾 we don't give a f*ck about these COMPARISM HEADLINES stop pushing the narrative for this politicians and focus on the main issue!!!!!! This man is definitely on drugs, probably on cocaine diet😒 This man is drinking petrol Naso APC Has Performed Beyond PDP’s 16-Year Achievements – Yahaya Bello

Weytin dis one they take All this propagandists Wetin even concern me Ana akogheri..... YahayaBello_Hub must either be blind or self deceived.

In kidnapping, hunger, banditry and the economic hardship. You are greatly well done. Number one mad man from my State! Kogi Governor is always on the news for a wrong reason Yes, in kidnapping, banditry, terrorism, unemployment, high cost of living, high inflation rate, hardship, unprecedented insecurity, ethnic and religious division......etc. Apc is a curse to Nigeria.

And this one say he wants to be president? You see the rain beating Nigeria is from all angles..Anyways he might be right in a way . APC has out performed PDP in bringing poverty , hardship . Insecurity, inflation , nepotism ruined economy and disunity . Yes APC out performed . Retrogressive mind set and unfortunate element in the corridor of power without a sense of integrity!

Yes by killing Nigerian Youths and Plenty Cashing!!! Yup.. all bad achievements have been surpassed Haaaa Bello, who do you this thing? Yes, we know that APC have performed well more than PDP by increasing the number of bandits and insecurities in Nigeria. And don't even blame you, your a village champion with low mentality..... Nonsense

Besides it was never his fault, he was a misplaced priority got power at a cost of nothing your day go soon break. I wonder when people will say the truth and stop politicising people life just for there self interest

awo harbalist for any spiritual problem,call me on this number 08156867124...if you want any of this, lotto winning,stroke,manhood enlargement,wealth,spiritual check,soap for any work I agreed with You, but far below Nigerians expectations the change Mantra God forbid. Getat I can see that Animal talk don start again🎶 Human rights nah my property. 🎶 You can't dash me my property🎶 Animal must talk to Human beings🎶

In saner climes,Bello should be a councilor in an LG. In your imagination... Govyahayabello it's probably in your dream.

Very unfortunate. You ought to cover your face in shame having your serving commissioner murdered before your very before and you couldn't even condemn the dastardly act. Most unfortunate indeed Achievement unlocked sponsor killer herdsmen Is he speaking with his senses abi you wanna see craze 😆🤣😂😹😆

Shameless government 16 years of kidnapping and killing of innocent school boys and girls,16 years of inflation and death Ode it seems most of these APC stalwarts are smoking something that has kept their eyes closed from reality. I would look for that thing and join them. I am tired of what am seeing now as it is enough to make you go yabaleft

God will punish u nd ur generations to come

Thunder fire all of them Tatata governor You're just a fooool Our Presidential candidate. Yaya bello The devil is a liar! Dis yeye Bello will suffer for 600 Bello Bello. Go and sleep please By breaking Nigeria into pieces, bad eggs

The whole world knows that Buhari, APC, Bello, and their cohorts are an unmitigated disaster. By the way, WHERE IS BUHARI. Rubbish talk They are indeed performing well in the area of security, unemployment and poverty. Such a stupid man 🤛🏿🤛🏿 Na this kind person some people de support to become the president of this country. Mtsceew

Na bcos say una dey see money touch that's why u people are blabbing nonsense😳 Lemme ask u what and what are the APC achievements it is well. Tramadol. Say no to drugs PDP Considers Atiku, Saraki, Tambuwal as Possible Presidential Candidates Consider Atiku Abubakar ur next President. AtikuKawai Yeah, that's true. Nigerians have witnessed more maiming, killing, kidnapping and ransom payments under APC government. What a reportcard?

Yes in infrastructure

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by not pay the civil servants ,abi What else do you expect from a governor that as failed to perform in his own state Very sad. APC success should be measured on the promises they made to Nigerians b4 they assumed power and not comparing themselves with PDP. Have they kept those promises? How much is a bag of rice, dollar to naira, fuel price, inflation rate, unemployment rate, etc, b4 2015?

Yes! APC has surpassed in blood shedding And you want to contest as President? Are you normal? The north is shaped towards Yemen, the south will become a recipe for another disaster if we continue this wishy washy with northern leaders. Ewu in what area

Is an undeniable fact APC have done more in 6 years than PDP 16 wasted years in power GOD answer Nigeria prayer ? They confused people lies to them control their mind against the govt, they disobeyed the law of the land using religion as excesses. Oh yes, in terms of increasing insecurity, proliferation of unemployed youths, inflation like never before, nepotism and favoritism like never before, divisions along ethno-religious lines, and untoward hardships

This boy has mixed d wrong combination for him again. BajTunji Coming from someone who can't solve the problems in his State! This Bello always smoking hard substance.. wey rey ni Definitely you are one of them Perform in killing, stilling, abduction of students etc I will love to flog the hell out of this man

I agree. Negatively (causing .ore confusion, embezzlement, shredding more blood, at least Jonathan allowed you people protest back then but you won't allow us even when it's our right). Your performance is legendary indeed

State mugu Mumu man We have more pressing issues now like insecurity and attack on our security infrastructures. I expected him to give us a heads up on the mechanism being put in place to address this menace that is bedevilling the Nation. May God help us. Lol......yahaya bello talking about achievement, someone that basically can't define or pin point what achievement is, lemme do as if I didnt see this nonsense

Deluded governor! Madness runs in your family forever. This the man behind everything THAT IS Y UR NAME WE ALWAYS REMAIN AS ''YEYE BELLO'' Smelling mouth Thunder of the holy spirit will fire you back and front

Can't disagree, kids can't even go to school without been kidnapped. That's an achievement I guess🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️ Quite unfortunate that men at all levels in Nigeria find it difficult to call a spade a spade. For the advocates of younger generation in power, we do you call this one. In my opinion, what we should pray for is a God fearing leader....old or young.

With all your best and word u are not sure Smart Adeyemi cries everyday in the Senate floor concerning the failure of APC, the governor of the same same state is praising the same APC. It's very easy to fool the public Cry 😢😢😢😢 my beloved country. god of thunder where your eye dey Akiika! Idiot Yes o even in killing innocent Nigerians. Mumu, Odeyo

Idiot Foolish statement Another drum up 16years in view again coz it going to look as if OfficialAPCNg just want to form govt again abi 💣🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄 It's all a game of chess between them.😠😠😡 I guess today is the deadline for the payment of 100million naira plus 10 new Honda motorcycles. Na Achievement go rescue people pikin!

This Kogi State Governor is a horrible candidate for the public relations stunt of the APC - a party whose Commander-in-Chief plays deaf and dumb to the insecurity madness going on right now. A party with a jihadist as communications Minister, responsible for managing the digital This man has smoked something again this morning 😂😂😂

What’s wrong with this useless man The first time you are saying the truth, like in 16years, the number of crime is nothing to write home about. Now, they are giving it to us hot hot. Crime everywhere. Take a close look inflation and poverty, na una APC carry the highest mark. You cannot applaud yourself for yourself by yourself. Someone will say if you have done well or other groups will confirm it. When the performer is congratulating himself, he's partial and malfunctioning. Shame on those who console themselves with lies.

Another Monkey 🐒 Yes they performed beyond PDP in the areas of BANDITARY, CORRUPTION, FULANI HERDSMEN, NEPOTISM, DESPOTISM in name of Change to Next Level. Shame to your family Learn Amazing facts about the Catfish. Subscribe our YouTube channel. Follow us on Twitter farm_enterprise You never said anything meaningful since I knew you as gorver of kogi state

Politicians are definitely doing crack No one should listen to this fool called bello Who is dis saying bullshit Clown 🤡

This one is mad. See! there are some absurd words you dont suppose to post. This is absolute Baldadash. Radarada... I can't breathe 👃😫 We are a registered Cleaning company in Lagos Nigeria, offering detailed professional cleaning services to individual homes, office & businesses. 08098179146 Chamberlain and Ayo, why are you complicit in the lies of Yahaya Bello. Every day you allow politicians use your media to feed lies to gullible Nigerians and you won't put the facts straight on before them . I'm surprised channels television has become a stooge of this fiasco

Very true, we can see how u have inflicted pains on many and how naira has lost its value They say you deserve the government you vote for, nothing quite exemplifies this than Yahaya Bello. How such an Idiot was voted in twice is beyond comprehension. The same goes for MBuhari. I think God is like” so you voted such an idiot to lead you? Ok enjoy boko haram”

Eran Ok Fucking mad man

The way this a Yahayab Bello likes to chase clout is appalling. Someone that can’t boast of a reputable project in kogi state. Tufiakwa Shame these liars. How they still have the effrontery to tell these lies is huge problem. They APC excelled PDP in Manufacturing Banditry, Herdsmendary, unknowngumanry and Bokoharamdary and Economic Misery👏👏👏

No comment Is it not time to check Yahaya Bello’s mental state? It's only in Nigeria that people this daft can be able to hold key positions. Only in Nigeria. All of abii........🖕🖕🖕 Let me block this mumu, I no fit dey vex ontop my data God will punish you yahaya bello They will just grant interview to all kind of characters

Says by a Governor who has never build a kilometer of road or renovate a broken school, neither dig a borehole. Or build a hospital. A Governor who is scared of paying salaries that he sacked almost half of Kogi workforces in the name of screening. Shameless! This implies, he's got no good agenda for Nigeria than more failures. GYB na waaaooo

Yahaya bello is the most delusional lunatc that parades himself as a sane person.I never knew abject poverty,hyperinflation, Unemployment and insecurity are achievements. Omo ale jatijati, idiot With due respect is a big lie sir Unbelievable! are these people really human being? Chai there is God ooo These men always in cocaine talk as if Nigerians are morons

I wonder why people are upset... Ya'll are still surprised? I'm not surprised with what APC and PDP can do. I mean APC government killed people at Lekki toll gate and they dinied it. I'm not surprised anymore. Nigeria is dead Yes, they really performed in killing people, unemployment, terrorist sympathy, kidnapping etc.

im dissapointed in you for the first time and there is no forgiveness and no any other chance

Mumu man Say no to online insults. This is insults upon Nigerians KOGI people come and carry your father o. They chef that cooked beans for him this morning forgot to add onions, crayfish and salt so its affecting his Brain 😂 😂 😂 😂 Handmade Shoes Made on Order PLEASE RETWEET God bless you as you retweet Nationwide DELIVERY Prices excluding Delivery Frame 1: 14,000 Frame 2: 14,000 Frame 3: 10,000 Frame 4: 14,000 Chat Here to order IG: bobo_shoes_

Gutter talk All this clueless politicians parading themselves as leaders but in reality are tyrants. How do you expect your NIgeria to work ,when men like this are incharge Negative Achievements, yeah. Yes ooo. With the introduction of herdsmen, kidnappers, importation of garri, high level poverty and unemployment. 👍 AFC.

Lori iro

Yahaya Bello is an example of some people are mad but few are roaming. From 2015 till date, Unemployment rate rose from 0.8-40%, Nigeria became poverty capital of the world, insecurity became the other of the day, we are more divided than united. APC is a curse. Bello is Omo ale! What have you as a governor achieved?

I pity you Very true. But the Party needs to do more in the most challenging area of Insecurity. There is no difference. Both have failed. If u are pointing fingers on who failed most, cool. But lets me clear this is a case of comparing failure vs failure. Lets not quote it as one performing better. Na failure all be

APC deceived us in 2015 If we had allowed Jonathan to continue, he would have implemented the 2014 conferb which would have changed Nigeria for the better forever This guy still thinks we are still in a political situation We just need to end ONE NIGERIA now we all knew it's late already but the perfect solution is BIAFRA NOW / ODUDUWA NOW 🤸‍♀️

See who talking... My brother has taken those things again!!!Chai

Drunkard We are in a country that is been run by unbelievably sick people Hahaha hahaha hahaha,this is the fool you guys are rooting for president abi? APC and PDP are the SAME WINE in DIFFERENT BOTTLES AND LABELS Next good news please With all the happenings in the country, Yahaya Bello still opens his mouth and spits out rubbish. Always have it in ur plans to Japa from here. E get why

Why is it that this people find pleasure in lying?! How is this inconsiderate better than PDP's 16 years of leadership?! Who in this country doesn't know that this govt is the worst govt that Nigeria has ever produced?!! A country with some people who dine or eat with the devil. According to your pocket.

The day we'll stop focusing on political parties and focus on individuals, then Nigeria may start getting better. Its such a shame a governor could be this low in thinking. May God help Nigeria! Of course they did with killings in the country 🙄. Sometimes I wonder weather is like some people come from another planet. Shameless set of people. Are you there to compete or to fix the country.

MrTomide Your Excellency, You're sick in the head Sir. Thanks After saying that gibberish chamberlainusoh asked him a question, baba wasn't able to answer 😆 he was busy dancing around. chamberlainusoh of bro, you wicked for question 😆 👩‍🎓 Yeah, negatively you mean shei. No arguments at all. STFU ... Always talking rubbish

I said it most of our leaders are always on a high grade drugs . Can you just imagine such statements. Or is it the media that is spreading out fake news I think I would have to watch NTA news for today while I eat my pizza 🍕 and chilled soft drinks . I come in peace ✌️ Can God please strike this old fool 😡

😂😂😂😂😂.... See who wants to become president..... Baba go join police... U too dey lie Yes of course, In therm of killings and kidnappings

Some people will just open their mouth waaaaa WAP... lol 😊🙏 Get out plz Irony Oil dey ur head Bello. Ric Hassani's song for you there Na ogun go kill this yahaya bello wallahi... In insecurity right Lies

May God punish u Sir Where is the brain located in this guy’s body? I am a Nigerian by force, BIAFRA INDEPENDENCE is the only Basis for our existence as a People. We can NEVER be one with FULANI JIHAD TERRORISTS. We have Values, cultures and beliefs to preserve which are being infiltrated by Fula Terrorists! END ONE NIGERIA NOW BiafraNationNow

Fool Wèrè