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Amotekun may help South West, South East, South-South break out of Nigeria - Tanko Yakasai - Daily Post Nigeria

Amotekun may help South West, South East, South-South break out of Nigeria – Tanko Yakasai


Amotekun may help South West, South East, South-South break out of Nigeria – Tanko Yakasai

Elder Statesman and founding member of Arewa Consultative Forum, ACF, Tanko Yakasai , has warned that the Operation Amotekun security outfit set up by

office of the Vice President, and Southwest leaders reached an agreement yesterday. Yakasai, in an interview with the Sun, urged the Yoruba leaders to drop the security outfit and embrace the federal government’s initiative on national security. “There are security challenges all over the country; it is not a matter that concerns the Southwest alone. It is in the Southeast, South-South, North Central, Northwest and Northeast, all over, killings, kidnappings, armed robberies, etc. These are not limited to a particular area, they are all over the place, nobody would doubt or dispute this,” he said. “The way the Southwest is approaching the issue is wrong; many times a wrong approach can kill a very good project. The wrong approach was to give it ethnic dimension. “Southwest has something positive and something negative. Something positive in the sense that they have no problem in understanding because all of them are one people; they speak the same language, they are either Muslim or Christian, they know how to relate with one another without discrimination. “This is not the case with all the other geo-political zones. No geopolitical zone is like that, yes, I know, people would say southeast, yes, obviously, they are Igbo, they are almost the same like Southeast. “This Amotekun is a private army in the making. A country like Nigeria that has experienced secessionist movement, and an attempt at secession, there is no doubt that so many lives of people of Nigeria from both sides were lost in that process, then Nigerians will be jittery; any patriotic Nigerian will begin to open his eyes wider seeing this kind of thing happening. “Since the problem is nationwide, a nationwide approach should make everybody happy. “The president has set up a committee with the Inspector General of Police to look into the problem of insecurity in the country holistically and give a recommendation that would enable the federal government on its own or maybe either in collaboration with state or local government to deal with the issue based on the recommendation that it considers appropriate. “I will prefer that approach, but I don’t accept the approach by the Southwest for simple reason that if you allow the Southwest to set up a semi-military outfit, particularly a security outfit that allows its personnel to carry guns, it doesn’t matter whether you call it Dane guns; gun is gun and nobody can assure that these Dane guns will not one day turn into proper or sophisticated guns, and you are not sure that if you give somebody a Dane gun, he will not one day go somewhere and drop it and pick a proper gun. “To that extent, I think the approach from the Southwest was wrong; it didn’t take into consideration the sensitivity of the government and people of Nigeria. “I’m in support of the initiative by the federal government. Southwest, Southeast, South-South, Northwest, Northeast and North Central should await the outcome of that exercise and get themselves keyed into it so that there will be synergy in tackling the problem of insecurity in Nigeria. It is a very big issue that can be addressed through synergy.” “That Amotekun can be an ordinary word in Yoruba, but it can have so many meanings; why can’t they adopt a term that can be understood by everybody?” Related Topics: Read more: Daily Post Nigeria

But people need to be alive 1st to be part of one united country. The dead cannot be part of your united country. You are also reminded that the 1st law is that of self preservation. Where are the solutions and practical alternatives Never South West can never be a party to secession in Nigeria. Gaskiyane

What about the Hisbah Police in the North and JCTF carrying arms in the North. And yet kidnapping & banditry is thriving without end ? Fear of the unknown. Why being afraid? Stay alone let other region disintegrate . Nigeria not working for all How? All these alarmists should stop all these war mongering, we are already in dangerous terrain. We ask for peace in our country

Are you scared? Self delusion, emotion running wild! See the creator, sponsor and the sustainance of Boko Haram, Banditory and kidnapping being afraid of Amotekun!!. As a way of improving the economy Federal Government empowerment loan is out to full time business men/women , Note loan are from the minimum of (200,000.00 to the maximum of 10,000,000.00). Contact Hon, Adams ON, +2349034957596 for more details about the loan program).

Old man what's your problem with the southwest now?

JUST IN: Amotekun: Osinbajo meets South-west governors - Premium Times NigeriaAttorney General Malami and the Inspector General of the Police, Mohammed Abubakar, are attending the meeting............ The Mail Runner! Errand boy!

It obvious these northerners are scared of breakup. Really may helf western region and in danger other's SO YOU PEOPLE IS AFRAID OF THEM TO GO? IT MAKES NO SENSE, EVEN IF THEY GO WE MUST LIVE ON. And we will never allow it.... Never And what is the problem with that? This will fast track restructuring promised by APC. APC better start implementing RESTRUCTURING

Which is very desirable sir - thank you for understanding the need It's very ur tent oh isreal meaning what🙄🙄 And who cares? Don't you want them go? Ooh! That's the fear, instead for them to break out they should die Amotekun

BREAKING: Amotekun: Osinbajo, South West governors meet in Abuja - Daily Post NigeriaVice President Yemi Osinbajo is currently in a meeting with the South West Governors at the Presidential Villa, Abuja. The meeting is coming 24 hours Instead of the federal government being happy for Amotekun bcos it will alleviate a lot of the Security burden on the federal government in the states where it operates but selfishness and narrow mindedness won’t let them see a good reason for it’s establishment.Borno nd the Army

Disintegration is the best way to go now Why is the North afraid of a splitting Nigeria? And so what if they break off? This ur fear will soon land u to the bush with cows... werey What in Amotekun is the North afraid of? The guilty ones are always scared and if they help them break out of nigeria,is it not better than to be with you people that don't value lives.

And? And don’t you like it? Me I don tire for this break up stuff! I guess no matter what, it must happen one day....we can't continue like under great suspicion of each other & monitoring each others moves....this state of affairs is not sustainable at all! Something must give one day! He even had the nerve to speak about unity

South West Speakers declare support for Amotekun - Daily Post NigeriaThe Speaker of Oyo State House of Assembly, Adebo Ogundoyin, on Thursday, declared that Speakers from the six states in the South West geo-political zone On amotekun we stand Speakers of the respective southwest states should do the needful without further delay. Each houses of assemblies should enact law backing the formation of the outfit and it's operational mode clearly spelt out

If you guys don't have any hidden agenda what's with this northerners and amotekun Day of reckoning coming unless the killings and kidnapping are checked Terrorists sponsor complaining ups and down.. Should we still be listening to pre-historic dinosaurs like Yakassai ? They are unable to think beyond their tribal and religious bias. Elders who always deepen our divides with their unguarded utterances.

So u and ur folks could cowboy well sir Can you imagine,This is the real meaning of show me your father and I will tell you who you are,Now I see where Dawisu inherited the whole Rada Rada... 🤔 The centripetal force that bind Nigeria to the centre is the Western region! Yakassai knows it! Westerners don't react on issues without a just cause and critical analysis of pros and cons on the subject matters! But when they unanimously make their decision! No going back!

So be it With your arrogance to power you have placed the North as a god. it is time for the North to be taught a lesson..the whole world is watching and I know the end for the north is here..the abuse and disrespect of the South with impunity..stealing the resources of the south So be it

Amotekun: Osinbajo meets South-west governors - Premium Times NigeriaAttorney General Malami and the Inspector General of the Police, Mohammed Abubakar, are attending the meeting............

Does this so called elders think before they talk at all or what is happening to them ? No body is breaking anything... them must stayoooh 😂🤣😂🤣😂 sabo people The mistake is people who think his ilk represents the people of the North. He only represents himself, his family, his cronies and his belly. Please!!!

WHY IS IT THAT A TYPICAL NORTHERNER IS JITTERY OF NIGERIA BREAK UP? WHY IS IT THAT AN AVERAGE NORTHERNERS IS AFRAID OF BALKANIZATION OF NIGERIA? Old men with old ideas. I wonder why he would think like that So what's wrong if SE, SW and SS break away from the present arrangement? The solution is radical restructuring by truncating 1999 constitution return to old regional system of NORTH, EAST, WEST & MID-WEST.

Tanko Yakasai! Who is afraid of that, the North and only but the north. This old man like to talk rubbish every time What will Hisbah do then baba oko?

BREAKING: FG, South West Govs take decision on Amotekun - Daily Post NigeriaThe federal government and the Southwest state governors on Thursday, agreed to set up a legal framework to legalise the establishment of a regional


Upon all Ppl talking abt this stuff, I only find this on track!!! Its a security threat Another mumu talk... Your fear will soon be your reality. You know Nigeria is programmed for failure, u are looting d nation, sinking it in debts, dominating key federal appointments & security agencies. U breed almajiris & care not for education. All you want is to dominate the productive mind.

Why are they afraid? Mugu. Who told you we want one Nigeria? Let this man go and sit down, must he talk? Southerners are slaves to the north stopnorthernslavery we all have the right to rule not just northerners What it is your fear?

BREAKING: Amotekun will not stand - Buhari govt replies Tinubu, Falana, South West govs - Daily Post NigeriaThe Attorney-General of the Federation and Minister of Justice, Abubakar Malami, said the U-turn made by legal icon, Mr Femi Falana, justified Federal Misleading headline. It doesn't even match the story. 🤷‍♀️ Unethical journalism in Nigeria- which should we believe? Agreed or no-agreement

To me if these people decide to leave it won't change anything rather it will make the north to be stronger. No matter how long it takes one day everybody will find his level, so who is afraid. ...and it's paining you and your headsmen Lol see word ...the outcome of 2023 will determine where we are going on this county

What exactly have we gained being together? Nothing I can lay my fingers on. We want to give you Northerners chance to govern your region, think it will solve this matter because same people same ideology same Religion act. Maybe we place Visa ban on you guys because allowing you IN is letting Boko Haram and Fulani in to our new Nation yet unknown. 😂😂😂

JEREMIAH 5: 6 * Therefore the lion🦁 out of our forest shall slay them, and the dew of the wilderness shall destroy them, and the leopard 🐆shall watch over their city; What's good about Nigeria at her peek now Do she really know how old she's Break out is what we want please, we are not sharing the same ideology with Northerners. They are too far Backwards with stupid mentality. 😎

Are you people still on this? I don't know why Amotekun is getting people frightened? Yes we wanna break out

The Big question is,why must Nigeria be together by force? These Fulani are just irritating,Arabic was used on the naira, military and 50% of Nigerians doesn't know what it means.But he want Yoruba to give their security outfit a Fulani name!!!! And so what? Why are you guys afraid? Bcos of 90% of revenues coming from the Southern part of Nigeria that you contribute less than 10%? If you guys want to die pls do.

Why are they scaring? Fulani will end up break up Nigeria, not even Yoruba's, Igbo's or any Southern are planning or willing to break up d country. Domineering attitude of Fulani will destroy d country, by refuse d good call to restructure d political system into true federalism of 1962 constitution. Punk ass

Fulani will end up to break up Nigeria, not even Yourba, Igbo or any Southern are planning or willing to break up the country. The domineering attitude of Fulani will end up to destroy the country, by refuse the good call to restructure the political system into true federalism. Is that your reason of been frighted, don't worry they are long gone

There is more to this ... Tanko is indirectly telling us something and that thing will soon unvail. We all was ignorant when some meaning Nigerians like kanu and sowore told us about them... itisyettohappen Amen

It means these old political guys from the north careless about the security of this country. They exposed themselves by confronting Amotekun Tanko tanko old Tennant of western region When the 11 northern states declared sharia with hisbal police Include boko haram The southerners didn't accused them of breaking Nigeria South west introduce Amotekun it becomes subject of national disunity The fulanis want to scrap every tribe in Nigeria by all means

The north hasnt seen anything. The outcome of 2023 elections will determine the direction of this country. We cant be foolish forever, the hour is nearer than you can imagine. Ametekun is not for the South South, maybe can be for South West, nobody stop them because similar security group have also emerge before like Bakasi we use to hear about in the south East but not to include South south when mentioning anything that has to do with Amotekun.

Oh so y'all are afraid to loose Nigeria? Sick people Yes we want our own country because we are tired of been in forced marriage with animals in humans skin. Haha they’re afraid... we don’t want Nigeria, Nigeria is a scam Lie. Yoruba believes in project Nigeria. Nothing like breaking. From where to where?

A parasite is always jittery when any household buys swan insecticide

It's inevitable, old man. If that's your fear, you'd better be ready Hello Sir, we want to break out of Nigeria, where there's no light, no security, no good health care system etc. Oh my goodness Elder state man Tanko Yakassai is not promoting the unity of Nigeria with his arrogant comments on the state of the nation. We should learn from Sudan experience.

Excessive intake of adulterated kunu is disturbing this man. Amotekun is created by South Western governors to protect South Westerners. Why are the northern elites so concerned. If the north are afraid of Amotekun then they are the once commuting the crime in the South west. About breaking out of Nigeria Mr Tanko Yakasai, if that is what will being peace to every region then let the break out come.

Igbe l'enu vendor. 🔉🔉🔉 You people shouldn’t be afraid, the fact that your Hausa/Fulani people think you know better than every other tribe in the country. Nonsense Would you continue to lord it over them since independence. You are not siamese twins, why lament over their separation if the marriage is not working.

Boko Haram, ISWAP, Herdsmen in the North-West, North-East and North-Central may help Northern Nigeria break out of Nigeria. Where were these lovers of one Nigeria when their terrorists were killing and raping our men and women ànd invading our farmlands? Why the sudden wake-up? Sure!!!! That’s not true

Benue state shouldn't be left out pls. I don't even know why we are referred to as 'North Central', the state is actually not located in the North. suddenly they have cold feet .amotekun must stay....this will prevent senseless killings by a set of people.. This is what Nigeria are not prior to... If it will help then that's good idea, if you are in hell you will do everything possible to escape hell.

This pple know whats happning in nigeria It makes sense now, Nigeria is all about the North. The fools thinks that the “N” in Nigeria and the virtue of their geopolitical zone, North makes it all about them. That’s why some cattle rearers are threatening other tribes and not being questioned about it.

Why Re you afraid So if they want to go why should that be your headache? Are they keeping us on hostage? Why are they always jittery? This is such a smelling interview. But why is north soo afraid of brake up? Wonder! Wonder! Like Fela said. Ewu hausa

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