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American Accuses Lagos Airport Officials Of Extortion

American Accuses Lagos Airport Officials Of Extortion Continue watching on our YouTube channel

10/26/2021 8:39:00 PM

American Accuses Lagos Airport Officials Of Extortion Continue watching on our YouTube channel

An American citizen, Alina Oliver, who travelled to Nigeria to be with her husband has accused officials at the Murtala Muhammad International Airport, Lagos...

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So disappointed with the Lagos Airport authorities, landed at 4am from Morocco, the authorities especially one Mr V Ollawule started harassing us to open the bags and then openly asked for money if we don’t want the bags to be opened. When will this stop? I’m part of the problem too cos I still give them money just not to waste my time... but that has stoped now.

It's shameful 😔 - Unfortunately nothing is going to change. The country is taking a step forward and three steps backward. Pity! 💔 What kind of action is he talking about? Nigerians are corrupt period. My sister you think they did anything to you? That’s nothing. Wait till you see them dealing with Nigerians themselves you which never to go back for life. Animals everywhere in Nigeria government. Nonsense

Worst international airport in the world. realFFK was the cause when he was Aviation minister. He couldn't stop it because of corruption. That is why he still went back to the most corrupt party It’s not an accusation. It is what goes on there. Traveling through the Murtala Muhammed int‘l airport is an absolute nightmare. Some of the officials will even rain insult on you, when you give them small change.

The airport is run and managed by several criminal gangs with government issued IDs. My advice is to always get to the airport early, and arm yourself with a video camera to record every step of the way and post online until the government takes the necessary steps to clean it up She’s not lying. Every time I’ve flown into Nigeria this happens. I get so overwhelmed and stressed I actually dread flying into or leaving through the Lagos airport.

Very shameful! Pretty much all the workers there are also beggars.

Group opposes Yewa chieftaincy title for Lagos senator - Punch NewspapersThe most widely read newspaper in Nigeria Oh the “brown envelope” is yet to go out lol. Do that fast, and you’ll be approved and accepted. But is this man really from Yewa Land? If this is the case then he should be recalled back from the senate… how can someone from Ogun state be representing a Lagos constituency in the senate !!!! This has been the controversy with this yayi guy

MBuhari NGRPresident ProfOsinbajo femigbaja FAAN_Official raufaregbesola tundefashola nassnigeria femigbaja DrAhmadLawan Can you just fix this mess pls? Our image is at stake! Even in Abuja airport is the same. I wept for Nigeria my Dearest County Review the allegations and take actions my foot. Nothing will happen.

She’s saying the truth ojaychidican This won’t even fly. Can’t shame the shameless. That airport no get shame atall If every Nigerian dt enters d USA make video of d hell they face entry point, how American immigration subjects dm 2torture would America news media publish that? Ur news outlet always publish news they demean Nigeria d image u put out scares foreign investors yet u blame Buhari

This is shameful. This is institutional. All she said I experienced in 2010 my first time, but after that, I vow never to experience it again in my life. I don't care who the airport controller is. I apologize to the woman onbehalf of Good citizens. That’s not an accusation, it’s a fact , it happens to both citizens and foreigners ,

ICPC_PE NCDCgov can you imagine these people given the country bad names, the leadership of this country is not helping the matter even the people are worst. ICPC_PE and NCDCgov should investigate this matter and nab the people behind it including FAAN_Official too It has become norms in Nigeria Airport.

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That shouldn't be a news now, not today things oh. I am a Nigerian living in Nigeria and I can tell you that it is exhausting dealing with Govt Agents/Agencies. The feeling you get is that everyone has captured a section of the country as their own private 'kingdom' like an Emperor who is free to do whatever they will with it!

This is a dead place, a evil corrupt place that must be divided. Nigeria is very unworkable. It was created not to work. Please we must destroy this country FACT!!!!!!!!!!!

Four men remanded for counterfeiting electrical cables in Lagos - Punch NewspapersThe most widely read newspaper in Nigeria We know they are Ibos without reading the article. Instead of followlasg jidesanwoolu to address this issue,LagosMoj is ceding elections to them. Why not help Lagosians take back this business and our port? Moyo & HMOKUNOLA1, why are you behaving like fake Omo Eko? Big shame!

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Poor development: Lagos seals over 40 structures in Eti-OsaThe Lagos State Building Control Agency had sealed over 40 residential buildings in Sapata town in the Eti-Osa area of the state, due to poor development and planning. Home calling Home.

Solid Minerals Control: Lagos, Ogun governors battle federal govtThe governor said some restrictions from the federal government over the years have made it difficult to fully harness the potential of solid minerals in their states So long as Zamfara State and other northern parts control their cold and other minerals why shouldn’t Lagos ad Ogun do same?