Ebonyi Almajirai

Ebonyi Almajirai

Almajirai not welcome in Ebonyi, Umahi declares

5/21/2020 1:10:00 PM

Almajirai not welcome in Ebonyi, Umahi declares

Edward Nnachi, AbakalikiGovernor David Umahi, on Wednesday, said Ebonyi State would not accommodateAlmajirai.He said the state had never had such a group of people any time since its creation.Umahi disclosed this during his weekly broadcast to update the citizens on the fight against COVID-19 pandemic.

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The governor maintained thatalmajiraishould go to their respective states of origin.He also commended his colleagues in the northern part of the country for supporting the idea thatalmajiraishould go to their states of origin.Umahi, who also frowned on the activities of herdsmen at the state’s Centenary City, directed his chief security officer to ban them from accessing the premises, warning that it was no longer allowed.

The governor said it was insulting to be struggling with cows to come into Government House.He directed the State Commissioner for Justice to secure court orders for auctioning any cow found within the premises, henceforth.The Centenary City houses the new Governor’s Lodge, new Governor’s Office, new Presidential Lodge, and all the state ministries and parastatals, CBN, DSS offices, among others.

Umahi stated, “We will not be afraid to say there were noAlmajiraiin Ebonyi State before now. We will not allow that in Ebonyi State. Ebonyi will not allowalmajiraito come. They should go to their states. This is very important. We have to as a people begin to tell ourselves the truth.

“I have directed the chief security officer to meet with security people. Please, I don’t want to see any cow within the premises of the Centenary City. It is an insult. How can I be struggling with cows to come into Government House?“So, the security people should meet with the people that are rearing cows, whether Igbo or Hausa cows, because I also see some Igbo cows, but I don’t want to see them again. Anyone we see, the Commissioner for Justice should move to court and get order to auction it. So, we will not allow that again.”

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Not only in Ebonyi, they are not needed in the south Is a thesm thesm government you know the cost so no need to panicke ok? EdehAlexi Mad people every where Send the idiots back to their states. This is how they roll This how it all started Oba Afônja of ilorin welcome them , they later killed him to take over ilorin.... Say NO to them !!!!!!!!!!!

Apparently Fulani also Biafrans don't be distracted, keep your eyes on the ball, which is Biafra restoration, Umahi Dav & other governors from south east are not in support of what we're doing, Fulani hegemony always sent them to distract us, but at the end the will fail. BiafraExit. Almajiri is not in our culture, every child has a parent. The culture of Almajiri is not welcome in Igboland. saynotoalmarjiri

Thank you sir They go into peacefull communities and sack the whole place. Claiming the place for themselves. Let rhem stay in thier states. By land mass they have way larger pacels of land compared to we at the south. So why come down. To do what? Let them get back we don't need them. Problem of definition.Are these guys truly almajiri? Once upon a time, the buzzword was 'Fulani herdsmen' now, it seems to have mutated to almajiri.Are we wrongly labelling these people and simplifying/complicating an 'innocuous' issue?

Not only mouth, we need action It is patently illegal, discriminatory and unconstitutional for Governor Dave Umahi to reject Northerners entry into Ebonyi State. Good governance is all about the rule of law not the rule of power. What if their parent are from eboyi? Are u going to ask them not to see or to their parent? Pls Umahi, keep tribe one side and face reality of life.

Who are u deceiving? After welcoming them u come here to rant Straight talk, sir Dey shouldn't be welcomed anywhere... Seriously northerners need to take care of their own business. Herdsmen causing a lot if damage in ondo state already. Yes we don't need them These people should claim there children naah

Nice move... sir... ride on sir! More grace.. When their father's are already settled there

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