ACF To Northern Food Suppliers: Nigeria Not At War, Lift Ban On Blockade Of Food To South | Sahara Reporters

In a statement issued in Kaduna, the group's chairman, Audu Ogbe, said the action of the AUFCDN will only complicate the socio-economic and political problems of the country.

3/2/2021 7:07:00 PM

ACF To Northern Food Suppliers: Nigeria Not At War, Lift Ban On Blockade Of Food To South | Sahara Reporters In a statement issued in Kaduna, the group's chairman, Audu Ogbe, said the action of the AUFCDN will only complicate the... READ MORE:

In a statement issued in Kaduna, the group's chairman, Audu Ogbe, said the action of the AUFCDN will only complicate the socio-economic and political problems of the country.

Mar 02, 2021The Arewa Consultative Forum (ACF) has urged the leadership of the Amalgamated Union of Foodstuff and Cattle Dealers to stop the blockade of foodstuffs from the North to the South.Ogbe, who is also a former Minister of Agriculture, said the move by the AUFCDN is not only unprogressive, it is also counterproductive.

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The statement read, “The Arewa Consultative Forum (ACF) shares the concerns of Nigerians over the decision of the Amalgamated Union of Foodstuff and Cattle Dealers to stop movements of needed food from the North to the South.“We call on the leadership of the union to put a halt to their so-called embargo and blockade.

“Nigeria is not at war with itself and such a drastic action is not necessary.“It will only further complicate the socio-economic and political problems facing our country today.“The members of the union are said to have suffered severe losses during the #EndSARS riots and the recent violence in Sasha in Oyo State targeted against northerners.

“We believe that whatever may be the difficulties of their members in operating in other parts of the country, ACF leadership, led by me, is willing to help them solve these by talking to security agencies and the government.“There is no need to mount a blockade by one section of the country against the other.

“Whatever may be our differences, the ACF as an ardent believer in free trade believes that goods should be allowed to move freely.“This extreme measure is not progressive and even counterproductive. This is not the way to go.”The cattle and foodstuffs' dealers under the aegis of AUFCDN, commenced a nationwide strike on Thursday, following the expiration of a seven-day ultimatum given to the Nigerian government to attend to their demands.

The union demanded protection of its members, payment of N475 billion compensation for lives of members and properties lost during the #EndSARS protest and Shasa market crisis.The union also demanded that the government should order the dismantling of all roadblocks on federal highways due to problems its members are subjected to when carrying out their duties.

The Grand Matron of AUFCDN, Hajia Hauwa Kabir Usman, while giving an update recently warned the police not to disturb the task force of the union who would carry out enforcement of the strike by ensuring that no food and cattle were moved from North to the South.

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Usman said, “The leadership of the union has already made a strong plan to ensure that all our exits (our borders) between the Northern and Southern part are closed.“Every truck that will go out has to be checked. If you carry any food or cattle, you cannot take it out except you take it back or be destroyed there. None of the security agents should dare intimate our task force members because if they do, we will fight it legally.”

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Support the north they truly needs the food more than the supposedly consumers. Keep ur fucking food please, we don't need it at all. Awon werey Leave our farms alone and see what the south can do. We are very hard working people. Our fore- fathers and mothers had always been farmers first .We don't depend on others to survive .

If this will end incessant killing and abduction in southwest, keep the food. But here is the question, what are those cows eating here in southwest? 🤷🤷🤷 Stone? Use your head. We have food to eat. Keep your food and stop killing and abduction here. You can continue over there. Theses are imported foods from neighboring countries, apart from Benue state and kogi, Jo's, and nasarawa, the core north doesn't farm that much, so don't be deceive by this pictures

Hahahahahahahahaha.....joker.. No worry naa when the tomatoes, pepper, yam starts to rot we go know how far.... We can buy sachet/tin tomatoes and use while we augment from Ota farm and other farms in the south... Na una go tire... 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 You don’t need to plead with them. If the like they should build a fence, and see if any of the southerns will die for lack of food. After all, the Middle-Belt is the “food basket of the nation.”

Best news so far. Please let starvations teach them lesson. And a quick reminder the almajiri’s and the aboki’s will surely be the ones to rule and rule this country. You will forever be under them. 😂 If they like Unfortunately, the northerners don't eat what they produce. Do they want to produce to waste?

Wait, what is this.... 🤔 They are the bigger loser. The foodstuffs will continue perishing without significant profit. The north had been preparing for war since 1970. Wonder why they recruit their people more in armed forces shunning federal character protocol. They know Nigeria will eventually split one day. A rail into Niger republic will open their economy and ability to trade in west Africa

😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂this baba still dèy?! Naija dinosaurs refusing to accept their dinosaur status. Useless Infact assuming all human resources and fertile land embedded only in the north am sure there ll be no Nigeria today.They would have shut their borders and oppress the south and west.They were given just opportunity of producing perishable goods and they started misbehaving.

What the north dont know is dat, banning food also affects dem.. dey will have to reduce prices drastically to be patronised in d north else dey too will soon go hungry. Den secondly dey shld b ready to sacrifice much profit for little bcos dia market base is reduced. If ona lift d ban, na ogun go kill all of ona insha allah

Then dey beg dem? With this litmus test conducted by northeners, it's crystal clear that the north has nothing to offer. What a parasitic region... They should chop their food let’s see who will tire. The line is marked and we know it very clearly Make dem no stop o, chad and Niger no fit buy all and boko haram go deal with dem. Food go spoil for trucks, if dem no sell fast, how dem go harvest the one wey dey farm.

The truth is no region is an island of it's own, we all depends on ourselves,yes Just as the Northern Trader cry about no buyers so will the South complain of scarcity, in a nutshell there will be no winner or looser, because they both win and loss the same time. A penny wise! They should keep their food we can get yam from ogoja Cross River state and Anambra state,

Life is give and take.But if you claim you have it too much..I will tell you that I can survive with my affang soup and Eba. North........ Una too dey behave like SmallPikin. When will you people just grow up and stop ever being childish? Nawa o!!! BuhariIsTheInsecurityOfNigeria Their political leaders elders, religious leaders and other leaders hear and see what they re doing ,everyone Silent..when the south will start their own abokis will start crying

Biafra can feed her timing population, we're at war with the North, it will bit them. It will shock the northerners when they eventually lift the ban and discover that we the southerners are no longer interested in those goods. Please AFC we don’t need you, they should keep their food. We see who suffers, Abeg don’t disrupt my business plan

They will lose both ways, oil n their food They shld not lift it....since they think they we depend on them...let's see if we won't source for our needs else where...and let's see how their perishable goods won't go to waste. 4Blackswans If they want to buy any food item let them come to the north and buy, tranporting the food items to them is no longer possible, shikenan 🙅

Didn't lift the ban we at southern Nigeria will make sure we block oil from getting to the northern part of Nigeria ,the Fulunu leadership and BUhari has declared war on the south Gowon said that“starvation is a legitimate instrument of warfare “. The asymmetric warfare that the north in general & Hausa/Fulani in particular have been waging on the south has become open hostile confrontation. Southerners remain divided & cowardly.H/F are Arabs not African

Hahahahaaaa The grand matron is warning nigerian police PoliceNG ,the ones who enforce law and order in the country and they are just folding their arms too watching the so called taskforce mount blockades to other regions of the country. Nigeria is a mini series Lol Let every region feed themselves, the north will suffer more by making loses.

Allah won’t grant who lift the blockade peace , north please do your worst No Sir, they should continue. Let all the tomatoes, onions,carrot,beans etc perish. They do not know, we are there saving grace. We are the one's that make there business grow. People with goat and chicken brain. New Video: 13 Questions to expect during visa interview | Studying in Germany

When did pepper, onions & carrot become food...abi everybody don dey do keto diet 4 south🤣🤣🤣 Please keep your food and keep your cattles and your vandals. We a better off without them. We didn't even notice there was a blockade Buhari is a demon Why is he begging. Let them keep their produce us in the south must now learn to go back to our own farms and be productive. Simple

Let them be doing this rubbish, untill the south gets another alternative for their food...then it have be for them N1000 per basket here in kano. It has been lifted since yesterday nah. 😂 Afenifere and other southern groups should emulate this gesture. Let them stew in their foolishness. How can someone that sells perishable goods be threatening his customers with boycott of selling when he doesn't even have storage facility to keep them. That's lunatic!

They over played their hand. if you ever unblock that road the gods will visit your people, this is a good development, South stop being lazy,I hate nonsense With the blockage of food items to the South, its time the South block their own resources to the North Sometimes I feel like we're all living in an episode of Punk'd

The Southerners can never loose of anything. I only pity my friend's that are farming in the north. They are failure. Please, they should do it for at least one month. Let them know how totally useless they are in the scheme of things. I don’t know which food they think they can use to starve us - beef, beans, tomato, pepper and onions ?.

Chief Audu Ogbe, you don't belong to this ACF Sir. Remain in you Middlebelt forum and don't allow yourself to be led into irrelevance by the Fulanis like several others. No going back until the Animals change there behaviours No oo make them keep am Let's walk with other well meaning Nigerians while we get ready for 2023 starting now,follow us 2023Ng while we build the numbers needed to take this corrupt leaders out of our offices come 2023 we will keep you updated, we are stronger together,follow now,read our pinned tweet

Are the southern states complaining? No. Let them keep their foods. We shall drink our palm oils and live We'll see who will beg first They should eat all the food ooooo 🤣🤣🤣🤣 This is Northern Nigeria. Southerners where are you?