Abba Kyari Confirms He Is Positive For COVID-19, To Be Moved To Lagos

Abba Kyari Confirms He Is Positive For COVID-19, To Be Moved To Lagos

3/30/2020 1:50:00 AM

Abba Kyari Confirms He Is Positive For COVID-19, To Be Moved To Lagos

Abba Kyari Confirms He Is Positive For COVID-19, To Be Moved To Lagos

SEE FULL STATEMENT HEREHealth status of Abba Kyari, Chief of Staff to President Muhammadu Buhari29 March, AbujaI am writing to let you know that on medical advice, I will transfer to Lagos later today for additional tests and observation. This is a precautionary measure: I feel well, but last week, I tested positive for coronavirus, the pandemic that is sweeping the world. I have followed all the protocols the government has announced to self-isolate and quarantine.

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I have made my own care arrangements to avoid further burdening the public health system, which faces so many pressures. Like many others that will test also positive, I have not experienced high fever or other symptoms associated with this new virus and have been working from home. I hope to be back at my desk very soon. I have a team of young, professional, knowledgeable and patriotic colleagues, whose dedication has been beyond the call of duty, who continue to work seven days a week, with no time of the day spared. We will continue to serve the President and people of Nigeria, as we have for the past five years.

I want to thank all our fantastic, talented and brave healthcare professionals, working across the country in such a difficult time; all the good Samaritans looking out for the most vulnerable in our communities; the key workers that will keep our country going through this; friends and family and often strangers, who have sent me such warm wishes and displayed such a generosity of spirit.

We should be calm, measured and diligent – be meticulous in your hygiene, especially with cleaning hands, if possible stay at home or keep your distance. Listen to good advice from the proper authorities: pay no heed to quack cures or fake news from social media. President Buhari will do whatever it takes to protect the health and safety of our people and get the country back on its feet as soon as possible.

Like the whole world, we are dealing with a new disease. Our experts are learning more all the time about coronavirus, what it does and how we can combat it. What we do know is that while some may become very sick, many others who contract the virus will not, and may have no symptoms at all. This is a disease that recognises no difference between north and south, men or women, rich or poor. We are all in this together.

SincerelyChief of Staff to President Muhammadu Buhari Read more: Channels Television »

No they should not bring him to Lagos ooo. Do they want to infect us with CONO? Abeg make una carry am go London. Fools wey call themselves Politicians. Corotinian like you. Nonsense Is baba still in Nigeria? 🧐 Hmmmm malam Kyari Kyari, moved to Lagos from where, I leave the rest to God that can smite with thunder. All our selfish leader u will receive visitation soon.

Abba Kyari! What us he coming to Lagos for? Hmmm There's God... Who no dey sleep... GOD that answers prayer, thank you. He said he has made arrangements for his private care so as not to overburden the public health system. Sir, we are actually not complaining. pls gladly use the public health system, We can create space for u. Have a feel of it.

This is absolutely real now, at the outset I thought it was joke as it's always be but life is becoming pathetic to souls. Italy is lamenting USA is giving up Oh! Lord save us He shud be taken to his constituency for treatment Move his greedy behind to his village hospital. Why is he coming to Lagos, he should stay in Aso Villa Hospital, has he forgotten how much has been budgeted for the clinic in their first tenure and hardly did they have ordinary paracetamol, no space or place for him in Lagos he should rather go to his state

Pls stay in your Abuja na How come they are moving everyone to Lagos? This is not right, every state must put measures in place Why moving him to Lagos? What happened to ASO villa clinic where billions are being spent every year? Why is it that old people that should be teaching the younger once not to lie now drink and eat lie?

What is he coming to do in Lagos ? Our leaders don't of 2moro , it has happened now and they're looking for safest place , he should in fct or go his home state and treated , they will not spend money on useful things , useless he goats Abuja is available for him...he should not bring us bad luck. If he is going by flight he will pilot himself and is by road he will drive himself . No pilot and no driver for him in order to avoid further spread of the invisible enemy

But we have gwagwalada here in Abuja na old news For what ? Is Abuja Isolation Center not good? That means all infected patients can get treated only in Lagos. So this lockdown is for some kinda people? Did government build a secret world class hospital in Lagos that we don't know about? Lagos is the new 'overseas' 🚶🏽🚶🏽🚶🏽🚶🏽

Which means there's no correct health facility in Abuja Nigeria capital, an eye opener for our leaders to do right thing for the sake of nemesis. For what now, is there no place over there that he can be kept instead of bringing him down here to Lagos and putting us all into dilema Why Lagos? You can see there life outside. Build hospitals no way they will fly abroad. Upon all the monies allocated to aso villa hospital they still cannot be treated there. The thunder that will blast this govt is still gyming

What happened to Aso Rock clinic, with billions budgeted for it annually? De ur de abeg Lago melo Why Lagos, he should stay in Aso Clinic that they hve spent invisible money on. I wish all politicians tested positive will be asked to be treated in their wards Imagine! How old is he, let's just do the maths and see if he survive

Lagos cant accommodate him pls fly him to uk Unpatriotic Abba Kyari, et al, must stew in the rancid vomit of their wicked neglect, right in the Villa Clnic, for which billions are budgeted yearly. When they recover, they'd hopefully have learnt that it's best to develop the HOMEFRONT, rather than facilities abroad, WITH N

Abba Kyari to lagos? Nothing wey musa eye no go see for gate o, make dem kuku pack buhari’s daughter join nah Let him come. He'd be well taken care of. But his treatment shouldn't be at the expense of a single person. Ahahahah. Uncle saw new COVID19Nigeria Quarantine Center donated by gtbank gtbank_help in Lagos and decided to run there. No hiding place o

Is this still news? Very weird... We already know this and more sef Build better Hospitals and Facilities una no hear!! See am nau, e don dey happen. they have come again. They have come again, father they have come again, please coman take control 😼 This is quite unfortunate 'I have made my own care arrangements to avoid further burdening the public health system, which faces so many pressures'.They've really milked this country dry.Let the special treatment be done in his state.

Heal soon boss Lagos in Cuba? Shame to our leaders. FG cannot rush to build emergency hospital in the capital city. China built a stature and landmark structure in less than two weeks. Chai. How I wished I'm the President of this country. Please no movement again. He should be kept in Buhari’s room Why Lagos. He should either use Aso Villa or go to their base in UK

I no understand oo why move to Lagos I thought we have Aso rock clinic that government told us they spent billions on to upgrade. Why bringing someone from Aso rock to lagos? Either coro or corruption will kill us in this country But why does he look young here?🤔 They said no movemrnt why is he moving? Abeg he should stay in abuja .get well soon dooh

What happen to the billions of Naira allocated to Villa medic center? So this case can't be handle their? How can a man secretely flown to the saner clime with PMB according to Covidiots be asking to be brought back to Lagos? He should please remain there. wewonttakit Ogar ade stay where u dey Why not move the equipment to Abuja

I don't get it, does that mean all we heard few weeks ago was fake àbout Abba Kyari health on covid 19 Before they tweet this post, the Previous one they deleted was ABBA Kyari to be flown to Lagos. But as soon as they remember the President said all commercial and private Jets are suspended the quickly removed it and POST A LIE here. He is Flying with a Private Jet jor.

Nigeria's Broadcasting services are Jokes , they are just scared of the Government and don't dare or compel them. You people need to learn from cnni They compel Trump. Though seunokin is still trying . I see the Medias as Voices of the Masses not puppets to the Govt. Na now em' confirm am? The rest of the infected ones should be moved to Lagos too

not a news again... just help us tell him Abba Kyari that we dont want him to survive it Lol Why is he coming to lag Let him stay There jare

Coronavirus: Abba Kyari breaks silence on health status, confirms transfer to Lagos - Daily Post NigeriaAbba Kyari, Chief of Staff to President Muhammadu Buhari, has finally given an update on his health status after testing positive for the COVID-19. Kyari, Thank you, talk out and reassure the nation, that is what all world leaders are doing, not barren silence. From London or where? efosa40244 this is what we expected them to do since. Provide updates, not the radio silence we have had until today. If people had this since, there wouldn't have been all these speculations and grumblings.

Abba Kyari Speaks on Positive Status, Moves to Lagos for Further Tests, Observation - THISDAYLIVEChief of Staff to the President, Mallam Abba Kyari, has confirmed that he tested positive for coronavirus and would be moving to Lagos later on Sunday for further tests and observation. THISDAY had exclusively reported on Tuesday that Kyari, who recently returned from a trip to Germany, tested positive to the virus and had gone … Please sir go to the isolation center in Lagos for treatment Tutsy22 But they said this man has been flown to London for treatment, I pray fake news peddlers will not set this country on fire one day.

Coronavirus: Pray for Abba Kyari, El-Rufai - Islamic group begs Nigerians - Daily Post NigeriaThe Muslim Rights Concern, MURIC, on Sunday appealed to Nigerians to pray for Abba Kyari, the Chief of Staff to President Muhammadu Buhari and the Why? They dont need prayers they need to visit the hospital in their constituency Prayers for their recovery or their smooth transition to the beyond? Specifics bro, specifics! El Rufai, maybe, wicked man but a good administrator. ABBA kyari? Hell no, I dont know him and what I heard about him ain't good..🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️

Abba Kyari, the church and Coronavirus pandemic By Festus Adedayo | Sahara ReportersAbba Kyari, The church And Coronavirus Pandemic By Festus Adedayo | Sahara Reporters At this critical period, leaders of nations are offering verbal and physical succor. In Nigeria, we are afflicted with proxy leadership which is being... READ MORE: This SR is beginning to constitute a nuisance ooh. I hope they are not misleading Nigerians honestly Agent of darkness.

Covid-19: Why I moved to Lagos after testing positive - Abba Kyari – Daily TrustThe Chief of Staff to the President, Malam Abba Kyari, says he left Abuja for Lagos last night, to do additional tests and observation. Kyari, who tested positive for the Covid-19 pandemic, said the decision he took based on medical advice was also a precautionary measure. He said in a letter that he made his … This one is strong oh.... Wetin concern me..if u like, go to UK..besides this is d time to travel,in terms of sickness.. Why u no travel abroad hospital again

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