91 recovered patients test positive for COVID-19 again – KCDC

4/10/2020 1:42:00 PM

91 recovered patients test positive for COVID-19 again – KCDC

April 10, 2020Kindly Share This StoryMore than 90 people who fully recovered from the novel coronavirus have tested positive for COVID-19 again, health authorities Seoul said on Friday.The Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said a total of 91 people had tested positive for the new coronavirus after they were released from quarantine.

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KCDC Director-General Jeong Eun-kyeong said a viral test on such cases was underway, with the results expected at least two weeks later, unlike regular swab tests used to test for COVID-19 that shows results in a relatively shorter time.READ ALSOCoronavirus patient dies in Delta

“We are isolating viral cells from respiratory organs of those who have tested positive for COVID-19 again,” Jeong told reporters.The KCDC said it was also looking into whether those who retested positive had an antibody that would indicate whether they had recovered, as some health experts said immune people with the antibody were not contagious.

Health authorities in Seoul said that the virus was highly likely to have been reactivated, instead of the people being reinfected, as they tested positive again in a relatively short time after being released from quarantine.Other virologists and epidemiologists also said the positive results from the retesting might have come from the virus reactivating and not from wrong diagnoses.

They also said that the COVID-19 could remain latent in certain cells in the body and attack the respiratory organs again once reactivated.A COVID-19 patient is deemed fully recovered after showing negative results for two tests in a row, performed within a 24-hour interval.

The country’s COVID-19 infections fell below 30 for the first time since February 20 on Friday, according to the KCDC.The 27 new cases, detected on Thursday and down from 39 a day ago, brought the nation’s total infections to 10,450.(Yonhap/NAN)DOWNLOAD THE PUNCH NEWS APP NOW ON

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Thus, I opined that the infected subjects should be retained and never be discharged, uptil, if it becomes necessary for life. Where did this happened Trying to command attention you end up confusing people. Rubbish! Hmmm this is becoming something else oh😥 God have mercy 🙏🏻🙏🏻 Of all the habitable habitats in the whole wide world.. This tiny orginsm choose to tribe in human body ....baba God y naaaa ..? Anyways if only for our greedy politicians to know that ur always watching their stealing skills am cool within ....

How can you use this kind of headline at a time like this? This is unprofessional and misleading... Is this a joke or what? This Covid 19 dey do catch and release....... And then catch again ni? This headline is bad , please do always complete the headlines so you don't put people into panic thanks. Lolz

It's well with We the Nigeria. I thought it was Kaduna Centre for Disease Control! Journalists? Why? Which country? God help us Now back to my question abt how those that were positive now turn negative, What did they do to them without vaccine? Developed countries are r having multiple death not what we pray for tho,but hey we are not as developed as they are,how are they getting healed here?

This is serious You people should just shut up and give them malaria drug plz, better stop all this we’re already tired of it Hope their test kit is not from China That's serious ooo. God help us That’s what happened in China 🇨🇳 see today a Governor was released after testing negative then he went straight to mosque to pray and people went there to greet him lol I laugh 😆 in Chinese heheheheh

Punch news never ceases to amaze me, journalism at it's detriment This virus strong o. Which one be reactivation again God help us I perceive it's as a result of reinfection rather than relapsing. What must have been the cause of this? Please we need professional answers. It's very touching and disheartening, after the rigorous isolation, result still remains positive..

tijanihabeeb Always the Carrier of BAD NEWS. Tueh These news men will end up confusing the people you’re passing the information to . Now everyone thought this is in Nigeria without knowing its in Korea kCDC - Korea Center for Disease control Bajomo_ no baba J what’s gwaning now. we are tired Please, please, we should stop inflating numbers because of money and start looking for a way to bring out the best of Nigerians in the eyes of the world.

Toor!! Obatan! Igbele continues They were suffering from fever before but now coronaviiiiiiiiiirus 🤣 africaupdates False negatives. Faulty testing. Mo gbe..... This country is just laughable honestly 🤣😆🤣😆 We still need to be careful here in Nigeria 🇳🇬. This one our own na one week u go recover. New agency just know how to catch people's attention errr... Just putting people in an unnecessary fear.

😩 Terribly misleading headline How come Reactivated not reinfected all join o, they're still sick. I hope the government's taskforce in Nigeria is listening and reading Headline readers, u should known the name of your disease control center by now I hope is not in 9na😐😐😐 Not in Nigeria Afikoya je Korea ooo.

Forget it, our case in Nigeria isn't same with there own. Ncdc should keep track of recovered covid-19 patients. That shows the virus can go into dormant state. What a virus we got. Hope say no be 9ja This guys are clowns This should not be Nigeria please. This headline is really confusing and anxiety creation, kilode ? How far have you reported about Nigeria before you are reporting Korea news like its Nigeria’s news ?

sogo_oladele They reused infected mask or they used infected test kit from china to check them again. Stop using anything from China for now. Now Lagos state has commenced house to house check for COVID 19. Keep ur cotton bud for smear sample. Don't accept their cotton bud into ur throat It has just begun

Then, with this novel virus, there are more to it than meet the eyes. We should just keep closer tabs on the recovered patients in Nigeria. I have a feeling they'd aid the spreading of his virus faster around. Test positive or negative, Nigeria is in the safety hands of God. A tested negative patience will not and can NOT be reversed back to positive in Nigeria because God is in charge working with the medical team so therefore relax and retire to prayers. It is well

Punch I am certain that this isn't naija we nor even get up to 50 recoveries na Oluwa wetin dey coronate na? Reactivation? This is quite interesting, was thinking it was some kind of antigenic abracadabra! Do they show symptoms? What is ds again? Dey intentionally wanna have some uproar in comment section dont mind em

Which country na, specify o Where are they? Can we see them? Fearmongers! Lol😁😁😁 NCDCgov God no go shame us🙏 CursedNation Why can't you say '91 recovered patients in Korea test positive for COVID-19 again' in this difficult time you still want to use headlines to lure people to read your news. SHAME ON YOU

Punch should be given elaborate heading to their news. This short headline is misleading So many Nigerians don’t read before commenting. Let’s help reduce the fear Just do whatever you can never to contract this virus This is misleading by harsh media! Korea not Nigeria I am BLOCKing this Punch handle. 😮😮

NCDCgov do you copy ? After you've been discharged and you go associating again. Yes it's possible to test possktce again, because you may have come in contact with infected persons again. Write Korea you lazy clickbaiting journalists. The Nigerian govt will be held liable, if people starts dying in thier numbers. This is a very careless statement to make, but we are watching.

Lols... This post can be misleading. You could have put that KCDC on top, better still write it in full for more clarification! Did they receive the Chinese medical aids & equipments? What is this? It's Korea KCNC not NCDC obyezeks If Africans at this point do not first unite against their own leaders and against global malhandling through staged regional revolutionary movements, then there will never be a worse case scenario Are Africans truly free? DeportRacistChinese AsimpleQuestion

All these journalists. Is there no space to insert Korea in the headline? Almost forgot the Chinese are here How I wish our politicians can be flogged the way Jesus was flogged befor he was nailed to the cross imaging news abeg kai Naija no go kill us i swear It is clear that covid 19 is not a virus for Africa,please let’s go back to work our families are hungry..🙏

🙄🙄🙄 They had malaria, they took them mixed them up with people that have covid19, then they treated the malaria not knowing that they exposed them to covid19. Now they are positive Sad Parte after Parte! What's this na? Nawaho. This is serious Get ready for the apocalypse I am Legend Warld War Z Yes because they have brought a new vaccine

My faith and trust is in the name of the Lord God Almighty. I am shielded from harm and diseases. Glory to God Get Abba Kyari kept in a cage forever This is how they spread news that creates panic, you see reasons why abacha wanted you all(journalist) died. What’s all this ? Because your test kits are manufactured from China. What do u expect. Give money to our indigenous industrialist to produce test kits and ventilators you guys wont hear

Reactivation Am sure is not in Nigeria This is serious. Serious Im not surprised...As far as d virus is not fully eradicated... It will still be in circulation.. Those dat tested negative b4 can still be positive. It is just like malaria,as far as dere is still mosquitoes...pple will still be having malaria even those dat has been treated b4.

Wrong caption & poor journalism on display here, MobilPunch you have should specify the precise country on the headline. It's irresponsible to do that just to lure an avalanche of readers in a time when there are apprehension & uncertainty in land. Scam everywhere Punch doesn't give details in their headitorials..... I wonder who is in charge of their media.

91 or 51 ? Ayemi🙄🙄🙄🙆‍♀️🙆‍♀️🙆‍♀️🙆‍♀️🙆‍♀️🙆‍♀️ 😂 😂 😁 So it's Korean people, am I the only one feeling like 🤷‍♂️... Abeg next news joor I think sensitive issues like this, for the sake of the low level of education (I don't mean literacy o) in our country, the paper is ought to add to the bold headline that the news item wasn't about Nigeria. But here commercial interest override rationality

That's really bad for the Koreans. Do people now believe that this is a biological weapon, please let's keep the Asian's out of Africa. Stigmatisation wil set in with this report of Covid 19 reactiviting in RECOVERED PATIENTS especially in Nigeria. People wll run away from them. Imagine!!! See Nigeria 🇳🇬 We dead 💀 dead 💀

You said what😳? Deceptive headlines to sell market shame to you guys Why not put the full meaning of KCDC in your commentary? Well it sounds like a warning to ncdc.. They should make sure those recovered patients are well screened and confirm of their recovery.. obyezeks Worrisome where is your brain located? wetin consern us consern korea, update us base on what consern us

Fake kits Punch is part of Nigeria problems They Just like to create panic 😦The road show never ends You guys are the worst thing to happen to journalism. See guys in times like this you are expected to nd very careful with words. Your headline alone can create panic and unrest. Why are you guys so cheap and always mislead with your ever available fake news are we in South Korea

This thing may stay here for long and we may build immunity to fight it like malaria. coronavirus I don tell you o Waiting concern Nigeria with KDCD. I swear you are a cheap and mischievous media house I tell you.....these is a very BSD news. I thought is Nigeria i want to cry. jovaninwaneri This is damn serious.. can't believe this

Are we going backward or forward NCDCgov at this point I suggest it will make sense to isolate whoever recovers from covid19 for another week or more before being released to their families. I don’t understand... Oga o Punch has a way of selling news in disguise with their creepy headlines...verybanyhow thing

Can we jst ignore this virus nd go back to normal activities, hopefully our body go master am like malaria and e concubines. Nigerian scientist should investigate this covid 19. We should stop depending on ' them say them say' from other countries. 1+1 is always two.whether here or their. We use the same theory for our analysis.

That virus is really mutating..... Maybe we should also look at the option of “how to live with Covid 19”. Because if we are to wait for the vaccine or till when the whole world is negative, we will be on a long thing. Lobatan !!!!!!! Health authorities in Seoul said that the virus was highly likely to have been reactivated, instead of the people being reinfected,......They also said that the COVID-19 could remain latent in certain cells in the body and attack the respiratory organs again once reactivated.

Lol 😂😂😂😂 How could patients test negative later test positive 😆😛 😝. I think something must wrong with all Heath practitioner there. Na waaaaaaaaa😭😭😭😭😭 It's an old news. What's all these confusion!? Does that mean Nigerian recovered must be tested again? Hope they will remain negative. May Allah SWA rescue us from the menace of Covid-19 wahala.

God please intervene in this situation ooo And na these people nigeria go bring come naija. Tufia kpwa Jeezzz, for Nigeria ability na China? Because Nigerian number of recovery no reach 91, abi na Ghost patients? 😮 Ah! 😷 That's the results of receiving fake and contaminated test kits from China. China is deadly.

I guess they're trying to pass information not saying that it's meant for Nigeria... Punch newspaper biko let your update be explainable so that you won't kill us before the coro even attack 😂😂😂😂😂😂 for real It isn't in Nigeria but the question is that, will Nigerian govt test those that recently recovered from the deadly virus or not?

I'm surprised people didn't see KCDC🤦🏾‍♂️ No be Naija naah I plead the blood of Jesus over the sick patient Lord has you the land Samaria heal our land Lord Jesus Nigeria need your peace let your mercy over shadow Nigeria in the name of Jesus Amen Which country Kaduna Centre or Disease control That's serious! Is that a relapse?

This isn't Nigeria, we should read well before making conclusions, we don't even have up to 50 recovered cases in Nigeria yet When I see KCDC i calm. Been wan start to shout. Oh Korea... Which one is KCDC. Who edited this nitori olorun🙆‍♀️ Wahala May God help us🙏🙏 Not Nigerians,they north Korean Na only Nigeria o na for the recover

wait, what? Nawah oo Make e no happen for 9ja oh It's not Nigeria na. You guys should read full details. It's Korea Centre for Disease Control. Besides recovered people in Nigeria has not gotten to 91 yet This virus is very stubborn and persistent. make it a little bit clear. So they will know its not Nigeria.

No wonder obasanjo said those that are recovering from the said covid19 in Nigeria are malaria patients.... is like I can now connect the dots which kind wahala be this ? Wahala dey. 😎 Our health minister said dey expect 39,000 cases,so na countdown Please we need Nigeria news Gbogbo yin ti madt..... Ori yin bajẹ́! Idiot set of pple wey dey suffer us 😭😭😭

So what ofghe people they already mingled with now 🙅🖕 9ja! Where? Because the recoverd never reach 91 for naija. abeg make una no give us heart attack, na naija update we need here If you’re tired of dropping account number under every giveaway tweet and doing babiamla for naira Marley and his Heartless Colleagues to broke shame us.😩😩 lemme tell you how to make cool cash as I just discovered. DM, If it's not worth it report and block me 🙏🙏

Hope its not in Nigeria shaa? Las law, something must kill Korea Centers for Disease Control (KCDC) Just tell us u are joking All Phones been imported or made from China should be cart away! How can someone test negative and later in days comes up positive, Something is wrong.😡😡 It is finished 🥺🥺 In Korea oo. You people should read na

💩🗑💩🗑💩🗑💩🗑💩🗑💩🗑💩🗑💩🗑 It's in Korea and not in Nigeria. Nigeria has NCDC while Korea has KCDC This is in North Korea ooo.. Not Nigeria biko E be things 😂.. that stuff is mutating We have less than 50 recovered cases, so where did the 91 come from WTF 😐😐 Are you guys ok at all? 😒😒 No joy

91 recovered COVID-19 patients test positive again – Daily TrustMore than 90 people who fully recovered from the novel coronavirus have tested positive for COVID-19 again, health authorities Seoul said on Friday. The Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (KCDC) said a total of 91 people had tested positive for the new coronavirus after they were released from quarantine. KCDC Director-General Jeong Eun-kyeong … Be specific. No dey put fear for our body. E happen for Korea May God make us to witness the end of this pandemic and protect our dear nation. This is NIGERIA!

COVID-19: 91 under quarantine after entering Nigeria through land borders - Daily Post NigeriaA total of 91 people will be put under quarantine, after returning to Nigeria through land borders, as the COVID-19 continues to spread. The Minister of Haba naaa Good So border still dey open last last...issokay

COVID-19: Again, UCH Chairman tests positiveWe are a quality, national, newspaper with credible and dependable information. Na wow, everyday new cases so that govt will be extending this lockdown shit. Hunger too d oooo Nawa o From positive back to negative from negative back to positive...wow

COVID-19: Again, EFCC cautions against fake donations, cures - Daily Post NigeriaThe Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, Wednesday, cautioned members of the public against unsupported claims of fraudulent operators Even me I donated 2billion inside my mind.

COVID-19: Lawan urges FG to ensure equity in stimulus package for NigeriansPresident of the Senate, Ahmad Lawan, on Wednesday, urged the Federal Government to ensure equity and fairness in the distribution of the stimulus package across the country. And the fire came Rubbish how would there be fairness when the money is not pay to individual account and the money is given selected people while everybody is suffering the so call lock down Is North and Lagos, just like $22.7B loan. Thunder fire una, we are watching the scam called Nigeria. *A Government that cannot finish sharing over 7 million Voter Cards in two years but shared ₦5.2bn in 72 hours for poor people...*

COVID-19: FG receives Chinese doctors, medical equipmentThe Federal Government on Wednesday received a 15-member medical team from China and some medical equipment as well as supplies to strengthen efforts.... Did we really need them? Ww don't need. Hope we won't end up with more case than ever. Ask Italy You quarantine them for 14days that is good. They might not show symptoms. But what about the equipment would they show symptoms too? Our doctors do well abroad, why can't we use them? Why do we partner with those that caused the pandemic when others are rejecting them?