61,000 households in Plateau receive N20,000 each from FG – Daily Trust

61,000 households in Plateau receive N20,000 each from FG

4/10/2020 6:30:00 AM

61,000 households in Plateau receive N20,000 each from FG

No fewer than 61,000 households in Plateau State are to receive N20,000 each under the conditional cash transfer of the Social Investment Programme. Speaking at the flag off of the event at Zabolo in Bassa Local Government Area, the Executive Assistant to the Governor, Dr. Sumaye Hamza, said the exercise was in compliance with President …

No fewer than 61,000 households in Plateau State are to receive N20,000 each under the conditional cash transfer of the Social Investment Programme.Speaking at the flag off of the event at Zabolo in Bassa Local Government Area, the Executive Assistant to the Governor, Dr. Sumaye Hamza, said the exercise was in compliance with President Muhammadu Buhari’s directives to cushion the effect of hardship on the poor following measures instituted to contain the spread of COVID-19.

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She said the beneficiaries have been trained on how to make proper use of the cash through investment in businesses which can generate income to sustain them.“The payment is going simultaneously across the 17 local government areas of the state, and the Zabolo centre has over 200 beneficiaries. The programme has been ongoing in Plateau State for two years now,’’ she said.

ADVERTISEMENTHOW OVER 5000 NIGERIA MEN HAVE PERMANENTLY OVERCOME TERRIBLE BEDROOM PERFORMANCE DUE TO THIS RECENT DISCOVERY BY MEDICAL CONSULTANTSDr. Sumaye said the households were selected using a very transparent World Bank and globally acceptable methodology through community based system.

“We developed a valid social register. It is from this register that the names of beneficiaries were compiled. Those who passed through the Proxy Mean Test (PMT), were genuinely poor people and in need. All the people you are seeing here are on the social register,” she adeed.

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Mekarya Allah yafita al amarinshi Which of the plateau state is that? Hmmmmmmm. Fake news Scam Daily trust ...we can trust you ,did you confirm from the people fake news Kai oga y u de ly like dis Allah ya shiryeku Abeg which plateau it's a lie Covid-419 Dyilpeter how far Dilichukwu_ Please remove the 'au' 🙄🙄🙄

Which Jos, Is there any Jos rather than Plateau State? That is a big lie Audio money Are they through with nasarawa state? Pls this ia a big fat lie 🙈 Good Gwamnatin Buhari kenan Big lie When are we receiving our own through our account? Abi we are not Nigerians? Chap! Which amounts to 1,220,000,000. Are we still in doubt why the accountant general of the federation's office suddenly got razed by stray fire...?

Thank God I'm self employed Government of the north Can't believe this lie are they under lockdown? This is discrimination. It is a lie Daily trust you guys are lying oo God is watching Mambilla plateau illest_rukboi e reach ur side so? What about Rivers state? Pls when will the release funds for benue? Evn if I don't get let it help better the lives of my people small be hunger finish them in this period of pandemic

Really? i dnt kwn wen daily trust start to be printing false news,,,,u pple should stop doing so or ur media house will lack trust from us,,,dats d facts This is a lie. Please where did they share the money and also please we want their names and locations to be published. When and how? A big leir I have not received my own n

Is that money to buy Dangote rice or for house rent? Fake what kind of bald faced lie is this, what happened to journalistic intergrity? Liar! liar! pants on fire! These guys are worst than Abacha. This lie is obvious You say!!! Multiply 20,000 by 61,000 That's how much they are cashing out. If any one ask for data. It was lost in the burnt building.

Where? Big lie ib_razaq All the plateau people please step forward and upload a screenshot of your 20k alert from FG .. i want to confirm something The last day is certain, and we shall all account for everything...pls let this covid-19 issue not be an analogous to Boko haram! How comes 😂😂 How can they just brandish figures about shamelessly! Nobody knows anybody who has collected yet we keep reading stories! We are so heartless that even under ravishing pandemic, lockdown, curfew our leaders are still looting public funds!

Maybe it's mambila plateau 😂 God will punish you all. Lagosians are greatly being affected and you went on distribution funds to those low affected state. Allah yasa da gaskene Daily Trust becareful!!! I know y'all want to make some money from home especially during a time like this. Am presenting you an opportunity of a life time, JUICEBOX. Heard of it U only need 3,000 and refer 2 persons to earn 20,000. Yeah, easy right Click on this link

How was the selection done We need analysis Audio money Maybe mambila plateau 😔 Shaaa i guess my sister Meeler_Sain and friend I_am_musty_ got it🤣 Very unfortunate Government bunch of lies Make una fear God nah. Haba mana! Nigeria is a scam ruled by scammers 😈👿👿 Na lie All is not truth I call it Friday lies.

I've not seen any plateau indigene to ascertain this news maybe they are not on twitter...lolz Lies Which 61k? Lie Scam But will did money be enough Allah is there to account for every of our actions. KanzahOfJos wire me 2k na Which Area It has not reached my side That is a lie no doubt I don't understand, which of the Plateau state 😄

Lol...Nigerian leaders are comedians Chaiiiiii there is god wooooo Scam my house is not among the 61,000 households that received 20k this is a big lie Kaicho Ana zalunci akasata.😪😪 Please is the Plateau in Nigeria? 😃🤔 This is obviously not in the same plateau state where I live😒😒 So it's only North & middle belt state that will be receiving this money abi? What happened to us here in south south Edo state precisely. The suffering here is too much.

Is it mambila plateau or pleateau in the dictionary ? When from where, Why I did receive my own Audio Bloody liars They should stop this kind of yeye play Which household to start with? Barracks households or government household Craze people. Wow What of the other states, are we not a Nigerians!? Former President OBJ said it those that were discharged were effected with malaria not COVID19

This is fake news Lol!!! I knew they will form a story... Yahoo ni gbogbo wa U guys are talking about d plateau in ur pocket ryt najat_ashaka TheShoeCloud kun samu? Mutan Plato Kunji Dadinku, Ko Yaushe Zaizo Kano Oho? Pls follow up on the fact and share with us the reality of the beneficiaries Please o peeps from plateau come and tell us if this is true o

R Rouse or fiction? What of Kaduna Please, plateau people confirm this information. Over... What means did they used please... 2.During Covid-19 Pandemic in Nigeria, other countries have released Trillions and Billions 2 their Citizens to cushion for Stay at Home. Discuss on how many loaf of bread,one cup of Rice&beans distributed among d citizens of Nigeria. (use Iyana-Ipaja&Agege as case study).20ks

This is scam, am also from plateau state, and nothing of that nature is taking place or has taken place. Daily trust why are you reporting lies these days? Please let's relax with this simple exercise. 2021 WAEC EXAMINATION Subject: GOVERNMENT Answer this question Time: 1 hour Questions: 1. In which year was Corona Virus brought into Nigeria, what is the name of the Italian Man that brought it into Nigeria? (20 Marks)

'We developed a valid social register. It is from this register that the names of beneficiaries were compiled. Those who passed through the Proxy Mean Test (PMT), were genuinely poor people and in need. All the people you are seeing here are on the social register. Cc TrackaNG Na lie Scam fakeplateau20,000

Talaka ya shiga uku kasar nan I don't know what is happen to my Nigerian government they just give 1000 and said 1000000 Why all the beneficiaries are all northern state what happened to South South MercyYChuwang you dun collect? you should never have tweeted this lies, it pains me wallahi, I'm in severe pains 😭😭

Jos that we know ourselves....we for hear am since na This is blatant lie, am in Jos nothing is received unless they r being selected. However, nothing in our area. OyalePeter Na lie ohh ...... no one has received shit .... 61,000..... they are bloody liars Another one...in DJ Khalid voice I am in Plateau and no body in my street received anything. Scam

I swear these people do not fear God. In news every where but not in real Enough to this stupidity. Oboy this same jos? Technically, the lock down in Lagos is going to 3weeks with businesses closed & no plans for them. FG is just senseless Who and who got? 10000 naira worth of rice x 200million Nigerians =

The biggest lie ever Can i sneeze 👃 Lol which plateau state? Stop lying... you people think we are fools Abi now that we are idle eeehhh e go red for here Which household You think we are bunch of pumpkins Abi There is god ooo Ghost households! Why can't FG be sincere for once in their life, even though na 1sec.

Raenin hankali Really and in were? ADudu92 dadin kowa Una don collect?😂 Adati__ my rayfield brother, what's up? KjNonso them don reach new Abuja? hmm Government o MeldrickMark1 Una don see am for rukuba road? 20k fire I guess there are two Plateau States in Nigeria, cos the one am in, we no see anytin 😀😁

Am not suprise So you guys shared 1.2B in Plateau state? Same state I'm resident in and not a word out anywhere? Did they share it in the spirit? As corrupt as sure p was it was better than this 100 times. Lie lie itz_MrJaey Capt_Akawu ehen Scam😂 Which of the plateau is that I think maybe the one in another country but not Nigeria

This report says beneficiaries have already been trained to use the 20k for income generating activities. Now Is this a Covid-19 palliative or just another scam? Which part of Plateau state did this even happen? Maybe some of us are leaving in an annex of the state! Qaryan banza Abeg which plateau are they talking about... It can't be they jos we are in o

Me karya dan wuta Ogungun be careful na u dey!!!!!! great I guess is not a scammer deal? I only received 50k in my bank account••• wht can 50k go do for me•• I get wife and children I don't think this money go enough for me to survive •• Am in Jos south, Bukuru to be precise. But I've not heard nor see anything of such.. Honestly

There must be another Plateau state in Nigeria Daily trust too dy lie May be na another plateau wey dey somewhere i But not that plateau state Nigeria Ahhhjh na scammer We didn't receive anything oooo Thieves Impunity can never end in the country Y'all should stop publishing fake news DrKiri98 Big lie DrKiri98 Please we don't want

Scam of the highest other I didn't believe it,unless it reached mine also What for? I don’t understand how Lagos is on lockdown and plateau is receiving the money Why is FG making ds announcement? Is it that nobody among d 61k can speak? Is this for real? Jobbing Thunder fire that FG Which of the Plateau pls!?

Is a lie! nobody receives anything you pple are just forming stories. You say The people at Gada biu, Dilimi, Angwan rogo, terminus, Rikkos, Apata and other are singing... Audio money is the attribute of an audio government... Plateau or plateau state cuz am confuse For the plateau that is in d next world abii

OmarhEazy lolo_barh shey una don receive una own coz me i never see anything yet😅😅😅 Shegu makaryatan Banza This country is finished with lies. Which Plateau to be precise? FG is deadly than Convid-19 Na lie Which household abeg? Which part of the plateau please? Pandemic Lie's!🙆 Na lie, when they know most of plateau are not on tweeter

Why is OSUN State now 15,000? FG SCAM Which part of the plateau? Which of the Plateau 🙍 Daily Trust, Ana baku umarni kuna yada Katya ko? To dai bekamataba. Jama'a kutayani tambayar mutanan Plateau cewa ambasu ko ba'abasuba, nidai wlh duk wanda na tambaya sai yace min ba'abashiba. Daily Trust, kugyara kanku tunkan lokaci yakure

My whole local government no see anything o What about the rest 35 states? Huh Which area? Plateau people how va now When? Where? Habaaa! 🙄 Which of the plateau abeg?! Same plateau I'm in Nahhh.. Y'all better stop this Audio Government lie Mohammed again Which plateau are you referring to, plateau Jos or another plateau?

No be the plateau wey our governor comot talk say make we go and hustle for the food wey we go eat, na em una dey tell us say una give money! Thunder go fire all of una What a country. Tufia. O Hello thunder where are you? Wear slippers and come strike these fools kanbala'ii...múďin ka ga Kare na shunshuna takalmi, dauka wa zai yi.

I no believe this sir,till I receive my own. Is a lie Why Plateau,with few or no covid cases? Is there a shut down there? Scam Government they shared the money among their families members How many households are there in the whole of Plateau State that average inhabitants wouldn't know that such fund were distributed, the headline was suppose to be true but the truth in the headline is a big fat lie

Meanwhile my Plateau people una dey enjoy ooo. Chop alone 🤷🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️ Audio money sharing. While the people on ground no see shishi This is a blatant lie. Here in Lamingo it was 2 packets of noodles per person and 10 people to 4litres of oil That's fanatical white lies, they should gives or displayed the houses hold Data they distribute 20,000 too. Heart of human being are so fill of dervish device. What a nonsense.

Mambila plateau? Waiyo!!! As in Plateau Jos, or another Plateau Sadiya_farouq please go through this timeline. You need to get to the bottom of this. What is surprising is no one in my village has received this money, no one on this timeline has any relation that has received this money. We owe it to ourselves to call our village heads and wards to verify this. It's very important. Ita 20k din waken achi shuru ne?

We can't trust again? Dz lie sha 🙄 Dinejaad no wonder if have been ignoring my calls. Enough of this nonsense abeg, really beginning to piss me off.... In other words they have disbursed 1.2billon naira in Plateau.... Allah ya isa Why can't other States do the same? Mostly the oil rich States. So maiduguri no de inside d those wey go get share of d money

Just to be clear, Plateau State Nigeria? Any how they do it, their rewards also will be share to them. AdamcyNaira Why not 10,000 for 122,000 households? the money could have reached more people. Govt should apply senses. This just a story , it's not true. Why always this post fake news. 🤷 My fellow Plateau tweep, lets just follow each other and ran away under this ironical tweet. Nonsense. Follow for follow back

Isse lie, let see it in reality SERAPNigeria, alutadarf,jayfmjos Abeg if wunna collect for wunna house tweet the area and the LGA for emphasis sake. Thanks. Dan Allah idan kun karbi wannan tallafi don cutar COVID 19 ko ku San wanni da ya samu, Kun sannar da mu a nahuran gizo. Thanks How did the statistics come about?

Iji uban wa ? This country issa fu*king joke😂😂 You mean plateau state Nigeria? Haaa!!!! Non in SW are there no poor citizens there? Liiieeess I keep reading online number of household have received 20,000 and some food items. Why is it, l, my neighbors and those in my area haven't received any nor have we seen or heard of any that have benefited. Abi na we send Covid 19 to visit Dem?

You people have turned us to a subject of mockery 😭😭😭 God punish devil, Allah tsine uwar mai karya My grandma didn’t Audio plateau 🤖 Fake newz Abi na anoda plateau this people dey talk about nehhh 😂 😂 😂 😂 Non in the South South. Are we that rich over here? The day you mention Osun state ehn SANGO Olukoso will strike you all🙄

It’s a lie! Dailytrust I advise before you publish any news pls try as much as you can to get it from a reliable source and also get confirmation from a 3rd parties What a lie E be like say na wrong plateau state I dey o🤔 Poor Fellas that are chanting North and south are surely what Nigeria doesn’t need. Why can’t we join force and fight for our right. 🤦‍♂️

Lies Allah ya isa sai Muje Chan Show us proof And we even distributed cars to each household 😒 Na turn by turn, sleep and get it in your dreams.. Na my problem with Jos people be this una no dey sleep 😂 😂 Na lie I swear to God na lie Let them publish that of the South and let us verify Allah ya sawake Proof

Bunch of lies Liars. Seriously...? So when will Benue indigenes receive their own Another fake news Where & When Seems there's another plateau state in this country that we here don't know about o.... But we de wait sha if e go reach our own plateau, d one we living in SlimNazi What kind of lie is this? I must be living in the wrong Plateau state

Another Plateau state dey ni? 😂😂😂😂😂 SBL na Jacuzzi picker Na lie Na Pluto dem wan write mistakenly come write plateau state no mind them I swear our mumu leaders no d fear lie 😂😂😂😂😂 Only the comments will tell you wether the story is true or not!!! zizoholic Wow! Definitely not my plateau. Liars When did that happen?

People of plateau how true is this Keep giving us fable ooo Ijoba Sinzu, even during lockdown baba dey cash out.. nawa for this nation. Which of the households Una well done Must you ruin our mood?🙄🤦🤦 We Jos plateau too much in this country. I have not seen any beneficiaries within my local Government. Jos North L.G.A to be specific

Blood of Jisos See lie oo God punish liers Pls when will it reach southwest 😬😷🙄 Who are the beneficiaries? Because we the citizens of plateau we only see this on the paper. Forever_Rayyan It's lie Hmmmmm Allah tsinewa Mai karya What happens to others States? Why can't the sharing be national, unplanned country

Should we applaud them? I wonder maybe account have been hacked because there news used to be genuine but this one na Major Scam Na for which angwa this one happen Ahhhhhhhhhhhh why all this lies? U guys locked us down here in Lagos without anything them go to plateau state to share them money but here we have not seen anything.. God go judge all of una

E get another Plateau for somewhere? Non has been received from eastern region but only northern Is this money not suppose to be for people who can't go out as a result of the lockdown...why does the federal government see it as an opportunity to favor some over others? Once upon a time story teller Definitely not Jos, Plateau State.

ByAtsen How far huncle its time for giveaway 😂 😂 One funny thing about the media is its the 4th branch of govt.. It's easy for the media to play along with the Govt.. Mfz! This is pure lie nobody received money in plateau fake news Audio money Shegu dangin makaryata . 🙄 You Are Mad! 🙄🙄🙄 Plateau People... is that true..? Or it’s another tricks by FG

E no reach us o Liarsssssss As in 😂 Allah ya stinema me qarya yasin😡😡😡😡 Please... Who are those incharge of sharing the money? I want to see something Is you and the FG on really high on Codeine-19 or Covik-19? Awon Èyán Lie Muhammed... Lol Can’t believe this Why dey no come do am for Lagos blaqboi_vic is this true.....

They will pay media to lie when it will start& don't say you do not know how they using media Publish their names and let have clear picture of those beneficiaries Please dont give us fish, and sent us to 4yrs slavery. Is a big lie. No money was shared We need to start seeing those receiving this money because, I don't trust this government. audiomoney

Bunch of liars. You guy's failed us ahswear! Nigerian career at risk wallahi. Lies Bring the list Is there another plateau in Nigeria Let us verify it Hehehehehehehe When did this happen? Na lie Which plateau state? I swear na lie Allah la tsine ma mai karya, kutuma? Please ena mutanen plateau ya kamata mufito mu karyata wannan shirme, wlh ever since they started this Corona issues I didn't heard of a single house that receive 20k in plateau, God is going to judge us idiots

Wat happened to the South South fucknigeria MBuhari Imamofpeace atiku can u all see this lies flying around I pray this buhari don't sell my country o, 800 billions up for grabs n no poor man has seen even 1k ,yet guys in miatama have collected there own o Big lie They should send the list along with phone numbers 😁 so we can verify

Liers I swear nah lie...qaryaane wlhy! Where in Plateau State? This right here, is some retarded level of lies. Pathetic Government!!! Pls which part of Plateau state because I have not seen nor heard anyone got it Even the figures Lagos and Abuja is dishing out is a lie. They all want international fund to raise their account.

So FG shared 1.2BN. Interesting They want to tell us are story!story story o this is a big blatant lieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee KanzahOfJos Abeg which people collect these funds now. Plateau people, where are you? Come and defend yourselves This is a lie...I reside in Jos and nothing of this nature took place. COVID19

Their details please! Lies Y is it only northern states dat are receiving dis package? Just mention my state ,na then you go hear am.. This is a scam,no house that we know of here in Jos that received that money although it could be a selective sharing method Lies Pls na lie o😲, dia is nothing like dat here. Am in plateau and we are currently on a total lock down.

Wic gaddamn 20k Who received it When? Where In Plateau state? 😂 😂 I guess you mean audio money... 😂😂 This country is a joke 👏😂 Dis not through plz stop post fake news How? Evidences are needed please, we can't continue with all these lies, people are dying of hunger. Nah lie we never received anything

Haaaaa we no c oooo You will lockdown Abuja Lagos and Ogun then share money in plateau. Devil de learn lies from Nigeria politicians. Lie lie Na scam Audio money 💵 Whoever post this lie will not make it in life. Nothing like this is happening in plateau state. This daily trust na scammers too. Plateau people know they use twitter.. So they can tell us na lie or truth

iykimo Sate still active receive relief package while those on lockdown are left to die of hunger. Who is managing this country?. A suya seller sef cannot manage his business like this, are we doomed or what? Laid Hhhhh wailers how about this Una don start again! What proof do you have to buttress your statement? I don't know when this lies will stop in 9ja. Una dey always take any opportunity to steal more money.

And I'm suffering here I like dis govt Dey are LINUS perhaps shame should b on d people cus we talk where is not necessary iykimo But the Plateau governor will easily connive with them. Even if his people did not benefit. Na one big ass licker, doing his masters bid Fake government Fake Administration and failed Institute.

The most infected states needed this funds more than Abuja & Plateau. FG should start from the rural area in Lagos. So we can confirm the authencity Scam God purnish liars as I've no idea of a house... See pure lie Make a random selections and see who actually get the money. 😭 👉 Nobody is getting anything since they started. (After 2weeks of locked down) 👉All money goes back into their pockets 🙏 Please, stop foolish yourselves, we cannot be fooled again (out grown that level)

The money is gone!it all gone! lol cuppymusic please play Audio money by rude boy I don't believe a damn! See how fast this disbursement is going 😂😂😂 How does this money get to the house holds, through the hair or by hand? Hmmm is well Audio receive ? Are they the only people that made up nigeria ? Abi the money nor burn again ? nigeria is a very big scam

Ogun state hav not oo 61k in Jos to get N20k but only about 3k in the whole of South East. And some èdiots will be singing One Nigeria. God punish anyone praying for one Nigeria with COVID19 This money is needed in Lagos not there!!! Can this money get to Delta state? Why North today, North tomorrow? No be lie... Plateau people don't use twitter

Saz_K__ Cc how true is This pls What about the household in Kaduna are we not going to receive anything with dis lockdown no money to feed nt even foodstuff Where is there name, photo and phone number Training people on how to use,invest 20,000 what a big laugh.God forbid poverty We no received hoo What of ondo state we see nothing

See lie ooh Hope is true sha Is this news fact or imagination? Hope Lagos State and Ogun State government would learn from this people I hope the money give by the people secceful. When will Delta State and Rivers State receive theirs? Na lie Do you know about this JosephBlue1 So na the northerners poor pass abi..... Smh

Lie lie lie lie lie lie Which of the Plateau? Mambilla Plateau or Jos Plateau Nigerian film Dont report what you're not sure You must report based on investigations I just they laugh There are more poor people there than in Ekiti where only 5000 got it. Pls, before you make comments, read through the whole story.

Y is this audio money not yet in Anambra Na only plateau State dey Nigeria? When? When will our government start lying? For everyone information we have not received anything in plateau state. How was the money shared? Scam Hmmmm.....see another means to chop money....which money una share.. Lies Zukitamalle.. Allah mun tuba

What a shame.. False info, government are not trying at all, it's their prime of looting our assets. Allah ya saka mana Na lie ooooo Government share money for plateau but that 61,000 na lie e no reach Lagos has been home for over two weeks markets was closed and we’ve not been given anything. But 84,000 has benefitted from FG in Kano what’s happening in Kano? Kastina is benefitting Oyo. Ekiti same.

MrSolomon_ Ms_Ahua Please what part of plateau state o that’s where my parents are living that’s my home. I nor come too understand this one o For which plateau? I didn't hear anybody dat knows the person that knows the person that collected dis money oo... Sum ppl out there are making themselves millionaires at the detriment of the the less privilege...

Is a lie,is 20 people collect 20k making 1k for each person is not 20k for each What happen to Lagos, Ogun and Abuja that is locked down.... You really should learn a new format FG.... That format no pure we d client no chop am..... Kai 🤔🙆 You locked us down here in Lagos and you are sharing money in pleteau. This is so unfair, I will never forget this worse season in my life.


5,000 Ekiti residents received FG’s N20,000 each — FayemiWhere's the evidence? We here, at ojo resident didn't received any dime..... LAGOS TO BE PRECISE Ekiti people make una come out and agree with ur governor

FG doles out N20,000, foods to vulnerable households in Imo, AnambraThe Federal Government has commenced payment of N20,000 each to beneficiaries under the Conditional Cash Transfer Programme (CCT)... Audio doles.... Na so we Dy hear am,we kuku no see anything Lies please show us proves ,nija i don tire for this leaders and there fake news ,show us proves ,not audio ,show us proves proves proves 😠😠😠😠

FG doles out N20,000, food stuff to vulnerable households in Imo, Anambra – Daily TrustThe Federal Government has commenced payment of N20,000 each to beneficiaries under the Conditional Cash Transfer Programme (CCT) in Imo and Anambra state. Hajiya Sadiya Umar-Farouq, Minister of Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management and Social Development said this in a statement on Thursday signed by her Special Adviser on Media and Press Affairs, Malam Salisu Na’inna … Congrats to them, we've been hearing this for a long time We need this Akwa Ibom State Pls where in imo state and anambra

COVID-19 cases top 10, 000 in Africa – WHO- The NationThe World Health Organisation (WHO) Regional Office for Africa in Congo, says there are so far 10, 000 confirmed cases of Coronavirus (COVID-19)...

COVID-19 cases top 10, 000 in Africa – WHO - Premium Times NigeriaThe World Health Organisation (WHO) Regional Office for Africa in Congo, says there are so far 10, 000 confirmed cases of Coronavirus (COVID-19) reported I fear for Africa because very few of us have been tested.i wonder what will happen when 80percent of us is tested.God help your people.

Policemen At Agbowa-Ikosi Direct Woman To POS Point, Arrest And Extort N10,000 From Her After Cash Withdrawal | Sahara ReportersPolicemen At Agbowa-Ikosi Direct Woman To POS Point, Arrest And Extort N10,000 From Her After Cash Withdrawal | Sahara Reporters Ajogbor revealed that the policemen also illegally arrested others and forced them to also pay N10,000... PoliceNG READ MORE: you should be reporting this matter to the nearest police station before tweeting it. Could be suspected policemen Inside Nigeria.. anything is possible...