5G, Coronavirus

5G, Coronavirus

5G not spreading coronavirus – WHO

4/10/2020 3:34:00 PM

5G not spreading coronavirus – WHO

April 10, 2020Kindly Share This StoryThe World Health Organisation says that viruses cannot travel on radio waves or mobile networks, saying COVID-19 is a respiratory disease.WHO through a statement on Friday, debunked the myth, adding that COVID-19 was spread through respiratory droplets when an infected person coughs, sneezes or speaks.

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“People can also be infected by touching a contaminated surface and then their eyes, mouth or nose,” it said.WHO added that COVID-19 was spreading in many countries that did not have 5G mobile networks.It also said being infected with the new Coronavirus did not mean that the person would be infected with the virus forever, adding that people recovered from the disease.

“Mostinfected persons can recover and eliminate the virus from their bodies.“If you are infected by the disease, make sure you treat your symptoms.“If you have cough, fever, and difficulty breathing, seek medical care early, but call your health facility by telephone first.

“Most patients recover thanks to supportive care,” WHO said.It added that exposure to the sun or to temperatures higher than 25C degrees would not prevent COVID-19.“You can be infected withCOVID-19, no matter how sunny or hot the weather is. Countries with hot weather have reported cases of COVID-19,” the organisation noted.

It said to be protected from the virus, people should ensure frequent and thorough hand washing and avoid touching eyes, mouth, and nose.(NAN)DOWNLOAD THE PUNCH NEWS APP NOW ON Read more: The Punch Newspapers »

Jesus. Open ur mind I don't know how the relationship between 5G network and Covid-19, but the most important thing is that 5G is very jeopardize to our healthcare. The information is dat the 5G invented in China was the one causing people's intial death bt to cover it up,they now bred a virus from bat and snake's blood to form the virus wch by doing so, nobody will suspect it's 5G killing people bt the virus

5G itself is killing people and it’s effect is more fatal than that of Covid 19 It is saddening how WHO has turned around to start committing crimes against humanity... So sad WHO is a scam Who is WHO? agents of destruction Pastor chris u hear? Guys be wise nothing like Coronavirus, why you are being locked down they are laying 5G (ask this simple question, are those digging immune to Coronavirus?)

Why are they ignoring that the radiation kills and focusing on 5g did nt cause codvid19. The radiation nko? But we know as 9ja stupid reach our opinion no count. But no matter wat nigeria govt are useless No b craze dey worry una? Wetin una dey use 5g do? 4g wey una bring wey dey make person subscribe monthly sub 22times a month. We neva use m finish na 5g lobbishhh. We no talk say e dey kill or e get corona virus wateva it is. We dont need it.

Is there anything manufactured by man that does not come with side effect? , tell us the disadvantages of 5G not only the advantages Another 5G Tower, I have the location. POTUS realDonaldTrump THIS MUST STOP. I bet COVID19 hits a state not currently locked down. If it does, stamped it before the network went active. TruthOverEverything WeAreTheSystem WakeUp

WHO? We will wait to hear it from Pastoral/Imam Expert Research Group. Can't believe the brilliant scientists at the WHO, only what the pastor or Imam says is true. escuse. but its killing. una wan give person something, the person say em no want. una say na by force. theres no brain there Whether it is spreading it or not. We don't need 5G now the owners should keep it and launch it after the pandemic has finally died down. Why must they impose 5G on us now, when the whole world is frozen. The initiators must have hidden agenda behind it, they are suspicious.

Wrong perspective !!! Is 5G safe? What are the health hazards with the domestic use of 5G? Have there been fatalities in cities where it has been deployed actively? Where is the research work on the health, safety and environmental hazards wt d deployment of 5G domestically ? Who should just shut up.. They told us the corona was not contagious.

Yes, it's not but the radiation has a negative effect on human being. Like any one expected WHO to agree it's effect on covid- 19 before, was that a coincident?, they designed it ,made it spread and implant 5G network on every person on Earth as vacine again the covid-19,thereby making averybody an antenna. Mark of the breast.evil on Earth.failed.

No, it’s preparing you for this. You guys are hiding the disadvantage behind it.. liers WHO funded by Bill and Mallinder Gates...they cant be trusted...Billy is moving fast already to vaccinate the world with his ID2020 Programe... Remember when they said corona cannot be transferred from human to human,, it’s all politics

Fuck WHO. You mean Chinese Health Organisation? 'You cannot predict the outcome of human development. All you can do is like a farmer create the conditions under which it will begin to flourish' This is how they spread corona virus WHO WHOAFRO WHONigeria is rigged ... There words are useless Hope Chris oyakhilome is reading this!

Will it cure it? jabarzee Nobody said it is. Ok but we don’t want Issokay Hmm This reminds me of the dangers of spreading falsehood. WHO is now answerable to China,Illuminati and some cabal. I don't trust them again. D only way we can put this to rest is to invite a doctor from WHO and also invite va_shiva for a debate and a physical practice.

5G is truly a killer who is misleading the world. All 5G nation are suffering with large case and spread of coronavirus + death because of misleading information now copy news headlines from CNN ... It's a pity! WHO that is compromised? Punch sef is reporting base on information they get from compromised CNN etc. F y'all

😬😬😬😬😬 5G is not spreading, we know. BillGates second highest donor to WHO cover-up story. 5G + coronavirus = bill gate vaccine. All the nation with 5G has high increase case of coronavirus. I am just asking ooo. How come? don't trust WHO...do what is right if it is...leave dem dead ass Cc: iStandWithPastorchris

How abt the Radiation? But pastor Chris said.... I saw them digging 5g somewhere in lagos and abj 📢📢📢📢📢📢📢. Make we go burst them 🤣😂 Nobody said 5G causes corona virus. What we are asking is that independent research carried out by either WHO or Huawei or even CDCgov that justifies its impacts on human health. We want to know. It's saddening that WHO now speak without statistics

dino_melaye sir I believe you need to read these sir cause I respect you alot sir What about the radiation Conspiracy Hmm I ear una But will help in activating their Evil vaccines Na so.. confusion everywhere There's no connection between 5G and Corona. Nothing at all. After spending years in the University, some persons propagate shit.

WHO can’t be trusted Colabo Gnarly Oke Is okay WHO is an arm of new world order What do you expect from them Then what's radicating? We are not saying it is spreading corona but is it safe for our health? Don't bother. When this corona ends and 5G is still there, their fraudulent pastors will expose themselves.

It’s a G thang Nobody said it is spreading the disease. What is said is that it is amplifying mortality rate. Stop dodging the core questions and provide the governments of the world with research and evidence Please WHO should concentrate on their job and allow scientist to do theirs..for as far as the truth is concern 5G is dangerous and deadly is not accepted in Nigeria.

I also think in that way that 5G is the problem that cause coronavirus,a big lier No one is saying 5G is spreading coronavirus except if that’s the name you people gave to whatever it is spreading. We are not saying 5g is spreading coronavirus..all we are saying is that 5g is very harmful to our health, especially when the mast is installed in residential areas...saynoto5ginNig.

We don't believe the WHO again. They are Chinese tissue paper. 5G is spreading sound technology and not COVID Nobody is saying 5G spreads the virus..... We are saying its radioactive release to the general population is completely harmful Who is WHO? Where is their integrity? A lot of us never believed it spreads the virus in the first place so don't pick the one aspect of the debate that is convenient for you & debunk. We are saying that 5G will have adverse affect on our health & will take away our privacy/liberty. That's what WHO should focus on.

Who is funding WHO?D same interest groups. I don't believe any shit u guys say. Not until u guys come up with d causative agent of COVID19. There is no smoke without fire. African countries be smart don't place ur hope on any crappy organization. YOU ARE THE HOPE OF THE WORLD I don't believe WHO anymore, they misled the world while trying to pander to China thereby allowing this Wuhan virus to spread.

5G wasn't spread coronavirus but is the main reason why it exist. Shame on WHO😭😭😭😭😭😭. They are now become a Doctor Scientists. Bombs Fall on them 💣💣💣💥💥💥. PastorChrisLive PastorEAAdeboye pastorpoju pastortaiwo FYI To be fair, does the WHO have enough credibility left to debunk that? China health organisation

WHO has now become scientists or doctors. Shame on on WHO they are only a mare NGOs. They must respect scientists & Doctors findings& warning a About 5G. We stand with our doctors& scientists globally. WHO not a Doctor WHO not a scientists WHO not a pharmacist Mr_JKennedy They said it the reason behind coronavirus, No one said it spread coronavirus

What exactly has WHO ever got right? Bunch of egomaniacs occupying job for life, never seen them leave a region they invaded for operation, East African territories for example. One must take WHO with a pinch of salt. DaddyFRZ please help tell them more illiterate is what is killing our people may God save them from it no matter what u tell them their mind is seal may God help us But remember common sense is not common

China affiliation of WHO Yes is not spreading any covid-19! But its signals ray kill more than a virus when been tested to a particular direction.. Is it friendly to human lives? Scientists made mistake in the new technology that's the cause of dead not covid-19 why most dead are mostly elderly? Hmmm We know,but when has Nigeria become no 1 in technology or development so start with other countries year's later come again Those fucking china doctors in Nigeria should get out

They never said it spread the Virus, its just the reason why we have covid19 Instead of to get enlightened from the experts, they would rather choose to listen to the one their pastor said..Ndị mgbu! How are we suppose to believe that because this my mother called and said they are fasting because of the 5G that's killing people not to come to Nigeria 😂😂😂😂

Who is fooling who 🤭 We don't need this shit in Nigeria! We don't need it We should listen to WHO & experts on epidemiology & disease control rather than habitual liars. Fact-based scientific and professional assessment by scientists & experts should be valued and respected. The same WHO that told us Corona virus doesn't spread through human

Enough of this lock down, we should be given grace of two weeks to get what to eat. I don't believe in this covid shit, no evidence.. Ntin ntin Then what is the main source of corona virus Pls explain better, because people already have this mindset

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Telecom operators not laying 5G cables, says NCCTop countries are bringing theirs down, you re busy building urs....who did this to you people Dannyyweb We don’t believe anything that comes out of this administration! Whether you lay them or not...it’s your business, when it’s ready we will use it Good news

Allaying Fears of Purported 5G Link with COVID-19 - THISDAYLIVEThe position of telecoms industry regulator and technology experts in the unfounded allegation that 5G network has some correlation with COVID-19 outbreak, will go a long way in addressing the growing fears of Nigerians, write Emma Okonji and Nosa Alekhuogie Palpable fear gripped Nigerians last week, when unverified news on the purported 5G link with … Can we stop focusing on 5G effects on COVID-19, the more important concern the world is focused on is other health risks? HealthMattersThanProfits Is This Even True Sef

5G mobile networks do not spread COVID-19 – WHO – Daily TrustThe World Health Organisation (WHO) says that viruses cannot travel on radio waves or mobile networks, saying COVID-19 is a respiratory disease. WHO through a statement on Friday, debunked the myth, adding that COVID-19 was spread through respiratory droplets when an infected person coughs, sneezes or speaks. “People can also be infected by touching a … If there’s a conspiracy and if Covid 19 is a business who will be part of it. But who on earth 🌎 can trust WHO? Liars and deceivers and killers of mankind.

5G mobile networks do not spread COVID-19 – WHOThe World Health Organisation (WHO) says that viruses cannot travel on radio waves or mobile networks, saying COVID-19 is a respiratory disease... Why do we lockdown for a virus that can be killed by a sanitiser? Why is 5G being installed when lockdown is on ? Again why have cases suddenly increased since Chinese came to help ? 5G has no connection with corona virus but do you know what corona virus is actually ? It doesn't spread corona but it deteriorate life span..my dear its the same tyn..Death by hanging and by firing squad is still same DEATH... But it will cost more harm than Covid-19 😒