2023: South East will block Peter Obi from becoming my running mate - Kwankwaso

7/3/2022 3:47:00 PM

2023: South East will block Peter Obi from becoming my running mate – Kwankwaso

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2023: South East will block Peter Obi from becoming my running mate – Kwankwaso

The presidential candidate of the New Nigeria People’s Party (NNPP), Rabiu Kwankwaso , has claimed that the South East will not allow Peter Obi , the

Kwankwaso stated this while speaking with reporters after inaugurating the state office of the NNPP in Gombe State.According to him, even if Obi accepts to become his vice-presidential candidate, people from his region will reject it.“Even if my friend [Peter Obi] wants to accept the vice-presidential candidate, some people in the south-east will not accept, that is not strategic.

“This is a golden opportunity, if they lose it, it will be a disaster,” Kwankwaso said.Kwankwaso and Obi have been locked in talks over a possible merger or working together ahead of the 2023 general election.

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Go and test ur popularity on that day,obi will rule over you Lol they keep trying to make OBIdient movent about Igbos &the SEs...banking on the residual hate. Look it won't work. The youth are fighting for their future. Obi is not a SE candidate, he is our HOPE for an end to THIS MADNESS that is NIGERIA Northernersforobi PeterObi NNPP

Just as north will block you from becoming Peter Obi running mate Kwankwaso is a jobless person that's is why he went around to talk as a jobless type. That's is the mayor problems that we always have in this country, when someone pass you he pass you stop parade yourself be talking something that is not relevant about that porson.

Make him concentrate on his NNPP na leave us and OBI alone. Let's see how he wins either. Common sense is not common at all..... Oga there's no way Peter Obi can be your vice. If you feel too big to be his running mate, then forget about it.. With all due respect to Kwankwaso, I will advise you to quietly look for running mate elsewhere, let Peter too look elsewhere, let everyone try his mettle come 2023

Mad man is talking in the nonsense.... The same Kwankwaso said Northerners Won’t Vote Peter Obi For President Because Of Biafra Agitations In South-East – Kwankwaso. Bokoharam massacre 47 Nigeria soldiers in Niger state... Buhari didn't resign. Tribalism kee you there. He can't be your running mate unless you have to be his running mate se won ni ko ma fi Ori ti won gba pa ro ni

Oga, you were dreaming that Peter Obi would be your VP. Wake up Dear Kwankwanso, Can you be president without the east of west? Can you win the election alone with you popularity as at today ? PO can win with the power of the youths from all Nigeria. Be wise

South-East APC demands senate presidency, SGF from TinubuThe South-East zone of the All Progressives Congress has set its sight on the positions of Senate President and Secretary to the Government of the Federation if the presidential candidate, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, wins the 2023 general elections. É lò Fokan Balee 🤗 I support that.

Any one that really won't Nigeria unity will not support North to take over from buhari North, problem ahead lol this egomaniac. he dont even know how popular PETER OBI among youths in this country which is like 70% of Nigeria population What stop you to be Peter Obi running mate ? If you can't be running mate to Peter Obi forget it and continue yourself movement Kwankwaso . Politics isn't by seniority understanding matters

Is not my business, atikulated all the way “Any day I leave APGA, let my wife and children die”—- Peter Obi. Trust such at your own peril. We move kwankwaso have a nice day. PeterObi4President2023 I don finally hear Fulani herdsman part of the story true true watin Nigeria do e no good Oga pack well. We are not interested. Go and find your running mate. Leave PO alone

If Obi wanted to be running mate, he would have remained in PDP Till the time comes,we shall see Obi at the top 🔝🎩

Some Nigerian Leaders Carefully Plotted To Deny South-East 2023 Presidency – Ohanaeze | Sahara ReportersThe former Nigeria's Ambassador to the United States of America, stated that the political manipulation would end in a pyrrhic victory for those who rejoice and celebrate injustice. The truth most be told if they don’t want south easterners let them go pls Gerrourra hia mehn 🤣🤣🤣🤣

Kwonkwasiya kawai zallah You think you are now the beautiful bride right? Suitors are flocking around you. Don't worry, age/ time will soon take a toll on you. Politicians should drop Ego and work towards making Nigeria a better place. People have suffered enough. If you become Peter Obi's running mate, what will happen?

The movement is not tribalistic nor religious.... It's for a common goal 'NEW NIGERIA'. We are united irrespective of our religion and tribe.. Just imagine his thinking pattern. If he becomes vp and they win, he won't hesitate to take all the credit. Nigerian youths have been in the trenches fighting to free Nigeria from political merchants.

You can't even enter in your state kano😂😂 People always say that igbos are their own problem and they decide to give you the best and now I don't think they are their own problem now but we from other parts of the country seems to be their problem it's high time we support the best Idiot Na you suppose to step down for Peter obi ooo

The entitlement, 'this is very strategic, if they lose it, it will be disaster' what bloody disaster, disaster that will affect only the SE. His mentality is no different.

Kwankwaso tells South East what they can learn from TinubuRabiu Kwankwaso , Presidential candidate of the New Nigeria People’s Party (NNPP), has described 2023 as a golden opportunity for the South East. Kwankwaso should humble himself and be PO running mate.... Peter Obi should not agree to be kwankwaso vice. Their other candidates in North who can partner with Peter Obi. For example formal Kano emir sanusi lamido, former Kano governor Shekarau. So why not share in that golden opportunity and take the VP slot..

This man is overrating himself The Peter Obi Movement is bigger than PeterObi and NGLabourParty. It's beyond party politics. It's a nationwide movement, an ideology to rescue and take back Nigeria. Kwankwaso would have benefilled from the nationwide movement if he had a patriotic spirit. Why is everyone of 2023 presidential candidates always like to insult Peter Obi for no reason

You are better off with being Obi's running mate. KwankwasoRM we agree that you are more qualified and experienced but for equity, justice and fairness PeterObi should be the presidential candidate while you be the running mate, if you guys win we will definitely support you in 2031 when power will duly return to North.

You are openly telling us that you cannot do without PO, well, as for the OBIDIENT family, we will serve the Lord with all our hearts. Go and choose Buhari and leave our PO alone. We no wan talk too much on this matter again. Better still, go carry Wike the Igbolabi join body. What is blocking you too, stop this sentiments, the nigerian youth want Peter Obi not just the south east, be real

And the North will block you from becoming Peter obi's running mate Peter OBI is a movement please this man is a big distraction. It's not a matter of south east. I'm not from the east, but if obi choose to be ur running mate, I won't vote on election day. I go stay house. Obi is the movement, I'm not voting for the east, I'm casting my vote for a man I believe can liberate Nigeria

FG to support North East livestock subsector | The Guardian Nigeria News - Nigeria and World NewsThe Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, Dr Mohammad Abubakar, says the ministry will support the North East livestock sub sector with about 2 million free vaccines. Abubakar made this known in a statement by Mr Mohammed Gana, Information Officer in the ministry on Friday in Abuja. He said this at the 2022 Nationwide Free […] Good way to go How hv they supported our east?

Look at this fool? Please Sir PeterObi , We don't want you as DEPUTY running mate. We want you as a Presidential candidate. Please don't succumb to any merger if you'll be VP. Can this man say something without mentioning obi? Peter Obi can never be your running mate. Nigerian youths will never allow it happen. Obi needs a like minded running mate to succeed.

He is already blocked Not SE but the Nigerian youths Northerners thinks they own Nigeria! Na Wike fit ona! PO is not playing regional politics, Nigeria from all over the zones want him to be President. not South East only. Most definitely, how can he be a running mate to anyone at this time? I can hear the great legend of kano saying the reason he can not be vice to anybody because he don't want to destroyed the structure of his party but can there by any good structure in a source a country nothing work, in rescue mission can we consider source, remember who is APC

Peter Obi has never said anything about Kwankwaso in public. Yet Kwankwaso keeps using Obi for publicity

Pheelz releases Finesse remix, features East African artistsNigerian record producer and artiste, Pheelz, has released a remix of his hit single, Finesse. The music producer featured two East African artists, Rayvanny from Tanzania and Theecember from Burundi.

Peter obi can never be ur VP Why should he be your running mate, why can't you be his running mate? If Peter Obi was desperate for the VP slot should have remained in the PDP. Day dreamer How will Peter obi be your running mate? Are you more qualified than him? If you don't want to be Peter's running mate them stop the merger talk.

This is another selfish politician , peter Obi doesn't need u to win , he needs the masses dt v their PVCs Northern government can't handover to another northerner. Pls let's not make it look as if the country lack or don't have respect for others, kwankwaso should do the needful northern time will soon come, I like kwankwaso and I respect him, I was in Kano during his tenure as govn

You don’t have the grace to be a president yet joe baiden was humble to Obama why can’t you be humble to obi you can still be president after obi so he can pass the grace to you like Obama and joe baiden He didn't get popularity he wanted during the merger talks, now everyday Obi this Obi that, he should go for Rochas abeg

The same way the North will block Kwankwaso from becoming Peter Obi's running mate

Interpol arrests Nigerian in South Africa ‘wanted for $12m online fraud’ | TheCableJames Junior Aliyu, a 28-year-old Nigerian, has been arrested for allegedly defrauding dozens of US citizens of money totalling $12m. Aliyu was arrested in Sandton, Johannesburg, South Africa on Wednesday Good news May God remember those that gave up fraud to have a legit life.

This man is a big joke😂 Obi movement is not a south East nor north east thing o.. it’s a youth led national movement that knows not political affiliations or tribalism. Oga go sleep… obidients no need u again. So go and rest! Why kwankwaso so demanding of Peter Obi as 'RUNNING MATE' is because to him a. it's his entitlement b. PO is from the Vanguished tribe c. Maybe, he's doing PO a favour d. A chance for the SE to become president in Nigeria e. He knows what SE don't know of their fate in Nigeria.

How did you know? Peter Obi is running for the presidency for a reason beyond your capacity and capability.Return Nigeria to the path of sanity and give our youths hope for a better future.Two of you are not sharing same philosophy. Comrade if you don't want to join the youths in redeeming this country through being a Vp, then try run your own race. We now moveee regardless

It’s not only people from SE that will reject this preposterous idea but all of us Nigerians who want a competent President. PeterObi has gone beyond being a second fiddle. If Kwankwaso truly wants a formidable third force, he should come over to team up. Kwankwaso have being talking about Peter Obi this few weeks, peter has not said anything about kwankwaso in the media if you notice. I don't see why he thinks East will block peter from becoming his running mate. It's PO-ssible to be the president bcos the youth vote will count.

Peter can never be your running mate oga, search else where

Just like the north will block you from becoming obi running mate? Whatever Nigerian politicians vying for President 2023 sees in Peter Obi that qualifies him for VP. We Nigerian youths have seen same and wants PO for President If Obi falls for this crap and becomes a VP candidate, it's over. I won't vote for anyone. No need!

Vice president outside SE loading Stop disturbing our peace. Obi is not destined to be your vice. Based on your track record you are qualified to be PO vice. So if you're really interested in leadership lower your pride and serve the country or you can keep your pride and go test your popularity. He’s a mole…run alone let’s split them vote.

Kwankwaso left PDP, PDP guys don't attack him. They rarely talk about him. Peter Obi left PDP peacefully, with a kind heart, it's months now, and PDP has refused to let him rest. Did Peter Obi leave with their structure? Kwankwaso has come up with his tribal sentiments again. I wonder if he can't do without Peter Obi being his running mate

Southeast will be your nightmare! You people from south-east are more selfishness, you said a lot about KWANKWASO not realizing that he deserves respect from you.

This guy kwankwanso is seriously interested in Peter obi he wants him badly but don't know were to start from nonsense These people think we're all fools. We don hear Oga. Go and do your thing make we move. Peter Obi or nothing. Why these people can't do without calling Obi name You want to run as president because you feel the north will give you the highest number of votes. You're coming from a tribal angle and that is not what the youths of this country is looking for. Mr Peter Obi is coming from the angle of saving Nigeria and that is what we want.

Not just south east but SOUTH, is like the northern nigeria are becoming greedy I want to believe that this statements are not directly from Kwankwaso. If you think you're are too popular to beat Peter Obi, wait till February 2023. You will soon discover you're an outdated species like Dino Oga U should be his running mate

Sir Kwakwanso, We know politicians don't like Peter Obi cos he no dey give Shishi.. If you need to work with him, check for his street credibility, Go & Verify Very good, because what we want is a referendum and free mnk fast or else? This man..... Rest.

Why can’t you be his running mate sir 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️ Support SE to be president for once. Kwankwaso is right. South East are not being strategic. They strongly believe that Peter Obi can win votes in the North or even South West because of Tweets and Likes. Obi may not be able to win even Anambra except on Twitter. But this doesn't concern me. It is BAT2023.

I have never seen a more selfish person than this man. So after 8 years of Buhari regime, you want to be president? I guess other parts of Nigeria are nothing in your eyes. I have never heard you mention anything you'd do if elected, the only thing that matters to you is PO And the northern will block you from been peter obi vice,,,,, oga talk like a matured politican

Is this man Okay? The problem is that everyone talks like God in this Country. Igbo PDAAPC POLITICIANS are senseless and confused wicked men who has kept our Region politically backwards with no direction but 2023 will shock them ? They should keep this in record. Honestly this man is foolish. Please PO doesn't need such a clueless man. Ps: I have bad mouth,if u give me,be ready to collect too. This is my comment, please drop urs n don't be unfortunate PeterObiForPresident2023

'If they lose it,it will be a disaster' 🤔 It is very glaring how SE is viewed - low class. 🤭 We are to be grateful to the opportunity offers by Kwankwaso to play second fiddle. 😳 It is POssible to win w/o looking down on people of a particular region, every vote counts.✌️ Oga stop distracting us. Go and contest and win your polling unit only, but with or without you, we move!

We need mental orientation free from tribal sentiment.

If you can vise him den nope Oga kwankwaso, I've not seen any of your comment this days without mentioning Obi. If you don't want to be his running mate why not concentrate on hw to achieve ur ambition and leave Peter obi alone. Please try n be learning from him on how to talk, when to talk and what to talk.

KwankwasoRM leads the almajaris while PeterObi leads the youth , one thing the former failed to understand is the 2022 electoral act: not a business as usual where figure is written and underage are made to vote, INEC, officials and family are burnt in kano Why can't you be Obi running mate Playing the tribal cards again He knows Igbos are emotional people

You are a victim of your expectations. Likewise you Same man who said his NNPP will collapse if he becomes Obi's VP... 🙄 🤔 🤔 Who can Obi choose from the North? Any takes? That should be the conversation now. Must he b ur running mate let guy b, look for another person naa why are u so particular about d guy Nigeria population is over 200m is he d only man u c.

Peter Obi is not a South-east candidate. He is a national candidate. They can block anything just dialogue with PO and agree to a deal with him that is all Yes of course Jokes upon jokes, is either he becomes obi VP or he should stop talking about Peter obi Obi cannot be your running mate. Contest your own let Peter obi contest his. If you're too big to be his running mate, you live him alone make everybody fight him fight alone

Your big mannerism will bring nothing but disgrace. Who you eep Oga focus and stop this your childish behaviour. Nobody wants you Abegi 😂

presidential candidate of the Labour Party (LP), become his running mate.Atiku US trip delays PDP peace moves, ex-VP plans meeting with Wike The Publicity Secretary of the APC in Anambra State, Mr Okelo Madukaife, said the South-East caucus of the party had scheduled a meeting where a decision would be taken on what should come to the zone.by Saharareporters, New York Jul 02, 2022 The President-General of the apex Igbo socio-cultural Ohanaeze Ndigbo, Prof George Obiozor, has said some Nigerian political leaders “successfully orchestrated” to deny the South-East region from producing the 2023 president.By Daily Trust Sun, 03 Jul 2022 11:54:08 GMT Rabiu Kwankwaso, Presidential candidate of the New Nigeria People’s Party (NNPP), has described 2023 as a golden opportunity for the South East.

Kwankwaso stated this while speaking with reporters after inaugurating the state office of the NNPP in Gombe State. According to him, even if Obi accepts to become his vice-presidential candidate, people from his region will reject it. He added, “The South-East caucus will decide on that. “Even if my friend [Peter Obi] wants to accept the vice-presidential candidate, some people in the south-east will not accept, that is not strategic. The two major political parties namely the All Peoples Congress (APC) elected the former governor of Lagos State, Bola Tinubu as its presidential candidate, while the Peoples’ Democratic Party (PDP), fielded former Vice President, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar as its presidential candidate for the 2023 elections. “This is a golden opportunity, if they lose it, it will be a disaster,” Kwankwaso said. “Regarding other positions, yes senate presidency is there and so is Speaker of the House of Representatives in the elective category. Kwankwaso and Obi have been locked in talks over a possible merger or working together ahead of the 2023 general election.” Kwankwaso said the best option for the South East was for the zone to partner with NNPP, “this is a golden opportunity, if they lose it, it will be a disaster.

Related Topics: . “So, Ndigbo needs to vote for the APC to satisfy the first condition and join others in other zones to meet the second. "By this machination, some Nigerian leaders have demonstrated gross historic injustice towards Ndigbo, beyond our expectations.