2023, Lagos Apc Backs Tinubu

2023, Lagos Apc Backs Tinubu

2023: Lagos APC backs Tinubu, says ex-gov qualified


2023: Lagos APC backs Tinubu, says ex-gov qualified

This was stated in Lagos on Monday during a press briefing to unveil the three newly-elected state executive members, Lanre Ogunyemi (Secretary), Mr Seye Oladejo (Publicity Secretary), and Mrs Abimbola Ladigbolu (Assistant Legal Adviser).

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God forbid! Dreamers The Man is not Smart at all he fooled himself the North must be laughing their ribs out on him Tinubu will be the last person to rule this country in 2023. The North can only handover to his loyalist but not Tinubu himself.. Mark my words. Whc part of Lagos? He better step aside...

By God grace he will be Frying pan to fire See olodo won be president For what ? Of course he owns Lagos, from.the governor to the councillor he selected all of them. This rubbish news again. Why punch keep bringing up irritating news repeatedly?

2023: El-Rufai's stand unquestionable - South-East APC group - Daily Post NigeriaThe South-East All Progressives Congress, APC, Integrity Group, on Monday backed Kaduna State Governor, Nasir El-Rufai's position that Nigeria's President I pity you. Because El rufai said the presidency should come From the south east 2023, you believed and backed him? 😂 You're all gullible!!! Wait till you see his 2023 flyers at your homes.. Ekpa

Na the Heart attack wey wan kill am na him he wan dance with so.🤣 And my father backs me too, nonsense people Shit! If they don't back him, who will they forward? Na so dem take back Abiola 🤔🤔 God dey Qualify for what abeg? APC national chairman? If they want to be gentlemanly, they'll allow him emerge and give him the APC ticket but will quietly move and support another party with their 'preferred' candidate.

Do we have to be bringing old idiots into power. Tomorrow we complain..let sharper minds like akin_adesina

2023: El-Rufai exhibited patriotism - VON DG, Okechukwu - Daily Post NigeriaThe Director-General of the Voice of Nigeria, Mr. Osita Okechukwu has commended Malam Nasir Elrufia, Governor of Kaduna State, 'for honourably and 😂🤣😂🤣

😂 😂 😂... That's reason d y this country can't move forward cuz we keep electing same set of clown into power.. Disaster will never raise its ugly head again in our land He is qualify to be Lagos state President. 😄😄😄😄 This is not news at all. Who owns Lagos APC. What am I saying? Who is even the governor of Lagos. This man has been governor of Lagos since 1999. What else does he want?

Tinubu is not qualify to rule Nigeria. They should also baby sit him... nonsense Well i trust hausa s ...he should kip wasting his money.wen the chips are down we ll know He who,who odes not no tomorrow talking about 2023;as if magical would wrought itself.What has his puppet done differently?Has he spoken about the slave walk in Lagos? Not bothered abi...You better shine your eyes well,b4 its too late.Sense is coming though..

U meant to say ex-thief

Insecurity concerns me more than 2023 presidential poll –Bode George

Who 2 bullion van go enter him house like DAT wey no go qualify? But we dey wait sha Yes he is qualified but he is only chasing shadow. Thieves leads in Lagos Why not let Osinbajo run for it instead. After his four year tenure, the SW can pass the baton to the SE for the remaining for years. Someone like Peter Obi or Ekeremadu are good choices. I think that is a fair deal.

Jagaban of the universe , my PVC is waiting for you. Why not let Osinbajo run for it instead. After his four year tenure, the SW can pass the baton to the SE for the remaining for years. Someone like Peter Obi or Ekeremadu are good choices. I think that is a fair deal. It's ok as long as they will restrict his choice to Lagos alone. The should not take that joke beyond the Niger River.

More than qualify, Tinubu is the man for 2023 No one is doubting this. We know where it will end. Relocate CBN to his house and the force and Senate will not do anything Abeg is Lag APC not Tinubu, himself?

2023: El-Rufai says presidency should go to South after Buhari - Daily Post NigeriaThe Governor of Kaduna State, Nasir El-Rufai, has insisted that the North has no justification to remain in power after the expiration of President Southern needs restructuring more than presidency. The country need to be restructure or break up into different countries. Political mind games...issit! incredible !....if he really says ds...he has a gud heart....

Dead on arrival 🚶🚶🚶 Abacha,dead or alive will be a better president than Tinubu...God will not allow us jump from frying pan to Fire...Ahn ahn where is this country heading to?suffer no de tire us? Taa! What do you expect. Do anything otherwise and get the Ambo. treatment. Won de fe waste owo man yi ni Sha!

Ole Fake fake fake. Agendas to monopolise Nigeria shall not stand Even arm rubber is qualified If Tinubu wins 2023 I will leave Nigeria for Togo 🇹🇬 God bless Timubu. May God answer your prayers for goodness of all Nigeria.

2023 Nigeria Presidency: Northern groups drum support for Ndigbo - Daily Post NigeriaFive Northern groups have appealed to Ndigbo to boldly come out and save Nigeria from her present predicaments by vying for the 2023 Presidency. The Igbos that always fight and betray themselves. They will produce 5 million Presidential aspirants. Deceit 😂😂😂😂😂😂 drum support ko piano support ni

Waste of time even commenting on this. God will judge all these leaders accordingly. Tinubu backs himself announcement, such announcement Nigeria will always present the compromised, the stained linen, the black sheep, the kleptomaniacs & those with skeletons protruding in their cupboards. I ask again, are we this cursed?

Lol, Tinubu backing Tinubu Lagos first well? Anywhere belle face people. Later someone will tell me Lagos is a megacity, Megacity made up of Mtscheeeeew make I nor talk sha.... Mtchewww. Na mad people full this country. Circling Same old thieves. They should just sell Nigeria. Lagos people (APC) will not seize to amaze us. Well its expected

Tinubu is adequately qualified and he be a good president, but I Osinbajo will be a better option base on what Osinbajo is being exposed to as VP. Thief... If Nigeria was working, he is supposed to be in jail. If na lagos they make president mtcheww

North has highest population of illiterates, forget 2023 - Ex-Kaduna gov, Mukhtar Yero - Daily Post NigeriaFormer governor of Kaduna State, Dr. Muktar Ramalan Yero has urged the North to seek ways of reducing the spate of illiteracy and poverty in the region Speaking the truth.... we need who has capacity and other region has so we should explore the others.... thanks Yero Sad is that it’s only age that is used for voter’s eligibility. Thank you sir, bitter truth which can hardly be admitted by any core Northerner.

Before won’t they back d clown Lagos state apc...!!! They will never live to see him become a president... If only our votes counts we won't be seeing rubish like this!! Lagos people alone can't make him the president. It is not possible. If he become the occupant of 'Aso Rock Villa,' maybe in his dream! Lagos APC you'd better wake him up!

Sorry as much as I got a devoted love for em,he’s still ineligible God almighty in his infinite mercy will put some of this criminals to sleep before the 2023 🙏 Let him like have the backing of the world powers, Power belong to God and He wills it to who ever He will. 😭😭😭😭😭 Please can we start the war already

If this man should enter I’m finally done with this country then 😭

He will just move CBN to his compound. If this man really want to be president. His opponents must be a strong person also and win with large margin that can’t be compromised or else no one vote will matter The funniest thing is that Lagos APC is not up to 1% of voters in Lagos. Is tinubu qualified, yes. Will he be elected if nominated as a presidential candidate? The answer is yes, with the current electoral act but No, if 2018 electoral act is signed into law b4 2023.

Am sure tinubu will do a better job of turning around the economy because he will put the right people to assist him Nonsense people After going through hell for 8 yrs, it will be stupid of Nigerians to allow APC back in power. No matter who is the flag bearer? Water is wet. Before nko? They have no choice na.

Qualified for what? Let's know you VP. OOOO. The partner in CRIME 😀😀

Nope. Too ugly. Too corrupt Dis junkie Agbero problem is still there..now they thinking of 2023..that’s more powers to the Agberos..imagine MC special adviser for youths development..🤔🤔 Am just tired of this country in all ways, it is high time they should dig very well about this man, they are all kangaroos, nothing to offer us, not 5 or 10 high rises this man has acquired on the island, please where are we going, let us wake up together, 2gther we can do it.

Qualified for what now Shey Europa league Aren’t these old people tired of messing up our country ? Mad people everywhere Company backs Company owner Their Problem. Ojuyobo...it will never happen.

Aje ku iya le ma je! So that d looting with bullion van will continue? Some persons will lick ass forever bcus sense never still dey. Rubbish These power rogues are so obsessed about 2023 they're not even sure they'll live to see that nothing going on now brothers them. They're too foolish and they'll be disappointed.

Like they have a choice. To become president? For forcing Buhari on us, he will not succeed! Agbero and Alaye will always support their kind. Lol I love the North for one thing they know what power means .. even if apc go by agreement of allowing tinubu2023 the nother will vote for a northerner. One religion bonds them very far from politics .. just look at those two Edo goats

Lagos APC supported Buhari twice. 🤣🤣😂🤣😂😂🤣🤣😂😂🤣🤣🤣😂🤣🤣😂🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Its so hard for Yorubas to learn. Right from the days of Awolowo they still repeat the same mistake. Even after this Amotekun, when the North presents a cake for them to eat they would forget it all. They have your password. KnowYourENEMIES

Default idiocy When will old men stop ruling Nigeria? Nonsensical nonsense What is he qualified for? Continue fooling yourself What time is today's match (UCL) Nigerians open your eyes. They don't give a fuck about you but all they want is more money and to enrich themselves. What impact has this people made in the lives of its citizens rather....they kill and turn you to their slaves. Once beaten twice shy !!!

With dat his okpolo eye 👁 them Tinubu? Is it a joke? Qualified to move in more bullion vans

His a billion van day light robber. Thank you. Disqualified.. Here begins the downfall of APC. Mr. Ahmed Bola Tinubu will fix Nigeria economy within six months if he becomes President that's am very sure of. Another lifeless animal Jokers... God go punish all of you. Bullion vans are warming up.🤣🤣😂😂😂😂

Only them abi? Ok Bobo Chicago wants to become president at all cost come 2023 Follow criminals, nobody take about money in the van NaijaFlyingDr This man and his friends have vowed to make sure Nigeria dies before they leave. How so much greed and wickedness are coming from a particular generation is sickening.

Smh If silent on the debt Nig owes, current security situation (especially as it concerns religious/ethnic murders& abductions without trial), the silence on illegal detentions across the country,...Such persons must be seen as part of Nigeria’s problems. PeterObi views are known! Never expected less from Lagos people... Even BH member can be president....

You people are mad So old man with analog brain 🧠 should rule again. Now I know parts of the country which are under curse 😂😂😂😂 Only on your Malaria Dreams will Tinubu be President of Nigeria. We don't want corrupt person like him? Few can match his political astuteness, most are social media politicians while many that started with him in 99 've fizzled out.The template for development of Lagos he midwifed with technocrats' still relevant today. If you knew oshodi then you will know what I'm talking about

Qualified to lead or loot? They should be specific

Before who them go back? Nothing concern this frog looking man, ambition must ambit.... NaijaFlyingDr LOL 😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀....what a dream! While Police are busy murdering his brothers...he his busy eyeing 2023 while extorting heavily from Lagosians to fund his 2023 useless ambition Dangote group backs dangote

We will get sense by force no problem Am just going to laugh about this 😀😀😀😀😀😀 This one that brought Buhari on us😂😂😂, you want to be a president so that Mc Oluomo will be Senate president & the agberos & touts will be everywhere. God will put some of you to sleep for this country to move ahead!

His over ambitious is the reason he has been quite about everything. I believe he remembers what happened to MKO.

Yes, my son loved me too. If MBuhari can be president anyone is qualified, even boko harams Before who will back him? Kaduna APC? That lagos APC will make him president lol Let the National APC still back him. We will never vote for selfish leaders again. We want Osibajo. Don't let them deceive you 2023 is near avoid been a slave! Take just N20000 to learn Forex from the worldclass trader Papa Smurf (former IML swipe trade master)

Qualified for what?

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