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2023, Arewa

2023: Deal with secessionists before asking for presidency - Arewa youths tell Ohanaeze - Daily Post Nigeria

2023: Deal with secessionists before asking for presidency - Arewa youths tell Ohanaeze - Daily Post Nigeria

4/22/2021 3:54:00 PM

2023: Deal with secessionists before asking for presidency - Arewa youths tell Ohanaeze - Daily Post Nigeria

The Arewa Youth Consultative Forum, AYCF, has said that the leaders of the Southeast must ensure sanity within their region before negotiating for

A legal luminary and Senior Advocate of Nigeria, Prince Lateef Fagbemi, has canvassed for a new law that will outrightly prune political parties to a maximum of six as a way of ensuring sanity in the body politics of the country before the 2023 general elections.

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Fagbemi claimed that the present 86 political parties is too wieldy for Nigerians especially the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC, to cope with along with other challenges.The senior lawyer spoke in Abuja at the ongoing National Workshop on Election Petition Review organized by the Court of Appeal in collaboration with the International Foundation on Electoral System, IFES.

In his paper titled, “Reform of Election Litigation Process -The Constitution, Electoral Act and the Practice Directions,” Fagbemi argued that a situation where INEC and Nigerians will have to contend with over 86 political parties in an election cannot augur well for any electoral process. headtopics.com

He disclosed that the trend had led to confusion in the electoral body and among the electorates, especially exclusions that were not deliberate on the part of INEC.“I know that my position will generate reactions but the truth and the reality is that political parties must be scaled down from the present 86 to a maximum of six parties to sanitize the party system.

“Having as much as 86 political parties is leading to confusion and exclusion that may not be deliberate on the part of our electoral body”, he said.He pleaded that electoral reform must not be left alone for politicians because nothing good may come out of it, adding that in some cases, politicians are clever and will not enact laws they may affect their ambitions.

“Let nobody be taken off guard. Our electoral system needs some drastic rejigging and amendments to the law. The sui generis nature of the electoral laws also dictates that reforms to them cannot but be unprecedented if they are to be effective”.Fagbemi further argued that it may be better for the nation to have bad laws to be administered by good people than the other way round and canvassed that credible experts must be given chance in the new efforts to reform the country’s electoral process.

“We cannot overemphasize the need to ensure that our electoral laws are designed in such a way to allow for the election of credible, competent and responsible leaders at all levels.“The influence that leaders have on the generality of the populace is so grave that where a country fails to get its leadership right, it is almost certain that the followers too would suffer the same fate. headtopics.com

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“Our current situation where elections are characterized by rigging and violence leaves very much to be desired on the quality of both the leadership and the followership.“As a matter of fact, our history of electoral violence is linkable to the current security challenges that the country has been battling with for some years now.

“It is unfortunate that some of our leaders through their acts of irresponsibility have succeeded in corrupting the psyche of the people and made violence an endearing enterprise of kidnapping, cattle rustling and outright armed banditry as a way of life.

Besides, the senior lawyer canvassed for another reform in the service of election petitions and other processes on the winner of any election especially at the governorship and presidential levels. Read more: Daily Post Nigeria »

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While my jaw and right hand sustained damage that still gives me issues today, my wife however couldn't live to tell her story.

As a way of improving the economy Federal Government empowerment loan is out to full time business men/women,Note loan are from the minimum of (200,000.00 to the maximum of 10,000,000.00).Contact Hon,Adams on +2349034957596 for more details about the loan program). If I have my way, I will allow the North to rule for another 20years. Ask why? by that time, the North would have reduced to less than zero, they will be begging others qualified to come and lead them. You can't build a society by blood and expect it to progress. wrong ideology

Secessionist groups originated from the north, Boko Haram terrorist and iswap, All have their base in northern. Yet , president and all security key post remained in the north, first remove the block in your eyes before asking others to do so. You now see that you have no say in a country you call your own as OneNigeria. They are still battling with BokoHaram, ISWAP, UnknownBandits, yet they give you conditions before you can take decisions.. Slavery is loading for those that will fail to hear..

I keep wondering if nigeria belongs to one particular region Why didn't u guys deal with Boko Haram before Buhari cried and begged to be president Hypocrites... The north is always bleeding and yet u are clinging unto power. Nonsense!! U all think others are still stupid? Ur agenda is in the open now.

I don't understand, is Nigeria for the Hausas alone or what I don’t understand this people, I think say na all of us gather get this country Can you imagine... like the presidency is their birthright. Lugard, it will never be well with you. They are dreaming with their level of hate against the other tribe's.

And Arewa should deal with their fulani herdsmen and bandits

2023 presidency: Arewa youths give Tinubu conditions to support his presidential ambition - Daily Post NigeriaThe Arewa Youth Consultative Forum, AYCF, has given Bola Tinubu, National Leader of the All Progressives Congress, APC, conditions to support him if he He has to face me comes 2023. I am not afraid of wealth. Nigeria2daWorld Then he has to face me comes 2023. Young man with the biggest vision. Nigeria2daWorld I am coming out for presidency

Yerima shetima u are a fo*l Foolishness!!! We shouldnt be in one society with these imbeciles. Did Arewa deal with Boko haram before Buhari became president? Has Buhari not made matters worse and even appointed a terrorist in his cabinet? So you know that deals with non state actors are important before asking for power, but you fail to do so with boko haram in 2015? Is it not obvious that the quarter- education in the north is affecting their reasoning capacity?

There was boko haram in the North when Buhari took over. Fulani think they owe Nigeria. The game have changed with the new generation of Ndi Igbo Hate speech Another threat Imagine a group representing the Niger Delta telling the North in 2016 to deal with Boko Haram before asking for presidency. Did you deal with secessionist bokoharam before asking for president in 2015 and 2019

🤣😂Have you Arewa done with Banditry and Bokoharam, your brothers killing people in your home, settle it first before opening smelling mouth.

Deal With Nnamdi Kanu, Other Secessionists Before Asking For Presidency In 2023 – Arewa Youths Tell Ohanaeze | Sahara ReportersDeal With Nnamdi Kanu, Other Secessionists Before Asking For Presidency In 2023 – Arewa Youths Tell Ohanaeze | Sahara Reporters AYCF National President, Yerima Shettima made the remark in response to comments by Ohanaeze Ndigbo, apex Igbo... READ MORE: Just like you dealt with Boko Haram and the presidency was given to you, nonsense. That is very good for the so called ohanaeze , Let see how he is going to deal with that strong hero called mhazi Nnadi kanu. Hmmm this is gonna be interesting Did anybody ask u to deal with boko haram before ur own become president in 2015.

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This sounds so so condescending..... We need biafra not stupid presidency Silly man. Presidency is your birthright kwo? Arewa parasitic hypocrites must remove the gigantic beam in their eyes first, before even attempting to see the minuscule speck in the eyes of IPOB,.. If you goons are patriotic, fight for the jettisoning of the iniquitous 1999 constitution, & the restoration of federalism.

Presidency my ass. Restructure Nigeria now. Which useless presidency See the boldness with which they are ordering people around. I pity those vying for Presidency. In a normal society, this kind of talk shouldn't suffice.

2023: INEC reshuffles departments, creates additionsWhen will Voters Registration begin. Them go still rig elections boldly

Deal with your ultimatum before enforcing your hatched jihad! Nonsense. THUNDER FIRE STUPID CRIMINAL TERRORIST IDIOTS PARASITIZING ON WEALTH FROM OUR LAND THINKING THEY HAVE CONTROL OVER US.NIGERIA MUST BE DESTROYED FROM NOW. If Arewa youths are the givers of Nigerian presidency, they'll most likely give it to another wrong person.

I hate reading news from Nigeria because it increases my adrenaline and temper! These Arewa idiots,Are they aware that we southerners are the real owners of nigeria?Do they know the oil n money they get come from us?What makes these idiots feel they can control us? De zoological fulanis terrorist presideath has spoken and zoological citizens will follow suits mad political terrorist kangaroos

Did ur people deal with terrorists before staking claim to the Presidency? Why are they so afraid of this separation Nobody is stopping the north to go their own way, why stop the South Ohanaeze should not listen to these bunch of sycophants who connived with the northern political elite to impoverish the bleeding northern poor.Nigeria belongs to all Nigerians.

Asking Ohanaeze to deal with secessionist IPOB before asking for presidency is asking them to kill all IPOB for prudential sit. Once you are Igbo you are IPOB. Arewa never deal with Boko Haram before asking for presidency. One rule for them another rule for others.

2023: Why Tinubu should run for presidentsenator Bola Ahmed Tinubu held his last political office in 2007 when he completed his tenure as the second civilian governor of Lagos State Where did you keep your Brain Writing this We don't trust him. God will punish you people, selling your soul for money...useless journalists

Resolution delivered. By to Ìgbo presidency, or do Ohanézè ndi be ha posses the character to influence a change of direction back to Nigeria slave project from this present position of the children of God (Ipob)?. Their game is up, they should swallow their pride and key in Did you deal with bokoharam before asking for northern president

Two things Fulanis want are: 1. Power 2. Take over oil companies The Arewa youths are a bunch of sycophants,who connived with the northern political elite to impoverish the northern poor,the use religion,ethnicity and region as tool of enslavement. Don't shift goal post.... D president caused all dz by his nepotic action towards d country.

Ohanaeze is the most foolish group ever, I can see their thirst for power, very corrupt fools The muthafucking nerve of these people And the fools in ohanaeze will also do that just to get presidency in 2023 instead of achieving secession. It will be difficult to entrust them with power, it’s better for them to ensure sanity in their home before coming to the table to discuss with those on top so people can say they have shown commitment and not by threats and intimidations, those days are over.”

This guy is insane

‘No amount of killings, intimidation will stop Igbo presidency in 2023’Representatives of Ebonyi Central Senatorial District, Obinna Ogba, have insisted on the position of Ndigbo that despite rising violence Are these ppl insane? Like TF 😡 Who said such? Good day sir/ma, we offer corporate services on: Website Design & Hosting, Company Reg. with CAC, NAFDAC reg., Nigerian Export Promotion Council (NEPC) reg., SCUML application, FRC reg., LASRERA reg. etc DM or Call/WhatsApp: 08082154498 | 07036930924 We take the burden off you

Facts. Deal with your bastards first. You guys are bunch of confused jokers