127 soldiers resign

1/22/2021 1:00:00 AM

Their resignation came a few days after Buratai told recruits undergoing training in Falgore forest camp in Kano that they would be deployed to Sambisa forest.

Thu Jan 21 2021No fewer than 127 soldiers have exited the Nigerian Army following a formal approval by the Chief of Army Staff, Lt. Gen. Tukur Buratai.Their resignation came a few days after Buratai told recruits undergoing training in Falgore forest camp in Kano that they would be deployed to Sambisa forest.

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A top military officer confirmed the development to Daily Trust.Why Tarok nation has fearless soldiers, generalsAlso, a memo signed by Brig. Gen. T.A Gagariga directed all the 127 soldiers to submit all military properties in their possession.The exiting soldiers, according to the memo, cut across various formations of the Nigerian Army across the country.

The list of resigning soldiers did not distinguish between those embarking on voluntary retirement and those leaving the army on medical grounds.The personnel consist one Master Warrant Officer, three Warrant Officers, 22 Staff Sergeants, 29 Sergeants, 64 Corporals, seveb Lance Corporals and one Private. headtopics.com

They will finally be disengaged in May.The memo read, “In compliance with the provisions of section A, the COAS vide reference B has approved the voluntary discharge of the above named NWO and 126 others listed in annex A. The soldiers are to proceed on terminal leave WEF 26th April, 21 while their disengagement date takes effect from 26th May 21 in accordance with the NA administrative policies and procedures No. 27 paragraphs 3 and 4,” the memo read.

“Accordingly, I am directed to request you relate to their respective units to release the affected soldiers to report to HQ CAR with their unit service documents for documentation NLT 5th January 21 and ensure that:”“a. All forms of military controlled items, arms, ammunition and items of combat kits are recovered from the soldiers prior to their disengagement date and certified that they are properly de-kitted.”

“b. They complete all necessary documentation for withdrawal from: 1. NAWIS contributions 2. DENFUND contribution 3. National Mortgage Contributions.” Read more: Daily Trust »

Follow me now ASAP and I will follow you now but if you did not follow back then I will un follow you if you follow and still later un follow I will do same Na 2021 we dey now no joking One cadet don run go cry give him uncle say Buratai wan kpai dem. Wahala. Its a welcome development, the lives of these soldiers should be protected from untrustworthy politicians and sponsors of Boko Haram

AshakaSaleh Good enough they resigned because it means that they were not really prepared to serve. When you join the military, you should know that to fight a war, will be the most likely end. The military, is for the braves and dedicated ones. Thanks. Great news thank God they resigned, they should deployed Fulani herdsmen, Almanjiri and Arewa Twitter to Sambisa Forest after all they're the sole sponsors of these mayhem. Heartless Souls in Power Using our Southerners brothers as bait. God pass una

Can we see the list to enable us understand the reason for the resignation. maybe they are from a particular section of the country.i said, maybe. Do you blame them. Why deploy fresh recruits to the front line and leave experienced ones in the town. This is why BOKOHARAM will never be defeated. We don't want to seriously fight them.

Run for Ur lives: its not worth dieying for Nigeria: because our leaders dont care about any!! They doubted the support of their government when the time beckons... Your citizens don't even believe in you.. Sad WhichWayNaija They have every reason to do so. Trained but inexperienced. Somethings like suicide massage.

Of course. They are not insane. How could you send recruits to fight well trained terrorists with better sophisticated weaponry? It is the height of wickedness. Its like sacrificing them to dogs. How can you send recruits to the front line when we are not in a state of war!? floochowsky Awon omo lomo 😂😂

Hmmm That's one of the effects of recruiting pple with lower Morales. Once u are ready to serve ur Father's Land u don't scare of our enemies, bcoz to ‘Die as Hero is better than to live a Coward'. God forbid Better for them to resign. I hope the JAMB Portal is open, let them go back to school than for them to be a sacrificial lambs in the Sambisa Forest by Boko Haram.

Dola_Fagsam It's not the guys in camp that resigned na.. You can't even resign without being enlisted. Majorly Lance corporals resigned. All army recruits know they ywik be deployed to sambisa. As a way of improving the economy Federal Government empowerment loan is out to full time business men/women,Note loan are from the minimum of (200,000.00 to the maximum of 10,000,000.00).Contact Hon,Adams on +2349034957596 for more details about the loan program).

😂🤣 How could you post new recruit to Sambisa forest? Those with little or no experience . Why can't Buratai follow the step of the Chadian President? Who lead his troops to Boko haram den! We should lead by example 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Sambisa forest, land of the dead. No one in their right mind should join Nigeria army. Why go face torture and painful death by bokoharam when they caught you alive and thereafter your families are forgotten. Nigeria is not worth penny to die for.

Why won't they resign, wen he Buratai categorically tell them he is taking them to slaughter house... They have every reason to resign Fake news I totally support them. Someone want to use them in Sambisa as a sacrifice The Nigerian Army is like stagnant water. No leadership change for 6 years. Very stale and smelling. Let the water flow. Let fresh ideas flow.

This is Unpatriotic act! Sounded like a suicide mission.🚶‍♂️ Any sane person should resign from the Army, knowing that he/she will be betrayed, if sent out to the forest. Let's see it from another angle. Being sent to fight isn't an issue, but knowing that the very people who trained and Armed you, will betfay you is dishonorable.

🤣😂 Who wan die for nothing Burutai not a good army chief u don't tell new recruit such statements where? are the experience soldiers They should have known it's not just another job opportunity, it's real bloody business. But wait with the way the fight against BH has been, do they really expect freshmen to want to go there in a hurry? They are not in a hurry to die. We know soldiers r nt well equipped & moral

AshakaSaleh It is good they resigned now. Were they expecting to be posted to a beer parlow after training so that they separate a fight between drunkards? Now they have a partial training and so, are a danger to the public. We must design ways of checking this nonsense. This is exactly what I will do when someone is telling me in advance when to die.

😂 😂 😂 Oga no want make Recruits enjoy their Pass out. He wan draft dem go Fight BH straight Why cant this Buratai employ northerners as soldiers to confront bokoharam? Why stylishly sending our sane n innocent southerners to clean up there cheerished mess Nice one, buratai, Buhari, ArewaYouthForum and northern elders should go there themselves

The HQNigerianArmy wants to use the new recruits as baits and some sort of experiments like guinea pigs in Sambisa Forest, Borno State.... One nigger area Return home mates. Nice move. Then where are going? 🤔 🤔 9ja my country 🤣🤣🤣 Dat is deep ooo. So resignation is allowed ? Lies u cant resign from the army after undergoing millitary training till u serve for some years

Chai our mumu don do This country ehn😂😂 so after all the training, they want to deploy them to sambisa to go for a suicide mission. I no blame those boys ooo.. VincentFoucher Hilarious job seekers . Away them. It is called the NA. It is not a job employment agency. It is a volunteer Army.😂😂😂 They made the right choice..

Who want die for this country I thought the Nigerian Army have chased boko haram out of sambisa 😌 🤣🤣🤣 i no blame them I don't blame them.😂😂 😄😄😄😄😄speechless