YOURSAY | Tuan Ibrahim, which planet is Malaysia on?

YOURSAY | Tuan Ibrahim, which planet is Malaysia on?

12/4/2021 2:23:00 AM

YOURSAY | Tuan Ibrahim, which planet is Malaysia on?

'The problem with Tuan Ibrahim is he doesn't know the subject matter…'

Environment Minister Tuan Ibrahim Tuan Mat, your statement about Malaysia not being climate-vulnerable just shows complete ignorance.Malaysia is part of planet Earth. Simple. Climate change will affect us all.Already rainfall patterns in parts of Peninsular Malaysia indicate increasing lengthy dry periods, maybe heading to drought. That puts our water supply under threat, and our forest systems - due to the dry weather - will come under increased risk of fire.

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Food supply chains will be increasingly disrupted. There is a reasonable chance of increasing and more intense cyclone activity. Sabah and Sarawak will suffer more inundations.Peninsular Malaysia will also suffer more intense and prolonged flooding events. Maybe even higher wind events. None of our housing or housing projects is even Category 1 cyclone rated.

Rising sea levels are happening. What of our low-lying coastal populations and ports? The rise of the sea level also increases coastal soil salinity issues.Stop this nonsense of Malaysia not being climate-vulnerable. That was the past, not the future.

Rupert16:“Tuan Ibrahim said the main objective of the conference was to encourage large economies that collectively contribute 80 percent of greenhouse gases to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius.”Good attempt in trying to explain why Malaysia was not invited. But are Antigua and Barbuda, and Gabon (both invited to

) large economies? So, please stop giving silly reasons.IndigoKite6964:Well, can we expect anything but a spin from people like Tuan Ibrahim? The reason why Vietnam, Indonesia and Singapore were invited to the conference was that those countries have knowledge, innovation and experience to share.

Let's face the facts. Malaysia is more interested in race, religion and corruption above everything else. Our smartest have left for countries like Singapore, Australia, Canada and the UK.There is no such thing as meritocracy here, just who you know and how much you can give.

Dummies Dhimmi:I don't think Tuan Ibrahim knows what climate change really is. He is interested only in “government change” - to PAS.Also, he has no clue about the destructive nature of plastics.YellowWolf4469:Well, it’s not entirely his fault. Who put him into that ministry? This backdoor government has been giving out and even creating positions for their gang of usurpers.

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Merit is the last thing they have in their minds. Pride and glory for the country are not to be expected during their term in office.P Dev Anand Pillai:Basically, the politicians from PAS are simply not qualified to sit in any ministry except religion.

The Malays have to learn to come out of this bubble and face reality. There are a lot of able and highly capable Malays out there quietly going about their lives because they know that in our nation, the ignorant outnumber the smart. So, they will never make an impact, even if they try their best to educate the masses to enable them to think.

It is about time that the Malays who run the nation pick suitably qualified candidates to represent the country and speak at international forums.If ministers are ‘kampung simpletons’, we have to get good and able civil servants to do the job. But the problem is our civil servants are no better either. They may have many degrees to their names but when it comes to the international arena, they need to stand out for the world to take notice.

We had a great minister in Yeo Bee Yin but as usual, she won't fit the bill because she is an ethnic Chinese and comes from the DAP.PurpleMoose5046:Yes, former energy, science, technology, environment and climate change minister Yeo did a better job while holding a bigger portfolio with more responsibilities.

Compare this to the current ministry that has been divided between Tuan Ibrahim and Science, Technology, and Innovation Minister Khairy Jamaluddin, and their respective deputies. What a bloated cabinet.Puffins:Malaysia these days has nothing to be proud of. Former minister Yeo Bee Yin would have put Malaysia on the world map if she was given time to launch all her climate change and ‘safe the environment’ initiatives.

With her educational background, she would have succeeded. Sadly, it has all come to nothing under Tuan Ibrahim.Plain Simple:I would like to quote DAP leader Lim Guan Eng’s on-target statement: “Tuan Ibrahim should wake up and set his vision on how to integrate climate change measures into the work of government agencies and the way forward to reclaim our 'climate change' reputation.”

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The problem with Tuan Ibrahim is he doesn't know the subject matter and when he doesn’t ask, he becomesbodoh sombong(stupid and arrogant).This is a common factor in all the present ministers. Most probably, they don't even work. What's happening Malaysia

ku tercinta?Malaysian.1548239364942:The DAP crowd here don't want to hear the truth, do they? Anything and everything to bash PAS.This is after their own darling minister extending Lynas’ operating licence after running a whole election claiming they wanted to shut it down.

YellowKoala7998:In Kelantan, there is no need for climate change as it's always green. And the climate there is good for the‘katak bawah tempurung’to relax and talk nonsense in a very green state compared to other states.Vietnam and Indonesia, as well as the rest of Southeast Asia, are catching up. Meanwhile, Malaysia is on a downward trend.

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He is Menteri from Kampung... So his mind will speak for kampung goers... Shame on you! it is good for you to resign then being embarrassed further. You don’t even have knowledge of what is climate change. Ive said it again and again this fella is not QUALIFIED, for the job Side effects of secondary ketum consumption..Or blatantly unqualified on the job...

He is a gaji buta minister without any knowledge in Science. He is only a puppet in the cabinet with zero contribution to the rakyat. Kaki ngeteh Suh dia bncg dgn ayah pin la.. Lebih kurang je level dia ni.. Uranus👻👻 Planet Taliban. Why is the muslim PAS is so stupid. We all know the level of competence is so wanting. But it’s ok. Malaysia is not vulnerable.

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... covidism is stupefying the surface dwellers. 'On a long enough timeline, the survival rate for everyone drops to zero.' - Chuck Palahniuk You never accepted this is Malaysia 'The problem with Tuan Ibrahim is he doesn't know the subject matter…' This mamat murtad is thinking all the satans he prays to will take him through the Sciences created by his God Allah. This murtad will burn in Hell for telling lies about his God's Sciences.

'Venus'.....hint2 Do you all read what sahabat alam Malaysia said, it is no political movement and the most active movement about nature in Malaysia, do read it Cilaka keturunan penunggang agama ini Aib dan bogel kamu dalam kehinaan. Certainly he does not know what is his job n role n general knowledge. More fit to be imam at kampung! Malaysia is a world dump n dumb site for rm20/tonne! Thanks to PN!!!

Maybe he shuld be given the religious ministry portfolio or women ministry.....this ministry requires science based education Menteri kencing merata He might not understand the whole subject matter but he understands very² well the subject on the 'Almighty Allah and HIS Creations'. On top of that he has all the experts in the ministry and 'source out' inputs if and when needed.

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Answer: What's a planet? Planet PAS la

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