YOURSAY | PM’s ‘kitchen cabinet’ will always be full

YOURSAY | PM’s ‘kitchen cabinet’ will always be full

24/7/2021 2:58:00 AM

YOURSAY | PM’s ‘kitchen cabinet’ will always be full

‘Malaysia can go to the doldrums for all the PM cares.’

to the Tengku Ampuan Rahimah Hospital (HTAR) in Klang, Selangor depicts the state of the nation and its leadership - a very sick one.It is one and a half years too late. This is just like the “I’ll go to the ground first thing in the morning”situation

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with former Prasarana chairperson Tajuddin Abdul Rahman after the recent LRT crash.Maybe the prime minister and the rest of his overpaid and under-worked cabinet should go to the ground regularly as a part of their job and things will improve drastically, if only for a moment. All the shortages will be overcome and people will wake up from their slumber, at least for a while.

And of course, his kitchen cabinet willwith supplies and they will be ‘well-fed’ to keep the Perikatan Nasional (PN) government going.OCT:The first order of the PN government is to portray the prime minister as a caring statesperson even though in reality it is the reverse. Muhyiddin is not the only PM that has been at fault and he won’t be the last.

Former prime minister Najib Abdul Razak also did the same. When the 1MDB scandal broke out, BN portrayed him as the best PM. The PM does no wrong. The PM is a good man. The PM is caring. Who cares what the rakyat may think or if the rakyat suffer?And the PM’s top priority is to ensure his MPs support his position no matter what it takes, even if it’s to the extent of

promotinga senior minister to the deputy prime minister position even after he failed his duties.The PM offers things that his loyal followers cannot refuse and his opponents cannot match. That is his only job. Malaysia can go to the doldrums for all the PM cares.

Once in a while, the PM does some public relations. That roughly sums up the PM’s vision for a successful Malaysia.Clever Voter:Muhyiddin is not alone. Such a scene reflects the culture and ugly side of the patronage system in Malaysia.A VVIP visit has to have protocols, it has to be ceremonial in nature, there should be no controversy, and even not a speck of dust is to be seen.

The country is living in denial. Muhyiddin knows the problems ahead of him, and he too has an agenda to ensure his political support is assured at all times.He may be changing his emperor’s clothes, but whether they fit him, he does not need to know. Because it all has been taken care of.

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The priority is to ensure there is a feel-good thing. And this is the reason why we are in such a mess.Anon 93751028:Who will be the brave small boy (or perhaps a girl) to speak up and shout "But the Emperor has no clothes!"We are all already “giggling” at his stupidity behind his back (not my words,

we can call him that). But he needs to hear the words directly to his face, in public, before he will hear and understand.Doc:There is a slight variation between the fable ‘The Emperor’s New Clothes' and the story of ‘The Clueless Malaysia PM’.In the above story, the emperor was duped into wearing the fine invisible fabric due to his stupidity and his ministers and advisers were too aware that emperor was duped but they were scared to point out that the emperor is naked.

In the Malaysian context; Muhyiddin is nothing short of idiotic but his ministers and advisers are equally idiotic in their own right. Thus, everyone in the PN government is an imbecile, not only the emperor or in this case the PM.Maya:Very true. We are living in a fool’s world. It has come to a stage where we do not want to hear him. From the time he said Abah

will rotanus if we break the SOP, the whole cabinet has been full of deadwood. Nothing can and will change them.Sadly, the people are speechless, unable to do anything, while the pandemic is used to play politics till kingdom comes.JazliSalleh:Sorry, but I honestly feel we have yet to see a Malay leader since Tunku Abdul Rahman's era who is committed to serving the nation and the rakyat, irrespective of race or religion.

The subsequent ones after that era have all been opportunists who didn't mind tearing the nation into bits as long as they were able to amass wealth for themselves, their families, and their cronies.Things have only become worse with this Malay-only government concept with more of the same clones. We have yet to see a true Malay leader who is committed to the betterment of the nation.

It is indeed sad to see the nation slowly sinking with wrongdoers constantly celebrated.IndigoJaguar7545:Insecure egotistical men have been the downfall of many nations.Parliament closed for over six months. Mass allegations of MP buying and bribes. Spike in suicides. A horrifying kleptocrat back in government.

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All this amid a ton of scandals committed against the poor. Still, ministers claim we’renot a failed state.I can guarantee not a single one of these ministers have stayed at least a few weeks in any B20 community. They can hardly communicate with any Orang Asli and they have conveniently ignored decades of democratic destruction.

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If those comments were to be true , don't blame the govt. but our stupid selves. You said the ministers slumber, but we slumbered way too long. If we went to the streets much earlier than '98, things are much different now. No, we hv to wait for one stupid guy to be sacked. نعوذ بالله من ذلك

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YOURSAY | Time to ‘kitajagakita’, we’ve the right to videotape our vaccination‘This doubt is the last thing the country needs - did I really get vaccinated?’ PPV tak bagi..bila angkat phone cuba rakam..terus kena tahan dan tak bagi rakam...tanya kenapa kata sebab boleh jadi berita negative...tanya siapa punya arahan kata 'memang tak boleh' Agak2 nama orang tu Memang Tak Boleh bin Kerajaan You allowed video/photography it will be time consuming. Then our daily target can be less 30-50% from normal. I think just make it compulsary to show the amount of vaccines before & after is much practical.

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