Yoursay: No amount of excuses, rationalisation can justify the betrayal

YOURSAY | ‘The jury is still out on who really is the mastermind.’


Yoursay: No amount of excuses, rationalisation can justify the betrayal

YOURSAY | ‘The jury is still out on who really is the mastermind.’

As such, no amount of excuses, self-serving rationalisation, et cetera, changes the fact that this is exactly what Bersatu president Muhyiddin Yassin and former PKR deputy president Azmin Ali and their supporters have done, albeit 20 months later.The problem is, DAP had no role in anything, except for being the punching bag.

paints a picture of a senile old man easily swayed by whispers in his ear. That does not give me any confidence at all.There is a fine line between having"integrity" and being visionless, rudderless and cowardly. Willingly being robbed is not magnanimity. Willingly being swindled, again and again, is not integrity. Your lack of response emboldens the right-wing supremacists.

You lost your integrity along with your voice when you become Mahathir's apologists.Appreciate that Mahathir not leaving the government effectively put an end to all the tempestuous storm in the country caused by the snaky traitors in the night of the long knives.

I was at one of the top hotels in Petaling Jaya at 1.30pm this afternoon. Normally, this hotel is packed from noon onwards because it offers great buffet dishes at a reasonable price. I was surprised to see that there were only two tables being occupied out of 50 tables - presumably due to the fear of Covid-19.

If Azmin and his collaborators from the opposition claimed that they did it for the people, this does not make sense because the country is in the middle of a global pandemic.What exactly is going on with Mahathir and Bersatu, no one really knows. Could be I resign first then you say no then I relent... ending up status quo with me as PM, me deciding on cabinet positions, me not giving space to Anwar gang and DAP.

Even if Azmin stayed loyal, if Bersatu is not loyal, Harapan is still walking a tightrope, which is not healthy for a reformist government.The way the good ship Hope has been tossing and heaving in the capricious sea, one cannot decide whether this is a Shakespearean comedy or tragedy - one minute in turbulent waters ridden with Brutuses and Iagos, the next moment tranquil waters where Falstaff and Prospero return to soothe and repair.

Yet the villains and traitors have been made known, their plotting and cunning has been shown false, and they head into a vague future where the only fate certain is that it would prove most uncomfortable anon.

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I recall clearly that Anwar being fearful of Azmin, appointed Rafizi who lost, into a top PKR position. And Anwar, fearful of Azmin, had his ppl persecute Azmin + co. Anwar was the one not honouring democratic processes. Just so he could be PM! Respect ✊🏼 truth

Yoursay: Muhyiddin’s grouses against AG’s LTTE decision unfoundedYOURSAY | ‘Charges filed upon the 12 individuals under Sosma does not hold water.’ There seems to be too many sayings from unqualified solicitors trying to justify the flawed deeds of AG. Best to allow the courts to decide to ensure justice & to avoid unfair self-justifying decisions.

Yoursay: Is Dr M the good or bad guy in this drama?YOURSAY | ‘Honourable people do not renege on their promises.’ Stop your drama lah MKini. You are one of the reasons that makes Muslims and Malays hate PH Bad My say, media stop provoke the public. Full stop ok!

Yoursay: Azmin Ali - the man who brought down Harapan gov'tYOURSAY | ‘Azmin and co are now backpedalling since their nefarious agenda has come to light…’ Nope, he is the man used to bring down Harapan Could u please retitled that . He’s done nothing but created disarray and jobs and income destruction. Masuk sejarah dah, si kitul lama n si kitul moden

Yoursay: Malaysia’s Ides of March in FebruaryYOURSAY | ‘Mahathir will be stronger than his first tenure. He wins. Great play.’

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