Yoursay: Is Dr M the good or bad guy in this drama?

Yoursay: Is Dr M the good or bad guy in this drama?


Yoursay: Is Dr M the good or bad guy in this drama?

YOURSAY | ‘Honourable people do not renege on their promises.’

LIVE: Bersatu rejects Dr M's resignation Quigonbond: The opposition coalition will not happen if Bersatu does not join them. If so, there are these possibilities: 1) Interim prime minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad is playing PKR leader Anwar Ibrahim inside out and Anwar either knows and is powerless, or he continues to believe what Mahathir told him about the handover. a) If Mahathir is playing Anwar, then Mahathir is a culprit behind the whole conspiracy. That's hard to disbelieve considering he appointed Bersatu leaders to key positions such as Home Ministry that controls the police, he did not scrape the National Security Council (NSC) Act, he used Security Offences (Special Measures) Act (Sosma) to weaken DAP, and most of all, he appointed PKR’s Azmin Ali faction to the cabinet. b) If Mahathir is not playing Anwar, then he has lost control of Bersatu. In which case, we need to ask who is in charge of Bersatu? This is a possibility but I find improbable. Given the above, what value exactly can we gain from Mahathir saying he will keep his promise on the power transition but he won't decisively act within Bersatu to make sure that the promise goes through? This is nothing short of a power grab, but one without any end goal in mind for Malaysia. It will be a gathering of people who are ultra-Malay and ultra-religious, it will comprise of people who are the least technocratic, fully subscribing to kleptocracy. It will comprise of bigots and hooligans. They don't even have a leader post-Mahathir. Best of all, they don't even have a manifesto. As I've mentioned, the stock market has declined. Now it is set to crash. It might as well because that's about the only signal investors can send to the conspirators that they are not welcomed. It's about time for a general election and leave it to the wisdom of the people whether they want continued reform, or they think with their religion and colour. We will either end up back to where we started, or we will finally wipe out those holding back our progress. With conditions being better now, with the media unleashed and free and fair elections, at least the reformists stand a better chance. Gaji Buta: I don't for a second believe that Mahathir had nothing to do with the plot to set up a backdoor government. Something did not go as planned and some tensions probably grew among the plotters and he walked out. People seem so quick to absolve him from everything that happened over the last few days and even since GE14. I would not believe anything from him unless it was verified by a lie detector. Anonymous 2413471460628504: If Mahathir has no part to play in this plot, and the traitors are merely using his name, then he should come out and roundly condemn them. By doing that, he would have restored some dignity to himself and give the snakes a tight slap across their stinking faces. FairMalaysian: There is a Tamil saying,"Don't ride into the river on a mud-made horse." When Mahathir was mooted as the PM on a consensus basis, that was trust and beyond that, the honour and respect bestowed upon him. Nowhere in this world such a thing had happened, and despite the doubts that swirled around from his earlier premiership of 22 years, the other coalition leaders and the people came to see him talk and listen to what he had to say. That was not definitely a popular TV show. The great respect that Pakatan Harapan leader Wan Azizah Wan Ismail, Lim Kit Siang and Mohamad Sabu showed towards him should be compared to the overdose of disrespect and rude remarks that were heaped on him. Former prime minister Najib Abdul Razak called him stupid and his Umno leaders followed suit. PAS took the disrespect to a cheeky level. Its leader derided Mahathir as someone fit only to run a clinic and not a country. Today, these are the chameleons who are supposed to be his new partners. All the Harapan leaders asked was to honour an agreement. On everyone's lips was why this was not written down. That is the level of trust and respect they had for him. Think of the time when Wan Azizah could have been the PM if she had wanted and was offered to her by the previous Agong. Honourable people do not renege on their promises. Clever Voter: Power corrupts. It is obvious and glaring to the eyes and ears of the country of what took place. Elected MPs do not know the meaning of responsibility and trust. Easily half are self-serving people who only care for themselves, especially the Azmin faction. Loyalty to the country, voters, party are all important. Yet we saw many, especially those from opposition, willing to treat such opportunity as a ticket to get out of jail. What took place tells us about the real motives of these so-called ‘wakil rakyat’ (people’s representatives). It’s shameless and deceitful. Vijay47: As usual, we Malaysians are in receipt of tons of messages, all always from “reliable sources”, about the latest twist and turns in our political arena. The current one with some traction is that Mahathir’s midnight raid fizzled out when the Agong refused to dance to the PM’s joget music, leaving the band of traitors holding an empty bag. On the other hand, DAP and Amanah withstood the onslaught and remained steadfast to their commitment to adhere to the people’s mandate, their dignity intact. That brings us to Azmin, the star of the show and lately of Hollywood fame. All the knives, daggers, guns, and assorted weaponry will be aimed right where it hurts him most. So what can he do? My suggestion is that he deny, deny, and deny that he was anywhere near the scene of the crime. The inspector-general of police (IGP) can easily be persuaded to demand stronger evidence than common rumours, he may then choose to send all related video recordings to a night-school in Cox Bazaar, Bangladesh, for identity verification. And what do you know, the tapes were damaged in transit, the person purported to be Azmin cannot be clearly discerned, the security bag containing the tapes had been sent by MH370, and the electronics wizard appointed to analyse the evidence had gone on leave to attend his second son’s third wedding. Back at the ranch, the rumour mills keep milling. Anonymous_1371547149: I look back at that day on May 9, 2018 with sadness. A day that was so full of euphoria and hope for Malaysians. I cry for those who flew back from all parts of the world to make New Malaysia possible. I remember speaking to a fellow Malaysian who said she cried for a few days at the rakyat's victory over kleptocracy and corruption. Malaysians were prepared to give Mahathir the benefit of the doubt and took his tears for real. Now we know the pain of betrayal, that those tears he shed were crocodile tears and that his agenda was to put himself back into power, for his cronies and his family's benefit at the expense of the rakyat. This is the legacy he will leave behind - a despicable man - who stole the election from us. We did not elect for PAS, Umno, Gerakan, MCA or MIC to govern over us. Instead, we elected a wolf in sheep's clothing. He has now cast off his sheep's clothing and we see him for what he really is. Meow: If DAP plan to renominate Mahathir as the PM, there is something that we don't know. Is Mahathir a good or bad guy? Apa Harapan: Anwar said he was touched by Mahathir's attitude. Wasn't Dr M the culprit who allowed all those snakes to come knocking from the backdoor. If only he had said a big no from the start instead of entertaining these self-serving crooks and potential crooks that encouraged them to plot and counter-plot at the expense of national stability when a bigger virus threat is already upon us. Xiao Zhu: Most nations are cracking the heads to contain the Covid-19 from causing more dead and the impact of the economy. Yet in our midst, we have traitors - a disgrace to the race, religion and the nation - to create more havoc to the country. Coward: A coup? Possible. So is the possibility that there was confirmation of the handover date, if one reads the signs slightly differently. So a coup driven by the knowledge and possibility of handover (Mahathir to Anwar) is equally possible. Maybe we know the answer by the end of the day. The above is a selection of comments posted by Malaysiakini subscribers. Only paying subscribers can post comments. In the past one year, Malaysiakinians have posted over 100,000 comments. 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Mahathir should retire He's a man with honor. Though sometime he make decision that might not be satisfying to everybody. But right is right and wrong is wrong... it hard to be him... He is the good, the bad and the ugly in both sides of the political divides...a good actor ! Drama king😝 Not good or bad. In politics, I guess you have to be a conniving, mischievous, ruthless, merciless, etc, to succeed. All traits possessed by him. Nobody else comes close. But to champion his goals and ideals with no regard for the people & nation, that is simply evil.

good Presiden mahathir Tun Maverick. Love him ❤️. Hidup Tun Good guy More like the anti-hero Good move only..the rest..mmm

Yoursay: It was never Dr M's intention to hand power to AnwarYOURSAY | 'Mahathir thinks he is the only one who knows what is best for Malaysia.' 🙊🙊🙊 you just figured this out last night what a shame. Wow...a mind reader

Lim kit siang kene game ...Dap ingat dia boleh gune mahathir ke.. There are no good or bad guys. Only the lesser evil. definitely the bad guy...messing up the gov of day... unscrouplous!!..attending maruah convention!! calling people hook nose!! unterefering in other country affairs!! He is definitely seeking for the good of Malaysian.

He's sharp and for a 94 year old man, he puts most to shame. The way he act was bad because as prime minister he should responsible to taking care nation and people.Drama still going on waiting for good outcome news He is the director of the drama. They are all bad guys. This only happens when you have no focus on serving the public

He is badass Always been bad, never good

Anwar arrives at Istana Negara following news of Dr M's resignation | Malay MailKUALA LUMPUR, Feb 24 — PKR President Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim has arrived at Istana Negara for a scheduled meeting with Yang di-Pertuan Agong Al-Sultan Abdullah Ri’ayatuddin Al-Mustafa Billah Shah. Anwar was seen entering the Gate 2 of the palace at 2.32pm. Anwar's scheduled meeting with the...

He is like Clint Eastwood. The good the bad and the ugly! Hhmmm excellent guy Let's put it this way. Azmin and his cohorts definitely have the numbers or will be able to sway MPs to switch. TDM CAN choose to do that, but he chose to Resign instead. I'd give him the benefit of the doubt. I'm actually very grateful and appreciative of him, for GE14

The most hated Cunning He is the best statesman the world has ever seen in the previous and current centuries and the foreseeable future. A true political grandpa. 🙂 Never trust him, seen his politaik since late 70s....loads of political sh!t endless till now...a good lesson for limkitsiang guanenglim KEADILAN PartiAmanah dapmalaysia ...what is so difficult to hand over the position to dsai if he does not have ulterior motive

He is maybe like Francis Underwood if you watch House of Cards To malaysiakini the only good guy is anwar Boleh survive dlm politik bertahun2.. sebab kita rakyat bodoh percaya kata-kata politik 😂

Azmin, Zuraida visit Dr M's houseRecently sacked PKR MPs Datuk Seri Azmin Ali and Zuraida Kamaruddin, together with several cars belonging to deputy ministers arrive at Dr Mahathir's residence in Seri Kembangan. Panic le tew Shameless Wise move ~In politics, nothing happens by accident. If it happens, you can bet it was planned that way. By Franklin D Rosevelt

He’s thanos ... historically he is the most smartest politician you will ever heard about... chedetofficial you should have picked a side. On one side is the corrupt UMNO and the other side, your son as DPM. That is also corruption chedet. Bestest guy in Malaysia. Hahaha... Good ofcourse! Intellectual leader... Of course good... Meowwww

'...good on one side & bad for one side...' The should have picked a side. BAD The conspirator

At Dr M’s home, Bersatu’s Redzuan hints ‘7th PM to become 8th’ | Malay MailKUALA LUMPUR, Feb 24 — Bersatu supreme council member Datuk Seri Mohd Redzuan Md Yusof joined supporters at former prime minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s home here and suggested that the intrigue involving the latter was not over. Dr Mahathir resigned as the prime minister following... Kwakwakwa.....

He is Genius. 💪💪💪👍 Mixed of both Who knows... Puji puji puji la... Dulu kan main korang kutuk dia. Either way he would come out on top. Masterclass! Tbh, genius unfortunately bad guy 💯 He is the guy who pokes both sides and sits right on top of everyone pulling the strings.....aka ultimate puppetmaster!

There is no good or bad... It's just politics.. Still not know yet until we see the next step he move Cunning fox 🦊 la

Agong accepts Dr M’s resignation, reappoints him as interim PM | Malay MailKUALA LUMPUR, Feb 24 — The Yang di-Pertuan Agong Al-Sultan Abdullah Ri’ayatuddin Al-Mustafa Billah Shah has accepted Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s resignation earlier today as the seventh prime minister, but has now reappointed him to hold the position in the interim, Chief Secretary to the... chedetofficial please don’t leave. Here we go...a rollercoaster ride ahead for next few days... Interim makna tiada kabinet dan tidak boleh tempoh lama. Adalah baik dibubarkan parlimen

He is the Master Mind...infact he is actually the “Kingmaker”. What a smart person😁🙂 If Anwar really worthy and have a majority support to become the next PM, there is nothing can stop him now.. why wait? bad I of his master stroke Is a good or a bad one He is bad to the bad and good to the good. He has a task to complete, let him do his work which doesn't benefit him but the whole nation.

LOL not even his wife know what his next move going to can u expect his political rival to know anything? He is the Grand GrandMaster. It's either u follow him or risk getting nothing. Dont ever ever cross his line. You're a dead man. The most outstanding, genius , smart , intelligent, strong , bold , thinker , politician and a good leader the world has ever seen in this century. He leads the country like playing a chess game . How brilliant can that be 💁🏻‍♀️

He's genius. Wat u expect from anwar... He deserves an Oscar ... 👏👏👏👏👏👏 Brilliant guy and genuis politician..

Bursa Malaysia closes at lowest level in almost 10 years on Dr M's resignationKUALA LUMPUR: Political turmoil brought about by the collapse of the Pakatan Harapan government has placed further strain on Malaysia’s economy, as the country’s stock exchange closed at its lowest point since late 2010 on Monday.

Best guy He is genius..Brilliant! Real politician😎 he’s the mastermind.he’s the bad guy. he went to see YDPA to ask for a change of govt. but YDPA doubt he has the numbers.If he cares so much about PH,he shd alert PH leader council of azmin betrayal act. but he didnt. he went to see YDPA to ask for consent to form new govt.

Yoursay : MalaysiaKini tak lama lagi kena belajar jawi or masuk jawi? 😂 He is the reason MK exist. Finding faults and internist Anwar, LGE, Mat sabu Good or bad guy Tun M 's political career obviously has come to an end. During his tenures as PM, we saw PLUS,twin Towers being built, to name a few. Let's not bother, if he is gd or bad actor. Tun honoured what he said. 'I can resign 2moro if I want' Let's hope a new PM can b sworn in asap.

He is the most Outthought than anyone. Good to expose the Bad side of PH esp.. 🚀 Well he is certainly smart.. beyond..

Kalau genius brilliant ekonomi dah ok dah. when ur in politics, there is no such thinng as a good guy, just bad or less bad. which is lesser than 2 evils is more like it Cerdik He's the guy going out smelling like a bouquet of roses irrespective of the outcome of this sh1tfest. Someone would like to decorate him as a victim in this case for country economy propose

He is just an Old Fox...DAP, PKR and PAN put the trust on return they got Kick out of Putrajaya !! He is THANOS Premature to tell. Red herrings continue to be thrown. Have to wait for the ikan biadap to settle. Bit of both. But still he is so damn genius! This article is full of labelling and stereotyping. Beware

He is genius..Brilliant! He's not good or bad but he's definitely genius guy. Malaysia need people like him. He should be allow to be PM for full term. How to determine which is good or bad? Bad, Ugly & Dirty to boot!!! He is a Mastermind! Bila haramjadah ni good? It should be about us, the people. Did the mandate given by the people come to this? Have a snap election, teach these people.

tun M genius! kahkah The sandiwaras would have been avoided if the agreed May handover is respected. 7th hokage

Real politician he just the old man who left to deal with this chaos created by the two man just can't wait to be a PM. Obviously he has his game plan to play. Biggest losers are the people of Malaysia who gave the mandate to this coalition to rule but he’d betrayed the people’s trust with all his plots lay frm the day he took over the office. Don’t forget, he’s the father of all crooks !

best of the best He is the fallguy that benefited from whatever outcome Bad Sangat cerdik..I like👍👍 Is mkini the good or bad guy? He didn't keep his promise of smooth power transition to Anwar What do u mean? He's the director la.. smh

Go on keep pushing him... stop asking all this childish questions. Grow up, will ya? Tun M wants to handover the premiership to whoever that has 112 MP seats after APEC, but somehow a faction in PH couldn't accept that decision and started to launch the Plan B without Tun's knowledge and consent. True story.

Sampai letak jawatan itu,bad guy ke? It's politics what good or bad? How old are u? 9? He must be transparent in his plan to keep to the mandate given by the Rakyat in GE14. Nothing different, please.He is very capable to achieve that. He is no a good or a bad guy in this drama. He is the most genius politician in malaysia of all time.

My say, media stop provoke the public. Full stop ok! Bad Stop your drama lah MKini. You are one of the reasons that makes Muslims and Malays hate PH

PKP: Seronok berparti ya?

Hana dan PU Abu sudah berpisah

Dr Noor Hisham sertai saintis dunia perangi Covid-19

Tak serik-serik...

Khidmat makanan bawa pulang IKEA Tebrau tutup

Isu Internet perlahan ketika PKP bakal diatasi

Khemah terbang jejas Op Covid-19

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