YOURSAY | How much did Bank Negara know about the 1MDB transactions?

YOURSAY | How much did Bank Negara know about the 1MDB transactions?

20/4/2021 3:19:00 AM

YOURSAY | How much did Bank Negara know about the 1MDB transactions?

‘It’s preposterous that a world-renowned central banker was not aware it.’

The Wakandan:Former prime minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad, your explanation does not wash and I am not prejudiced against you.I think it made sense that you chose Zeti Akhtar Aziz because she was a well-known banker. That’s a good reason for her to be one of the Council of Eminent Persons (CEP).

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Similarly, you got economist Jomo Kwame Sundaram, former finance minister Daim Zainuddin and tycoon Robert Kuok in the team, all having some outstanding economic background.But you are an intelligent person. The fact that Zeti did not act against then prime minister Najib Abdul Razak even though she allegedly knew the irregularities, would immediately disqualify her to be a member of CEP, which was an important post that you created to advise you and the nation.

Until she was cleared as to the reason why she did not act against Najib, she should have been treated with the suspicion that it could be something more than just skin deep. Yet, all the same, you brought her in. There was something really not right in that.

Remember, you were on the verge of a well-publicised platform to overthrow Najib to form a government that would eradicate corruption.The people that time would expect your appointees to be impeccable from any stain of corruption. Appointing a person with some doubt still hanging on her back certainly betrayed the trust of the people at that time.

Malaysia Bharu:Mahathir is missing the point here. The question is not about how good Zeti was or why she was allowed to remain as Bank Negara governor but about her knowledge of her husband and son's alleged receipt of 1MDB monies and her handling of 1MDB fraud while she was the central bank governor.

In fact, the 1MDB theft and the alleged transfer of 1MDB funds by her family members took place from 2008 to 2013 right in the middle of her tenure as the central bank governor. And there was then a lot of dissatisfaction with her handling of the 1MDB embezzlement prior to and post-GE14 but Mahathir saw fit to reward her with the appointment to CEP in 2018.

And Mahathir's contentions that “Zeti tried to take action against Najib but that the latter got to her and she did not dare” does not make sense.Is he telling us that she knowingly allowed the country to be robbed to save her position as governor? Is this the conduct of an eminent person?

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Manjit Bhatia:Mahathir knows how to weave his web of praise amidst his web of deceit and sudden dementia if it means to save his scrawny neck.Zeti was, to my mind, never anything great. She achieved nothing by her own volition. As far as central bank monetary policy goes, she had it easy.

The real achievers of Bank Negara, who saved Zeti's neck and lent her unwarranted praise from people like Mahathir, are the Bank Negara’s technocrats, including especially her deputy. They do all the legwork. They are the brains of Bank Negara, and the people are lucky to have them.

These technocrats are far more intelligent and skilful than any you will find in the Economic Planning Unit (EPU), Employees Provident Fund EPF), Khazanah Nasional and would leave in their wake the twits who run - or ran - Tabung Haji and Felda which the Malay political elites and their crony crooks have allegedly emptied.

But on 1MDB, Najib’s rotten baby, how can a central banker “of her standing” not know the money flows in, out and around the country's financial institutions?Headhunter:I wouldn't describe someone who let billions of ringgit slip under her nose and presumably with the knowledge that her husband and son were allegedly receiving 1MDB money as performing “very well”.

During the height of the 1MDB debacle when the media were going to town with it, there were already many questions being asked about how it could happen under the very nose of Bank Negara. The answer to that is now becoming clearer.JD Lovrenciear:Zeti must act with moral conviction. She should resign from her Permodalan Nasional Bhd (PNB) appointment until such time that her husband and son’s case sees justice delivered.

Meanwhile, Mahathir’s claim that he did not know anything clearly shows one of two truths. Either he is wriggling out of a sticky problem or he is naive and therefore totally not qualified to decide the Who’s Who for key roles in the country.Cogito Ergo Sum:

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Mahathir, it’s not “her matter” if illicit monies have allegedly entered the accounts of her husband and son. It is a matter of grave importance that stolen public monies allegedly entered the Bank Negara governor’s husband’s company.It is preposterous that a world-renowned central banker was not aware that huge sums were allegedly channelled into her husband Tawfiq Ayman’s company. She was supposed to be a steward of the nation’s coffers.

And it’s impossible you (Mahathir) could not have known about this. You are on the ball and the most informed individual in the country. So, stop pretending you were ignorant because that’s the last thing you will ever be accused of – being ignorant.Falcon:

Mahathir, this script is another very irresponsible attempt to avoid ownership and responsibility on your political decisions and leadership.And what about that individual who was allegedly caught on a sex video recording?With time running out would it not be more appropriate to admit your shortcomings, prejudice, your many missteps and mistakes and racist mind by saying simply - I'm sorry, please forgive me, Malaysia?'

BluePanther4725:This is the trademark of Mahathir. He always denied knowledge of all wrongdoings that happened during his tenure as PM.Either he is a first-class liar, or a useless, sleeping PM, or even both.MokhtarAhmad:Of course, Mahathir, you don't know anything although you were paid by the taxpayers to run the country.

All you were bothered about was to deny PKR leader Anwar Ibrahim from being the next PM. Your focus was solely on that and thus you were not bothered about the rakyat and nation.The above is a selection of comments posted byMalaysiakinisubscribers. Only paying subscribers can post comments. In the past year, Malaysiakinians have posted over 100,000 comments. Join the


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Mungkin takut kena simen, tolak Dari bangunan tinggi, blast dgn C4, tembak in the day light, kena nerve gas exposure atau hilang terus Dari muka bumi. All this has happened and we all watched helplessly didn’t we. Still no proper justice for many. It’s alarming... the number of high-profilers involved in stealing& KEEPING stolen citizens’ money. It’s time Malaysians stop idolising leaders..Another place an ordinance can help the people;confiscate ALL assets of people still keeping 1MDB funds. dapmalaysia anwaribrahim

it would be a crime for bank negara to know less than 100% of the 1MDB transactions. That would means transaction that big can escape scrutiny, this spells failure of disastrous proportions. Want to transfer RM10k also rakyat must fill in forms and give reasons. But BNM_official is oblivious to 2.6bil transferred to ONE person's account. This video proves she knew .. but pandai buat bodoh

8urn88Q A lot!!