Yoursay: Dr M uses wrong analogy in his defence of Zakir Naik

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YOURSAY | ‘Jailing Najib will also offend a particular group.’

Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad, don't talk with a forked tongue. All you need to say is the fugitive from India is important for you to gain Malay votes and that is why you have kept Turkey even though they had been granted protection by the United Nations.If Mahathir puts our country above all, then Zakir Naik should be thrown out of Malaysia, no matter what the consequences.

If we use his analogy, then Najib should not have been charged because he still has people's support. Being afraid to act based on what is correct, makes you an incorrigible sewer politician, not a statesman.Vernacular schools probably saved the country in the last 30 years or so. While the national education system was transformed into a dog's breakfast, the pragmatic Chinese community had better vision for their children's future.

I am sending my son to a Chinese school next year even though I am a Malay and none of us in the family knows a word of Chinese. It will be very challenging for my son, but we have no choice.It’s a lame excuse for Mahathir to blame vernacular schools for the separation of the people of various races and religions.


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Let us support both our beloved PM and Ust Zakir Naik...god bless them both...

from defender of rakyat to defender of indian fugitive. hahahhaa

why are the nons so worried of an unwanted rubbish ?

Let him/her membebel.....hee 😂 Who care just ONE person opinion doesn't make much

chedetofficial legacy!

Kau dah memang takde news lain ke hanat?

He wet his pant when he know BN n Pas using the indian extremist to stir up racial tension in Malaysia.biar lah. Let him stay loh..No harm done.

He is like the haze. No one wants it so we have to keep it. Now that is one anal logy.

Done report.

Please do exclusive interview with zn

There is nothing in any analogy to use. Why? You can’t hide a fugitive and still give good excuse. There is none. Haha 🤣 Apamacam

Tun is put on a tough spot due to his own ransoming race..Although is intelligent enough to no the consequence on the long term..He is kutty and the want his championing are the liabilities 4 ever..Country robbed of qualiti human ..such a sad scenario 4 a country with the best..

Stop it, will ya!

Mkini : stoking fire for readership

You all don't have other news to post or you all don't have good reporters. There is a ban on Zakir. If he is against that, the authorities will take action and you will get another news. Post something beneficial.

Mahathir chedetofficial is a fella who believes nobody should feel happy and satisfied. In his way of managing things, everyone must always be quarreling and fighting. Look at the madcap Pakatan Harapan has appointed Prime Minister.

My say, Mkini just ploughing racial seeds indeed🤔🇲🇾

He is the PM. We listen 'only'.

MKini, you never know how to stop, do you?

Enough is enough lah .Leave that old man alone..

Dear malaysiakini- please move on.

This is the right thing to do chedetofficial Keep on it!

He's a political trophy, good for securing *that* vote bank

Lol 😆

Sudah-sudahlah tu...

He is protecting a criminal !!! And harbouring the terrorist is a serious crime by international rules of laws !!!

Conniving mamak this fella.

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