YOURSAY: Dr M lacks credibility to talk about Covid-19 crisis

YOURSAY: Dr M lacks credibility to talk about Covid-19 crisis

6/4/2020 2:13:00 AM

YOURSAY: Dr M lacks credibility to talk about Covid-19 crisis

'Mahathir, if you can travel back in time, will you reset all these or just do the same?'

YOURSAY| Clever Voter: Not many will disagree with former prime minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad that our economic recovery will take time. How long is anyone's guess.There are several known factors. Past regimes have failed to diversify the economy away from our reliance on commodities.

Now, Shahruddin says will remain as Perikatan backbencher despite resignation | Malay Mail 'Semua OK, PN stabil' - Mohd Redzuan Yusoff Pro-Mahathir quartet walks out of PPBM top council meeting

With oil prices dipping below US$20 per barrel, Malaysia will suffer double-dip. We should have a strong manufacturing base, which we did not upgrade as many preferred cheap labour.With a huge operating bill, the new finance minister relies on the ecosystem – meaning using public savings and sovereign funds wherever he can find – to prop up an ailing economy that should have been restructured.

The government will be hard-pressed to borrow more to support a hungry vote bank.Just A Malaysian:It will be a long and painful recovery process for Malaysia. Countries with strong fundamentals will recover faster and with lesser pain.After 60 years of stupidity, bigotry, racism, corruption and religious fundamentalism, we are too fractured, weakened and broke to stand up again.

Our fundamental strengths are all gone, sapped by racial and religious dominance. Our natural resources depleted and squandered to create 200 billionaires and 20 plus million poor people with little survival skills.Our talents were driven away and eight million uneducated immigrants make this country their home. Our entrepreneurs are crowded out by government-linked companies (GLCs), creating an interventionist economy not able to compete globally.

Mahathir, if you can travel back in time, will you reset all these or just do the same? Based on your second term as PM, it looks like nothing has changed.Anonymous 770241447347646:Mahathir, when you do not honour your promises and do not intend to honour them, then your advice or statements have no value.

You have to take responsibility for your effort in handing this nation back to the same people who were responsible for the condition this nation is in.The economy of the country will rise again in time. The facts are that the people will face serious challenges but they have no choice – to survive and put the nation back to where it was and maybe lift it higher.

You could have made it easier for them if the previous administration was still in power. Yet, for your selfish political agenda, you put this nation in line of danger.So please retire and stop making statements or give advice as you do not possess any credibility. Let Pakatan Harapan continue the fight and maybe in time, they will recover the position that is rightfully theirs.

'Pelucutan jawatan saya melucukan' - Akramsyah Muammar 4 pimpinan tertinggi PPBM keluar mesyuarat tidak puas hati dengan perbincangan Cari pasal main takraw

Anonymous_1583374005178.90011583373451643:As a medical doctor who proclaimed to be best man in Malaysia to lead this country as PM, you should be ashamed of yourself for neglecting your obligation to put the well-being of Malaysians before your political interest.

From Feb 23 to March 10, instead of focusing on implementing preventive measures to fight the coronavirus, you and your entire entourage of yes man were busy engaging in a messy political orgy that involved mass gatherings, hand-kissing, boot licking, etc, leaving no one paying attention to the imminent danger that was unfolding under your nose.

This reckless behaviour is the reason why the coronavirus crisis has evolved to this stage in Malaysia. In just a short span of five days after the swearing-in of the new government on March 9, a shocking 190 new confirmed cases were detected, which indicated the infections were happening during the period when the politicians were busy playing their game of thrones.

And now, resting comfortably, well-protected and locked away in your multimillion-dollar villa, you are making a video and trying to offer lip services as if you were not responsible for this crisis.Quigonbond:What we need is a paradigm shift. We need a critical mass of highly productive people, regardless of race, religiosity and financial stature, to keep the national economy resilient, especially if there are going to be, almost assured, future pandemics of this scale.

That's what meritocracy is all about. That's what secularism and openness are all about. For the economy to be an advanced one and a society to be an enlightened one, we need to be at the cutting edge of innovation, and we need a strong dose of moderation and balance.

It means less red tape, less moral policing, less religiosity, less focus on racism and a greater level-playing field.You can worry about affirmative action after you've taken care of this fundamental shift in thinking. It is the way of the future, anyway.

Four Bersatu leaders stage walkout at supreme council meeting Four Bersatu Supreme Councillors walk out of meeting, oppose attempt to kick Dr Mahathir and co out | Malay Mail Jumpa mayat wanita warga emas dalam longkang

It's not the fault of the non-Malays in Malaysia that someone somewhere is out of work because of increased automation and AI (artificial intelligence). We just need to ensure that when some sectors become highly productive, some of the taxes are channelled back to a social safety net - a living wage, if you will, for the rest.

This thing about quota, about pushing up people who are less qualified, is increasingly a thing of the past, given the limited resources we have.Fair Play:Hmm… When asked a curveball question, Mahathir replied that he would prefer to revisit the past. Of course, of course. What choice do you have?

When an aged man has no future, he can only look back to his past and reminisce his achievements or, more likely, the lack of it.Sadly, and perhaps tragically too, Mahathir was given not one but two opportunities – the first time, to write his legacy and the second time, to refine it.

But those who are not destined to succeed, they will blow it, regardless of how many times they are given the opportunity.Federal Bakery:For a person who has been a cause of national grief, who could not avoid doing the wrong thing, of not providing leadership but indulged in self-aggrandisement, a disease like Covid-19 must appear like a competitor with sharper skills to cause the same grief to the country that he caused.

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If he didn't initiated power struggle that time, govt would have focused on controlling this pandemic. Sudah lah DrM Rest in peace Why is he been given importance and media time at all ? Forget abt him! Whatever he says(or been blabbing)means nothing to the working class 😡 he was something like trump bfore la this flu come n wl get away soon nasib dia x kene.

Dr M is the only political leader w track record of saving Msia fr national & economic crises, i.e. Asian Financial Crisis & the Najib 1MDB crisis. Just imagine if Najib won in 2018 & the pandemic hits. It could be much worse. They say Melayu mudah lupa but I’m not Malay. If you ask Dr. Mahathir to sit the Final MBBS Exam, he will fail 😅😅😅

dah lama dah patut dia rehat. Pass kat dsai patutnya. Ni tetiba je letak jawatan. Akal firaun.. Only Anwar Ibrahim most credible person in Malaysia to talk about everything. Former Finance Minister during 97/98 recession, with excellent Univ Malaya Malay Studies degree, for sure he can help Malaysia. Tun said its take longer time for economic to recover...Tun didnt mentioned other, rakyat should not rely on his opinion.. Rakyat more clever to tackled this issues.. Tun need rest n read for his knowledge..

Nasib baik dah tukar kerajaan, kalau tak dikatanya tak ada duit, kena pergi kerja, tak boleh PKP. Salahkan najib Dan BN. 🙄 Well still you cannot stop him. The same way as when he fucked the previous govt Ya, its was Najib and next PM your priority Madey Kutty not in medicine for 5 decades++...he knows backstabbing, racism, bugotry much better...A+!!!

YOURSAY is too young to judge this old man. he might did mistake , but he did more great thing, show some respect . Agreed, she didnt listen in Jan either Agreed. He didn't listen in Jan Zero Credibility. He wants to be PM Not because he cares about Rakyat's Benefits. But He is Busy Thinking what Else Govt Assets He can Sell and Enrich his Sons and Cronies. He was at d verge of Selling off Petronas Carigali,if he'd not resigned (& to be reelected as Dicktator)

Dr M has himself to blame. Many would scorn at him now. During his tenure as 7th PM he tread on different agendas not advocative to building our country's economy. The time was so conducive then. but 'you are adamant & selfishly doing contradictory things your ways' What a shame! What did Mahathir chedetofficial say? Mahathir said Economic recovery after Covid-19 will take a long time. If Mahathir lacks credibility to say that, then all Presidents and Prime Ministers in the world also lack credibility to say that because that's what they are also saying.

He will say Malaysian are 'malas' and negatives to stay home. He want us all to go to to work and be positive. He lacks credibility to talk about Malaysia on any point ...the master corrupt and racists Mkini too, so keep your big mouth shut. Who does? He had loss the last creditability people vote for him. Now Malaysia just need to Move on without Dr. M.

Thanks god, he was no more pm...who has named him for pm 8?which party again?stupido He's a greedy hss been whom nobody in his rught lubd should listen to anymore. Karma as his legacy will read ' Bapa Pemusnahan'. Probably Wow mkini just took some anonymous comments and made it headlines. senangbuatduit

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