Yoursay: Bersatu 'ungrateful' to its Harapan partners

Yoursay: Bersatu 'ungrateful' to its Harapan partners


Yoursay: Bersatu 'ungrateful' to its Harapan partners

YOURSAY | 'It's really time they should accept their position as a smaller party. There is no shame in that.'

- YOURSAY | 'It's really time they should accept their position as a smaller party. There is no shame in that.' Yoursay: Harapan may fall if Dr M forced to resign, Bersatu leader warns And Justice For All: Bersatu, what kind of a coalition partner are you if you cannot support a leader from another party? When Dr Mahathir Mohamad was chosen to lead Pakatan Harapan, did PKR and DAP say that the coalition will fail and their MPs will retaliate? Mahathir is very old - is the coalition supposed to crumble if something happens to him and another person takes over as prime minister? Kedah Bersatu deputy chief Anuar Abdul Hamid’s arguments do not hold water at all except if they were made for his own self-interest. Quigonbond: I'm glad a nob came up to threaten the collapse of Harapan if Mahathir is forced to go. It means they don't have the wherewithal to do so. After so much of pandering and courting Umno and PAS, it seems they are unable to pull that off after all. If they have the capacity, they wouldn't need to make this threat. It's really time they should accept their position as a smaller party. There is no shame in that. They have to move on with the times. This is time for Malaysia to be progressive, open and moderate, not to retrograde into racism and theocracy. If clean and progressive governance fails in the mid-term, then it is well within the democratic right of Malaysians to consider having a right-leaning government. The way it is going now, being neither here nor there, Bersatu in Harapan is clearly not inspiring confidence. Harjit Singh S/O Rattan Singh: Bersatu leaders are threatening and want their party leader to remain in power. However, Bersatu leaders have no right to decide who heads the government. It is the Harapan coalition that makes the decision. Bersatu is one of the smallest parties in the coalition and yet they make threatening statements that Harapan will collapse without them. What about the understanding among the coalition partners regarding the power transition? Have they forgotten about that? Durian: Harapan will surely fall because of the PKR ‘cold war’ and some of them pushing for Mahathir to step down. And Bersatu is worse off with leaders trying to gain Malay votes by making silly decisions. Long story short, the Malays and civil servants are not attracted as they seem to prefer the allegedly corrupt Umno methods, from which they also benefit the scraps, while the non-Malays are peeved with the perceived racism of Bersatu leaders. If the non-Malays are not pacified properly, Harapan is surely finished as most Malay-Muslims are obviously behind Umno and PAS. DAP ministers are equally silly thinking they alone can save the country from high debts. The Chinese are equally racists by assuming that after BN is overthrown, all affirmative and unfair Umno policies which targeted them must be eliminated by Harapan. Anonymous_1543386425: There is no way Harapan will still be in government if Mahathir is asked to step down. Anyway, PKR leader Anwar Ibrahim is not likely to be prime minister and the dogs that are barking now will be disappointed that the PM’s post they think is coming their way is an illusion. Come November, the majority of MPs will select a much better candidate, perhaps with a new coalition. Anonymous 770241447347646: Bersatu was the smallest party in the coalition and yet the other partners supported the appointment of their members to become ministers, menteris besar and other top posts. However, when it comes to handing power over to Anwar, there are threats issued. Instead of doing that, Bersatu should be saying ‘let the Harapan presidential council handle the power transition date’. Nobody is indispensable as it was proven in the GE14 that even a 60-year-old party can be toppled from government. So Bersatu should not be arrogant like Umno. Anonymous_1532341776: Let’s hope Finance Minister Lim Guan Eng is reading all the comments on Mahathir’s tenure and performance as prime minister. Last week, Lim tried to apple-polish Mahathir to stay on till November. Please read the sentiments on the ground. The least Mahathir should do is voluntarily set the transition plan into motion. Never mind even he is stepping down only in November. Hmmmmmmmm: Whether Harapan falls or not depends on the people, not the component parties. If the people want Mahathir to step down, who is the Harapan presidential council to disagree with us? Please get your facts straight. The people will decide. Capo: Harapan will not fall if Mahathir is forced to resign. A prime minister who does not honour his word doesn't deserve to lead anymore. But Harapan will surely fall if the presidential council betrays the people and let Mahathir stay on until the end of the year. Then Mahathir automatically ceases to become prime minister. That is the price Harapan has to pay for not listening to voices of discontent and agitation on the ground. The Wakandan: The fall of Harapan will be because of their own undoing, nothing else. They started brightly, got elected and formed the government. When in government, they reneged on their promises and instead morphed into a ‘BN’, the very platform they were elected on and the very institution they rejected. If the people rejected BN, they would not hesitate to reject another BN, in whatever form that may be. The above is a selection of comments posted by Malaysiakini subscribers. Only paying subscribers can post comments. In the past one year, Malaysiakinians have posted over 100,000 comments. Join the Malaysiakini Read more:

PH should get rid of hindu extremist in DAP or we get rid of PH in the next elections it's otherwise. shut the fu**ed up. Most underperforming MPs, chief ministers & ministers are from Bersatu. The downfall of PH will be because of Bersatu. BN is coming back Unstoppable and Unsurpassable! chedetofficial SyedSaddiq must go

Tun may have his agenda with his new party, But the members clearly dont know which way to head for. They are simply dogmatic and fanatic with Tun M 😆😅 Just get lost Bersatu. Half of ur MPs are katak Half ExUmno Kimanis left for Bersatu.. Then they campaigned for Warisan.. What did Harapan show?

Yoursay: Good to reduce tolls, bad to extend concessionYOURSAY | ‘The decision not to sell Plus to private bidders is definitely good news for M’sians.’ They have to kept the Cronies Surely agreed. Always wanting the best of both worlds ? Who will maintain the highways if concession stops ? Heaven and earth ?

Yoursay | A case of yet another hand in the tillYOURSAY | ‘Kleptomania, big and small, seems to be the order of the day.’

Eddin offers himself for supreme council seatKUALA PILAH: Kuala Pilah member of parliament Datuk Eddin Syazlee Shith has expressed his interest to contest a seat for Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia's (Bersatu) Supreme Leadership Council.

Eddin Syazlee pertimbang bertanding Majlis Pimpinan Tertinggi BERSATUkualapilah AHLI Parlimen Kuala Pilah Datuk Eddin Syazlee Shith pertimbang untuk menawarkan diri bagi bertanding pada pemilihan parti sebagai ahli Majlis Pimpinan Tertinggi Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia (BERSATU). Ppbm pun pencacai dap komunis merosak agama Dan perpaduan saja. Manusia tamak Je yang berebut nak jadi menteri kaut kekayaan hasil negara untuk 7 keturunan sial mereka Eddin ke Ekau? Siapo jang? BN menang kt kimanis xde berita ke Atau wartawan metro masih atas puncak kinabalu lagi

Deliver reforms or it’s back to street protests, says Ambiga | The Malaysian InsightShe fears time is running out for Pakatan Harapan to fulfil some key promises. Reformacy !!! Is the mandate given by the people’s !!! Wakaka

Not releasing reform report act of cowardice, says Siti Kasim | The Malaysian InsightShe has given the Pakatan Harapan government 48 hours to release the Institutional Reforms Committee report. Juz let the PM read them first. What's the rush No one is answerable to u... Yes ! I didn't know Minions have a human twins 🤔.

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