Yoursay: Azmin Ali - the man who brought down Harapan gov't

Yoursay: Azmin Ali - the man who brought down Harapan gov't


Yoursay: Azmin Ali - the man who brought down Harapan gov't

YOURSAY | ‘Azmin and co are now backpedalling since their nefarious agenda has come to light…’

You conveniently failed to mention that Pakatan Harapan was voted into government based on the agreement that Dr Mahathir Mohamed was to be interim PM for two years and after that Anwar will take over.Umno had been rejected in GE14. The opposition is trying to take over the government through the backdoor which was made possible by your group.

Azmin, there was no attempt to unseat the PM mid-term.You dishonoured the agreement and betrayed the people’s trust. The fact is that you have no honour, no integrity, are morally corrupt and only looking out for your own selfish ambition.Confidence comes from political stability. Azmin has no right talking about stability when he contributes to instability. What reforms do you want to continue with Umno and PAS on your side?

Sorry Azmin, but in my mind, you destabilised the democratically-elected government.A great fall for the 11 of you, and it’s good to discover your true colours and faces now.Those who crossed over to form a coalition with Umno and PAS were betraying the electorate. They were making a mockery of the democratically-held elections that brought Harapan to power.

Every single person in this country should ask the question - can a democratically-elected government be deposed in this way? And call on their elected representatives to do the right thing.Anwar was Harapan’s anointed leader. Mahathir, it was agreed, was going to be the interim leader until such time when Anwar was given a pardon and released from jail. This was what the rakyat understood and voted for.

Azmin may have felt that the Anwar camp was responsible for engineering and exposing the gay sex video involving a man who looks like Azmin.Changing one man (PM) is disruptive to the economy but changing the entire cabinet is productive? Okay, got that.

All this could have been prevented if Mahathir had made the succession plan very clear with a specific date for Anwar to take over. Instead, he kept dilly-dallying until even as late as last week.

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A greedy, selfish and ungrateful man. The END OF DAP in government . Inevitable for the sake of this great nation. That is for being STUPID and UNGRATEFUL. As soon as they came to power,(thanks to Malay votes and TunM), they r just like Monkey been given a flower. Asamin terkenal dgn tindakan 'Pancung di selekoh' yg terjadi dlm kajang move... Tapi nampaknya 'sheraton move' tertiarap jua rider nih😷😷😷

“Traitor” is a better word for him. Why blame him? PH was already self destructive you fool He is Done🧐 He is legend.. Kudos YB.. Now we all know why these 3 siblings don’t get along ... Azwan was right ... ha ha .. Too impatient , now you LOST! Bad.. family dorang ni mmg masalah & attention seeker😂 dr abg, kkk skrg adik. rumah fmly sure meriah. buat malu je kt anak2. mane nak sorok muke.

Yes he should be sent to jail for his back hunting.

Azmin Ali and his treacherous cohortsCOMMENT | His treachery will go down in history as the most vicious attack on the will of the rakyat. Si kitol and his cohorts... Wait for investors to withdraw from malaysia n all die together He looks gay.

Yes..indeed..he is pengkhianat Should he be brought to justice? I mean he did jeopardise the gov n country Yes. He is traitor... Shameful... to only see the tip of your nose mate!! The man Of gay This is the real face of treachery ! History will not be kind to him. Never to trust him again. Pengkhianat! Soon he will deny all wrong doing.

Macc Mainly thinking for himself only so as to stay in power. In the end, partyless n out in the cold. 🙂

‘Move was to protect Mahathir’: Azmin AliPETALING JAYA: Datuk Seri Mohamed Azmin Ali (pix) and his loyalists have said that their earlier action was to thwart supposed attempts by several Pak...

Muka pengkhianat mandat rakyat, nilah dia The most untrustworthy human to walk on the face of earth..Now I will surely say for sure..he has the most questionable character with kinky sexual orientation..Rafizi would definitely abode well for the party n nation with his entrepreneurial outlook..Full support 2 DSAI..

True leaders build people and institutions. Now we know who aren’t. Rakyat will be a lot wiser from this episode. Blame all SAID TRAITOROUS politicians with self interest only and ignorance and emotional VOTERS who put them there. 😄😄😄 Eh. Nape tun resign? Dan quit ppbm? A PM wannabe hoping to piggyback on Tun M for fame and ultimate power

Real hero this one It takes few seconds to destroy your fortune, but takes longer time and effort to build it.....he needs to understand this clearly. MeowPhone I'll reserve 10seconds of my day for the rest of the year, to curse this dirtbag to hell. looking at socmed pictures...i see pics of AA with TDM more then with DSAI or Wan Azizah!!.. there is a saying..a picture paints a thousand words... so many pictures go figure

Dr M meets with heads of political parties, Azmin AliNSTnation: Interim Prime Minister Tun Dr MahathirMohamad met with the heads of political parties from both sides of the aisle in Putrajaya. TunMahathir Agong azminali

On his forehead already marked: T R A I T O R Coincidentally most of his gang born in Singapore too. Taik From his brother and to his sister all have a destructive nature he just join the band wagon. And destroy rakyat's future. A very powerful man if he can destroy a Govt by hosting the dark side over a dinner in five different places all at the same time. No?

Yessss indeed. He was power hungry, greedy & arrogant. in fact, he didn't brought down PH as PH still unite. He just brought down his own and some others masks. Never trust this.... Anwar spelt it before.... and now mahathir smells it..... What are they compared to world politics.... Back door service is common, but should be no backstabbing. Otherwise the whole nation gets screwed up.

Yes, when greed of power fills your soul. You forget the person who would be there with you through ups and down. Disgusting Once a Traitor always a traitor. He is done, he can now “balik kampung tanam jagung”.

Azmin, Zuraida visit Dr M's houseRecently sacked PKR MPs Datuk Seri Azmin Ali and Zuraida Kamaruddin, together with several cars belonging to deputy ministers arrive at Dr Mahathir's residence in Seri Kembangan. Panic le tew Shameless Wise move ~In politics, nothing happens by accident. If it happens, you can bet it was planned that way. By Franklin D Rosevelt

The biggest betrayer from day one with his greed for power eyeing on the top post. Now what’s next? And economy within a day All this not fair for people who vote for PH... Ppbm left the coalition. Why don’t they get the blame? It’s obvious azmin chose a side a long time ago and that was the old man. He left the same time ppbm did too.

A power crazy fool who was a pawn in a mastermind's game, just a bodoh who won't leave a mark in Malaysia history. Bringing down PH govt was just a coincidence. The main dish the nation was served at Sheraton last Sunday turned out to be Azmin The Traitor and the entire gang of crooks & opportunists were side dishes. Now that the dinner's over, every1 gets back to work. Tun's cooking now.

The man who was willing to choose UMNO over Anwar.... EVEN IF AZMIN DOES BECOME A PM IN FUTURE, Malaysians will NOT respect him. Unworthy person. Unfit even to be a friend. A TRAITOR in any circumstances. NEVER TO BE TRUSTED. Never and ever !!! Pengkianat azmin The traitor of democracy

Azmin, Zuraida sacked from PKRKUALA LUMPUR: PKR central leadership has sacked two of its top leaders Datuk Seri Azmin Ali and Zuraida Kamaruddin for their 'betrayal' against party principles and the effects of their actions causing instability in the Pakatan Harapan-led government. Makcik.. selamat bersara. Azmin..Selamat main pintu belakang 🤣🤣🤣 Good luck in your next endeavors, zuraidakamarudn & AzminAli TrustNoOne

Blame others again n again n again n again... Anwar is to blame. He tried to kill 2 birds with one stone - Azmin’s political career together with Mahathir. He forgot that Azmin had learned from the old man, he already has many moves in hand before he speak. But he block still can effect the government 😂

A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within He will regret this. Shame on you it's just a matter of time. I think today , everyone should happy about it . He is a tumor , remove it ,keep clean and move forward . The ultimate traitor Mysay: Would Harapan Gov be brought down if Tun M didn't resign?

The man or the gay?

Azmin, 10 PKR MPs aligned to him leave PKR, to form independent blocPETALING JAYA: Eleven PKR MPs aligned to Economic Affairs Minister Datuk Seri Azmin Ali have announced they are leaving the party and will become independents. Independent bloc? ... Haha left after being sacked?

The man in the video? well, he's not exactly a man... he's either a top or bottom nowadays 🤣 I may say is Tun ! Is equally the lability of this !!! he is the administrator that allowed all this happening !!! He is accountable as the executive management of PH government !!! As predicted by Our Father of Firmatuin of Malaysia 60 years ago !!!

And also pakatan rakyat In the end ,bit was internal sabotage If PKR members have voted for rafiziramli for deputy president in the last party polls. I guess the scenario would be different now. Not too smart. Used and discard. Just DISPOSABLE CANNON FODDER. Wake up bodokini .. its ur dumb dapig Traitor Hmm 11 out still made PH have simple majority ie gov. It was 26 turncoats from Bersatu. Unless my math is wrong. Please dont make AA and 10 PKR people the only scapegoat. And Umno/PAS need plenty of dancing partner to tango with.

Masuk sejarah dah, si kitul lama n si kitul moden Could u please retitled that . He’s done nothing but created disarray and jobs and income destruction. Nope, he is the man used to bring down Harapan

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