YOURSAY | As a face of divisiveness, Hadi has no credibility to unite Muslims

YOURSAY | As a face of divisiveness, Hadi has no credibility to unite Muslims

22/5/2020 3:34:00 AM

YOURSAY | As a face of divisiveness, Hadi has no credibility to unite Muslims

‘A small fry in a churning pot of hot curry is of no significance to the Arabs.’

Semi Value:PAS president and special envoy to the Middle East Abdul Hadi Awang, please go and unite all the Muslims in Malaysia first before thinking of going global.Kelantan Malays and Muslims are the poorest people in Malaysia even though PAS had ruled the state for more than 30 years.

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This shows what the PAS administration is all about. Malays are left poor and have been controlled by politicians to get their support.The leaders who are running the state are the ones enjoying all the perks and benefits. High salaries, Mercedes Benz cars, top positions in government-linked companies and many more.

Speaking the Truth:Hadi, charity begins at home. The first step is to unite Malaysians and Muslims in your own country first.I suspect that you don’t really care for your fellow Muslims. Look at what your man did in Kedah? Throw out a fellow Muslim and grab the menteri besar’s post?

Your thoughts, words and deeds should be in one straight line. Also, please don't talk about the Kashmir issue. India knows what it is doing.Kural:It’s troubling that a man who is alleged to foster a parochial philosophy of separation of citizens in his own small country by faith is now on an official mission to unite people of one specific faith worldwide.

Surely many countries with enlightened views about the sanctity of humanity of all faiths would be apprehensive to welcome him.HanafiahPuteh:Hadi has no credibility to unite anybody. He is the face of divisiveness.The world is not stupid enough, like some of the uneducated electorates in Malaysia, to listen to his advice.

You can sell traditional snake oil in Malaysia but not to the world.PW Cheng:If former prime minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad had failed miserably in uniting the Muslims, I don't see how Hadi can do it.Maybe he thinks he can con the Arabs just like he does with the village folks in Kelantan and Terengganu.

I am sure the Arabs are well aware that he is using religion as a political tool to pursue his political interests, even to the extent of using religion to cover his lies.A small fry in a churning pot of hot curry is of no significance to the Arabs. The Arabs have a mind of their own on whom to choose as their friends or as their foes.

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What makes you think that they will listen to you, Hadi?Tropic Plunder:Hadi, why don't you focus on reducing the cases of incest, rape, drug abuse and unemployment in your own state first.Once you are successful then perhaps, your fellow Muslims will take you seriously and people around the world may want to listen to your ideas.

Undecided:Hadi is trying to justify his fat salary of a special envoy just because of his shameful support of an illegitimate and corrupt backdoor regime.He cannot even unite his own party, where a split resulted in the formation of Amanah, and he wants to unite Muslims worldwide?

Anonymous_1544340881:Hadi, you are a nobody. Infamous perhaps for coining the term "shariah-compliant lies”.You had slandered others, sued and then chicken out and withdrew your suit and paying costs in the UK.You represent a pinprick of a party in a disputed government based on the racist ideology that practices discrimination against others.

You are not even from the lands of historical Islam, Islam being a young religion in Southeast Asia for only a few hundred years compared to Hinduism and Buddhism whose teachings and influence washed these lands for thousands of years.Yet, you want to take the grand task of trying to unite Muslims to the cause of Palestine, Kashmir and Myanmar.

As Mahathir (the person who you wanted as PM) opined that you are fit to teach in some backyard village school. Even then, he probably was kind.Newday:Hadi, your comments in regards to Israel are inaccurate.You said that the majority of countries in the world including Malaysia, Indonesia and Brunei do not recognise Israel as a country.

Wrong Hadi, Israel is recognised by the majority of countries. 162 out of 193 member nations of the United Nations do, to be exact.Unspin:This man who lives under a coconut shell should stop dreaming that he can unite the Muslims in the world. Malaysia is a relatively small and insignificant nation in the eyes of the world community.

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If one was to randomly interview common people on the streets of New York, London, Shanghai, Dubai, Riyadh or Algiers and ask them where Malaysia is, one would not be surprised if some have no idea where or who we are.In fact, when I was in Rome many years back, I told a guard at a railway station that I am from Malaysia and he just stared at me with a blank face.

Only when I said "Sepang" that he acknowledged me as he knew Sepang as the F1 circuit in Malaysia.The above is a selection of comments posted byMalaysiakinisubscribers. Only paying subscribers can post comments. In the past one year, Malaysiakinians have posted over 100,000 comments. Join the


Hahaaaaaaaa Worst, dividing Muslims. This fisherman.... I think fishes also reject him! What a bias article. Malaysiakini ur rubbish Need cash for his retirement. Cash is king and also maintaining his expensive hobby fishing. Dont give a fuck about the rakyat Ni kan nak jadi nelayan? Nelayan ni shiite atau sunni..?..Kononnya wants to unite Muslims..He lives by divided mankind of all good faith..probably due to ingnorance or some weird way of solemnizing a faith..Political practices of inciting,hate speech,balatant ignorant accusations,confused about unity..

Agree! he is not the best man to potray the real islam Be strong Tuan Guru Hj Hadi our doa during silent night are with you. Hate mongering can only unite the haters. Don't you just love it that this guy gets paid as a Minister while tax paying malaysians have to pay thousands just to come back to tanah air. Malaysiaku.

He is a devil, separatist.... creating hatred against other races....Thus, a high accredited person would only fit this task... He’s a devil 👿 if in other countries they would have his balls fried 🐖 As far as the Muslim world is concerned, this Malay-Islamofascist abdulhadiawang is an international terrorist. Read:

even being HUMAN.... right, he is more interested in monetary gains, position and power to use muslim unity as gimmick. unity by collating with klepto and betrayers? allows its party to lies? NoorAminAhmad Apa la masalah wartawan komunis Lim Huey Teng yg xpuas hati sgt pd TGHH..dh la pendatang pastu menumpang duduk sini nk pecahbelah org Melayu. Jijik betul propaganda akhbar komunis ni dgm wartawan sampah yg xde etika dan adab dgn tuam rumah..

Nazi He just sale use religion to get a job. Spews poison frequently. A shallow politician. Not a statesman at all. Nik Aziz was. Fck up all those DAP members thought. So who should lead and unite Muslims over? Lim Kit Siang? Or Khalid Samad? Ku islam,ku beriman,ku penyelamat bangsa,ku hidup mati bersma islam,ku lebai bertauliah,ku hamba Allah,ku hero islam,ku BENCI rasuah di islam TAPI AKU KERJASAMA DGN KLEPTOKRAT UNTUK JADI MENTERI KRJAAN KLEPTO TU APA ?Orng2 yg curi duit rakyat dan mäsuk kucik sendiri 😆😆😆 ...

He is just a politician who is there to make money Using religion as a tool to fool people Those who follows him must be reminded that he does not represent the majority views of muslims in Malaysia So who has the credibility.. PH and their ministers?..What a joke? He doesn't have any credibility. Full stop.

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YOURSAY | PN gov’t – constitutionally legitimate but democratically illegitimate‘Do not drag royalty to legitimise something that is not legitimate.’ The Agong is not God. And God did not give the Agong the powers to legitimise what is illegitimate. In fact, there's no such thing as Agong in Islam. So how can the Agong's speech legitimise his illegitimate government? Uekkk! Nama PN tidak berdaftar dgn ROS. Adalah salah utk menggelar kumpulan pengkhianat ini sebagai PN. Walaubagaimanapun nama PNipu dibenarkan.

YOURSAY | M’sia, too, has a Trumpian leader and his slavish followers‘Najib is playing to the gallery of his supporters who would blindly believe him.’ But realDonaldTrump doesn't steal money like NajibRazak and his gang of thieves and money launderers did when they were government in Putrajaya between 2004-2018. So it's definitely wrong to compare Trump with Najib Razak and his gang. How dare U compare Trump against pekan ! He is not Trump level please.....dont compare both. Its like u are comparing lion and a broken plastic plate.

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