With Covid-19 war neither won nor lost, MOH to provide ‘options’ on MCO extension

With Covid-19 war neither won nor lost, MOH to provide ‘options’ on MCO extension

8/4/2020 1:39:00 PM

With Covid-19 war neither won nor lost, MOH to provide ‘options’ on MCO extension

CORONAVIRUS | While the daily increase in cases is under control, the fight against Covid-19 remains, says Health DG.

CORONAVIRUS| The Health Ministry will propose several options for Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin and his cabinet to decide if the movement control order (MCO) period needs to be extended.

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If the war is not won...it is obviously lost Look at the photo. What are the good for nothing Perikatan Nasional Malay-Islamofascists and their running dogs who got themselves appointed PM and Ministers by the Agong fighting? They are never going to win against Corvid-19 by doing stupid things like this.

When casualties / numbers keeps increasing everyday. We are losing battles. If not careful and vigilant, we will lose the war. Ooooh a hint better prolong it for another two weeks to really see the results, still too many new cases Options are good. Some people on twitter need to go back to work - seems wrong to expect employers to pay for their goofing off and requesting constant extensions

MCO can lift those lowest infested areas....and monitor for another 14 days on all areas... Enough is Enough....After all this Bug Covid 19 is not as dangerous as 1918 ( 102 years ago ) Spanish Flu - that killed 50 - 100 millions . Must thinks about nation economy too . Seems the laid backers ' love ' extensions... April 14 MERDEKAAA 🤔👌

Extends 10 more days at most... After 4 weeks, time to lift certain parts of the MCO but still restrict movement between states. Maintain social distance + mandatory wearing of masks. Don't extend

MOH mulls allowing residents associations to guard communities against Covid-19UPDATED 8.15PM | CORONAVIRUS | Health director-general points to the model of longhouses in Sarawak where community leaders had prevented the spread of Covid-19 by blocking high-risk people from entering. This is rubbish. What happened to IsmailSabri60 and his paid and subsidized running dogs? What happened to all the chicken feed thrown at them? This Malay-Islamofascist DGHisham is planning to tell gangsters to fight a virus. Run out of ideas or what? Why so silly this fellow?

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MOH satisfied with Covid-19 screenings in areas under EMCO | The Malaysian InsightDirector-General Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah says the ministry's targets have been achieved and calls it a positive development.

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