'Who is DAP to stop me? - Norhizam on rejection as Harapan candidate

He is responding to Guan Eng’s remarks that DAP will protest.

19/10/2021 4:28:00 PM

'Who is DAP to stop me? - Norhizam on rejection as Harapan candidate

He is responding to Guan Eng’s remarks that DAP will protest.

Oct 19, 2021 1:25 PM⋅:1:25 PMPengkalan Batu assemblyperson Norhizam Hassan Baktee said DAP has no right to stop him from contesting under the Pakatan Harapan banner in the upcoming Malacca state election as he is no longer a member.“Did I join DAP? Who is DAP to stop me? I did not say I am returning to DAP.

“If I were to join PKR, what does it have to do with... Read more: malaysiakini.com »

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Kalau nak ukur kekuatan sendiri bertandinglah sebagai calon bebas. Kalau menang bererti awak kuat. Kalau kalah cermin diri sendiri pakatanharapan_ is a coalition of 3 parties - PartiAmanah, dapmalaysia & KEADILAN. IfNBaktee is not a member of the DAP, he has to be a member of either Amanah or PKR in order to contest under the PH logo. Right, MSabu_Official, anwaribrahim?

Hilarious. Everyone should teach this farker NBaktee a lesson. Dont accept him. anwaribrahim MSabu_Official guanenglim Dont be a dog anwaribrahim padanla ko xdpt jd perdana menteri. Strategi ke laut. This arrogant & condescending mofo 🐸 traitor. Just go indie la, no need pakai PH banner since you're so confident can win, Malaccans also confident to vote you out, you green amphibian of the lowest breed

Are you a worthy candidate..did you serve the rakyat in your previous term. You are a dangerous frog. That is what you are. Traitors running for the same seats under the flag of the Party whom they destroyed in leaving! NO NO NO👺👺👺👺🤮🤮 Tak apa . Bas kilang ada. Melaka pple, not only u will have to face CV19 openly if there is an election BUT u have to face people like this also ayoyoyoyo

Tgk muka dah tahu…”sombong lagi bodoh” tahu menyalak jee

DAP tolak 'YB Viral' Norhizam calon PRN Melaka - Utusan DigitalPenolakan Norhizam sebagai calon akan dibawa ke Majlis Presiden PH.

PKR will take him in? Are they that desperate OR out of touch with decency. rakyat shall punish the politic frogs. DAP has no right? Is he in some wonderland? Does he know that DAP has the most MPs among the component parties in PH? Recall his behavior during state assembly. Thank God he left PH Pakai lah the katak symbol ... a lot of members out there, enough to have their own froggy party already.

Who are u? Katak? Paria .. pk mk bbi Balik kanpung la lancau Even if you join PKR , l think PKR in the spirit of PH should not allow Norhizam to contest under thier tickets Nobady is stopping you🐸 la. Come come bertanding in yr own ya. Malaccans gonna teach you a well deserved lesson.

DAP rejects Norhizam as a candidate for Malacca electionParty also wants Harapan logo, Adly Zahari as CM candidate. DAP need to do quality control..Weed out sampah manusia like this haramjadah Zam..anwaribrahim guanenglim KhalidSamad MyDSA_official fahmi_fadzil NgaKorMing KEADILAN dapmalaysia PartiAmanah saifnasution pakatanharapan_ heading for disaster accepting frogs People already frustrated with harapan because of Mahathir Want to wipe out harapan, go ahead anwaribrahim guanenglim guanenglim limkitsiang tonypua imokman hannahyeoh yeobeeyin GobindSinghDeo Good that you make your stand known even you have go alone with Rocket. No party is likely to get majority, coalition govt is possible. What you stand for is more important than who you work with..

Ini laa orang cakap, tua kutuk tak sedar diri! NBaktee u caused PH to lose Melacca… Not only u betray DAP but also PH… Is not about u jump from DAP to PKR or vice versa… U left PH deliberately to cause the downfall of PH KEADILAN PartiAmanah dapmalaysia because you are not trustworthy. get it? 4 taik tu jgn amik la.. buang masa je.. nak sgt melompat lompat

bertanding as bebas la saynotokatak Don’t waste time on this thrash. PH need to stand firm else I see DAP will soon breakaway from PH as cracks are getting obvious between PKR vs DAP. He has to stand as independent je la. If he win then only can talk business kan…. Ingat dia siapa? DAP taknak lu..takleh faham?

Because u pengkhianat

DAP says no to letting former rep Norhizam run under Pakatan banner in Melaka polls | Malay MailKUALA LUMPUR, Oct 19 — Former Pengkalan Batu assemblyman Datuk Norhizam Hassan Baktee will not get the chance to contest next month’s Melaka state election as a Pakatan Harapan (PH) candidate if DAP has its say. DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng said his party is firmly against Norhizam and... That’s very fair ! Now who's gonna do the shooting? We know who the frogs are.

Gloatingly yes, whom is dap ? Betul tuh. Lim ade Datukship tak? tanyajer A dog is always a dog, they never change This is probably a strategy to drive a gap between DAP and PKR haha Pkr loves turncoat and frogs Biar dia bertanding bebas.. Let rakyat eliminate this type of monkey Why lah PKR go and mess up with this fella?

Jangan sombong...DAP tu part of PH, kamu tu penderhaka PH Who his Norhizam to work with PH? Hello DAP voters. This is what you will get if you carry on keeping Anwar Ibrahim as your leader. Will you fellows ever reject Anwar Ibrahim?

Though against state polls, Melaka DAP is ready to contest | New Straits TimesNSTnation DAP does not agree with Umno in proposing the dissolution of the state legislative assembly without taking into consideration the risk of people in Melaka being exposed to the Covid-19 virus. Melaka DAP StateElection Covid19

Who are you without your party? hebat sgt ker si babi ni? Sape dia ni? Dap part of Harapan laa weei. No consensus. How u going to stand as Harapan candidates again? I like your arrogance. It reeks of stupidity The people of Melaka will stop you and the 2 headed snake 🐍 strikes again pkr takes him, dap can take azmin ali. both parties can be prepared to be 'bungkus'

diam la mangkuk

Malacca DAP rep pans Harapan's 'hero's welcome for traitors'This is a joke, says Kota Laksamana's Low Chee Leong. Well. What's the surprise? Anwar Ibrahim is your leader. He's been doing this since 1960's. Would one more time matter to Anwar Ibrahim? Not at all. Harapan now a party for traitors 👍

Umno minta nyawa dengan DAPBekas Ketua Menteri Melaka, Idris Haron menyifatkan sikap Umno Melaka yang meminta 'nyawa' daripada DAP adalah tindakan terdesak. Beliau turut kecewa kerana ... Lancau lu. Nk penipu pon agak2 la