WHO: Covid far from becoming endemic | Malay Mail

15/4/2022 7:09:00 AM

WHO: Covid far from becoming endemic | Malay Mail

WHO: Covid far from becoming endemic | Malay Mail

GENEVA, April 15 — Covid-19 is far from becoming an endemic disease and could still trigger large epidemics around the globe, the World Health Organization said Thursday. WHO emergencies director Michael Ryan said it was also wrong to think that if Covid-19 did settle down and become endemic,...

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GENEVA, April 15 — Covid-19 is far from becoming an endemic disease and could still trigger large epidemics around the globe, the World Health Organization said Thursday.WHO emergencies director Michael Ryan said it was also wrong to think that if Covid-19 did settle down and become endemic, that would mean the end of the problem.The business hub of Shanghai has become the heart of China’s biggest Covid-19 outbreak since the virus surfaced more than two years ago.“I certainly do not believe we’ve reached anything close to an endemic situation with this virus,” Ryan told a live question-and-answer session on the WHO’s social media channels.The latest extension would keep the requirements, which had been set to expire April 18, in place through May 3 amid an increase in Covid cases.He said it had not settled down into any seasonal pattern or transmission pattern, and was “still quite volatile, still capable of causing huge epidemics.“We have temporarily suspended work,” said Pegatron in a filing to the Taiwan Stock Exchange yesterday.“That is not an endemic disease yet.“While the balance 10,031 cases were reported locally involving 9,606 Malaysians and 425 foreigners,” he said in a statement.

” He cited tuberculosis and malaria as endemic diseases that still killed millions of people per year.The suspensions apply to two of its subsidiaries, in Shanghai and nearby Kunshan city.The CDC said yesterday the extension was prompted by a rise in cases and to “give it time to assess the potential impact of the rise of cases on severe disease, including hospitalisations and deaths, and healthcare system capacity.“Don’t believe that endemic equals it’s over, it’s mild or not a problem.That’s not the case at all,” Ryan said.China reported nearly 28,000 local virus cases today, the vast majority in Shanghai.WHO’s Covid-19 technical lead Maria Van Kerkhove, who herself has caught the disease and is isolating in the United States, said the virus was circulating at a high level, causing “huge amounts of death and devastation”.” She added “at the end of that two weeks they can determine what's next after that.“We’re still in the middle of this pandemic.Pegatron’s suspensions mark the latest blow to Apple, which has seen disruptions at other suppliers’ assembly lines in recent months as Chinese cities struggle to curb virus outbreaks.He also said that 15,893 patients have recovered from Covid-19 in the last 24 hours, bringing the total cumulative amount of recoveries in the country to 4,196,656.

We all wish that we weren’t.But we are not in an endemic stage.Foxconn has “resumed fundamental operations” in Shenzhen as of late March, the company said.” Both the CDC and TSA mask requirements have been repeatedly extended.” Ryan explained that often, once-epidemic diseases settle down into an endemic pattern, focusing on a particular section of the population.He said they could often settle into becoming childhood diseases, such as measles and diphtheria, because “as new children are born, they are susceptible”.A Transport Ministry circular issued late Tuesday barred the “blocking of road transportation” vehicles and personnel, ordering more efficient Covid-19 screening along transport routes.But if vaccination levels drop, as has happened with measles, epidemics can break out again.” The group said airplane air is among the safest indoor environments “due to the superior ventilation and hospital grade filters.Malaysia’s Covid-19 infectivity rate (R-nought or R0) is now at 0.

Last week, saw the lowest number of Covid-19 deaths recorded since the early days of the pandemic.“The Chinese economy has been facing a rising risk of recession since mid-March”, Nomura analysts warned this week, citing severe disruptions to the delivery of exports, with coastal areas hit hard by controls to rein in the virus.However, more than 20,000 deaths were reported, which Ryan said was “still too many..The CDC in February eased its guidance for face coverings..we should be happy but we shouldn’t be satisfied”.

— AFP You May Also Like.” The mask requirements have resulted in friction sometimes on US airplanes.

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wendyweeww Sad but scientifically sound . Khairykj Not sure why KJ retweet this but he himself dismantle many covid restrictions. Is he confused or what ? Siapa kata Covid common cold dia bodoh. Banyak complications boleh datang from covid. Even with vaccines, the risk is still there but much lower. Vaccines work. Sure, no more lockdowns and relaxed rules but dont ever treat covid as common cold. It is still a threat and be careful

WHO advises, but nations ought to consider what’s best for their own population. Covid is fast emulating the common cold, except the lethargy, for L1&2. No more darurats n no more lockdowns. Lies and lies Have to learn to live with covid Are you expecting humans to be forever in lockdown. By the way UK covid rate seems to be falling despite all restrictions no longer exists

Khairykj The same WHO that initially discouraged using facemasks (so that China could hoard) ? That declared a Pandemic only in March 2020? That WHO? That completely discredited institution for being a Chinese puppet?

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